Five Fifteen

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Biology hasn’t been so good to me this semester. I really thought that no matter how complicated this subject could get, I can always get through it effortlessly because ever since I got to know this subject I always loved it, that’s why I wanted to become a doctor of some sort. But now it almost got me questioning myself if that’s really my dream because if this class can get so much stressful as it is right now, how much more could a medicine course be frustrating and exhausting at the same time. Since I started to feel like biology is starting to challenge me, I poured more effort on studying, leaving me and Jack with much shorter time together. Actually we haven’t seen each other for a long time. We usually see each other on weekends, it’s either I go to his place or he visit’s mine. But that kind of shtick didn’t last long. He understood that my top priority will always be my schooling and he’ll always be second in line.

Weeks have passed and the only way I could know how he’s doing is through his dad who also happened to be my teacher. I worked hard to have notable grades especially in my biology class because, half-witted it may sound but I actually want to study in University of Toronto and take medicine course there. I know that I can pass their exams because I’m confident that I definitely have the brains and I could say that I have the ingenuity they need to be able to study in their academy.

After enduring several weeks of not seeing Jack, the days I spent being an earnest student finally paid off. The result of our final exam came out. At first, when I got the upshot grades of my paper works I was scared to even take a peek because I was nervous that I might’ve missed something when I was reviewing that gave rise to my failing. But when I finally got the courage to be brave and accept no matter what the results are, I glanced at it and I was surprised because there was a little note on the upper right corner of my paper that said “Congrats! You got the highest mark again Tyler.” I am truly contented because everything that I put up with just to be the top student was worth it. Even though I didn’t get the highest scores on my other subjects, I still managed to maintain my grades just as good as it should be.

I finished my last year of being a senior student with lots of fun, excitement and some new things came together with someone special who I never expected who’ll pay me a visit and will stay for a long time; things and a person that I’m really grateful that really came along in my life. Yes! You’re right, I’m talking about Jack again. Pardon my little obsession with him if you will.

We still have exactly two months before our other journey begins as college students. Jack and I planned a getaway trip together with both of our parents. It actually took several days before we could come up with some plans because it was hard for us to set up a date to when we will go off since his dad has a really busy schedule. Nevertheless, we still managed to set something up. My mom and dad bought a lot of things that we could bring to our “low-key” vacation; as a matter of fact when they got out of the store, I thought that they purchased every single thing that is inside it. It was hard to tell what they bought exactly because the bag they were carrying was really full. When we got home they instantly headed to their room to get their things packed and I also did the same.

The next day, Jack together with his dad rang the doorbell while we were getting ready for the said trip. I’m the one who answered the door and I was surprised because right after I opened it, Jack rendered me a kiss and I was stupefied. After giving me a morning kiss he greeted my parents and I welcomed both of them and asked them to come in because it’ll take few more minutes before my mom finishes preparing herself up. When we got in the living room, I offered them to take a seat and asked if they wanted to drink anything but they both said “No, we're good. Thank you." So instead of grabbing some drinks I sat down beside Jack and asked him—“So where will we go?” I know that we both planned this trip but for the record, he hasn’t told me anything about where we will spend time enjoying ourselves together with our loved ones.

“Don’t worry, we’re not going back there. I’ll take you somewhere we could have fun without needing for us to remember what I’ve told you before. Just tell your dad to follow us.”

He knew exactly that I was worried to go back to where we first travelled to because I know that no matter how long it has been, he could be with anyone there, with me perhaps, but his mind will always be alone together with his mom whenever he’s in that place. And if that happens, what will be the purpose of that trip if he won’t be able to enjoy it, right?

Soon after my mom finished preparing everything, we started to travel down the road once again. I rode with Jack and Mr. Hunter because I wanted to be near him for the reason that I missed him like how a gourmand child on a diet misses his flavorful desserts. After hours of sitting at the back of the car and doing nothing aside from gawping at every trees and sign boards we passes by, my back started to hurt and I asked Jack to pull over to the next gasoline station that we’ll be passing by so I could stretch my knees out together with my aching hind body and so that I could also get the chance to grab some crisps from our car.

Upon arriving, Jack kissed me on the forehead to wake me up gently—“Hey Romeo, we’re here. Time to wake up.”

“Where are we?” I asked him with a muffled voice that cannot be heard distinctly.

“Let’s get out of this car so you can see for yourself, shall we?”

As soon as we got out of the car he helped my mom and dad to carry their baggage and headed to the resort’s lobby. The name of the resort we are in as of the moment is S.C. Island Resort. I think it’s really decent especially because the staffs are well dressed and they’re also courteous to their customers; plus, there are numerous activities presented here such as beach volleyball, paraskiing and as well as paddle boarding and there are also different services like room service massages, room service catering and last but not least they also happened to have a live entertainment by the shore at eight in the evening. Right after he had booked two rooms, he handed over a key to my mom then he talked to them together with Cameron.

“Mr. and Mrs. Cohen you’ll be staying in room 405 together with my dad whilst Tyler and I will be staying in the other room next door.”

“Perhaps you and my son will do something in particular that is spesh, eh?” my mom asked, pretending like she’s a British woman.

Obviously, Jack was caught off guard because he stuttered upon answering as his eyes were simultaneously shifting to me and the others. “Uh-uhm... N-no! I mean yes! It’s just that I want to spend more time with Tyler than my dad while we’re here.”

I could tell that Cameron was blown away by what Jack told my parents because he literally stared at Jack’s eyes as if he was disrespected greatly by his own son and in his mind he’s like what a bitch!

When little Juliet caught his father’s gaze at him he pleaded “What?! I’m just stating a fact here dad. I’m sorry but I’ll take Tyler over you anytime.”—he smiled teasing him then he grabbed me on my waist; maybe a gesture that shows he’s grateful that I’m beside him.

After spending a moment hooting with laughter, we’ve gone to our separate rooms to organize our things. Inside our residing place for that day there is a rectangular table and then beside it is a colour blue couch that looks very comfortable and if you walk straight through the end of the rooms foyer, you can find a small balcony that have two deck chairs and if you decided to go there you’ll see the magnificent overlooking view of the resort’s sea shore. But on the other hand, if you want to lay down, instead of walking straight just look at the right side of the room and there you will see a nice soft and neatly fixed bed.

Right after we finish putting everything in place, we decided to knock on the other room to invite them to have some lunch together since it’s already past noon and we still haven’t eaten anything that’s considered a real food. Afterwards, we all headed down to find somewhere we could eat and then by the time we consumed everything we ordered, my parents asked us to get changed so we could go for a swim already.

We haven’t done anything exceptional aside from having fun while drowning each other in the pool but this trip reminded me of how special the day we first voyaged at one of the most special places for Jack. I could still feel how his lips touched my lips and how his tongue made its way inside my mouth that day. Everything seemed so special to me now and it got me wondering what if I didn't come with him that day? Will this day still come around my life? Will I still be able to love him just how much as I love him now? Am I really made to shoulder the weight of his love that he's giving to me for the rest of my life or am I just someone who will only pass him by just to lead him to the right person who he should really be with? Once again, despite every enjoyment, every happiness he gives me, the fear inside me of losing him grows bigger and it keeps on winning even though I try my best to beat it.

Evening came and the Moon finally decided to show itself. We sat in the middle of the shore together with our parents while watching some performers dancing through fire; it only lasted for 15-20minutes. Afterwards, we decided to take a few minutes ambling along the shore, appreciating the beauty that’s offering us to see. Shortly we decided to call it a day and headed to our room.

I first took a shower followed by Jack and by the time he got out of the bathroom I was laying down in bed half naked, with only sheets covering my body. When he realized that I wasn’t clothed with anything, he jumped to bed at once imitating a wild man who’s craving to have a taste of something luscious. We laid down in bed as we talked about how wonderful our day has been. He let my fingers walk through his chest and when I hit the spot where his tattoo is, I asked him “What does this mean Jack?”

“It literally stand for Ante Meridiem.”

I looked at him bewilderedly “What? So that only means morning? That is so lame!”

“It’s actually not. Mornings are my favorite part of the day. I get to have a new day, a new chance, new hope, new blessings and that’s also the part of the day when I first met you when you were walking down the street; the day I came in your life as something you could describe as storm or chaos. I actually didn’t have this before I got to know you, you know? This is actually all about you, Tyler.”

“Wait. So you’re saying that before you even took me on the beach near the Southern Provincial Park you already have feelings for me then?”

He looked at my eyes then he grinned “Why did you think I took you there in the first place? The whole thanking you part was just a coy to take you out on a date without you knowing it, dumbass.”

I couldn’t explain how his voice gives me butterflies, how my heart always skips a beat whenever he’s talking like that. I always forget how to elucidate things, especially my feelings whenever I’m near him. But despite that, I know that my soul is clearly loving him more than it should, more than it could really love someone other than him. I kissed him and then I sat on his lap as I crossed my legs around his waist. Once again I’m feeling something that I only felt once, the flutter intensified. His kiss is like a black hole that keeps on pulling my mind away to keep me from thinking when to stop and just continue to get lost under his kiss. But that moment didn't last long. He laid me down as he whispered “Let’s not do this tonight.”

I was ready to give him everything, even myself because I know that we have something that other people fight for. When he uttered those words, uneasiness started to run through my mind.

“Why? Did I do something wrong?”

He laid beside me then he wrapped his arms around my body “No... I just don’t want to rush things. I want to savor every moment with you. I don’t love you and I don’t crave for you just for now, I want you forever, Tyler. We can slow down and take our time.”

“Let’s do that.” I answered him then shortly we fell asleep while being on each other’s hold.

Jack is really the romanticist and I’ll always be the idealist who will always dream about our story, on how it came upon. I’ll never get tired of playing it on loop inside my head because even though what we have isn’t that perfect, the love we have for each other makes up for every little imperfection it has.

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