The German's Obsession

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Chapter 15


Warning, disturbing content coming up.


I brushed my teeth staring at the sink with a towel around my body. I was getting ready to take a shower. When Sylas came back everything seemed normal. I thought he would interrogate me about his mother. And tell me if I passed or failed his sadistic test but nothing. It was as if he didn't know about his mother. I still wasn't sure about it but I was more than happy that I turned her down even though it bugged me. My head was still filled with what ifs.

I finished brushing my teeth and headed into the shower. His parents left last night. We had one last dinner together before they were off, unfortunately they couldn't stay the night his father had business elsewhere. I wasn't complaining I had nothing against them they seemed like nice people but I was just glad his mother was especially gone. She was messing with my head.

I really did expect Sylas to come back and hurt me for everything I said to his mother but I was further confused when he didn't even bring it up. Even his eyes didn't let anything up. His mother was sad to leave. She hugged me for what was the longest hug I've ever received in my entire life. Sylas just stood in the sidelines and watched. I knew he was watching even if I hadn't felt his eyes on me. I knew he was always watching.

I closed my eyes as the ceiling of shower opened up and showered me with water. This was honestly the most amazing shower I've ever seen. I let the warm water hit my skin as I inwardly sighed. I just let the water hit my skin, I loved this. For a second I forgot about everything for a second I just took a minute breathe. I have been holding my breath for a while and it felt pretty nice to breathe.

The sound of the shower opening filled my ears making me turn around find Sylas. All dressed up in one of his many Armani suits. He looked devilishly beautiful as always. I was confused as to why he was getting himself wet. I don't think he cared about that at the moment. I don't know why but I was scared. I couldn't read him.

In a heart beat his hand wrapped around my throat as he lifted me up into the air before slamming me against the hard glass wall of the shower knocking the little breath I had left in me out. I couldn't breathe His eyes were calm. His body was calm. He didn't look livid I didn't understand. His hand still tight against my neck, I couldn't breathe. I didn't get the time to catch my breath as he let me go before he wrapped his hand around my hair and started to violently bang my head against the glass shower.

Every impact was brain shattering. It hurt, it hurt so much. I tried fighting him but my fight against him was futile. Everytime my head connected with the glass wall depleted the small power I had left. I couldn't even form or let a word out because of the impact all I could do was scream, the water getting into my mouth and slowly starting to fill up my lungs. This was definitely it. I thought it would have came sooner than this. He kept on smashing my head against the glass until I had no more breath left in me. I wasn't making a sound.

I wasn't trying to plead with him anymore. I had tried to even though I knew he hated it. It was an instinct. He was hurting me. I couldn't stop crying. I could feel the blood tricking down the side of my forehead. He finally stopped, I didn't know why but he did. I was scared he would do it again. My body was physically trembling because even with the water soaking him I could still smell his scent and it terrified me.

I was limb almost losing consciousness. I had no more power in me. My body slowly trailed down the hard glass wall, endless tears streaming down my eyes as I roughly coughed out water. My head felt like it was going to explode at any minute at the same time I felt like I was about to black out. I held my breath as I watched him crouch down to my naked sitting almost unconscious bodys level lifting my head up with one of his fingers. I could feel my blood traveling down my neck as my lips trembled.

My eyes looked everywhere but into his eyes. He was now fully wet, his dark grey suit clinging onto him, showing off his muscles that taunted me. Of course I wouldn't be able to fight against him. If he wanted to he could even finish me off right now and I would be powerless against him. But he didn't seem to care about his wet suit the only thing he seemed to care about right now was hurting me. On their own accord my eyes met his. My lips trembled at the sight of his eyes. His void dark eyes.

"Stop texting him." his deep accent coated voice said calmly. One would guess that he was calm by his voice but I knew better he was livid. I couldn't even speak properly I think I had a concussion. I wanted to say something, afraid this would escalate but I felt dizzy and drained.

"Now what the fuck are you going to do?" he asked, I couldn't speak fast enough as my head kept on spinning and my ears rang trying to form words, which now felt so hard to do. He harshly bashed my head against the shower glass three time before turning my face back to his view, raising a brow. I couldn't stop crying. I was a trembling mess. I knew he wasn't going to ask again.

" S-stop texting him. "I finally said in one breath as my eyes felt heavy but I made sure to keep them open afraid he would get mad. He didn't seem satisfied, I could tell he wanted more. I don't think I could take anymore. He always wanted to do worse. He then stood up and walked away like nothing happened leaving me to the comfort of the shower wall that was now decorated with my blood.

I couldn't help but sob my head was killing me and I was so scared. I felt as if he was just getting started. I felt as if he wasn't done. A sharp pain went through my head making me hold onto it with both hands. I finally calmed down when it stopped. One of my hands were full of blood. It looked really bad. I felt my eyes start to get heavy as I laid my head against the glass wall. The shower was still on and the blood wouldn't stop as it flowed down the drain.

I slowly got myself up knowing if I stayed on the floor any longer I would black out. I stood up using the wall to my aid, I felt weak. Even though I wanted to stay longer because I didn't want to run into him changing I couldn't. I decided I would just go die on some other bed in one of the many guest room this house had, I assumed. I hadn't seen them all but I've seen some.

I grabbed a towel from the stand and slowly wrapped it around my trembling body. I needed to be quiet because I knew he was somewhere in the massive walk in closet. I just wanted to get out of this room and die peacefully alone. I would be damned if I died in his arms.

For a second everything went black and I think I lost some time because when I opened my eyes. Sylas was a few feet from me in a new suit looking at me expectantly. I panicked. What did he say. I was afraid to get it wrong. Afraid he would make it worse. I started furiously trembling as I cried.

"I-I don't know. I'm - I'm sorry I blacked out. I don't know what you said." I whispered looking down at his feet. My blood was now soaking the back of my towel and the side. I felt paralyzed I couldn't move as I looked at his shoes.

"Where the fuck are you going?" his voice was deep and calm. Another sign of his anger was the profanity. Sylas rarely swore, that was until he was mad. I refrained from swearing around him because he didn't like that. Aside from everything the only apparent thing right now was the loud beating of my heart.

"I-I I was just going to lie down - in the other room on the bed." I said breathlessly before staggering back hearing how bad that sounded.

"Why? Do you fucking sleep there? Is that now your room? Have you decided to leave me?" oh my - what did I ever do to make you think I deserved this. My head was already hurting and just shaking it made it worse but I couldn't stop. He was now moving closer and my crying was getting louder I couldn't help it. I was so scared.

"I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I-"

"Get on the bed." he said I could feel his gaze burning a hole in me. As quickly as I could I got into the bed which wasn't very quickly seeing as I didn't have half the idea where I was going. I finally landed in the bed and just like that it was lights out for me.

Moments ago I had woken up to the sound of the doctor speaking with Sylas. I was surprised. It wasn't the doctor telling me I would be okay that surprised even though that was pretty surprising, it was the fact that he called the doctor. I thought he would have just let me bleed out, I wanted him to just let me bleed out.

I almost screamed after the doctor when he left the two of us together. All of a sudden I felt like I couldn't breathe, the bandage around my head felt too hot and heavy. I noticed that tge sheets were changed, I wondered how long I was put. I stared at my hands as I slowly repeated over and over again in my mind how to breath. It was like I just forgot how to. It got harder when he moved towards me.

He finally made it next to me, at my side. When I inhaled in his intoxicating scent everything became worse. I had to dig my nails into hands in order to just focus on that pain and not his scent. I felt his hand under my chin as he tilted my head up to face him. His face was emotionless.

I held my breath as I focused on the pain. His hands caressed my cheek so lightly I would have though I blacked out and must have imagined it. His face didn't change.

"I'm a very possessive man Haile. You already know this. I don't know why you provoke me." he said looking at me. His eyes empty as ever aside from the darkness. He then moved back removing a black object from his pants pockets. The sight of my phone jogged me back to my death sentence.

"Have fun." he simply said smiling before turning around and walking out of the room without so much as a second glance. The second he exited the room was the second I could properly breathe.

I sat in the bed with my cellphone untouched. It was still the way he had placed it on top of me, for the longest time. My hand was itching to block him Sylas dominating my mind but I knew that would be bringing him to death. Kutcher would just get more driven which would lead him to this monster who would without sparing a glance at him end him.

The top of the sheet that was on my lap was now wet. My eyes hurt yet I still couldn't stop crying. The pain I was feeling inside was much worse than when I was in that shower. I didn't want him to die, I wanted to do everything in my power to make sure that he was okay. I didn't want him in any danger. I couldn't lose him too. I just couldn't.

I peeked at the phone realizing I had no choice. I had no choice in this, I just had to come up with a different way because as much as I was scared of Sylas killing Kutcher, I think I was scared of Sylas more. To me that made sense. My hand moved on it's own accord as I quickly went to his contact. I faultered holding a hand against my mouth to cover my sobs. I hope he doesn't come looking for me. It wouldn't be the first time he has tracked me down after going radio silent. I couldn't handle losing him.

After taking a deep breath convincing myself I would think of something else that would not get him killed I finally blocked his contact. Sylas was a monster and he wasn't afraid to show it neither did he care who knew. He was a fucking beast and for now I prayed that this calmed down his demons a little bit.


I slowly put on the dress that I had chosen dreading going downstairs. I just finished showering. I don't think for the next few days I would be able to shower properly without breaking down. I could see everything that happened in there clearly over and over again. Even as the water went down the drain for a second I thought I saw it turn crimson. For a second I was convinced that I was losing my mind.

It has been a day and a half since everything and that was the only time he would give me to feel sorry for myself, actually not feel sorry for myself because Sylas would never do that. That was the only time he gave me to heal, feeling sorry for myself was just something I couldn't control because I was starting to freak out. I saw no way out in this situation and it scared me

He called me downstairs to come and have dinner with him. For the past day and a half the doctor advised me to stay in bed and not move a lot so Sylas would personally bring me my meals if he was around and he was always around for dinner. I preferred it more if it was one of the maids. I wanted just a little bit more time to myself but he didn't care about that. I was sure he just wanted me to come out of the room.

I slowly took my time as I walked downstairs to the dinning room dreading every single step. My head didn't hurt as much, the doctor gave me pills that were really helping. The doctor came twice a day to check up on me and my injuries. I said injuries because my neck had a dark purple bruise around it and so was my back. I only felt the pain after I took a nap and woke up. The adrenaline was gone and my back was worse along with my head.

For the last day and a half I was working on my fear. I trembled at his presence and I needed to stop, it was going quite well because when I entered the dinning room and saw him there waiting for me my body slightly trembled. I would take this it was better than before. I closed my eyes and reminded myself how to breath. I sometimes forgot how to around him.

I knew better than to not greet him, I haven't seen him since morning. It was Sunday so I knew he had been in his office all day catching up on work. I never knew killing people had so much paperwork. I couldn't tell but I would guess he wasn't completely over the texting thing, right now he didn't seem angry. I just had a feeling that there was still something there. I felt like he was planning something and I didn't know what.

I watched him pull out my seat as I sat down quietly thanking him before he sat down at the head of the table, my chair at his right hand close to him. I answered and replied to everything he would ask or say. I went as far as making conversation. To Sylas it was like I wasn't suppose to be mad at him, everything was just normal with him. It disturbed me. He almost killed me in the shower yet it was like he didn't do anything.

I went along with it trying very hard because I knew one misstep I would end up in hospital. I didn't understand how this man's mind operated and I didn't think I ever would. I looked around noticing that all the maids were not here which I found strange. Not a single trace of them. I didn't question him though, I wanted to but I was scared.

As I slowly poured some water into my glass gunshots filled my ears. Of course my first thought was to hide or get under something or just run but now it was different. That would have been my instinct had it not been for right now. I still wanted to get down but I didn't feel an ounce of fear which surprised me for some reason I felt beyond protected because of Sylas which was wildly ironic. When I looked at Sylas he was calm way too calm but he seemed annoyed that his dinner was disturbed as he continues eating. Not an ounce of fear in his eyes.

"Sylas? -" I didn't get to finish as the front door was kicked down the sound reaching the dinning room. I didn't move though. I was too curious as to what was going on in his head. I watched him stand up before neatly taking off his suit jacket, placing it neatly on the chair. I also stood up and moved back when he rolled up his sleeves, his tie had already been off and of course the first two buttons of his shirt were open. For a second I felt sorry for the intruder.

He rolled his shoulders before placing his hands back into his pockets watching the doorway. I didn't speak neither did I want to. I was curious as to who would be stupid enough to do this. I watched his mother walk in the room, Sylas didn't seem surprised as at all. I was surprised on the other hand, the tension in the room was sickening.

Just after her, four men walked in armed. None of them seemed familiar to me. I could see that this was about to get bloody. They didn't seem like they came to play either. They looked so confident but I could see that they were holding their breaths. None the less they looked like they had a degree in tearing people apart.

"Assassins mother. Really?" he asked.

"The best I have." she said confidently. Sylas didn't seemed worried at all, it was disturbing to me because how could one man be so calm in a situation like this. It was like he had no emotions.

"-Let her go. Sylas I don't agree with what you are doing neither will I stand for it." she said angrily.

"Mother I don't care. I will kill them. You disturbed our dinner and all of them will pay with their lives for that." he said seriously. His voice deep, his accent thick.

I didn't want to be caught up in this family drama. I had a feeling it wouldn't end well for me. By now I was so far from them but I was still in the middle of them with the table separating me from them.

"Haile come here sweetheart. You don't have to go through this. You don't have to be my sons prisoner. If you come with me you will never see him again." she said. Tears rolled down my eyes at her promises. They sounded too good to be true but I had no reason to doubt the woman anymore because she did come into this crazy man's house guns blazing just to come and rescue me.

I looked between them, even though I knew she was genuine, I also knew her son. I was well acquainted with his demons and they petrified me. I didn't want to make him mad. My mind was screaming at me to go but my body was fighting with me because I knew how worse things could get if she fails and it would easily turn into nightmare. I just stood still with my eyes closed.

"If you fucking move you will be convincing me that you don't want some of your limbs." Sylas said making me fight with myself. She was right there I could just run to her. Sylas wouldn't be able to fight these assassins and hold me at the same time. Right. While he was busy with them we would be long gone. Even though I convinced myself I couldn't because what if he wins. That alone made me stay rooted in my place.

"He won't hurt you. I promise. " she said so softly. She seemed way to angry at her son who didn't seem to give a single flying fuck. He didn't say anything in return but as time went on he now seemed more annoyed.

"Take her." she said. Directing it at the men.

"Haile get behind me." Sylas said. I hesitated. Of course I would hesitate freedom seemed so close, it felt so close. I looked at his mother the entire time I wanted to run to her and hide behind her.

"Get the fuck behind me." His voice changed. I knew what that meant. I couldn't help my feet as they moved towards him. I wasn't happy with myself but I had a feeling this would end in Sylas' favour. Even still sensing all this, I hoped this ended badly for him, I hoped he would lose.

Everything happened so quickly. Sylas was a killing machine. The men had guns I still don't understand how this was possible. Just watching him fight made me hopeless. He had easily snapped their neck with his bear hands. One of them was lucky enough to end up with a bullet in between his eyes, another his throat slit wide open blood oozing out of it. Everything was so bloody. I was traumatized.

The only injury he walked out with was the small knife wound on his arm. One of them were lucky enough to gaze him with a knife. It didn't even look bad. I watched him walk over their lifeless bodies in silence walking towards me. I didn't even realized I was crying before I tasted the saltiness in my mouth. I felt like puking at the scene. How could he just take someone's life that easily and carelessly. He was an animal.

"I will see you at our emgament party mother if you can't make, then I will see you at our wedding." he said, telling her to leave. She looked disappointed I didn't even want to look in her direction I appreciated what she did for me but I didn't want Sylas knowing that I wanted to leave with her.

"Sylas." she started.

"I will never let her go." he finally said. She hesitantly turned around to leave not before glancing at me with a heavy heart while I on the other hand was very disturbed at the dead bodies on the floor. A pool of blood had started to form around them and I wished I hadn't watched him kill those men.

I couldn't get the image of him slitting one of the men's throat brutally wide open some of the man's blood got onto to Sylas. He didn't seem moved, not even when he slit the man's throat. He was just easily dropping them one by one. He was a monster. I already knew that I don't know why I was so surprised. I was petrified of him.

The sound of him taking off his belt and wrapping it around his fist with the buckle of the belt hanging got my attention. I didn't even know what he had in mind but I couldn't help but move away from him.

"I want you to lean on the fucking table with your naked ass in the air." he said. I felt so overwhelmed that I almost fell. I felt dizzy. I couldn't explain the fear rushing through me. I didn't know what I did wrong.

"Sylas -"

"If I have to repeat myself or if I have to help you, you will be losing a limb." I couldn't stop shaking my head. My hand on my stomach as I felt it twist in utter fear. I gulped pleading with his dead dark eyes.

"Would you like some fucking help. " It didn't feel like a question.

"N-no I--I am going Sylas." I whispered the saltiness of my tears filling my mouth once more. I didn't want him to cut off anything but neither did I want him to hurt me. I forced myself to walk over to the table complying with him. I couldn't stop crying even though I knew the worst was yet to come. My hands were trembling as I removed my panties pulling up my dress over my back and leaning onto the table. With my eyes shut.

"If you beg I will rip out your tongue, if you move I will cut off your legs." he said behind me making me nod. I was holding my breath. Knowing what was to come. Pathetically holding onto the table for my dear life.

I prayed for a miracle but it never came. I didn't know what Sylas was but he wasn't human. I screamed and screamed and screamed until I couldn't anymore.

I didn't dare move in fear of making things worse. I didn't move even though my mind screamed at me when I couldn't take the pain anymore, it was unbearable. I was sure that the metal would leave a mark. I didn't move even as I felt my blood trickling down the back of my legs. And before I could even blink everything went black.
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