Five Fifteen

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Part 1: Tyler Cohen

My name is Tyler Cohen. I was born on 1991. I grew up in a province called Ontario, a place known for its Parliament Hill’s Victorian architecture and the National Gallery, featuring Canadian and indigenous art but what never ceased to astonish me is that I live near where the famous Niagara Falls is located at. Both of my parents are Canadian by the way. I grew up without having a friend, I learned how to live without one, thus a lot of people call me introvert, some say that I’m a modest violet and others prefer to address me as a wallflower. It’s just their own style to embellish their own enmity towards me. But little did they know, all those things that they are calling me, I know their meaning, each and one of them. To be honest I don’t blame them for doing so because I myself think that I really am an introvert. I usually do stuff on my own, have fun on my own, get tired on my own, I just literally do everything on my own but everything changed when my first day of school as a third year senior student started.

Wait wait wait. You must have thought that I finally found some new acquaintances whom I can call friends. Well I didn’t. Hate to break it to you but I found my greatest enemy of all time. He was wearing a fine leather jacket, a pair of jeans and some cool looking sneakers that I probably can’t afford my whole life. I was quietly walking on one of the streets that I hate the most, I don’t know why but I just feel like it, anyway, I was just trying to go to school to attend on time for my first class because as I said “it’s the first day of school” so I probably shouldn’t get there late or else I’m going to make a really bad impression to my pedagogue and I’ll be doomed for the rest of the year. And there he was, standing at the middle of the road, gazing at me like he’s ready to eat me alive. I swerved out of his way, trying my best not to make any contact with him but it was all for nothing because guess what, he walked straight forward to me and told me that he think I’m easy to get, a push over and a faggot. Wow! Really?! But I decided to ignore him and pretend I didn’t notice him but he kept on following me, like for real? He’s getting this far just to insult me? I don’t even know who this guy is, and he probably don’t know me as well. As I reached and got through the school’s main gate I didn’t notice that he also got in. Just my luck! He’s from the same school as to where I am studying. But that’s not where it all ended.

I ate tuna bread for lunch and then attended my pre calculus subject and finally, I got hyped to attend my last class for the day because it’s my favourite subject, Biology. As I walked towards my seat, I saw him, again, looking at me like he’s already chewing me and crashing every bone in my body in his mouth. My excitement and joy instantly turned to agony because obviously he’s my seatmate and the worst part is, our professor decided to make him sit beside me telling that I topped his class last year so perhaps it’s a good idea to guide a transferee student so they won’t have to repeat his class if they fail. All of this is just the beginning of everything awful that’s gonna come my way that involves him.

We haven’t done anything astonishing on our first day but I can tell that it’s not what I really expected and hoped for because just the fact I met Jack is really something I never anticipated and much less wanted. Our prof., Mr. Hunter dismissed us quite earlier than our awaited schedule.

After school I usually go back home, lay in bed and fall asleep. I don’t eat dinner or talk to my parents how my day was like. They never asked any way. As I lay down in my bed I kept on thinking, “how would I handle Jack for the rest of the year? It's not like he's ready to cooperate with me anytime soon. He even hates me for who and what I am, he barely knows me. So why?! Ugh! Whatever, I hate his guts." I just don’t get this irony, “I'm a good person, I never harmed other people in the past or anything like that but why did this happen to me? Why Jack of all the transferee students there?" I tried my best to find reasons and then I realized “oh right.. he’s the only one who transferred this year that’s why there was no any other choice.” I continued to think about all of this stuff, how unlucky can I be? For hours that’s what kept on running inside my head until my thoughts drifted away and eventually I fell asleep. As soon as I woke up I couldn’t ease the nervousness that I’m experiencing. I don’t know why I feel this way but it’s probably because I’m gonna have to face Jack again and feel his gaze torturing me.

Shortly after I finished eating breakfast, I had myself ready to go to school, brushed my teeth, combed my unbelievably curly hair that could never be straightened and put my black shoes on that I wore for about 3 years now. As I opened the door, I was astonished because he was there, standing right in front of me and for some reasons I couldn’t speak right away, took me several seconds before I could talk and ask him.— “What are you doing here?”
“Hmm.. I’m thinking if you’re going to help me study for our Biology class, perhaps I should move in with you. So you know.. you can teach me more and explain things comprehensively.”

I really can’t believe this guy! Yesterday he couldn’t stop insulting me and now he’s saying he want to move in with me?! — “Never happening. Nah-uh. Yesterday all you can do is to make me nervous, irritated and furious and now this?” As soon as I uttered those words he burst out laughing, I almost couldn’t tell if he’s crying or cackling.

“Oh God, you literally take everything so serious don’t you?”—and he’s still laughing.. I think he’ll run out of breath in just a few more seconds. How I wish he won’t be able to breathe for the rest of the day after he gets over it.

“So why are you really here? How did you even know where I’m living?”

“Okay first of all I came here to pick you up” his tone and way of speaking changed. He answered my question candidly and I have to admit that it swept me off of my feet in a way I could never imagine, “Second.. I followed you yesterday. I didn’t have anything better to do last night so I just followed you. Don’t ask me why because I myself don’t know how to answer that.”—It’s like I’m talking to a very different man to who I met yesterday. He has this tenderness in his voice that makes me feel calm all of a sudden, “Let’s get going then.”
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