Five Fifteen

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Instead of giving me everything that I want, hand me over the truth.

Today’s the day that I’ve waited patiently. Despite the fact that it’s only been ten days since I last saw him it still felt like it’s been eternity. Oh yes.. I love to dramatize things but take note that I only do that when it is about Jack. Perhaps it’s because I love him extraordinarily.

Upon arriving at Mr. Hunter’s homestead I saw him sitting on a deck chair that is placed in the front porch of their home. He’s drinking his morning coffee while reading the newspaper that he probably got the other day because that’s the same newspaper that my dad read yesterday. Or probably I’m just mistaken because I never really pay that much attention to anything around me. I approached him and he instantly screamed Jack’s name to notify him that I’m already there to pick him up.

“Thank you for allowing Jack to come with me Mr. Hunter.”

“Oh please. Stop being so formal. You may call me Cameron or just simply dad.” He winked at me as he laughed heartily. Jack, who just got outside, being embarrassed, told his dad to stop fooling around. Then Mr. Hunter.. oh I’m sorry, old habits.. Then Cameron put his hands around us.

“Tyler, always take care of my son,” then he looked at Jack’s eyes—“and you, don’t ever do anything stupid that will make the best thing that ever happened to you disappear. Always remember that, okay? We only get a single chance to live and before you even know it, your body along with your mind and soul will be worn out. Be sure to make every second worth living and be with someone you want to spend the rest of your life with.”

We both figured that his dad really wants us to be together, probably because he saw how I changed Jack and how he also changed me to become the better version of myself. I looked into Cameron’s eyes followed by Jack then we said with big smiles on our lips “We’ll always remember that, dad.”

By the time we got inside the car, Jack held my hand; I could feel the warmth within his touch, how I missed him and the way our hands collided upon each other. The coldness that the weather’s bringing couldn’t overshadow how mellow and cozy his touch as it melts me despite how cold my body feels. He looked at me very gently then he asked “So where will you bring me today Romeo? I’m assuming that you’ll take me to the movies then you’re going to take me to a candle-lit dinner at a five star restaurant, some sort of thing. Or am I wrong?”

“No! You don’t get to be the Juliet in this tale! But you’re wrong.” I replied to him comically—“I’ll take you somewhere else that’s much more special and amorous than you’ll ever imagine.”

“Then we better start hitting the road. I’m excited to finally spend some time with you again Tyler. It’s been a while since we last took off.”

“I’m truly enraptured that this day finally came Mr. St. George or perhaps shall I address you as Juliet from now on?”—we laughed for a short while then we finally decided to hit the road at once.

When we were five minutes away from where I will take him, I asked him to reach for the black handkerchief that’s placed at the back seat of the car then I ordered him to blindfold his eyes. By the time we arrived and got out of the car I guided him towards the entrance as I felt the adrenaline rushing and my mind kept on picturing some moments that I may really enjoy spending together with Jack at that instant. It’s like I can foresee what’s about to happen. Even though it’s not much, I can feel that we’re going to have fun nonetheless.

“You may uncover your eyes now.”
By the way he looked I can tell that he’s transfixed by what he is seeing as of the moment. He appeared to be puzzled yet fascinated by what’s in front of him. I took him to La Ronde, an amusement park that was built around October 1967. It is one of the biggest theme parks here in Canada. It can be located in Montreal, Quebec. I saw how his eyes sparkled like a child who’s been here for the first time. I feel so happy to see him in a buoyant mood but I won’t take all of the credits for how happy he is because I had some help from my parents along with Cameron too. I needed it because it was a really tough decision to make to where we should go because knowing the country that we’re living in, there’s never ending choices to go for.

“What’s this? I thought you’re going to take me someplace romantic?”

“Let’s cut the debriefing part and let’s just enjoy ourselves for now, okay?”

“Okay. Great idea!” he shouted in excitement.

Since Jack is a thrill-seeker we first rode the Monstré, a roller coaster with a monstrous wooden proportion. As we were riding it, every time we soar up high I can feel that my soul is being left behind up in the air. We’ve gone through a series of drops for about 40meters then it turns spiral that leaves me breathless while Jack is screaming from his lungs “WHOO-HOO!” After getting off I asked him to let me take a few minutes to breathe because I think that Monstré’s a little bit too much for our first whirl. Later when I’m finally ready to go for another “Out of this world” ride we proceeded to Vol Ultime. At first I kinda underestimated it as I quoted “Are you sure you want to ride that thing? Isn’t it for kids only?” but Jack insisted so I had no choice but to go along with him. It only started picking us up gently but then it threw us boldly through the air while the other rides were standing beneath our feet. It was merciless to me but for Jack, I don’t know how to describe it because it’s hard to, especially when you feel like your guts will shortly burst out of your mouth. I’ll be honest, the colorful, star-shaped gondola fooled me and I could say that it also betrayed my trust.

After riding the Vol Ultime, we sauntered briefly along the pavements as we talked about how petrifying were the last two rides we just enjoyed. Then in a short while, we decided to grab ourselves some snacks for our lunch. Jack didn’t want to eat a heavy meal because needless to say, we are at a theme park and we should probably avoid eating lots of food if we don’t want to get sick right after we glory in to the next attractions we’re gonna hit; so we only had a bite of pretzels together with some crisps; very unhealthy doubtlessly.

The lineups in each attraction aren’t that long so we had a lot of time to go anywhere we desire and do everything we wanted. For several hours we enjoyed a lot of rides including Titan, Sling Shot, Orbite, Goliath and last but not least, the Ednör, it’s like riding a large pendulum as it tossed people up in the sky. Suddenly when we were strolling around to find some souvenirs we could bring home, I started to feel that time is now double-crossing me because the happier we get the more it runs faster. Everything that we’re adoring for this day will soon be over and since there’s nothing I can do more about it, I’m choosing to just enjoy every minute of it.

By 5:15pm I could already see how the sun leaves its blazing colour up the ether as it sets down the north side to where we are standing. I always wanted to take a closer look at the sky as the sun falls down, leaving an afterglow, lingering on the horizon so I clasped Jack’s arm as I pulled him towards the Grande Roue, it’s a Ferris wheel that goes up for 45meters high. Luckily, people crowded the Bateau Pirate because the park’s manager announced that it will close shortly leaving the grand Ferris wheel with a much shorter line. When we hopped on the gondola we sat the opposite side of each other. As it turns slowly I can feel Jack’s gaze is immersed to my eyes. I love how I can feel him staring at me every time my attention is being caught by something else that’s not him. The view from the very top is really spectacular to the point it got me emotional. After appreciating the magnificently breathtaking view I finally looked at him.

“Do you know what’s the saddest word I ever heard?”

He looked perplexed as to why I asked that kind of question “No Ty. What is it?”

I smiled and once again turned my gaze away from him “Almost. That’s the saddest word I’ve ever heard and probably the only thing I never want to apply in anything that I’ll say especially when it’s about you.”

“I don’t understand what you’re saying Tyler. What’s the matter? Is something wrong?”

“I love you Jack. Never in my life I felt this way before. I’m just afraid that time will come that that word will come from myself. I almost got the chance to live my life fully and I almost have been the happiest person in this world, in this lifetime because I almost had you. But for all we know Jack, almost will never be enough.”

“Hey. Look at me Tyler.” I looked at him then he gripped my hand as his fingers walked through against mine—“I know you’re scared that everything we have now will soon be taken away from us or that this whole love thing that we possess isn’t real. But it is Tyler. You and I happened and everything we have is nothing but reality itself. You said that you love me. But Tyler Cohen, you are the best thing that ever happened to me. Heaven’s in your eyes and there’s nothing more I’d rather look at than those deep blue eyes of yours. You’re not the only one who’s scared here Tyler, I am too. Let’s be the kind of people who are fearful of a lot of things but I’m telling you now that you don’t need to worry because we’ll do it together, you’ll always have me.”

The way he reassured me made me fall deeper within his love. He got this voice that is very tender that’ll make you believe every word he says. I feel like the most fortunate man in the world for I have found the one who will never make me second guess his love for me. At last, I found something honest, comforting and real. A bona fide love if I were to name it.
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