The German's Obsession

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Chapter 10



I slowly walked down the stairs that seemed way too long at this moment. I was still shaken up as I clutched onto a now calm Ivanna. Anger, fear and confusion stirred inside of me. The fear coming of the strongest. I could hear the sounds coming from the kitchen, I felt like I was in a trance as I took the last two steps down the stairs my sight not faltering from the wall ahead.

I somehow felt like I was dreaming, I still couldn't believe what happened. I slowly wiped one of the many tears rushing down my eyes. My racing heart wasn't helping me calm down in any way. I looked down at a now smiling Ivanna, she was staring at me which made me break inside thinking of what could have just happened. It would have been my fault. I couldn't get the image of Sylas pressing his gun against her little forehead out of my mind.

I was still crying yet she was now smiling and babbling on about things. Her once brown skin that was red from crying, was slowly going back to its original colour. I couldn't help but tighten my arms around her making sure I didn't hurt her in the process. I looked up at Sylas' who had his back to me busy in my kitchen as if he has been here a thousand times before. Images of him dropping dead flooded my mind for a good few minutes. I didn't hate the idea.

His suit jacket was now off, his sleeves were rolled up his vein adorned arms. The white shirt he had on accentuated his perfectly lean-built physic. He looked focused on what he was doing. I remember the first time he cooked for me, the sight of him alone chopping onions with his sleeves rolled up, the top two buttons of his shirt undone had made me very uneasy.

No man has ever made me feel the way this man had made me feel in just a matter of a month and a few weeks. I couldn't get my eyes of him. The sight of such an intimidating man doing something so simple yet he made it seem so important and elegant had been quite a turn on.

It had contrasted him in the biggest way, but now I didn't have the same thoughts as before traveling through my mind. The thoughts that had made me clench my thighs as we had made light conversation at his house with light music in the background. Sometimes I wouldn't catch what he would say because of how distracting he was with his hands, but I didn't care I just really loved the sound of his deep sexy authorative voice. Yet now here he stands at my kitchen and all that's running through my mind are unpleasant thoughts of him.

"Why are so quiet Mäuschen?" he asked his voice ringing through my kitchen and mind. He didn't turn around as he busied himself on the sink, his back facing me.

"I just - have a lot on my mind."

"Talk to me maybe I can ease your mind." he said I wanted to laugh at that but I had no laughter in me at this time. Majority of what was going through my mind was myself trying to figure this man out. What the fuck was wrong with this man. I didn't understand him yet I couldn't stop nor help myself from trying to figure him out.

"Sylas -" I had to close my eyes and take a minute. I opened them looking at him.

"You were going to kill a fu -" I paused holding my breath at the dark look sent my way as if daring me to go on. I looked at the ceiling needing something else to focus on. Sometimes I couldn't help the profanities at the tip of my tongue. It was a bad habit that I picked up from Kellita that I was quickly forced to break by my mother, but every now and then I couldn't help myself. My mother wasn't exactly fond of her but that didn't bother her at all.

"You were going to kill a baby." I whispered looking back at him as he continued with his task at hand. He didn't seem to care at all. The air around him was calm and peaceful as if nothing crazy just happened.

"Yes. I was. I would have killed it if it was yours." he said not once stopping what he was doing, not showing any signs of being disturbed by what just left his mouth as I was. It felt like a minute passed between us of silence as I stared at his back. Wondering was went wrong. Where did I go wrong.

"I hope I was able to ease your mind." deranged. That's one of the words that were running through my mind.

"Sylas--why?" he turned around stopping all his movements for the first time his eyes boring into mine.

"The only children you will ever have will be mine, if not I will personally slit their throats and make you watch." what the fuck. The seriousness in his eyes made me tremble. I could feel my widened eyes as I stared at him. I couldn't believe this even though I almost experienced it first hand this morning. I just couldn't believe someone could be so cruel.

"Does that by any chance sound sane to you? " I whispered my voice wavering as I glanced back at him, he only chuckled in response before continuing with whatever he was cooking.

I didn't say anything as I looked around trying to blink the tears away. I couldn't describe the different emotions running through me right now. Even knowing who he is and what he does, I could have never for the life of me thought he was capable of this.

I decided not to say anything I didn't care much about my life compared to how much I cared about the baby's not that I had much to say, I just didn't want to risk anything right now. I silently got Ivanna's bottle making sure not be by any means near him. I thought about a lot of things as I fed Ivanna. After that the kitchen was filled with Ivanna's little pants and light screams as she literally reached for everything she saw. She was moving way to much for a baby who just recently ate.

She then started playing and laughing. That alone somehow calmed me down as I looked at her jumping in my arms even though I had hoped she would want to sleep after her bottle. I kissed her forehead making her giggle and scream something at me. Sylas hasn't said anything he would just stare at us every now and then. I couldn't help but wonder why he was like this. He might be worse than I had imagined.

Just as I was about to probably say something stupid Ivanna puked on me, making me sigh. I knew all that fussing around would lead to this. I glanced at a very silent Sylas, there was no way I was leaving her with him to go change my shirt. I excused myself as I went upstairs to change. I put her on the bed barricading her with a lot of pillows so she wouldn't fall before going to the bathroom leaving the door open just in case.

“Ivanna I'm almost done.” I shouted struggling to take of the t-shirt without her baby puke actually touching me. Her cries broke my heart.

"Two minutes, just two and I will be there." I shouted peeking at her before wrestling with my t-shirt yet again. I tried getting it off below but it just got stuck on my hips and wouldn't budge, I wanted to cry I almost fell jumping around in the bathroom. Just as I finally got it off, now only left in my bra she stopped crying making my heart drop.

I rushed into my room seeing her in Sylas' arms. She was now quiet and staring at him, I could also see the tiredness in her eyes. She then started smiling, playing with her hands while babbling her own things. I didn't know where she got the energy because I could tell that she wanted to sleep. This baby needed to stop liking and trusting everyone. I wasn't surprised that she quickly seemed comfortable with him because Ivanna was a very friendly baby but what did surprise was Sylas.

I would have sworn he hated babies but the way he held her spoke differently. Which was very confusing. I couldn't help the dread in my stomach at the sight of him and the baby in his arms. My mouth went dry at his stoic eyes. No matter how comfortable Ivanna seemed to be I didn't care. I needed to get her away from him.

"Breakfast is ready." he said his eyes trailing down to my chest making me shiver suddenly feeling cold.

"T-the baby Sylas, May I please have her back." The wavering of my voice didn't help the situation he raised a sharp brow at me.

"I just want to put her to sleep before we eat." I said slowly moving towards him.

"I'm not going to kill it, I have nothing against it." the fact that he referred to the baby as it didn't help the red flags going off in my head.

"I-I know, I just want us to have some alone time and she's sleepy so please-" I said leveling my voice as I finally got in front of him. When he allowed me to take the baby out of his arms without any hesitation I was glad. The ringing in my head stopped and I let out a sigh as I looked at a sleepy Ivanna and heard the sound of his footsteps leaving the room.

I finally walked down the stairs after putting Ivanna to sleep and getting a shirt for myself. I had even forgotten for a second that I was half naked in front of him. I took in a deep breath and closed my eyes as I braced myself for his presence. As I reached the last steps I could see him waiting on me the downstairs. I didn't want to say too much knowing I would say something he wouldn't like. Before we could even start eating, he got a phone call which looked important. He had to go. I wasn't sad about that.

Before he left he told me we were having dinner tonight, also letting me know that a car will be waiting for me outside tonight at 7:30 sharp. I was just glad it wasn't at his house because I knew if I went there I was never coming back to my apartment ever again even with the time he has given me. And with that he left but not before kissing me goodbye. His eyes held warning as he kissed me, I let him. I let him kiss me as if nothing had happened, I let him kiss me as if I hadn't been plotting to kill him earlier.

His intoxicating scent had took over my body making me feel weak. I wasn't going to beat myself up over that because I had already accepted that when it came to him, my mind and body will always be at war. I didn't beat myself up about it anymore but I did hate myself for it. I had sat down and ate the amazing breakfast he made me, no matter how much I resented him right now I had to admit he was a damn amazing cook. I had had enough of Sylas today but I had no choice.

Kellita came early to take Ivanna, I was sad to see her go but I was glad because I didn't want her around with a psychopath roaming my apartment whenever he pleases. Kutcher called, he has been calling a lot lately because apparently they put him on another case and he will return back home later than expected. I tried reducing our calls but then again I knew that that would only drive him more to trying to reach me. I didn't know what to do.

And as for my mother, I finally returned her call. Her and her husband couldn't have picked the right time for their long vacation. My mother was reluctant to go, she wanted to stay with me and smother me as always but she finally agreed to go and I was really happy about that. I needed space to sort out my life. After a little nap I took a long bath to relax my mind and chant to myself over and over again to not provoke him. I really didn't know where this would end and I had no plan anymore. I didn't know what the future held for me.


I cleared my throat taking a sip from the bitter juice in my mouth. Sylas hasn't stop staring at me since we sat down. I tried eating to distract myself from his hot burning gaze but it didn't help. What I would do for a shot right now. I didn't understand what he was staring at, I didn't make any effort for this - dinner. I just had on a simple red dress that clung onto my curves and paired with red stilletos, and my hair was in two long conrows. I decided against make up.

Nerves ate me up as soon as we entered the empty restaurant. Another reason I was glad we would dine at a restaurant instead of his home was because I didn't want to be alone with him. It looked like the only people in the restaurant were the people that worked here.

"You are not eating." I stated looking down at my plate. His beautiful face was distracting, I was annoyed at how handsome he was. His features seemed to get more beautiful every time we saw each other. I wished his outsides were just as rotten as his insides. I also hated the fact that he made sure that everything was to my liking, the staff was only serving my favorites.

"I'm just appreciating your godly beauty." he said smiling. I loved his smile. No matter how much of a psychopath he was, I still loved his smile. It brought butterflies to my stomach. It had and I think it always will ever since the first time I saw him smile. It was simply out of this world. I deeply inhaled the air surrounding us as I looked away with a little trouble.

"You are breathtaking Mäuschen." he said, the pureness in his eyes made me look away yet again. I seemed to be doing a lot of that but I couldn't help looking back. I didn't want to look at his attractive features for too long but sometimes I couldn't help looking back at him.

"Thank you." I curtly said, slowly eating my food. Before the dark turn of things in our past relationship I would have stolen glances... well longer glances and looked at him while he ate. Before everything he did was so fascinating to me, every single part of him drew me in, even the mysterious side of him. But now I know things about him that make never want to be in his presence ever again.

Why did things have to come crashing down so fast, was it selfish that I wanted to live in that fantasy a little while longer before reality checked in. Was it selfish that I wanted to go on a little bit longer with the man I thought he was. That man had honestly made me happy, I haven't been truly happy in a while but when Sylas came along I was happy, the smothering of my mother even seemed to dissappear something I never thought was possible. Sure he was strange and definitely not normal but I never really liked normal.

It's the simple things that he did that drew me closer. His caring nature for me made me feel giddy inside. Just looking at him for a while had made me blush. Why did it have to end like this. Now all I had of him were flashes of him this morning. I could feel my insides boiling up inside. Resentment taking the space of the food in my body. I was full.

"Is your sister also part of the-uhm-?" I asked lowly peeking at him every once in a while behind my lashes. I didn't even want to say the name. It left a horrid feeling in my gut. He paused looking at me for a second before going back to his eating.

"Yes." he said taking a sip from his glass with his eyes on me.

"How many siblings do you have?"

"Two." I furrows my brows together playing with my food. I honestly thought he would have a lot of siblings I don't know why. I drifted off thought after thought swamping my mind.

"Eat. " he said making me come out of my head.

"Tell me more about your cult." I said slowly watching him remove his eyes from his food back to me. He took a sip of his drink not saying anything.

"Don't disrespect me Haile." the way those words rolled off his tongue sent a shiver down my spine even though he said it with a chuckle. I cleared my throat to cover up the whimper that left my mouth at the scary glance he sent my way. I looked away from him. My heart was racing and I couldn't stop the shiver that ran down my spine. I hated that he could easily make me feel like this. I hated the amount of fear he could make me feel in a matter of seconds.

"I-I want to know more about the Originals, please tell me more." I asked looking at my food. I could feel the slowly changing atmosphere around him. I was just taking my chances, I didn't know whether he would actually tell me anything.

"Archetypis mostly consist of the direct lineage of my far great grandfather who single-handedly started this whole organization." I could hear the pride in his voice. I didn't understand what was there to be proud of. He always kept things short but at least he was saying something. I was also confused as to way he was so easily participating.

"What is that?" I asked confused.

"It's what we are called in my world."

"Why didn't you ever correct me? " I asked confused.

"It is what the world knows us as."

I stopped myself from rolling my eyes with great difficulty. I wanted to know more but I didn't think I could stomach it. The air Sylas was giving of felt like he was going to answer every question I would throw at him. I felt like there was a reason why he was suddenly being so open. And knowing Sylas he wouldn't hide anything and I just couldn't take more of that right now.

"So what exactly made you just wake up and choose to be a serial killer? "I asked looking up at him making sure to keep eye contact. I could see the side of his mouth slowly lift up, he looked amused by me.

"In my family you don't get to choose what you want to be." he simply said quietly eating his food.

"Meaning?" I asked pressing down the urge to scoff at the nonsense that just left his mouth. He doesn't look like he put up much of a fight when he was told what the future held for him.

"I started making decisions about the lives of many people when I was six. I had no choice in choosing who I wanted to be, my future was set for me. At birth I already had a responsibility to uphold. It was my birth right, but I already knew what I wanted to be before I was told who I was to be. I wanted to be just like my father. He was the person I looked up to, I still do."

"You liked the fact that your father took lives of innocent people, destroyed families and simply didn't care about anyone else but himself. Do you ever put yourself in your victims shoes? Do you ever even think about them? " he slowly chuckled. It was a deep warm chuckle that sent vibrations through my body.

"My father cares most about his family. He puts his family first. And no I don't care neither am I touched about what you are on about. You clearly know nothing of this world and me if you still question me about that. Mäuschen I thought you said you had already figured me out." I didn't like his invading intense gaze. It made me antsy.

"I know who you are." I pressed out offended at the implied statement of me being naive.

"No you don't. If you did you wouldn't have thought the little pathetic speech about the innocent would have made me feel some way. You clearly don't know who I am." he said his eyes trailing between his glass half filled with bourbon and ice before trailing back to me. He held no emotion in his eyes nor in his voice.

"Sylas. I grew up in a warm and loving home, before everything turned sideways. Even though I was at the brink of depression and I had suffered a lot because to me my father was everything. I didn't just decide I wanted to try out killing people. You don't just wake up and decide you want to take lives. I believe there is good in everyone. And that applies to you too. Psycopaths are made. "I said looking into his eyes, trying to convince myself. Plus I had to find another way out of this because I now had no plan at all.

"You my darling are truly as stupid as you are breathtaking. "he said making me hold my tongue.

"The first time I took a life I was seven, I couldn't hold a gun properly because I was so young so I was given a knife. My father had tied the man up for me, he didn't need to tell me what to do. I already knew. I remember slitting his throat, his blood gushing out, some of it getting onto me. Now my father taught us to always look presentable at all times and I hated being dirty but the feeling of his blood on my hands sent adrenaline through my veins. - "

"The only reason why I remember my first kill is because of the feeling it brought me, that was when I knew who I was. -" he paused for a second a creepy smile gracing his features with a far away look on his face as if he was re-living the beautiful memory that had flooded his mind.

"Any more questions? " I didn't have a response. I just looked at him. I didn't know what to say. I felt like everything around me just stopped and I couldn't hear the sound of my own breathing. I was slowly fighting the tears at the back of my eyes.

"C-can you even hear the words coming out if your mouth. -" I paused telling myself to breathe.

"What makes you think anyone would want to be with a man like you?" I questioned thinking out loud with pure emotion in my voice, looking at his eyes to see if I stroke a nerve or something but nothing. He looked perfectly calm. What I have observed about him is that he doesn't easily get mad and I had a feeling that I didn't want to see him mad. I knew he could see that I was greatly disturbed by what he just said to me, he didn't seem bothered.

"Ask what you truly want to ask Haile." he said pausing his movements before taking a serviette and wiping his mouth. Giving me his undivided attention.

"What makes you think I want to be with a monster like you? "

"Did you maybe think you had a choice in this Mäuschen?" he asked his eyes holding dark promises behind them making me slowly lean back.

"You don't have a choice. You belong to me." his eyes seemed to get darker by the second.

"Sylas -" my voice wavered. I was scared. The whole atmosphere around him had changed and now there was nothing but darkness in his eyes.

"Don't provoke me." he simply said the warning in his dark deep voice was warning enough. I couldn't lie and say I wasn't scared because of the tremble of my body, it was everything about him at this moment that made everything come crashing down. He truly looked like he could easily snap my neck like a twig right now. I could feel the false hope I had been feeding myself slowly vanish.

He looked at me as I slowly drowned in my silence, he was daring me to speak. I could see it in his eyes. I was too scared to speak. I kept quiet and wiped the one stray tear. I had ended up folding my hands because holding the fork had become a problem because of the tremble of my hands. I felt like there was a huge ball in my throat. I felt like I didn't have a voice and I hated that.

"You only have three days. Three days to get your affairs in order before you move in." he said looking at me. My body and mind were in agreement to shut up and just nod but something else inside me felt like it was suffocating.

"No - I don't want to move in with you Sylas."

"Don't speak if you know your mouth will get you killed."

"No you might want to rethink this whole thing because I will not move in with you! " I shouted.

"You can't just-" one minute I was sitting across him, the table in between us and the next I was dangling off the floor by his hand tightly wrapped around my neck, instantly cutting off my air supply. The clashing of plates and the sound of the table banging against the floor ringed into my ears as I desperately clawed at his hand but it didn't seem to bother him at all. His void dark eyes penetrated my soul making my core quake.

Tears rushed down my eyes. I was so scared. I felt like he was going to kill me, my feet were not touching the ground anymore. I couldn't get a single word out due to his tight grip around my neck as I tried with everything in me to scratch his hand away needing to breathe but just like before it did nothing to him.

"You will never speak to me like that ever again." he said ever so calmly. The look on his face was the definition of calm before the storm. I struggled to nod my head because I couldn't move. The tears racing down my face blurred my eyes.

"Frankly I'm getting tired of your mouth." he said, never taking his eyes off me. I wanted to say something, anything that would get him to stop. It hurt so much.

"The idea of crushing your throat seems most appealing to me right now." I could feel my neck slowly being crushed as he tightened his hand by the second. I couldn't stop crying.

He didn't seem moved, even when I was thrashing around he didn't seem like I was putting up any fight. He didn't say anything after that. The more I tried fighting the more he would tighten his hand around my neck. I stopped, feeling like he already broke something, he didn't stop squeezing, slowly crushing my throat. I tried calling out his name as my eyes felt heavy, I felt like if he let go any minute now I would start coughing out blood.

I didn't want to die. I thought he would finally let go when I completely stilled but he never did. His blank dark eyes never faltered from mine that were slowly losing life. I was going to die, I couldn't even struggle anymore. I had no energy left, my lungs were burning and I was so sure that he would kill me. The idea scared me but I had no energy left to fight. I felt my whole world start to turn dark, the last thing I saw were his dark terrifying eyes.


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