Five Fifteen

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A guy named Tyler Cohen met someone who he thought he'll hate for the rest of his life. The man he despise the most is Jack St. George, a transferee student to where he is studying. After their lives collided, a series of unexpected events happened. He hates him for a reason but is there a chance he'll fall for him when he finally get to see who Jack really is? If there is, how would their story unfold knowing that he fell for someone who he abominated the idea of that man's existence. Will Jack would also get the chance to love him? This could be a love story for some but this will always be something more than that.

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What does it truly mean when people say that they found their better half?
I once knew the answer to that: It meant that you finally found the person you want to spend the rest of your life with; that you’d care for them deeply and there will come a time that you won’t even notice that there are things that you also need other than their own necessities because you always put them first. I’m sure that’s everything I felt the moment Jack’s life finally crossed paths with mine and for a while I got to enjoy the remaining time I have left.

I once told him that my dream is to become someone who will leave a mark to people’s hearts, someone who will always be remembered and that I wanted to become a doctor but frankly, I never thought of what kind of a doctor I would be after I take medicine as my course for college. I always wanted to live a normal life; get a job, take care of my parents, be married by the age of thirty maybe? And have kids. However, Jack on the other hand was never so sure of what he wants in life. He’s an aimless kind of a person. He’s not fond of planning things out as he quoted “Don’t ever plan things ahead of time because it’ll never happen if you do so.” But even though he is random and probably don’t have a certain future ahead of him, he’s kindhearted. He always puts other people’s needs before him and he’s passionate and as crazy as I am, perhaps that’s the reason I fell for him. Whenever we’re together I always imagine laying with him in his bed as we talk about how things were a real mess before I get to know the real Jack and then we will laugh together as we get lost in each other’s arms.

It sound so far-fetched doesn't it? A man falling in love with someone who he once abominated the idea that that man exists. That’s what also came to my mind. In the years to come, our time with each other will be lessen as we go our separate ways to pursue our different dreams. The idea of him disappearing from my side frightened me. But its inevitable, at some point we really have to accept that the fun we experienced was just temporary. Nonetheless, I still chose to love him to the very end because if it’s really us that is meant for one another, we will find our way back together.

While we appreciate everything we can do with our little time together in our senior year, Jack finally decided that he wants to be an architect in the ensuing days after I spoke to him about some of my objectives. He said that we’ll make a perfect pair. I’d cure him from sickness if ever he really gets sick and of course he’ll be the one who will build a roof under our heads and there we will do everything that we wanted to do in our past lives before we got to be the people we have become now. I somehow changed him for the better and he somehow managed to bring out the best of me.

As we parted ways fragments of me aches at the thought of him being so far and unreachable but I know that this will be the beginning of how our story would really unfold. This wasn’t a fact that I could digest easily because not long ago there was a time where we both felt that time stopped for the both of us and that our story would always end the same, the one with the happy ending.

The longing for him, for his embrace vanishes, then emerges again and again. It took me by surprise that a simple teasing would end up in love. He once was a chaos; a mess that I happily accepted in my life. In this story you will witness three parts of Jack’s life: the beginning (the day we first met), middle (the day we parted ways) and the end (what really happened to him and how he lived his own life.) This story was never about me, it’s always been about Jack.
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