Midnight Pleasure

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Chapter 6: Revelation

She shuddered, his hands were quick as they already found her soft spot, her slim waist. His thumb gently rubbed it and sent sparks to her whole body. A loud gasp escaped from her mouth when she felt his hand slowly left her waist. He was good at that area as he roughly captured her left breast. He massaged it like a dough he was trying to make tasted better.

“Did you like this? Did you like it when I did this?” He whispered as his one finger brushed her nipple, and pinched it hard. Her body followed on its own accord, it arched whenever her boss teased her nipple.

His previous denial was replaced by the heat she was feeling at the moment. He smirked when he perhaps felt her approval through her body.

‘Shit! No, he is just using my weakness now.’ She snapped from feeling the heat. Her hands pushed him away but Brand just grinned and pressed himself closer. She couldn’t move even a bit when he held her hands and put them above her head.

“I know you want this. Relax and let me do the work.”

“No. This is wrong. I told you the first time that things like this shouldn’t happen. Let me go, Brand!” She tried to move again but failed.

Brand stared at her for a while before he slowly leaned his face closer to her neck. He nuzzled on it and pecked a kiss. Then he pulled away, took a deep sigh, and stared at her again. “What are you doing to me?”

She felt his warm breath blow her face. “What?” She stuttered.

He shook his head. His other hand caressed her right chest, gently rubbing it up and down. She just wished this moment before, of him looking at her just for a while. She bit her lower lips. He was the monster she hated for her life and the monster she wanted to have when she was just an 18 years old girl.

With that thought, all the memories came back to her, and anger sprouted again. She smirked and leaned into her boss’ forehead. ‘Two can play this game.’

The way he looked with hunger in his eyes, the more the anger filled her mind. ‘You’re one who will cry at the end. I promised that. Marcus, this is all for you.’

“You’re beautiful,” he mumbled and looked at her bare half body.

He loosened his hold to her hands that allowed her to reach for his hair. She slowly brought her face closer to him. She smelled his mint breathe. “You’re still handsome and big here,” she whispered teasingly — touching his thing.

“Fuck!” With that, he quickly tossed his shirt on the floor. Revealing his toned body on her eyes. She seductively bit her lips and licked the lower part.

‘If I’m really doing this, then let me enjoy it until we are done.’

His muscles wanted her to devour them. She then thought about how he still took care of his body because he was always busy with the company. Six-packs abs or eight? She counted. Her saliva was almost dripping just by looking at it and his tattoo. Her eyes met his as she trailed his damn abs, counting it, feeling it with her soft hands.

Naughty thoughts entered her mind as their bodies huddled together. She imagined what was the feeling being pressed between the soft bed and his body. How his lips would devour her while his hands were touching every part of her body, especially below. With that idea, she already had a pre-cum. She laughed at her mind. How did she enjoy every of his touch while he was the reason for her pain?

What position would he like? How could she make him believe that she fully enjoyed what he was doing? Would he like it when he rode on his cock like a pro cowboy?

“What were you thinking?” He asked. When she declined to answer, he gripped her jaws and forced her to meet his eyes again. “Tell me.”

“Nothing, okay? Just let me go, Sir. This is not part of my job! I can’t do this, I changed my mind.”

‘How to tame a wild monster? One, let him get confused to make him want you harder.’

She pushed him but because he was stronger than her, what she did was like nothing to him. Instead, he thrust his lower body on her, causing her to moan.

He licked his lips then smiled. “I think I already know. You want me to kiss you. No, not just kiss you. You want me to have my way with your mouth, kiss you until you’re about to pass out from how badly you want me to fuck you. Is that what you want?” He leaned closer again and whispered.

Fuck you!′ She looked sideways only to feel something wet on her jaw. For Pete’s sake! He’s licking her jawline that made her knees soft.

Without prior notice, he suddenly turned her around and she came face-to-face with the mirror.

“What are you doing?” She asked. She was about to turn around again when he stopped her and forced her to stay still. She felt uneasy as she could feel something shady would happen right at the moment. Before she knew it, he was already kneeling, facing her ass. Her face heated up when she thought about what he was going to do. She struggled to get out of his grip on both her hips. She had nothing below but only her stocking and panty.

A gasp escaped in her mouth when she felt his one hand touch her butt covered only with panty and stocking. He was kneading them like a delicate dough. She could feel his breath on her skin. She closed her eyes tightly as his massage became harder. Her body arched when his lips touched her skin behind her stocking. “You smell sweet.”

“Shit!” She couldn’t help but moan. His hands traveled on the base of her stocking, undressed it, leaving only her panty. “This panty needs to go. It doesn’t suit you.”

“No! Wait!” But her voice was drowned by his voice. He groaned as he held her legs and forced her to face him.

She let out a moan as she felt the complete loss of one undergarment. Her legs trembled when his breath could now touch her bare legs. His hands stroke up near her mound. She felt like a fire that suddenly ignited when he touched the edge of her entrance. “You’re so fucking hot, Campbell!”

Her legs remained close when he tried to part her thighs. But he was strong and won in the end. Her eyes narrowed when Brand intentionally poked his finger on the center of her entrance. She looked down when Brand gave small Beck’s on her thighs while looking at her. His other hand was embracing her left thigh while the other was massaging near her entrance.

“Fuck, you’re really beautiful, Campbell.” She gasped because of the burning sensation when his breath fanned her now wet panty.

“You smell so delicious, I wonder if you taste the same?”

Her two legs were already shaking when he started sniffing between her thighs. Her face turned red to the heat released by her own body. She didn’t know where to hold, whether on the table or to Brand’s hair.

And everything was replaced by lust.

She could do nothing but to let him do anything to her. ‘He knew I will give in easily like this.’ She wasn’t supposed to feel that way but all she knew was her body was following its needs. She arched her body again when he suddenly pushed his tongue on her entrance behind the panty. It feels damn so good.


He pulled her panty until it formed in one thin line between her wet entrance. She couldn’t help anymore but grab his hair and leaned her lower body near his face. He smirked and pulled her panty once again, it was being eaten at the center of her pussy and would come out when Brand pulled it out faster. He made that a routine for a moment before he finally tore the thin panty into half.

“Ah. What are—”

Brand used his two fingers to part her pussy and quickly dipped his warm tongue inside her. Her fingers automatically pulled his hair with the sudden tingling sensation. Her lower body moved on its own and thrust forward to his face to feel more of his tongue.

He pulled away a bit and looked at her. She gulped when Brand stuck out his tongue and slowly pushed the tip inside. She saw stars forming around her as Brand dove deeper in an instant. Then he pulled away again, licked the slit, teasing her. Everything he was doing was sending shivers to her body.

“Shit!” She hissed. She almost sat down when something formed on her stomach. Her body trembled as she felt the first release.

Brand laughed then licked her swelling entrance. His tongue was like an expert cleaning every juice dripping. Cautiously, she clung to the table to seek support.

After his sinful action, Brand stood up and his serious looks came back. When he perhaps noticed her stare, he smirked and held her shoulders. He faced her in the mirror.


Brand was standing behind her, leaning his chin on her shoulder. It was the moment she had been waiting for way back then.

His lips touched her shoulder blade. “I can tell this is your first, again. Learn fast, then next time you can have this,” he mumbled then pushed his hard thing between her butt. She saw in the mirror her tainted red cheeks.

“Stop daydreaming.”

“I’m not daydreaming, I know it will really happen soon,” he whispered. She looked at the mirror and saw him staring at her through it. There was something in his eyes she couldn’t decipher.

Brand let go of her after a minute and fixed his clothes. He looked at her before he sighed and picked the dress that fell on the floor earlier. “Get dressed.”

Before she could say anything, Brand threw the dress to her and headed to the door. He opened it and was near to fully disappear in her sight when he stopped. “We can always do that, you know. After all, you’re still my wife.” With that, he slammed the door close.

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