The German's Obsession

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Chapter 17

I looked at Sylas as we entered the building, he effortlessly stood out not only because of his looks or suits but because of the aura he carried with him. He was in one of his casual suits, even though there were a lot of people he didn't have to push or touch anyone, people instinctively moved out of the way as he passed with me beside him. I wasn't even surprised there was just something about him.

Even though his face was emotionless and void of any emotion I could tell that he didn't want to be surrounded by all these people, I wouldn't say uncomfortable but he would rather be anywhere but here, no one else would be able to tell but I could. He didn't like being around a lot of people. He also hated when people touched him. I came to learn that when some girls became too thirsty, it didn't end well. He liked his space. From the first time I met him I now realized a lot of things that I didn't back then.

The building was packed. The place hasn't changed a bit, I noticed as I looked around. The last time I was in here I was with Kutcher we usually came here together, this was one of our favorite spots. I didn't want to take Sylas here because this place was special to me but I needed to feel a bit of familiarity. I needed to feel calm and be somewhere I would be happy and carefree.

Just the thought of Kutcher broke my heart. I stopped texting him and I completely blocked him. After what happened I couldn't even look at or touch my phone without quivering. I knew blocking him would come back and bite me in the ass but at the thought of Sylas I didn't care because pissing of Sylas was far worse than being bit in the ass. Far far worse.

Kill, kill myself or survive. In my head of course I was this badass person who would easily put a bullet through Sylas' head... Sometimes. I cringed at the image. I hated that I wasn't that type of person. I hated that I didn't have it in me to murder someone, anyone for that matter. Kill was definitely out.

Kill myself. Definitely tempting, so so tempting. But I wouldn't do it, not that I couldn't.. At least I don't think I couldn't. I wouldn't. I would never do that to myself. I still remember the kid from my high-school who took his life. I didn't know him very well, we had only been having English together but I was devasted, I couldn't help but feel guilty I felt I partly contributed by not noticing. My friend at the time brutally had told me how stupid of a thought that was but that didn't help.

I felt like I could have done something, I felt so sad that something actually drove someone to take their own life. His parents became shells of who they were and so did his friends. It had come as a shock to everyone because he was always so happy and bubbly no one would have ever guessed he was depressed, but it's always the ones you least expect. I never got over it, till this day I wish I could have done something. So taking my own life was out.

Survive. When I had come to terms with this this option was the only one left. I didn't like it. I don't know why I just didn't like it. Surviving should be so tempting to me. I had too many questions. Does Survival mean, I do what he wants, does it mean I act normal but turn myself into a zombie, does it mean find another way. I haven't figured it out yet. I turned my head and caught him already staring at me.

I forced a nervous smile and closed my eyes as he bent down placing a kiss on my lips. I was overwhelmed I didn't like being overwhelmed. This wasn't the good or the bad kind of overwhelmed, I was confused. I sat down putting on my skates. I was a little cold but I didn't want Sylas to know because there was a fifty percent chance that he would make the rash decision of just taking me out of here. I tried convincing him to come on the ice and skate with me but he didn't budge, he had recently got up and walked away claiming he would be back. I didn't care to ask or protest, I would welcome the alone time.

Before I knew it everyone was leaving, I didn't have to ask to know that Sylas was behind this. Apparently they were closing. We were the only ones left.

"You didn't have to chase everyone out." I said tighting the shoe laces.

"I know."

"Are you sure you don't want to come with me?" I asked standing up looking at him.

"I'd rather watch, the view is breathtaking from here. " he said taking a seat on the bench, staring at me a glint in his eyes. The glint in his eyes made words hard to pronounce. I turned around before heading on the ice. I hated how he would do that. Have the power to make my words disappear.

As I skated I couldn't help the smile that took over my features, everything felt normal, calm. It has been a while since I've had this feeling. I did a few tricks that Kutcher and I picked up wanting to see if I still had it after all it has been a while. I chuckled looking around while skating. I remember the first time Kutcher and I came here. He fell on his ass, got up and walked out. I couldn't stop laughing. He waited for me outside and vowed to never come back. He came back. It was always hard for him to say no to me.

I stopped when I realized I was laughing alone when I heard my own small laugh. For a second I thought about how many people I might have freaked out but then I remembered that Sylas chased them away. Sylas. He was the last person I should worry about thinking I've lost my mind but I still couldn't help but look at him.

I glanced at him before I slowed down for a second watching him, a rare smile on his face. It felt abnormal even though it wasn't to me before, I used to stare at them I still do. I used to love them and look forward to more of them. They spread a warm feeling all over my body before butterflies erupted in my stomach. He never hid that he loved that he had that kind of effect on me. Sylas wasn't a smiley person but when he did smile, time seems to always slow down even I had to admit that.

He just sat there on the bench, I've never seen anyone so beautiful in my entire life neither have I ever come across someone so evil. His hard lean body wrapped in one of his suits, grey this time around. It emphasized his eyes. My eyes trailed from his built body to the sharp jawline of his. I wanted to stop right then and there but I couldn't, I looked at his plumb naturally pink lips then to his straight nose. I couldn't help the sudden difficulty in breathing when I came to his eyes that never left mine. His eyes felt electric.

I looked away realizing I had completely stopped skating. He could always do that to me. At times like these it felt like he could stop time. His blonde hair that was always neatly cut on my mind, even though I didn't spend much time on it I knew exactly how it was. I had spent alot of my time running my hands through it and just playing with it if he wasn't to edgy. I liked touching him even though he didn't like being touched he didn't seem to mind when I touched him.

"Come skate with me." I said turning around. I knew he would never and it wasn't his thing and probably never will be. I didn't even push because Syals has tried almost everything I asked of him and I knew I wouldn't have the slightest of luck when it came to skating. I wouldn't say it was hard for him to say no to me because if he didn't agree with something he made that crystal clear but he did rarely say no to me when it came to me asking for something.

I moved towards him at his command. He was now standing. I got to him careful not to hesitate as I took his hand, holding my breath. How could one be so beautiful yet be so evil. He wasn't on the ice but he was close enough. When I got close enough he didn't waste anytime as he kissed me dominating my mouth and mind, taking his time with me in his hands. I was a bit dizzy after pulling away. His scent was all I could smell.

"Is there a reason why you disturbed my session?" I asked my voice wavering because he was too close. I needed to get my mind away from moving back. His hands were now around my waist they felt like they were on fire, my body felt overly sentitive at this moment.

"No I just wanted to kiss you. " he said his facial expression serious as he looked at me. I couldn't look at him any longer in his eyes. I gulped looking away from him. His scent now suddenly overwhelming me.

"Are you sure you don't want to come on the ice with me." I asked the third time. I knew he wouldn't change his mind but I had to change the subject, the glint in his eyes said he wanted to do so much more than kiss me. I feared he would take me right here on the bench and I wasn't fully healed. I was so scared of him. I forced a smile looking at him tears pricking my eyes.

"Go enjoy yourself Mäuschen." he said his arms not budging from around me. I wondered how long he would keep me caged in his arms. I was too afraid to pull back so I kept still.

"How long do we have before we have to go home? " I asked my voice coming out as a whisper.

"Take your time. " he said before pecking my lips one more time, unexpectically letting me go. I didn't waste any time as I went back on the ice, I looked up at the ceiling forcing the tears to stay at bay as I continued skating. I still had goosebumps. I skated for a while longer before I started to enjoy myself again. I really like it here. It made me terribly miss Kutcher but other than that I felt so free on this ice as I spun around and just simply kept on moving.

That was how I spent the day. Sylas made me eat in between even though I wasn't hungry I was too high of the euphoria I felt swooshing through the ice. Someone came in and delivered the food. After eating I went back at it. I felt as if I would never be able to stop and leave because I didn't even feel slightly tired. I told Sylas it was okay if he left and came to get me later but he refused. He just watched me the entire time, I don't even remember him on his phone.

I skated until my legs felt sore. They were sore but I felt so satisfied. I finally ran out of juice. I made my way towards Sylas.

"Did you have fun?" he asked.

"Yes, yes I did." I said genuinely.

"Good." he said kissing me.

"Would you like to go home now?" he asked looking down at me as my chest moved up and down.

"Can we come back soon?" I asked hope in my eyes.

"What if I build you your own." he said making me chuckle.

"I know you hate crowded areas with noise but please." I liked being outside every once in a while. He looked at me in his arms for a minute. I had taken of my skates off and fell into his arms. I let him hold me.

"If that's what you want."

I didn't tell him about my sore legs, we exited the building with me in his arms. I was grateful because I didn't want to walk. The last thing I remember is laying my head on his shoulder in the car before I dozed off.


Things seemed like they had gone back to normal. The normal we had when I didn't know about Sylas' urgent need of a mental asylum. Even though I smiled, my mind was still cautious. I haven't forgotten who he is and I don't think I ever will. He was still scary and the fear I had for him could never just disappear. But it was bearable being around him these days.

The past few weeks have been steady. Steady was the right word to Sylas I honestly didn't know what went on in his mind but to me it was steady. He still gave me goosebumps if he would get too close. He has been weirdly normal, he seems to be back to the man I fell for. Seems. I didn't care though because my mind couldn't shake what he did to me and that look in his eyes when he was mad.

I looked at the smoke coming from the kitchen I froze, my brows furrowed. Shit. I completely forgot about the pot. I was just taking a mini break I was really tired from the steaming long morning session with Sylas. Even when I was mad at him, scared of him. No matter the mood. Sylas made it clear that my body belonged to him. He could touch, kiss and do whatever he pleased with me when he wanted to.

I think it was unhealthy how much we had sex. Sylas seemed to differ, he laughed when I had told him this while his hand was around my throat as he railed into me this morning. He never fails to leave me worn out and high of pleasure. Yet no matter how many times he brings me to oblivion over and over and over again I was still scared of him. I was scared of him most when he was quiet that's why I preferred talking to him and him talking to me. Nothing good has ever come from his silence.

I could swear I only sat down for a minute. My mind always seemed to wonder. I stood up from the small bar chair in the kitchen heading over to the stove. There was literally fire in the pot, I've never seen anything like this before it's usually smoke my mind completely shut down I was freaking out because there was fire and because I might burn Sylas' kitchen down. He will kill me.

I quickly poured water into the pot causing a lot of smoke to cover the kitchen. I didn't even have time to do anything else as I was yanked up and pulled out from the smoke. It was so thick in the kitchen one could barely see anything. I couldn't stop coughing as I was placed down in the living room. Sylas. He looked mad.

He quietly analyzed my body as if looking for something.

"Are you hurt?" he questioned. His face emotionless as he pulled my chin up making me look at him ass he analyzed my face. I was guessing he just got back from work.

"No." I whispered, my heart was speeding. I watched him look around his smoke filled kitchen.

"Sorry about your kitchen." I whispered looking at his chest. The silence from him was killing me.

"I was just trying to make this new dish for us." I watched in surprise as he now looked into my eyes, he now looked less murder-y.

"Another one of your experiments?" he asked.

"Yes -I'm really sorry about your kitchen." I said yet again as I looked at his kitchen, the somke was now almost gone.

"I don't care about that. I just don't want you to hurt yourself." he said seriously.

"I didn't hurt myself. I promise." I said softly looking at him.

"Just burn our kitchen down if you please as long as it makes you happy." he gruffly said his voice deep and strong while he snaked his hands around me, kissing my forehead.

"I don't know what happened, I was busy with - wait. Are you implying that I'm a horrible cook Sylas?" I said raising a brow at him. For the first time in my entire life Sylas looked unprepared. His whole face changed as he looked at me clearing his throat. It was comical but I was still slightly offended.

"I didn't say that Mauschen. I would never say that I know how much you love experimenting." he said bringing me closer.

"That's not an answer." I said.

"I love your cooking." he said before kissing me.

"Well I'm glad you said that - because as I said before I was experimenting again. I made these-..." I looked at the golden bally things on the kitchen table not far from us as I was still pressed against his chest.

"-Things. Have a taste." I said managing to slip out of his grasp and headed to the kitchen, I took one and held one up to his mouth waiting for him to take a bite. The kitchen was now clear of all smoke.

"Mauschen you don't even know what they are called." he said skeptically.

"You don't want it?" I asked softly looking at him. I watched him look at me than at it before taking a bite. I smiled satisfied. I couldn't help the warm feeling taking over my stomach as I watched him chew. He kept a straight face.

"They are amazing Mauschen." he said swallowing it. I beamed at him.

"Thank you." I said before taking a bite myself. I coughed hardly swallowing it because I didn't want to spit it out. Oh my God. I think I might one day give myself food poisoning. I looked at him incredulously how on earth did he eat this.

"If you keep on eating my experiments you might end up dead. I don't think this is food." I said sighing while pacing it back on the plate. I didn't understand where I went wrong. He quickly grabbed my waist bringing me close to him.

"They are not that bad." he said his deep voice holding me captive, as he smiled down at me with his perfect face and perfect teeth. I had to take a minute, I didn't like that I had to but I had to.

"You are just saying that." I said breathlessly finding my voice after he stopped.

"This time I didn't almost break my teeth, it's very tasty." he said chuckling.

"You will get food poisoning."

"I don't care." he said making me feel so much better.

"Thank you."

"But no more experiments for now just rest, if you want something ask the chef." he said making me nod my head, before saying yes.

"Please tell me you won't make me stop using the kitchen for my experiments." I asked after a pause my heart sore at the thought. Sylas could easily turn for now to forever if he wanted to.

"No. And if you burn it down because I know you are eventually going to burn it down I will just buy you another kitchen." I smiled in response.

"Thank you." I said feeling relief flush my system.

"As long as you promise to put your safety first because if you hurt yourself then we will have a problem." he said seriously making me shudder. His eyes were now dark and stern.

"Okay." I said nodding. I felt like I was about to take a step from him which would be bad for me, I looked at the kitchen in glee when a thought crossed my mind.

"Ohh I almost forgot I made something else it's in the oven and don't worry the oven is off. It was the first thing I made and -"

Before I could say anything he easily popped the buttons of his shirt open that I was wearing with some shorts, taking my nipple into his mouth. My words got stuck in my mouth as I shivered in his hands. I whimpered when he quickly pulled me up making me wrap my legs around him.

"Sy-Sylas no - this-" I stopped moaning when his teeth pulled my nipple making me arch my back with my eyes closed. I could feel that we were moving but I didn't know where we were going.

My mind was at ease knowing that there was no one in the house it was just the two of us. The shirt I had on had quickly dissappeared my bare breasts on display for him as he entertained then with his mouth. Pulling, sucking and licking my hard nipples. The heat coming from in between my legs was unbearable. I could feel his awoken member against me. It was driving me crazy.

I quickly popped my eyes open at the sound of something hitting the ground before my back hit a strong smooth surface. Dinning table. Meaning Sylas just pushed everything on it to the floor. My vase. One of the few things I requested be brought from my apartment. I had moved it here no long ago needing every surface close to me to cool down my thingies.

"Sylas. You just smashed my vase!" I croaked out, knowing from the sound it was broken, I couldn't see it from the floor as I looked at Sylas who was now had only his vest on, his shirt and suit jacket gone. My eyes trailed to his well defined muscles, the vest emphasized his mouth dropping physic. I didn't even realize that my shorts were off until I felt some air against my thighs. My chest was moving up and down as I watched him in frustration a pool between my legs.

"I will buy you another one." he said as he stood between my legs one of his hands behind my neck bringing me closer to him and the other rubbing my pussy through my panties.

"Mmmmmmh." was the only thing I could say as his fingers rubbed circles on my clit that was covered by my now irritating underwear. The water fall between my legs only grew as Sylas' mouth moved from my mouth to my hard nipples. His tongue and teeth made me shiver. I held onto the edge of the table when I felt him slowly take off my panties. I couldn't look at him because of how wet I was.

I gasped when I felt two fingers in me. His thrusts deep and slow before he picked up his pace. I arched my back tightening the hold I had on the table as I came undone with his fingers. I winced when he slowly rubbed my clit, I was still coming down from the high. I squirmed my legs wide open for him placed on either side of the table. He stood in between them, as he rubbed tantalizing circles around my clit.

I trembled when I felt his manhood against my core. I held my breath when I felt him slide it in, I could never get used to this. As if possible I tightened my hold against the table knowing what was to come. Sylas didn't give me a moment to catch my breath as he drilled into me. I was a moaning mess. He fucked me through my climax, he didn't give me a chance to breath as he continued fucking me, his hold strong against my thighs. I climaxed bitting my lip in ecstacy.

"Bend over." he commanded. I faltered at his command remembering what happened the last time he bent me over this table. I gulped as I slowly stood making him raise a brow at me. Tired of my sluggish movements he turned me around and roughly slammed me against the table making me tremble in his arms as he parted my legs with his hand, his other hand holding me down. My heart was racing. My nails scratched the bottom edges of the table I was clutching onto for my life as he plunged into me.

I couldn't breath through my nose as his thrusts became more powerful and deep. I was hardly breathing through my mouth. An orgasm snuck up on me making my eyes tear because of how powerful it was. It left me drained yet Sylas didn't stop. My nails scratched the table when I felt the tightening of my stomach again, I could feel him in my stomach. My legs shook, I came undone holding onto the table as my world seemed to turn upside down.

I was a panting mess when Sylas pulled me from the table lifting me up making me sit on it with my legs wide open for him. The feeling of his body heat and scent so close to me drove me crazy as I tried to register my surroundings.

"I-" his manhood slowly entered me as he tightened his hold against my ass, his mouth on my neck sucking and nibbling away. My eyes were still tightly shut while I panted waiting for his whole manhood to be inside me. It felt like forever. He only gave me a second to adjust to him before he went back to his powerful deep thrusts that left me panting and powerless in his arms. My arms wrapped around his neck when I felt him pick me up before slamming me back down pushing my upper half flat against table. Yet again at his mercy.

I came feeling the orgasm from the tip of my toes to my head, my pussy squeezing his manhood. The throaty raspy fuck he released from his throat as he paused tightening his hold on my thighs made my head spin. It was a second before he went back to thrusting. My eyes rolled to the back of my head on their own accord when I felt him repeatedly hit my g-spot as I trembled releasing a heavy moan that took all of my energy becoming undone yet again I felt him pause as shoot his ropes of seed deep inside me. I panted thinking it was over. I was exhausted.

"I want your ass in the air." his deep voice cut through the silence making me shudder. I've had enough yet I wanted more. I should have know better, deep down I knew better but what can I say a girl could dream even with my unmade up mind.


I woke up with Sylas coming out of the shower. He told me he would meet me downstairs after I was done with everything. I had thought about just ignoring him and turning in. I was so tired. My boby felt beyond tired but I knew he wasn't giving me much of a choice. I don't understand why he wouldn't let me sleep in today. To be fair it was now dark outside but I didn't really care, I was still tired.

Before I got out of bed I opened the draw next to me pulling out the phone that I had completely abandoned. Today was Kellita's birthday. My brows furrowed when I saw 47 missed calls from a an unsaved number. I wanted to call it back but I didn't have that kind of time right now neither did I really want to do it. I quickly shot Kellita a text wishing her a happy birthday before taking myself to the shower. I wanted to wish her early this morning but I was knocked out.

After my hot bath, Sylas would have to understand I couldn't stand for a long period of time. I should have soaked my body yesterday like I usually always do after Sylas fucks me until I can hardly remember how to breathe but I didn't really have any time yesterday plus I would have just ended up sleeping in the bath tub I was so tired. Sylas was an animal because after everything he still had the strength to carry me upstairs, hold me in the shower and help me bathe myself.

I looked at the time on the small clock on the stand, I made it. I surprisingly made it. I made my way downstairs, today I felt needy and really clingy which was also I bet was something Sylas already knew. I walked outside to the secluded beautiful place with a big fireplace, dinner was getting laid out in place. I huffed walking out but quickly stopped in my tracks when I was met with a pair of blue eyes. My breath hitched and I almost fell. My gaze fell on an unbothered Sylas.

I took a deep breath before I made my way to him sitting beside him but not before planting a kiss on his lips. My body was already covered with goosebumps when he smiled at me and asked me how I slept. He brought my chair closer to his, he knew how clingy and needy I got after sex. Words seemed to flow out of my mouth but I didn't know what I was saying as I tried to control my emotions. I didn't want to be a part of this anymore, the glint in his eyes was warning enough.

I turned my gaze to his mother who sat not far from us. Tonight we would dine on the small table, I say small because compared to the other one it was a bit small but it was still big enough. For obvious reasons. We left the table in pretty bad shame. Plus the things that Sylas did to me on that table were unspeakable. I remember telling him to burn the table when he carried me upstairs, his response was a chuckle. Plus my scratch marks were all over that table. I liked eating out here it was a breath of fresh air.

"Good evening Mrs Harman." I said looking at her a hesitant smile on my face. She smiled greeting me back without missing a heartbeat. A genuine smile on her face.

The dinner was filled with light chatter between his mother and I that I personally tried to keep up with. I made sure to keep my hand on Sylas' hand throughout the dinner, I was afraid of his thoughts. I was more than happy when the diner came to an end. I understood that she was trying to help me and I was grateful but she should also know that her son was not a force to be reckoned with.

"Would you like to stay and discuss a few things with my mother?" Sylas asked looking at me as he stood up. Not a trace of emotion on his face.

"That would be actually nice. We have a lot to discuss." his mother said looking at me. His mother didn't give a fuck but neither did Sylas and I didn't want to be in between this. On this table I was the only one who actually gave a flying fuck.

"You can stay. I will be in my office." he said standing. I quickly stood up looking at him.

"I want to come with you." I whispered my breath wavering as I clutched onto his hand. I didn't look at his mother at all. I honestly didn't want to end up dead.

Sylas and his mother didn't seem to have anything against each other through out this dinner. They seemed normal with each other, I wished his mother a good night genuinely smiling at her and apologizing about having to leave early before I followed Sylas inside. I zoned out for a minute letting him lead the way.

"Mäuschen I need to catch up on something in my office, I will find you in our room shortly." he said when we were at the top of the stairs as he kissed my forehead. I did exactly that. I walked in quickly slipping on one of his shirts and getting in bed. I held his pillow to my chest practically cuddling it, I couldn't help it.

After laying in bed for a minute my mind and heart racing. I concluded nothing peaceful or nice would come out of this. I turned facing my side, I didn't want to think about all this. I opened the drawer on my side getting out my phone, I wanted to call my friend and properly wish her a happy birthday plus I needed to rid my mind of these thoughts.

Before I could dial her number I noticed I had an unread message. I tapped on the notification waiting for a message from Kellita. I froze reading the message over and over again. I could feel my insides turning. I was now in a very tight spot. I was scared of texting back and I was also scared of not texting back knowing the consequences of each action. I felt like crying.

Imagine my surprise when I get to your dad's cabin to find it empty. Haile don't get mad at me the next time we meet, I promised not to do this again but you have left me no choice. I haven't heard from you in weeks and you blocked my number from your phone. You have a lot of explaining to do, I will see you in a few.


I could feel tears pricking the back of my eyes. I couldn't have Kutcher here Sylas would kill him. I had no doubt in that. I also couldn't text him back and warn him not to come Sylas made it clear that I should stop. I was caught in a cross fire. I closed my eyes trying to control my breathing. I already had enough problems knowing no good would come from Sylas' mother here. And now this. My mind was blank no option seemed to leave me standing. Although I knew I would have to make a decision and I had to make one fast.


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