The German's Obsession

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Chapter 18

I couldn't help the smile on my face as I washed the peeled potatoes. It's been a while since I've woke up happy, today was one of those days. I woke up happy and at peace. I didn't know where the happiness came from, that was a mystery to me but the peace I understood. Sylas' mother left yesterday and that's probably why my insides felt at peace and everything else seemed to be handled. Eversince she was last here when the air between us was sour which was weeks ago, she has made her every now and than visits permanent.

I knew she just came for me, I was grateful but also scared. What always kept me at the edge was the fact that Sylas didn't even seem a bit worried. It was like the whole scene with his mother didn't happen. Sylas would even leave for the whole day while she was here for work and come back late. This time around I miserably failed at trying to read him.

I was scared of speaking to his mother but I did speak to her every now and then because even though there was no escape or hope for me she was trying. I never even once spoke to his mother about anything that would make Sylas cut my legs off. She never once did bring it up when we were alone she seemed like a cunning woman. I concluded the family was crazy because there was no tension whatsoever between Sylas and his mom.

They both spoke to each without any form of bitter emotion. Although she would sometimes remind his son that he didn't deserve me and Sylas would reply with 'I know.' completely unbothered, no tension whatsoever between them while I on the other hand would be holding my breath in my seat. I hated to admit it but it was probably best if his mother stayed away. The feeling that I thought I would at least have of being safe from Sylas' madness while she came to visit was non existent. It was clear that Sylas didn't give a flying fuck.

I didn't understand the dynamic of his mind. He didn't seem to understand my situation. He still takes me out to dinner and whenever he would leave for the whole day for work, he usually worked from home from his office but when he would leave he would always come back with flowers for me. I hated that I secretly liked it not only that but I had started my own guessing game on which kind of flower I would get next.

He does the same thing when he traveled out of the country for a business trip. He rarely traveled out of the country but if he was to he never came back empty handed, only this time it was far from flowers. I noticed he didn't like taking me with him if it was work related he preferred if I stayed behind. But I especially loved the flowers. I have even started my own little garden. It kept me calm and gave me a sense of serenity.

I felt his stare on me as I looked up at him. He had no shame in getting caught staring in fact he continued as if I didn't just catch him staring at me.

"Aren't you suppose to be slicing tomatoes?" I questioned averting my eyes.

"I'm done." I looked at the sliced tomatoes in front of him. I wondered how long I was out because he was now done with everything and why didn't he just pull me out of my day dream.

Today I was going to cook but Sylas insisted we do it together. Deep down I knew I was a some what not amazing cook, it depended on what I was making so I wouldn't put myself up there but what I liked and what amused me is the fact that Sylas would never tell me that no matter how shitty my food was. Sylas never lied but when it came to my food all bets were off. I smiled at the thought.

I didn't answer Kutcher's text I blocked him with hopes that when he does locate me he would take the wise decision of backing off knowing exactly who owns the estate. But of course to my luck nothing ever seemed to go the easy way. Kutcher didn't make it easy for me. He didn't give up. I feared at the rate he was going Sylas would find out and get the wrong idea.

Three days ago he texted me and told me he was outside Sylas' estate. I swear I felt my heart stop for a second. We reached a bargain. I first told him Sylas and I were in love. I tried to be convincing but he didn't seem to buy it I asked him to give me time and in time I would tell him everything. I did also tell him that I couldn't speak to him nor text him any longer over the phone. At first he didn't even want to hear me out but he then reluctantly agreed at last after much convincing and the promise of texting after three days. I made sure to delete every call, text and message.

It's been five days since I've last texted him, Sylas has been around me a lot and I didn't want to risk it. I was too scared to. My body physically couldn't do it when he was anywhere near me. I loved and enjoyed the peace between us and I didn't want anything to trigger his psychotic side. I liked to actually go back to feeling calm around him. I could never really let my guard down around him the darkness that surrounded him denied me of that but I was better than before.

I watched him effortlessly move around the kitchen, the arouma that filled the kitchen had my mouth watering. Sylas had made me sit down after I knocked over the pot. It was amazing how gentle he could be at times when he pleased. I had somberly retired to my seat but my mood quickly picked up as I watched him. Even with the relaxed look on his face as he concentrated on his cooking anyone could feel the dark aura radiating off him. As much as it was scary it also lured you in.

I was surprised by how calmly I was handling the Kutcher situation I didn't panic, I might have almost fainted when he told me he was outside but after that I did everything quietly and quickly. I made sure I didn't make any mistakes. Everything seemed to be in order for now because Kutcher was getting impatient it has been weeks and I liked basking in this side of Sylas. There was no escape so I preferred this side.

"What's on your mind?" he questioned one of his hands in his pockets and the other carried his scotch as he looked at me. My eyes trailed down his body before they went back to his eyes I couldn't help it. You would never catch the man out of a suit even at home but damn did he make it work. I especially loved it when he wore his shirt with the top buttons popped open, his sleeves rolled up his arms. I felt my face get hot when he raised a brow at me.

"Sylas remember our second date... Well first." I trailed off.


"You don't even know which one I'm talking about."

"When I took you to your restaurant." for a minute I even forgot that I had a whole restaurant. I sheepily smiled at him because he was right, I wasn't surprised.

"Well... Yes. You were so awkward it was actually cute in a dark way."

"Awkward in what way?" he asked picking up his drink as he closed the pot and leaned against the counter looking at me. Till this day he still made me nervous. I didn't understand how one could look so handsome.

"You were so silent in the majority of the date, luckily for you I talk too much when I'm nervous." I said, he chuckled. The chuckle rasp and deep. I had to clear my throat. Evil has never looked so good.

"You call my silence awkwardness?" he asked his accent making it sound foreign.

"Yes. Actually I had accepted that you were the low-key awkward type."

"And what do you think now?" he asked. He seemed greatly interested in everything I did. I watched his eyes move with me as I adjusted the straps of my top.

"Psychopaths are far from awkward Sylas." his throaty laugh filled the kitchen as I watched in a trans. That's something you don't everyday.

"Why are you silent all the time, - why were you so silent that night? Were you judging me?" I asked raising a brow at him remembering that I was actually sober. I watched as he started to elegantly move around the kitchen yet again. Giving the food on the stove his attention and I at the same time.

"No. Everything you did-do greatly peaked my interest. I didn't understand how to handle such a creature while surpressing the urge that demanded I take you home with me and never let you see the light of day." he said still looking at me his drink now back in his hand. I could hear the rate of my heart pick up.

Well that turned dark very quickly.

Why did he have to be so brutally honest. I fidgeted on my seat as I looked at my glass. The heat of his stare still strong. I wished I had something stronger than water but Sylas would never allow that.

"So you basically consider that our second date-" I paused watching him as amusement flooded his eyes. I disregarded the bar for reasons we both understood.

"-You can't possibly consider the first time you met me as our first date. People were murdered there afterwards and I was kind of drunk. - wait on that note why did you make me go home so early did you know what was about to happen?" I already suspected that it was him but I didn't want him to know that.

"Yes. That's why I sent you home."


"I didn't want you present for what I planned on doing." he obviously did it. I slightly trembled remembering the scene and the dismembered heads. This just gets better and better.

Sylas shouldn't be able to surprise me anymore but that was harder than said. Seemly even when I knew it was him it was still surprising because how can someone do that to anyone. Even as he said it now there was no remorse whatsoever in his eyes.

"You see you can't say things like that to your girlfriend." I said chuckling as I moved in my seat awkwardly. I gulped the water down my nerves sky rocketing. The water would keep me from saying something stupid. So far it's helped me in great ways than I have ever imagined.

"I don't want to pretend to be someone I'm not. You already know who I am."

"Haile." my heart skipped a beat at the sound of my name from his lips. It scared me and aroused me. I wasn't ashamed to say that. The man was a walking God. Everything he did when he wasn't making me cry was beyond shifting.

"Yes Sylas." I now found the glass in my hand interesting but I quickly raised my eyes knowing how he didn't like that.

"Have you accepted this life?" he questioned taking a sip, his eyes never leaving mine I had to pause and remember how to breathe.

I would rather die than live like this.

The voice echoed in my head. Not so long ago I promised myself as I looked at myself in the mirror, the pain from my bum keeping me awake. I wanted to pass out. I would rather die. I cleared my throat smiling at him.

"What do mean?" I was tempted to call him Mäuschen to ease the tension but decided against it. He didn't look like he was in the mood. I had called him that once and the smirk he gave me was unsettling even though I did laugh it off. He did ask me if he looked like a Mäuschen and I had to disagree he was far from that. Way way far. I tried to argue my case of being nothing alike to the pet name he chose to give me but he won. I don't agree but he still won.

"Have you accepted your life with me?"

"Did you give me a choice Sylas?"

"No but have you accepted it Haile?" he asked without skipping a beat. He didn't even seem to be moved by the no that came out so strong yet calm from his mouth. No remorse whatsoever. I mastered up a smile I hoped he would buy as I nodded. I paused looking at him.

"Yes. Yes Sylas. I have accepted this life that I have no say in." I said taking a sip from my glass.

"The day I sew your mouth shut will be the last day you will ever have to worry about your mouth getting you killed." he said with the most chilling smile I've ever seen him wear. I had to lean back to try and put more distance between us, the truth behind his eyes was worrying me.

"Sylas." he didn't say anything as he watched me.

"You are scaring me."

"Baby there is nothing to be scared of if you have done nothing wrong. Come here." he finally commanded. I made my way towards him as he looked at me. I felt his hand caress my cheek as I closed my eyes, the intensity of his stare was blinding. I finally felt his lips against mine as I held my breath. Even as I didn't feel him anymore I kept my eyes shut after composing myself when I opened them he was now by the counterbudy with something with his back turned towards me. I was finally able to breathe properly as I made my way towards my seat.

I felt like he knew something I didn't know and that worried me. The peace I felt within myself disappeared. I could feel a storm coming and I didn't know how in world I would avoid it. I eyed him for a second not getting anything from him. It was frustrating. It couldn't be Kutcher. Sylas would have killed me weeks ago and I made sure I cleared my tracks. I needed to check up on Kutcher but more importantly I need to calm Sylas down.


I watched the T.V screen mounted into the wall that Sylas got for me so I could watch my cooking shows and try my experiments. I looked down for a second cutting the carrots as instructed when I looked up I sucked my teeth because I didn't understand how onearth they were now busy with the flour. I didn't even look away for a second. Oh well I decided to just wing it then rewind.

This is exactly what he was talking about. Sylas didn't understand how I would make something different from the show even after watching it and making it along with them. I guess this answers that question.

Sylas cooked yesterday and I still haven't forgot the heavy feeling he left me with. I needed to fix that. I tried to act as normal as possible as I tried to figure out what was going on with him. I spent majority of the day today at my garden. It was actually healthy and growing which brought a little happiness into my messed up world. After my garden I asked my chef if I could cook today because Sylas cooked yesterday and I wanted to do it today.

Today seemed like a busy day for him he has been in his office the whole day, we hardly had breakfast together. I couldn't help but feel antsy even though the only moment I felt like a storm was brewing within him was only yesterday. At this point I didn't actually know what to do except keep myself busy otherwise I would go insane.

"Oh that's definitely not suppose to look like that." I said looking at my work. I frowned sighing. That's what I get for winging it. I was sure Sylas would eat it anyways. I almost felt sorry for him. Almost. I slowly picked up a piece hesitant at first as I looked at it. I popped it in my mouth shutting my eyes as I slowly chewed. I opened my eyes frowning, it actually wasn't that bad. Success.

I was about to make another batch when I heard footsteps. I looked up pausing I was about to smile but then I saw the look in his eyes. My legs involuntarily took a step back. The darkness in his eyes was suffocating me. I wished I could cease to exist. I could feel the fear traveling to every inch of my body. My eyes traveled from his intimidating form to the phone in his hand. My phone. I couldn't help but hold my breath, he didn't move. Deep down I knew this would be my down fall.

"I-I can explain." I whispered, tears blurred my eyes as they raced down my cheeks. He didn't even need to speak, his eyes said everything. I was too scared to question his clothing. He was in his dress shoes, pants but only a vest. He looked like he was in the middle of undressing. At this moment I regretted everything. Even though I knew damn well I didn't allow myself to slip up I covered everything, I regretted everything. The way Sylas looked at me at this moment would make anyone regret everything if they were in my shoes. I didn't know what to do.

I was too scared to run or stand where I was standing. I could literally feel myself tremble in panic. Even though I knew deep down that If I hadn't done what I did Kutcher would be dead I couldn't help but wish I did something differently.

"Mäuschen." he called. The way that he called me was bone chilling, I would have preferred if he used my name. The pet name did nothing to hide his blood thirst. I watched him in horror as he picked up one of the clean knives from the table. His attention moving to the knife.

"What is this?" his voice was the opposite of his eyes. Calm and leveled. At this moment I couldn't speak. I couldn't moved, I couldn't breathe properly. I was slowly using my mouth to breathe. He was getting impatient and making him wait was never an option.

"Do you need help speaking?" he asked I whimpered and shook my head. He didn't seem to be with me in this moment, he was in his own world as he looked at the knife in his hand skillfully tossing it once in the air, admiring it. The tears running down my cheeks had now dampened the top of my tee, that's how much I was crying and I couldn't stop. The knife in his hand bothered me to no avail long forgotten was the phone.

I wanted to scream and plead for my life, try and make him understand my point of view, tell him my side of the story but I couldn't. I was muted by fear. I watched him move his hand swiftly and before I knew it the knife traveled at a cutting speed as it cut through the air before it went through the side of my throat.

It took me seconds to register what just happened and the immense pain that sprawled through my body bringing me to my knees as I cried and screamed in agony. I could feel the blood filling into my mouth and some of it running down my throat as my hands pressed against my throat trying to contain it. The screams of pain that left my throat seemed to die with the blood leaking from it. I was in so much of pain I couldn't move. I couldn't do anything.

All that seemed to be my least of worries as I watched Sylas still standing before me now with another knife in his hand as my eyes widened at the sight. I felt like the pain from my throat would kill me. I was in so much of pain but my heart still seemed to tighten at his sight. I wanted to beg, I wanted to scream at the paralyzing pain that coursed throughout my body. At this point I would do anything to make him stop.

"I asked you a question." he stated his gaze focused on the sharp knife in his hand. I couldn't stop screaming as all I got were gurgle noises from my throat. I couldn't let out a single word. I fell down on my side as I tried moving away from him. I knew that if I didn't talk soon even though I physically couldn't he would launch the other knife to which part of my body I did not know. This was it. I didn't even fight the darkness, atleast I wouldn't feel the next knife. Everything went dark as I welcomed the darkness with open arms.


This story was supposed to be a short story and trying to change the plot proves to be challenging because my heart was so set on the first plot. I'm still trying to wrap my head around the story. I'm sorry for the wait. I did explain what was going on on Instagram. Hopefully more frequent updates are to come.


Tell me what y'all think.


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