Midnight Pleasure

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Chapter 8: Unforgettable Past

“This will be your room, Ma'am. We double-checked everything here. If you need anything, we're just downstairs.” One of the three maids that welcomed them in the living room picked a key to open a room.

Out of curiosity, Oleya opened the door. As soon as she entered, her vision was blinded by the sun rays and then after, a room full of gray things immediately appeared to her sight. Even the bedsheets and pillowcases had the same color.

“Woah, whose room is this? We have the same taste!” She asked as she still glanced around. There was a walk-in closet, a queen-size bed, two couches, and big paintings. But what fascinated her was the big window that led to a small veranda. The room was just like the one she had before. Before everything fucked up.

“Sir Brand informed us that gray is your favorite color so this is what we put here. Do you like it, Ma'am?” The maid asked. She turned around and gave her an awkward smile. What had gotten into Brand's mind that he even let the maid know her favorite color?

Her mind wandered to the days when Brand was just someone that did simple things to appease her. The days when he was just someone who made paper planes and boats and planned that they would travel around the world.

Those were their happy days.

10 years. 10 years had passed and everything changed. So what the actual fuck he was planning now? She clearly remembered that he was the one that cut ties between them.

“Ma'am? Did I say something wrong? Uh, if you didn't like the room we can tell it to Sir Brand and let him decide where—”

She erased all her thoughts from the past. They were just the moments that fulfilled her teenage life. Those days were just a reminder that no matter how she loved someone when feelings changed, they would still go away and leave her behind.

“It's okay. Sorry if I spaced out. Anyway, can I take a rest now?” She put her bags on the soft bed. Let alone herself sank on it too.

“All right Ma'am. Again, if you need anything we are just downstairs.” The maid was about to come out when she stopped her.

"Just call me Oleya. I'm just Sir Brand's secretary so no need to be formal,” she remarked.

The maid furrowed her forehead and looked like she was thinking something. She gave her a confused look before opening her mouth again. “Secretary? Madam Isabel said that you're Sir Brand's girlfriend. Or maybe I just misheard her.”

She quickly stood up and choked on her own saliva. Seriously, what was happening? “I like that idea so much,” she whispered, putting a smile on the maid's lips. “Before.”

The maid made a cringed look and scratched her head. “Sorry, Ma'a—Oleya."

She smiled at her but deep inside her heart and mind, she was mad. Mad for herself to let her boss control her. Now, she finally fixed the puzzle. From the time that Brand gave her a chance to stay in her work, the time he wanted her in his house even though he could have asked about the matter at the office, to the sudden vacation and to let his Grandma think that they were dating.

Brand had a plan.

But she wouldn't let him ruin her again.

"Am I in the standard to be his girlfriend?" She tried to joke around. The maid bit her lower lips. Poor girl. She didn't mean to place her into pressure moments.

“Yes. The first time I saw you, I already knew you're smart and fitted to Sir Brand. And this is only the second time that Sir brought a woman here ...”

How the hell did she know that she was suited for her boss? Her heart raced fast when the last words sank in her mind. Second time. She had never been here, let alone met Brand's Grandma before.

A bitter laugh escaped from her mouth. Of course, Brand was now a respected and well-known businessman. It was obvious he could find someone so easily.

"... But the first one is rude and demanding. Madam Isabel never liked her. She said that woman is full of herself for acting already like a wife.”

To her surprise, she found herself becoming curious about Brand's life. So instead of being a bitch, she chose to hear the talkative maid.

“So, what about me? Do you think his grandmother will like me?”

“Madam Isabel is the one who said that you are Sir Brand's girlfriend so she probably likes you. You're also nice and oh, I saw Sir Brand staring at you earlier like you're the only person in the universe.” The maid giggled.

"I like your personality, maybe we can be friends." She jokingly smacked her on the shoulder. "Oleya Saavedra, the good secretary of Sir Brand." She held out her hand to the maid.

“Nikalin Forser. The beautiful and youngest maid here at the hacienda.” She took her hand.

“I'm leaving. Sorry for being nosy. Eva probably will scold me again when she finds out I don't clean the kitchen.” The maid smiled at her. “Thank you Oleya. Unlike Sir Brand's girlfriend, you're kind and approachable.”

She smiled at her before she finally came out.

'What's your plan, Brand? Are you still not done hurting me?'

'Keep your friends close, and your enemy closer. You will know his plan if you do that. And yes, he won't stop if you let him.'

She rubbed her nose, feeling crazy answering her own questions.

She laid down on the bed and placed both hands on her stomach. Damn! She had two weeks to endure Brand's annoying attitude. But then, she smirked as an evil thought came into his mind.


Oleya was startled by the feeling of being groped and something was smashing on her lips. She tried to move but there was also something stopping her. She was feeling out of breath when the thing above her deepened on her body and blocked her nose.

Awful thoughts appeared in her mind.

Then the tears followed. It was just like the moment when someone tried to assault her. It was just like the time when no one else was there to save her.

“What the fuck?"

That voice erased all her terrible feelings. She tried to open her eyes and was surprised when a black hair welcomed her sight.

A gasp escaped from her mouth when she smelled the familiar perfume that lingered on her nose. What the hell? She pushed hard at the person who was apparently kissing her a while ago.

And what even surprised her was when she saw her boss licking his lips before his lips curved into a playful smile.

"You really taste good and sweet," he whispered.

All her blood seemed to come upon her face as her nostrils almost fumed in anger. It was like she had been exploited while sleeping. With that feeling, her hands automatically embraced herself.

"What was that? What did you do, sir?" She asked not minding what he said.

"That's your punishment."

"Punishment for what?"

"For being near with my brother and looking at him like you're a damn teenager that saw her crush for the first time,” he answered.

What the hell was he talking about? The bedsheet near her hands seemed to rip apart as she held it tight.

Feeling humiliated, she raised her forehead. All her weak look a while ago changed like she could kill him at any minute. No way she would let him win and played her just like that.

“What is with you if I get close to your brother? First of all, I should be the one to be mad as you deceived me for coming here. Second, it will never be your business if I get near your brother or to anyone.”

But all her courage and sassiness stopped abruptly when Brand's first clenched hard on his side. As if she was some kind of tamed dog that flattened its tail under its stomach. Perhaps, Brand saw her sudden change of look so he leaned slowly at her which earned him a glare. Her hands automatically guarded her and pushed him away.

Brand licked his lips once again. His aura became dark that could scare anyone who would see him. “I don't want any man near you. Remember this Saavedra, you're with me here. And you're my wife.”

And that was it. She lost all her hidden emotions. Her body appeared to move on its own accord and lunged in front of Brand. The hell she would control herself, she just let her right hand kiss his face.

It hurt but it was worth it.

Brand stumbled back and shock was evident in his face.

He didn't move for a minute as he just let his eyes face the other side. And when he decided to look at her, his eyes were like flashing fire that could burn the room. There was a small red mark on his cheeks which he touched. He strode towards her so she quickly stepped back and pointed her finger at him.

“You have no right to claim me as your wife. The moment you left me 10 years ago was already the moment you cut everything we had. There's already no us, you heard me? You can't fucking leave me and then act as you care after. You, Brand Mauritius, have no right.” Her voice cracked as her hands trembled. It damn felt right saying those words after many years of being silent.

She thought after telling that right in front of him would make him understand even a bit. So, fear covered her mind and heart when Brand smacked her finger pointing at him, and pulled her closer. His dark aura became more fearsome than before.

“I don't care what you say. You are mine. No one will have you as long as I am here,” he whispered in her ears. It gave her shivers and anxiety. What in her words that he didn't understand?

“Don’t you get curious that every man who tried to make a move at you will just vanish after a day? Are you not curious why they suddenly turned you down after a second?”

Her eyes narrowed, realizing what he was talking about. That was one of the reasons why she declared that being a 28 years old woman wasn't great at all. She still had needs as a woman, and every time she thought that she finally found the man who could fulfill her empty heart, they would either turn her down or would just fade in her life like a bubble.

Frustration, embarrassment, and sadness mixed all over her. She couldn't believe that it was all Brand's scheme. She had been played since then.

Her tears were threatening to fall but she forced herself not to cry. Especially in front of the man who was toying her around.

“Fuck you! So this is what you want, huh? Are you happy seeing me get hurt? Are you fucking happy?” She wanted to say more but her throat was like being clogged by something.

“Be obedient. Obey me for your future at the company. If you really want your position there, everything I will say — just—”

“Fuck you and your rules. It's not what we're talking about here now.”

She squealed when Brand pushed her to the bed and quickly jumped above her. Her heartbeat was fast as she covered the blanket all over her body. Brand tried to remove it but she let her best not to give up. She was scared. She was feeling the same way as what happened before.

“What are you doing! Please leave! Go aw—”

She couldn't finish what she was going to say when he forcefully covered her lips on his own. Her hands moved to push him but it just gave him away to hold them above her head. He continued to assault her lips as she tried to get away. His left hand still held hers and his right hand started to touch her bare shoulder.

“Go away! Please!” She screamed when she got a chance to pull away her lips from him. He answered it with him grinding hard on her.

“Not until you let me in again. Remember Oleya, you can't do nothing even if I forced myself on you because I'm still your husband.”

“You're not my husband! The man I married was a gentle, caring, and loving husband. And those words don't suit you. So please, let me go!"

“Fuck this! Fuck this fucking feeling!” He cursed. He stopped grinding and dipped his face between her neck and shoulder. She could feel his fast breathing.

When he pulled away, her eyes met his brown orbs. There was something there that she couldn't decipher. His face was flushed and she assumed it was just like hers.

“Please, let me go." Her voice was for the cowards one. But she couldn't help it anymore. The feeling of being pinned down at the bed forcefully made her stomach hurl. She felt disgusted.

Instead of obeying her, Brand slowly locked his lips on hers once again. She writhed underneath him but stopped when she felt the sudden change of his way of kissing. It was like he was asking for permission if he could continue or not.

He pinched her left nipple that made me moan not because of pleasure but because of hatred. Her body felt numb as she just let him enter his tongue inside her mouth. He explored the inside, sucking her tongue as he stroked up and down her waist to the bottom of her chest. Then he suddenly pulled away.

“Oleya? Oleya? Hey, what's happening?”

She could still hear his voice but it seemed far.

She could still feel his body against her but all her strength was already gone.

“Do you really want this, Brand?”

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