The German's Obsession

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Chapter 14



I lazily watched him through the small opening of my eyes. There he stood looking at me next to the chair not far from the bed watching me as he got dressed everything was laid out on the chair for him. He did everything with care. I yawned putting my hand over my mouth as my eyes closed for a spit second. I held the bottom of his shirt that I had on as it rode up. When I opened my eyes he was still looking at me.

"You are still tired Mäuschen?" I could hear the amusement in his tone. I think he keeps on forgetting that we aren't all robots.

"I'm still exhausted and you know why."

"-I'm bored." I started as I slowly sat up looking for my phone.

"Didn't you say you wanted to cook today?" he asked now putting on his dress shirt. There was just a way that Sylas looked at me that I couldn't explain but then again he was very blunt about his obsession.

"I don't want to give your parents food poisoning." I said as he chuckled, his deep rich chuckle filling my ears. I could only cook a handful of meals and between us, Sylas was the chef. Sometimes I would try new recipes and made him eat them, I would feel bad for just a second and then get over it.

He didn't seem to mind though because when I tell him I'm trying something new he seems interested. He does give a rating at the end though something he takes pleasure in. He has rated one almost burnt dish a -2 but then changed it to 3 when I pretended to be sad. The thought made me chuckle.

"Weren't you mad at me this morning?" he asked a smirk present on his face as he buttoned his cuffs. I shuddered looking away from him for a split second.

"Well now I am not as mad but I'm offended because you won't listen. I am even embarrassed to speak to the maids Sylas. I don't know if it's just me but I think they know."

"Mäuschen you think the maids don't know that I fuck you?" he asked bluntly. Sometimes he looked at me like he was studying me.

"That's not what I meant, I mean I think they hear us Sylas. One of them just gave me a weird look the other day and if the maids hear us then so can your parents and I can't deal with that. So I've decided to just lock myself in this room until you agree to make this room sound proof. "

"Mäuschen, you are terrible at arguments. " he said looking kind of concerned I almost laughed as I kept a straight face.

"I know. I've never really liked conflict and I don't know how, neither am I able to handle myself around it. My mind just - I don't know." I said sighing, I usually just turn to leveraging things that don't go together and things that never benefit me. Which was why my mother crushed me at every single argument. When it gets too much I just leave, humbly because she was still my mother whether I liked it or not.

"There is nothing wrong with that." he said looking at me. Smiling. There was that damn annoyingly beautiful smile. I hated it. Atleast I was training myself to hate it. It was going well at first.

"Sylas, the room I just can't see your parents knowing they hear - I - everything. " I peeked at him under my lashes bringing my knees to my chest. I felt highly embarrassed about the whole thing just facing them in the morning was tough. It's been two days since they have arrived and I haven't been fully successful in avoiding his mother. At least she wasn't looking at me with worry filled eyes anymore. He glanced at his watch before looking back at me.

"I like your screams. What's wrong with your screams? " he asked raising a brow at me. My face was hot. I took the pillow next to me squeezing it, I would do anything right now to escape his eyes. I don't know what I thought would come out of this.

"I-I I don't know." my voice had gone lower than I expected and no matter how much I tried I couldn't say it.

"I don't think they suspect anything based on your screams because this room is sound proof." he said making me look at him sighing. I don't know why he didn't tell me that from the beginning but I wasn't about to ask.

"It's the limp that makes everything clear." he said chuckling before heading into the bathroom. I wanted to die. I buried myself in the pillow groaning, thinking about everything. Spending time in this room didn't seem so bad after all.

"My father and I will be gone today for most of the day." he said coming out of the bathroom. He was dressed and as always formally not a hair out of place. The contrast of the hue of his eyes compared to the black suit he had on drew one in. I've seen blue eyes before but I couldn't quite explain Sylas', they were fascinating. And they always drew you in.

"It will just be you and my mother." he said before kissing my lips. And just as he moved back about to leave, my phone vibrated on the stand drawing his eyes. I swear I saw a bone chilling smirk but it was gone before I could blink. He looked at me and then the phone not far from me a glint in his eyes. It left my stomach in knots and my heart racing.

"Behave." he finally said before taking his leave. I let out a breath I didn't even realize I was holding, placing my hand over my beating heart. I looked at my buzzing phone, I reached for it but as if my hand had a mind of it's own it retracted. I closed my eyes trying to calm myself. I decided against touching it for a few hours. Just a simple look from Sylas and I was trembling.

I've been texting Kutcher for the past few days. It wasn't my intention but I wanted to make sure he didn't suspect anything. He was back in the country and I had to convince him I was back in the States to visit my dad's grave. I knew that that was the only way he would leave me alone. Whenever I would go to the States it was solemnly for my dad. Whenever I felt I couldn't cope and my mother has pushed me beyond my limits I would just go there to get my mind back.

I usually stay at the cabin that once belonged to my father but it was now mine. It had been in the family for generations. We used to go there when my dad needed a break from the city. My dad loved nature and the out doors. He loved peace and quite so we went to the cabin a lot. Whenever I was there I felt like he was there with me. That cabin was filled with memories that I will cherish forever.

Kutcher didn't seem to suspect a thing because it wouldn't be my first or tenth trip there. Sometimes I just go out of the blue. It was therapeutic. I would cry, laugh at old memories and just spend time alone, also spend some of my days at his grave. Even though I would always want to spend more time at his grave just talking to him I didn't exactly like being in that place. But thirty minutes with him was close to good enough for me.

When I came back I usually tell Kutcher all about it because I've always confided in him. Even when I dissappear he would be the only person who knew where I was, even my mother knew that by now. My relationship with him was solid we have been there for each other from the start. And he knew when I was lying I don't know how but he just always knew so even texting with him was tricky.

I knew I had some time to spare because whenever I was on my trip he knew how much I appreciated my silence and just being off the grid so we wouldn't text as much. He respected my space but only for so long. So so far everything didn't seem like it would end in a blood bath. I knew sooner or later I had to find a way to throw him off track for good because sooner or later he would figure out something was off, he always does.

Now my head was spinning because I had Sylas the psychopath on one hand who seemed really suspicious of me and Kutcher on the other who doesn't let anything go, not to mention an amazing stubborn detective. I bit my lip when my phone vibrated. I wanted to stop texting him but he would just trace me down because whenever I went to the States I was usually in a dark place. I ignored it and decided on a cold shower.


I held my breath as I finished making breakfast for Mrs Harman and I. I hope she doesn't say anything. I just really hope it would be a quiet breakfast between us. I decided to make breakfast because I was suffocating of thoughts about the whole texting ordeal. I couldn't be in Sylas' room right now. I had too much on my mind. I asked the chef and she didn't mind.

I just finished placing plates and the rest of breakfast on the table as she walked in smiling at me. I greeted her as she gave me a heart warming hug before we sat down. We sat opposite each other on the table and I elegantly tried to wolf down my food. Elegantly of course. I didn't want her to start talking, I just wanted to go. I could see some resemblence between her and Sylas' eyes, her were more humane.

"I'm glad you are here I can tell that you make my son happy." she said looking at me. I almost choked on my food but covered it with a cough. I simply smiled at her. I don't necessarily think that man can feel positive emotion but I will go along with it.

"I'm a mother when my children are happy, it makes me happy, thank you for that." I didn't know what to say to that. I just continued nodding and smiling at her, I didn't want to seem rude.

"It's not a problem." I finally said drinking the cold water not far from me.

"Even though my son is happy I can tell that you are not. Why is that? " she asked making me look away from her. I didn't know how to reply to that. Her eyes now felt invasive.

"I don't know why it may seem that way but I assure you that I am happy with your son."

"Haile I know when someone is lying to me." she said.

"-I have had my suspicions but you have been avoiding me for the past few days. I haven't had time to speak to you properly. What is going on? " she asked softly, her eyes pure. She had completely stopped eating now all her attention on me.


"I can help, whatever it may be I will help you. If my son is hurting you in anyway. I can help." if she knew why was she asking. I knew she was worried about me but this whole thing seemed a little too convenient to me. I found it very suspicious that the moment Sylas is out the door this whole thing comes up.

We have been alone together only once in the kitchen and she asked me about how we met and how everything was going. She seemed pretty genuine so this didn't make sense. Even though it wasn't that long that Sylas disturbed us, it still didn't sit well with me. That look that she gave me the first time we met was burnt in my brain. After that night she didn't seem troubled and worried again.

I was glad she wasn't looking at me like that anymore, my wounds that were caused by Sylas were still fresh and I didn't want to break down in front of her, I still avoided her though. The few times we have talked in the presence of other people was just the same as before. She seemed like a nice lady but I just still couldn't be around her. I was now surprised she was saying this.

I strongly felt as if this whole thing was a set up, Sylas did say I was bound to fuck up maybe he just wanted trap me so he could hurt me. What actually made me want to cry was the fact that this woman was in on it. How could she agree to do such a thing knowing her crazy son. It can't be a coincidence that the minute he leaves his house with his father his mother asks me all these question. This wasn't the first time we were alone together.

"It's okay. Sylas is my son and I know how he is and what he is. I know there is something going on. I promise to help you." she said placing her pale hand on top of my mine sympathetically. I didn't remove it. As much as I wanted to I didn't, as I looked at out hands I felt my eyes get glossy. Why would she do this to me. I just couldn't believe that this woman would be evil enough to go along with their plan knowing what I was going through. She didn't seem like that kind of person I was conflicted.

"Your son is crazy and he kidnapped me, but you already know that. Why are you doing this?" I genuinely asked.

"Because I want to help you and trying to help when you don't want help is very hard. Please let me help you." she said.

"Please just leave me alone. I know what is going on. I don't need or want any help." I said my voice almost breaking as I wiped a tear away. I've dreamt of someone offering help so many times I've lost count and the fact that she was just tricking me got to me. It really did.

"Haile, I don't think you understand how much danger you are in. No matter how much Sylas seemed to be obbsessedly in love with you if you push him too far he will kill you. " she said seriously catching my attention.

"Don't you think I know that. Mrs Harman I know that Sylas is behind all of this just so he could torture me." I couldn't hold the tears anymore.

"-I know you are just saying all of this so I can fall into his trap."

"Haile I want to help you. I don't have time to joke around and I would never do that. I really want to help. I don't agree neither am I happy with what my son is doing to you and I know no one can talk him out of it not even his father because when Sylas decides he wants something no one can get in his way. He has always been like that even as a child. I know all of this but I still want to try and help you. I also have resources and I am his mother I know him. Let me help you. "she said. I will give it to her she knew how to do her thing because now I was fighting myself. I didn't know what to believe anymore.

I wanted to follow my gut which told me she was genuine but my gut did get me where I am today so I don't trust it.

If she really was telling the truth I could finally leave this monster. She is the closest person who could actually help me because I knew she also probably had connects in the mafia. I knew she still had to have some sort of power even though Sylas has taken over. She is the closest thing I would even get to actually escaping Sylas. But she could be lying and this could be a trap and Sylas would get what he has been craving for months. To mentally scar me into surrendering. I couldn't stop thinking of him. I knew he would hurt me.

"I'm sorry but I want nothing to do with this I am happy with your son." I said as my voice wavered. I glanced at her as I stood up and started to walk away. I couldn't risk it. I've seen the look in his eyes and I couldn't imagine and didn't want to imagine what he would do to me.

"Wait don't walk away, it's okay to be scared. I -"

"You don't know what being afraid of your demented son is like! You don't k-know what it feels like to know that the person you are involuntary sleeping next to every night could easily crush you. Knowing he is just waiting for you to slip up so he can torture you. You don't know what it's like to convince yourself of a false reality in order to survive.-"

" - I try by all means to speak about anything and everything else to your son that won't get me hurt or six feet under and I don't think you can imagine how that is, I know that if I start speaking about what is really going on he won't like that. I sometimes tremble at his touch alone because sometimes I can see the blood thirst in his eyes. I can literally see him daring me in his eyes. It's the excitement that horrifys me. You don't know how scary that is, you don't know how far that deranged man can go. And I can honestly say I don't know what he will do, I really don't I just know that It won't be easy for me because your son is purely evil."

"So no thank you and please leave me alone. I am beyond happy to be with your psychotic son. "I finally said. I really meant it I wanted nothing to do with this.

This did not mean I was giving up. I would find another way but not like this. I didn't trust her and her son was too mentally unstable for me to take chances with him. I just wanted a break from everything.


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