Midnight Pleasure

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Chapter 4: Wet

Oleya kicked all the stones lying below her shoes. People were glancing at her and would go far away from her whenever she cursed or screamed. She was waiting for a taxi together with them. “I’ll get back to you when the right time comes! You’ll see.” She stomped at the poor stones.

She was not used to begging for something. But she had to do everything now as she needed the job. She laughed bitterly, she appeared to be helpless and pathetic in front of Brand yesterday and earlier.

And the way she quickly became wet for her boss was something she couldn’t imagine. She knew Brand was a good-looking man, had a nice built and skin tone. His blue eyes were mesmerizing. But they weren’t supposed to attract her and acted like a slut.

The last time she checked, she already convinced herself not to have any feelings and pleasure at him when she entered the company and found out that he was the C.E.O. But all of them got broken every time she got close to him. It was a thorn and a temptation for her. She just wanted to stay in her job but why did it seem like even the mighty Brand Mauritius wanted to own her again?


She was not in the mood to come back to her apartment. Her body felt heavy and sore like she just wanted to stretch and dipped her slim body into the shabby bed all night until morning. When she entered, she just threw her bag and fell on the small sofa. She placed her right arm to her forehead and took a deep breath.

She had a lot of thoughts that she did not know how to fit into everything in her brain. It was just like when she almost got sick. If it weren’t for Marcus, she would never have endured that lack of happiness monster.

Also, she would never forget what happened earlier in his house. She couldn’t understand why she always seemed to be on fire every time they met.

She was in that position when someone called in her phone. She answered quickly when she saw who was on caller ID.

“Good evening, Sir. May I ask why you called?” ‘In this late-night?’ She wanted to add but stopped herself. Instead, she made her voice sound pleased. She even slapped her forehead for sounding so fake. Deep inside, she wanted to kick her boss in his balls, cut them and chopped into tiny pieces, and fed them to the street kittens.

But the thought of the kittens being poisoned by his balls stopped her from that thought. She cringed and shook her head.

“You need to be here exactly 8 a.m. Bring your most comfortable clothes, I won’t buy you anything. And before I forget, we’re heading to a farm. Make sure your clothes will fit in the place.”

She would have answered when he ended the call just like that. She screamed at the top of her lungs and punched the small pillow on the sofa.

‘Damn you, Brand Mauritius. Hope you suffer from serious illness and get your body fed in the shark!’ He was really an annoying, bossy monster boss!

Out of annoyance she picked her phone and dialed the monster’s number. “What now, Campbell?” His tone was indeed irritated. Fuck him! She was more irritated.

“First, we’re not at the office so I have my rights to do whatever I want. You mister are no gentleman. Don’t you know I have my own rules? First, you can’t just call me, tell me what to do outside the office hour and end the call whenever you want. You are a monster freak!” She screamed at the speaker and quickly tapped the end button.

But of course, it was just in her wild imagination. She wouldn’t dare to say something like that.

She burst out laughing at her nonsense. When she was about to go to the bathroom, her phone beeped, and received five consecutive texts. When she opened them, they were all from Brand. And they were all the same.

‘Who says I’m a gentleman? I’m not like that especially when we’re in bed, Campbell. I like it rough, you already know that. You’re dead meat.’

She instantly threw her cellphone after reading them. “What the hell? Did I really call him and it’s not just in my imagination?” She quickly looked at her call logs and her body froze in a while.

“You are really dead, Oleya!” She screamed once again and just a few minutes later, someone shouted back from the other room telling her to shut up. She rolled her eyes and threw the pillow on the wall.

She still had to go to that monster’s house again tomorrow. She groaned and slapped her cheeks. Another mistake. How lucky she was, right?

She shoved herself again on the sofa and murmured, “What should I do? That monster will kill me.”

She stomped her feet on the ragged floor. “Hang in there, Marcus. I will be there after this fucking two weeks with my monster boss.”

A text pulled her away from her thoughts. And her face heated up while her chest was about to explode when she read it.

‘I forgot. Where’s the document I needed tonight? I can’t finish my report without them. Before you complain, I don’t take no as an answer. I need the actual documents. Bring them here. Right now.’


She was feeling tired and getting out of patience while continually clicking the doorbell. She got in her boss’ house at exactly 8 p.m and no one even bothered to open the door for her.

She stayed outside for long minutes before the door opened. She wanted to run back to her apartment and just threw the documents in his face. It was as if horses were racing in her chest when she peeked at who was in front. Fortunately, it was the same woman earlier. She let her in and gestured to sit on the couch first.

“Yes love, I’ll be there after my meeting. Yes, yes. Okay. I love you, too. ”

Those words immediately caught her attention. Her boss’ voice was so soft like he never shouted at her at the office with his scary tone.

Her heart clenched in pain hearing those words. It was her he was calling him like that before.

She searched for where his voice came from. She had a mouth wide open and her eyes almost fell when she saw Brand on the edge of the stair. He was wearing a white V-neck shirt and black boxers that didn’t help to cover his upper legs. She licked her upper lips when he moved his arm to take his hair, his muscles tightened.


“Yes, muscle?” Her eyes narrowed after she realized what she had said and rapidly covered her mouth. She felt her cheeks heated up and the only way to hide her crimson red cheeks was the couch near her. Her need to hide her embarrassment made her embarrassed even more, she stumbled back and her ass kissed the floor.

“As you said, I’m not a gentleman so I won’t help you. What are you doing on the floor, Campbell? Do you want to apply for a new job? ”

She did not know where to be annoyed, should it be in the first or second question? She chose both. “I want to apply as a cleaner, Sir. Just in case. And I found your floor clearer than the mirror in my apartment. I’m amazed.” She knew there was a hint of sarcasm in her voice. She stood up and leaned on the railings.

Brand raised his eyebrow but she couldn’t help but be really irritated. “I’ll let what you did a while ago and now pass since you’re going with me tomorrow. But be prepared. I know how to do punishments.”

Shit bit her lips. Fucking punishment. “These are the documents you need. I already arranged them in order and fixed the unsettled forms, Sir.” She instead handed him the reason why she was here late at night.

“Good. Regarding my business meeting, did you pack already?”

“Will do it a while ago it didn’t call me here.” It was supposed in her mind only but she voiced it out.

Brand just cleared his throat. “Good. I want you to behave. Ready yourself. Don’t do any stupid things, Campbell.”

She nodded and abruptly turned around, not remembering that there were railings behind. She bumped into it and fell once again.

She looked up with my teary eyes. Brand stared at her before he commented. “Yeah, fuck. You’re really something!” He hissed.

He went to her side. She gasped for air when he moved forward and leaned down on her. She nearly felt his hair brushing on her neck. His cologne made her more aroused than yesterday. She quickly pulled back when he leaned down more, invading their body’s privacy. She wanted to stay away from him because she might not be able to control herself and grab her boss.

“Do. Something. Right. Just. Once.”

Her cheeks blushed again and she managed to nod. She thought he was going to do something again, but he just stood up and sat on the couch, tapping his cellphone. She watched him freely.

Brand Mauritius was every woman’s dream. Nothing was lacking in him because he seemed to have everything. Rich, tall, and good-looking face. He was very strict around his company and work.

“You can go home now and finish your paperwork if they’re still unfinished. You should be here at 9 a.m. We need to travel early tomorrow.”

He stood up and turned his back on her. She shuddered when Brand suddenly stopped and faced her again. He just winked at her and bit his lips before he started walking again.

She was left on the floor, feeling wet by just the wink of her boss. She looked around and unconsciously cupped her pussy behind her cotton pants.

But she quickly erased her nasty thoughts and stood up. “I hate you! I. Hate. You!” She screamed a bit and threw punches at the air. She even kicked and imagined that she was kicking her boss. But she stopped when she noticed that the middle-aged woman was staring at her with a shocked face.

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