Five Fifteen

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Part two: Jack St. George

As I entered the cab, I tried my best to wear the brightest smile I could ever show him because I don’t want him to see how I’m suffering deep inside for leaving him. I’m a strong person, but today I’m weak, broken beyond repairs. But whatever happens today, tomorrow and the days to come, we had last night; the time he let our hearts be as one and so with our bodies and souls. Nothing will ever make me happier than thinking about him, about us and what we’re about to feel after we go back in each other’s arms.

Upon arriving at the airport I reached for my wallet inside my bag and when I pulled it out, a paper that was folded in half fell down the floor. As I grabbed it I saw Forever yours, inscribed at the lower part of it, I have a strong feeling that it's from Tyler. Even though I haven’t seen who it was from, I’m almost certain that it was him who gave it to me. I mean, who would've written those words aside from him? I didn’t open the letter yet because I want to look through it when I’m sitting on the plane and it’s already flying through the cotton-clouds in the air; that way I won’t have any other choice but to go along with my plans and continue to strive to achieve my dreams. I know myself enough, if I read it while I’m still waiting for my departure and I still have the chance to go back to him, I know I will.

When I finally boarded the plane, I placed my carry-on luggage inside the overhead bin and I sat down in my designated seat. The only thing that I am holding at that moment is the letter that Tyler gave me. I read it and as I run my eyes over the message that he put there, for the briefest moment I could feel that we’re somehow close to each other, that we’re together again. His thoughts touched me and held me tight more than hands ever could. Tears kept falling down and I could hear the authentic sorrow in my inner self’s voice as it pleads god make something, anything that could make me come running at him again, make me come back to him. But it’s never that easy, isn’t it? Love will not provide us everything we need and that’s why I’m here, away from him, to get a steady figure and get him a stable life that he deserves living. I gotta help him so I shouldn’t waste my time sulking and missing him every time. I should take my mind off Tyler and focus on achieving my goals so I could get back to him as soon as I can.

Hours later, on my very first night here in Cambridge, I looked for an inn to stay for the night, or maybe for at least several days, just before I could find an apartment where I can stay for a long time while I study here. I never thought that being far away from him would be easy but I didn’t imagine that it’s gonna be this hard. I read his letter again and memories started to haunt me and it seemed more real than the life I am living right now. Once again I could feel how he ran his fingers across my chest and how it stopped at the middle of my tattoo. In a short while I got to laugh as I recalled the terror on his face the first time he saw me and my heart almost melted because it could still feel how everything changed for the both of us. The time I spent together with Tyler changed me, it’s indeed the best time of my life. He somehow became a part of me and I’m now having forebodings about the reality that I wouldn’t be able to spend tomorrow with him, or the days after that. I said to myself perhaps, we could beat the odds.

Over the next couple of weeks I finally found a place to rent, it wasn’t big but it’s sufficient for me especially I’m the only one who’s gonna live there. Everyday before I go into my apartment and decide to call it a day, I look at the sky quotidianly, just like how Tyler wants me to. If it was for me alone, I don’t have to do this everyday just to keep on reminding myself and refrain me from forgetting everything we’ve done because all of it will always be carved in my heart, he is my life after all.

Walking into a brand-new world such as Massachusetts Institute of technology for the first time is really thrilling and overwhelming. It’s like being reborn in another world. I carry with me a bundle of excitement and a knotted stomach explaining how nervous I am. What a way to start my first day here at this academy.

My day carried on and I met a lot of students, old ones together with some transferees just like me. This school is filled with beautiful ladies and with the most handsome men, but I’ll never be deceived by any of them. As time passes by slowly, I made some new friends like Addison and his twin brother Leone. We’re all in the same class. Addison is a soft woman and I feel that she’s gonna be a good listener if I get to be close with her. She makes this connection to other people around her that makes her somewhat easy to talk to. Her emotions are hidden in her innocent face yet when you look at her, you’ll know that there’s something more to her innocence than you think. While on the flip side, her brother Leone, a brown haired man who almost reminds me of myself before I met Tyler. He has this eyes that’s full of pure mischief and there’s something about Leone that drew people away from him, but not me and his sister. He may look tough on the outside but I know that he’s more fragile than a leaf in autumn. Studying here won’t be easy but I think it’ll be tolerable since I got Adi and her brother, together we will achieve getting the Bachelor of Architecture degree that we want.

Several hours later, when classes finally ended, Leone approached me while I was standing in front of my locker placing some of my books that I’ll be using for tomorrow’s classes.

“Hey Jack.”

“What’s up Leone?” he came closer then he helped me fix my things then when I finally closed my locker he asked—“are you busy later?”

“I don’t think I am. Why’d you ask?”

“My sister and I were planning to study at the café nearby. Want to come and join us?”

“Study for what? It’s just the first day of classes.” I was confused at the moment but then he clarified that one of our professors will give us a quiz tomorrow so he wanted me to join them, so I did.

Right before we entered Bosworth’s Café, I looked up at the sky, pausing for a few seconds that stopped both of them from entering. Then I started to walk again and by the time we were all seated Leone asked us to give him our orders then he’ll be the one to take it to the counter. As he walked away from us, Addison looked at me in a chummy way.

“Do you have a boyfriend?”

I was a bit flustered and kinda caught off guard “What? A boyfriend? Why’d you ask? And why would you assume that if I’m in a relationship, why would it be with a boy?”

“Nothing. I just think that you look much better with a guy more than being with a girl.”

“His name is Tyler.” I said to her with a nostalgic look on my face then I smiled at her wistfully.

“Tell me about him if you don’t mind.”

Just like like she wanted, I told her everything about him and just as I thought, she really is a good listener. I could see in her eyes that she’s really picturing what kind of a person Tyler really is as I tell her every little good thing that he has done for me. I also told her that he’s going to marry me one day then I let her read the letter that he gave me. By the time she finished, Leone came back to his seat with the drinks we ordered then Addison mumbled, “That’s why you looked at the sky awhile ago.”

“Yeah. It was his idea.”

“What? Who are we talking about here?” Leone asked then his sister explained everything to him, repeating almost every word I told her about Tyler.

After sitting for quite a while I asked, “It’s been an hour since we got here but none of us has started studying about the quiz you mentioned earlier, Leone. Why is that? Hm?”

“Yeah... Uhm... Well, it was just an excuse to make you come here, with us.” Nervous as he spoke then Addison cut in—“You’re new here and I think it’s gonna be hard for you to adjust in this new world since you’re here alone. But not anymore. We’d like to accompany you in your journey here if it’s okay with you.”

“I’d be happy to have both of you as my mates.”

We sat there for a few hours and I didn’t notice how time passed us by. The hours that we spent there almost felt like it was just minutes. We laughed as we shared our different stories with each other. It is great to meet new people like them, they bring new energy to my soul. We have similar minds and that makes it nice to explore everything in this world I’m in with them. I don’t get to feel Tyler’s hands on me but at least I’m not alone but it got me thinking, "How is he? Does he feel the same way I'm feeling right now? I hope not. I want him to enjoy his life even though I'm not by his side. I'd like him to meet some new friends like how I met Addison and Leone. I want him to enjoy his time in college with them. I wish him the best in life. Until we meet again, Tyler."
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