Midnight Pleasure

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Chapter 7: Surprise Vacation

What happened to Brand and her yesterday did not put her to sleep. She rolled side to side in her bed, did her daily exercise to get tired and sleep but still no effect. The clock hanging on the wall stated that it was already 8 a.m.

She sprung out on the bed with her heart pounding fast. The bathroom door slammed open when she rapidly got inside. Damn! It just took 5 minutes for her to shower and another 5 minutes to get dressed and fix herself.

She was just thankful that Brand did not sleep in the same room. Because if that happened she might strangle him to death when he was asleep. ‘Or fantasize him when he’s asleep?’ Her eyes widened at that thought and shook her head rapidly.

“No! What happened yesterday won’t happen again. I’m here to have what is rightfully mine.” She slapped her cheeks to get back herself in its right state of mind. Brand was surely just distracting her.

“You’re still my wife after all.” Her fist clenched tight on those words. Who was he to say that? As far as she remembered he was the one who wanted to get their divorce paper done quickly.

“Did you see the woman that the boss came with yesterday?” Oh no, they were already looking at her.

She was about to run outside when she remembered that she had not even been able to wear heels. She went back to the room to get them. The minutes to get outside seemed long even if she was running with the heels on both of her hands.

“Sir Mauritius, the car is ready. ”

She stopped midway to put on her heels and hastened to do that when she heard what the driver said. But the damn heels wouldn’t cooperate.

“Why are we still here? I can’t be late for my meeting!” She heard Brand shouted outside.

“Oh no!” She took off her still unfixed heels and just ran outside.

“Your secretary is not here yet, Sir,” explained the driver.

“Wait! Wait, I am here!” She shouted and felt relaxed when she got outside. But well, luck wasn’t really on her side. She lost her balance and stumbled on something in front. “Damn my boss! Ouch, my forehead hurts,” she mumbled and massaged her forehead with her other hands.

“You’ll get off your hands on my coat or I will cut them?”

Her hand halted and slowly looked up. Her feet nearly stumbled again as she realized that it was Brand who she bumped on. And her other hand was holding his royal blue coat. She immediately withdrew it and wiped it on the back of her black fitted skirt. She looked for her heels and found them on the ground. She picked them and acted as nothing happened.

“Next time you touch me, make sure you’re touching the right area,” he said. He got into the car and she was left wondering what he said.

Her eyebrows knitted. I didn’t get it. And when she realized what he said, her eyes popped wide open. She heard the maids behind her and the driver’s small chuckles. She turned her face to them and glared that made them quickly scatter away.

With a frown on her face, she got in the car. It wasn’t a usual day for her, she was next to the boss in the backseat. Yesterday and today was her first time getting inside his car.

It was hard to avoid him. It was inevitable to feel his presence closer. Especially when she could smell the perfume that really suited him. She looked at him, trying to see if he remembered what happened yesterday. But there was no sign or even a hint in his stern face. He was just browsing on his phone.

She rolled her eyes and looked away. He left her easily, he forgot about her easily. What happened yesterday was easy for him to forget too. He was a piece of junk.

She just discussed with him his meeting schedules. It was late for her to notice that Brand was not listening as he once again was focused on the phone.

“Sir, you have an appointment with Mr. Lucas Santiago tomo— ”

“Can you please fucking shut up? Tell me after I’m done here, ” he declared and waved his cellphone.

She looked at him with shock. Why was he so grumpy today? She took deep sighs before smiling at him. “Yes Sir.” ‘Damn you, Sir.’

She just decided to count red cars on the road. That was even better than noticing her boss’ annoying presence.

“About what happened yesterday? I want to— ”

Her heart thumped fast when Brand suddenly disturbed her peaceful time. She was already okay, why did he have to open that topic? She looked at him. “I already forgot what happened. And I won’t let it happen again. Hope you won’t do that stance again. Let’s just forget about it, Sir.”

Brand raised his eyebrow then grinned. “Yeah, that’s what I’m going to say. Forget what happened between us, Campbell. It was a mistake.”

Pain struck her heart. It was as if something crushed her heart with those words. “What we have is just a mistake. I’m sorry, Oleya.”

She looked away as her tears threatened to fall at any minute. Right, she was mad and wanted revenge but still, she couldn’t avoid getting hurt. He had his ways to hurt and stabbed her heart repeatedly.

“Yeah. It’s okay. No worries, Sir.” She smiled widely.


They arrived at the site where the meeting would take place. Silently, they both stepped outside. His words were still clinging in her mind that made her lose her will to work today. No words of protest came out from her mouth even if Brand threw her his coat.

“Good morning, Mr. Mauritius. This way please.”

They followed a staff member on the site. Her eyes focused on the things around her, it made her confused. They were on a damn farm. Her dreary moment became delighted as she looked at the ostriches roaming inside. She ignored Brand and the people he was talking with and stepped near the fence.

“You’re a big guy. How did you grow that tall?” She asked while looking at one ostrich near the fence. She pushed her left hand inside, trying to reach the ostrich’s feather but someone pulled her.

“Be careful! It can kick like a lion. ”

She looked up to the person who was hugging her from behind. Brand Mauritius was clinging his hands on her waist, tight. He wasn’t looking but she could see his creased forehead.

She pulled away from him and steadied herself on the ground. She felt him tense and tightened his hold from her before he let her go. “Concern?”

“Dream on, I just don’t want your stupidity to ruin my business here. I might not close the deal because of you.” Then his blue fierce eyes stopped on her face. “Get out of here.”

She crossed her arms on her chest and raised her eyebrow. “Okay.” She stomped her foot and walked.

“What? Hey, Campbell! Where are you going? Get back here!” He shouted.

“I’m getting out of here. And I’m going to a place where there is no you!” She shouted back as she marched away. Huh! He might think that he could order her around especially when she was hurt. She looked back and smirked at him.

Not long after, she was forced to go back to where she left him as some damn turkey was chasing her. She was sweating hard, her two inches heels weren’t cooperating as she tried to get back as soon as possible. Her heart calmed down when she noticed that she was almost near. But her eyes widened when she saw no one where she left them.

“All right, you leave me again! All of you seem happy leaving me. You are all just the same!” She shouted while ruffling her hair. She stomped her feet and it was a wrong move. She stumbled because of her heels.

“Woah! Careful, beautiful.”

Two pairs of hands supported her body. She looked at who had helped her. She couldn’t help but stare at his face and gasped. He was definitely good-looking.

She quickly erased the thought. “Thank you.”

“What a beautiful woman doing here?” There was a playfulness in his tone. He grinned and winked at her. He was still holding her waist so that she felt hot.

“I’m with—”

“She’s with me and when you don’t get off your hands on her I will throw you out of here right now!”

They both looked to the person who suddenly shouted. Her eyes stopped at Brand who folded his arms as he stared at them intently. She quickly straightened up and pulled away from the man’s arms. The man just smiled and raised both hands as if giving up.

“Chill brother. I just helped her, didn’t know she’s yours,” he explained. ‘Yours?’ She looked at him and shook her head.

But it was not really what caught her attention. Brother? Are they siblings? She knew his boss for years but didn’t know he had a brother.

“Where’s Grandma?” Brand asked. He stepped closer to them while his eyes focused on her like he was going to kill her.

“At the hacienda. She’s been waiting for you since yesterday and excited to see you so she sent me here.”

“What do you mean your grandma’s waiting?” She couldn’t help but interfere. Brand was supposed to have a business meeting.

Brand glared at the man who just shrugged his shoulders. “Didn’t she know? What did you tell her?” He asked.

Brand let out a heavy sigh. “I really have a meeting here but it’s already done yesterday when I left. And also, Grandma wants to see me. This is our farm and this is Alejandro, my half-brother.” He pointed to the farm then at his brother.

“And the 2 weeks you say are not for the meeting, Sir? It means…” She gasped after she realized his point.

“Yes. Guess this will be a vacation for both of us.”

Two weeks vacation at his Grandmother’s house?

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