Five Fifteen

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I am in love with the person I once despide the most.

I knew that after the day we first travelled and all at once my world seemed to slow down. Nothing will ever compare to that moment when I first kissed the man who I once hated but now loved more than anyone. Who knew that I would feel this way towards him, like my love for Jack would last forever and even burn brighter as days go by.

A week after our first little road trip Jack and I continued and ended our second semester with a lot less trouble and higher grades than the earlier sem. We spent a lot of time together and we visited each other’s homes and there we did stuffs that we never do outside our safe space. But don’t get the wrong idea, we still haven’t done it yet. It’s still way too early, I need more time to get to know him much more before I trust him completely. We just lay in bed or sometimes on the sofa and I watch him as he falls asleep then he’ll wake up only to find me sound asleep in his embrace.

As we proceeded to the last and final sem that we have left before we move to our lives as college students that’s when another trouble began. Jack once again got caught in a fight inside campus. But there’s more to it than what you probably think. He wasn’t the one who started it, in all honesty it was we who’ve been ganged up by students in all likelihood that are younger than us. Jack and I were just about to make our way to Mr. Hunter’s room when those peasants started to gather, then assaulted us. I believe it was just a random attack, that it was just a coincidence that we were there near them so they chose us to be their victim.
When the chief of the student government along with some security guards arrived, they immediately pulled us out of the group that’s circling and beating us to pulp. When they finally put a stop to what’s happening they first took us to the infirmary to take care of the wounds that we acquired during the fight. Afterwards they told us to head to the principal’s office to disclose what really happened. As we stood there Jack started stating the incident to Mrs. Jacinto then something caught my attention. I noticed that she wasn’t even listening to anything that Jack’s telling her.

“This is the second time the five of you caused this kind of trouble inside campus therefore I hereby declare your suspension good for at least six days. And as for you Mr. St. George I’ll request to professor Hunter to move you to our home study program effective next week.”—the words that she just said were like a bombshell. It blew us away.

“Are you serious?!”—I asked her straight away with all guns blazing. It slipped from my mind that I was talking to one of the heads of our school but in all fairness it didn’t feel like we spoke to someone who has authority among us.

“Yes. I’m dead serious Mr. Cohen.”

“Did you not hear what Jack told you? And besides we didn’t even start the fight! Why does Jack have to pay the price for what those insolent students have done to him! To us!”—Truly I was exasperated to what happened but more agitated to what actions Mrs. Jacinto taken for the said incident.

“Mr. St. George has been a troublesome student ever since professor Hunter enrolled him here, you should know that by now after everything he put you through. We can’t just continue to let him stay here as he brings trouble everytime.”

“How many times do I have to tell you that Jack didn’t start the fight!”

“There was no witness, Mr. Cohen.” from this point I knew that she’s just being biased but I have no idea as to why she’s being this way—“It’s your word against the five of them. It’s settled. And by the way, you’ll be in detention. You may go for now.”

Right after professor Hunter got the news that Jack has to transfer to home study program he went to Mrs. Jacinto’s office to speak to her at once but he arrived there a little bit late because the disciplinary action has been sanctioned already and there’s nothing more he can do but to transfer Jack to the school’s other program.

Days I spent inside our classroom without seeing him there has become more and more intolerable as days passed by. The boredom grew bigger inside of me to the point I no longer listen to what our professor’s discussing. I dive deep within gray matter and all I can think of is when will I get to see Jack again? It only sank in to me when Jack’s not around anymore that he really make things a lot more entertaining and pleasant. After several days of enduring the dullness and ennui I decided to go to professor Hunter’s office and talk to him. As I was walking towards his room I’m thinking about what I should say to him when I get there. I mean does he even know that Jack and I are seeing each other? By the time I got there I hesitated to knock and I slowly turned around and decided to walk away but professor Hunter must’ve caught a glimpse of my shadow behind the door.

“Who’s there? Come in, the door’s not locked.”—I had no choice but to enter the room anxiously as I approach him.

“Mr. Cohen, to what do I owe the pleasure?”

“I will just ask how Jack’s doing and I’ll be on my way home prof.”

“He’s doing fine dear. And actually I was about to talk to you about something.” His tone shifted, like something’s been bothering him but at the same time he’s been relieved after I came upon his room.

“What is it about prof?”

“Perhaps Jack would feel much better if you’d pay him a visit sometime. I can feel how lonely he’s been after I transferred him to HSP. I mean he’s been that way ever since I found him but everything changed when he finally got to meet you, you know?”

“Perhaps I can take him out tomorrow if that’s okay with you? He’s not grounded or any sort of thing right?”

“Yes! Of course. It’s definitely fine by me. And Jack’s not grounded, he told me what really happened and I believe him.”
I left the room with a smile on my face and I couldn’t hide how excited I am to finally see his face again. The moments that I only imagined in my mind will finally become real. It may seem like I’m overstating my expression but this is how truly happy I am.

Later after speaking with professor Hunter I headed straight at home and I found my parents dancing together while being in each other’s embrace, staring at one another with full of love in both their eyes. The way my dad looked at my mom made me crave for Jack’s stare and the way my mom held my dad compelled me to set my heart to yearn for his touch. Even though I’m just someone who’s a bystander upon two people enjoying and adoring one another I can feel how intimate their love really is. I want that kind of love because what they have never faltered all through this years but at times I somehow feel like I already found it whenever my mind travels one place to another as to where I can lay a hold of Jack’s hands. By the time I passed through the door, my mom noticed me right away and asked how my day was like. She confounded and surprised me because she never does that. I told her that it was great and I also threw the question I’m excited to ask them.

“Hey guys.. is there any chance that I may take your car for a ride tomorrow?”

I saw in their faces how puzzled they were because never in my life I asked anything like this before. But I guess that’s what love will make you do. It will change you, but sometimes we have to be careful for some love will change oneself not for the best, perish the thought but some changes you for worse.

“Yes, of course son.” My dad answered with a muddled look written all over his face and he somehow looked reluctant.—“But what for?”

I don’t know how to properly answer the question that my dad just asked because I still have no plans on where I would take Jack for our “first date.” There was a deep silence between the three of us for a moment and my mouth seemed like it was wordless that instant but after a few seconds my mom responded as if she felt that I was out of terms to answer hence she’s the one who replied.

“That’s not important hon. Just be careful Tyler, okay?”

I couldn’t bury my expression as to how thrilled and exhilarated I am as I quickly responded to her just before I sprightly ran towards my room—“Be sure to do mom, don’t worry.”

“Will you bring Jack with you?!” now she’s teasing me. It may sound surreal but even though I’m not looking at her when she gave me that question I can sense that she has this funky smile on her face. Even though I still haven’t told her anything about the guy who I proclivity choose everyday, I know that she’s already aware.

“I may or may not mom!” I shouted wittily.
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