Midnight Pleasure

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Chapter 5: Red Underwears

The beeping sound of the machine and a warm thing stroking her hair woke her up. Her head moved from laying on the small side space of the bed. Chocolate brown eyes like hers met and a wide smile met her gaze. She did the same as soon as she realized that it was Marcus who was already awake.

Her eyes turned to the machine to check it first before drawing her attention back to the boy who was lying on a hospital bed. “How are you, baby? Did you miss me, huh? Sorry for coming here so late.” Her hands stroked his black hair.

Marcus leaned in her hands. “It’s okay, Mommy. As long as you’re here, I’m already okay and happy. When did you arrive here?”

The clock indicated that it was already ten in the evening. “That’s my boy. A while ago, the nurse told me you slept early.”

She didn’t go straight to the apartment. She decided to stay in the hospital before she went home and packed her things. She cringed at that thought. Oh gosh, she still had not informed her son about the business meeting for two weeks.

“Something’s wrong, Mommy?” Marcus already had a worried face. She couldn’t blame him since when she became quiet, she was either stressed and killing her boss in many ways in her mind or she had problems.

“Nothing, baby. Uh, Mommy will tell you something okay? Don’t be mad,” she mumbled. Marcus nodded slowly.

“Mommy won’t be here for about two weeks. My boss wants me to go with him to a business meeting. Is that okay?” Her smile was awkward.

Marcus creased his forehead but smiled then. “It’s okay, Mommy. I understand you.” His voice was lively but she saw something in his eyes.

“It’s okay but your eyes tell something. What is it, baby?” She caressed his cheeks.

Marcus looked away and took a deep sigh. He was silent for a while before he looked at her again, with his teary eyes. “You always work hard. When you come home, you’re still working. Then you will come here too and when I woke up at midnight, you’re still working. And I know it’s because of me. Sorry, Mommy for making you tired.”

Her throat seemed to have a clog on those words that came from her seven years old son. Her eyes were clouded with warm liquid so she immediately looked away.

“Don’t feel guilty, baby. I’ll do everything for you, ” she whispered.

“I hope Daddy’s here so he can help us.”

It was just a whisper but she heard it. All the tears she kept rapidly streamed down and her sobs followed. Marcus lifted his hand and stroked her hair.

“Sorry, Mommy.”


She stood in front of a room with a frown face. It was next to her boss’ room.

Her hands were full of her two bags and her boss’. As she opened the door, she gulped with the sight inside. It was spacious and she felt like she was in a princess room. She quickly tossed her bags on the floor and jumped on the bed like a kid. She wasn’t aware that her room was like that. A smile formed on her lips. Maybe it wasn’t bad going on a business meeting with her boss.

‘Remember, you’re here because of your son.’ Her smile quickly vanished. She took a deep sigh and buried her face on the soft white pillow.

They just arrived at a nice rest house in half an hour. Her boss was already somewhere she didn’t care to know. Her eyes rolled as she remembered his words before he left, “I’m going to fix something first. Don’t dare to go outside while I’m not here.′

Her forehead furrowed when she saw something odd in the room. There were two doors. She knew the one was a bathroom and there was no way the second room was for wardrobes.

“You like it?”

She almost jumped when she heard a deep voice. Her eyes stopped at the sight of her boss leaning against the door and crossing his arms while looking intently at her.

He would be really the reason for her death. She fixed her facial expression first before she smiled widely. “Yes. But I think this is too much for me to use, Sir. I’m just a secretary. This room is too big for me.” She sounded worried but deep in her heart was the pleasure.

“Well, I prefer this. Besides, this is the only room connected to mine.” He stepped inside her room and sat down on the bed. She quickly moved away. “And it has a big bed suited for two people,” he added.

Her forehead furrowed again at what he said. “Two people? Is there another person who will sleep here?” She asked.

He smirked and looked intensely, right in her eyes. “Yes, every night, until we go home.”

“What do you mean every night? We are not with Marie, then who?” Marie was his second secretary. Whenever there was a business meeting outside the company, Marie was the one who was called by Brand. It was obvious as Marie always did her job right.

“Oh, I forgot to tell you. The other room was locked. Don’t wanna open it because there were lots of things there. It’s more like a stock room. So, you understand now?” he explained, which made her breath stopped for a second.

Her face heated when everything sank in her mind. It was her boss’ rest house? She covered her mouth when she realized that her boss would sleep with her.

She would have objected when she remembered what he said yesterday. Rule #2: Be Obedient. Although she was opposed to that idea, she slowly nodded. “Okay, Sir.” Damn. You.

Even though it was cold in the room due to the aircon, she couldn’t help but sweat. She secretly wiped the sweat on her face. She heaved a sigh to calm herself as she was feeling odd about her boss’ bold action. It kept getting bolder and bolder and she wanted to punch him. Not because she was mad at him but for herself for allowing him to abuse her weak point.

“I bought you some stuff. Take a look at them, ” he announced. He pointed to the two bags on the bed she didn’t notice earlier.

She raised her eyebrows. Why did he buy something for her? It’s new. She picked the small bag and froze when she saw what was inside. They were undies and they were all red.

Her cheek blushed as she looked at his boss who was grinning. “What are these?” She asked, trying to stay calm.

“Undies, my gift for you.” He wiggled his eyebrows while laughing. She was amazed by his action as it was her first time seeing him so cool but she could no longer control herself. She immediately threw it on the bed.


“Chill, I’m just kidding. The one in the other paper bag is my real gift. ”

What was with him today and the gifts? She picked the other bag. She bit her lips when she saw what’s inside. A pair of dresses and tight jeans. “Why did you buy these?”

“I observed your dress looks like a rag that’s why I bought them for you. Try it, I’m sure it’ll be perfect on you, ” he answered. He put both hands in his pocket.

“I can’t–” She cut her words. Rule number two, Oleya. Remember that.

“You don’t like it, I can see it in your eyes,” he whispered. She was startled when he touched both of her shoulders. “Try them now,” he commanded. She choked on what he said. “I told you, obey me.”

“No! I can’t. Why should I?” She firmly objected. She knew what her boss was doing. He wanted her to undress in front of him. Fuckers!

“I guess you’re not really serious with your work, Campbell. Following your boss is what you must also learn. But you can’t. We’ll stop here, you may leave now and go home. ”

She clenched her teeth. He’s blackmailing her. Or just a test? But still, she would never do that.

“You can’t make me wear it in front of you. I am not a woman who just undresses in front of a man.” She finally found her voice. She put the things back on the bag. “I don’t know what that stuff has to do with my work, Sir.”

“I didn’t intend you to misinterpret what I’ve said. I just want you to try on those clothes. I’m going out, call me if you like it or not so I could buy you something else,” he mumbled. Then he headed to the door and slammed it hard.

Oh. So she misunderstood him. She picked the bag again and walked in front of the whole body glass to try on the dresses. She just pulled off her ‘rag’ clothes and changed into the red dress. They fitted perfectly on her body. Her breast boosted up more. She pulled off the dress leaving her on her bra only when the door suddenly opened.

“I guess this—”

She just saw the clothes falling on the door and her boss, staring at her with narrowed eyes.

“Shit!” She shouted. She immediately crouched down to pick the dress and covered her body.


She was about to run to the bathroom when Brand hissed. She slowly looked at him again and gasped. Lust and hunger were visible in her boss’ eyes.

And with that, she felt herself being smashed on the wall. She gasped and closed her eyes in pain. She felt a pair of warm hands gently touch her waist.

She opened her eyes only to see Brand leaning on her. Her breasts were slammed closed on his hard chest making her moan in her mind. His crotch was poking her belly. She could feel it getting awake as it was becoming harder and larger. She let out a series of heavy breaths as of the inexplicable feeling when their bodies pressed together. The earlier refusal to undress seemed to have gone away now.

“Everything I tell you to do is your job.” His voice was gentle, a sing-song tone. But she knew it was just covering his icy anger.

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