The German's Obsession

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Chapter 2

I looked around at the bodies grinding against each other on the dance floor. Typical club scene. I already regretted this idea. I was basically ambushed. I made sure to thoroughly check my coast as I tried to calm down, there were too many people. I was here for Jane and Aliyah. I don't need to speak or look at anyone else. I somehow managed to calm my nerves down a bit.

I quietly made my way through the sweaty bodies on the dance floor. Some of them were too drunk to even stand properly for more than five seconds but no one seemed to care because everyone was having a good time. The sea of people seemed to get thicker every step I took and it was starting to annoy me. I regretted coming here the minute I took a step outside my apartment.

When I finally made it outside the sea of people I looked around looking for Jane as I quickly texted her I'm by the tables. The lights were dimmed and music blasted through the speakers as people danced and drank like there was no tomorrow. A girl wearing a skin tight white short dress with fiery red hair caught my attention as she crazily waved her hand in the air in my direction. I rolled my eyes smiling, if there was no drama to it, there was no Jane.

I quickly made my way towards them needing to take a seat to quietly remind myself that it would only be an hour and then I would leave. As soon as I was a step away from the table that Jane and Aliyah occupied, Jane quickly jumped at me hugging me as if I didn't see her this afternoon when she came to pick up James. In the process cutting our plans to the batman marathon, baking sessions and candy rushs short.

"Jane let her breathe." Aliyah said from the back, making Jane loosen her grip. She had on a beige tight short dress which complemented her figure. After hugging Jane, I hugged her as we greeted each other before taking my seat, pulling down the black dress I had on that hugged my body and was just above my knees.

"You were supposed to get here thirty minutes ago." Jane said.

"Well I was only guilt-tripped three hours ago to come here." I said looking at Aliyah as she faked a shocked face.

"You will thank me later. You can't spend the rest of your life all alone couped up in your apartment, it's not good for you." Jane said seriously. I beg to differ. I could totally do that. Matter of fact it sounded like a brilliant idea.

"I was-"

"James doesn't count." she said smiling.

"Jane I'm fine. I like my own space." I said. She eyed me for a second before skeptically nodding her head.

"Jane stop interrogating her, she already agreed to come to your little 'get loose' party." Aliyah said taking a sip from her glass, staring at her friend. Jane raised her hands up in defeat acting as if she would finally let this go. I knew she wouldn't no matter what she said.

"Can we please order something stronger already. "Aliyah said huffing looking at her empty glass. Jane called a waiter over and ordered a lot of shots and something strong.

I watched them both having a good time throwing shot after shot back. Aliyah would complain it was too much and Jane would cheer her on until she would drink again. The faces she made were hilarious. While I on the other hand wanted nothing to do with alcohol. My last memory of myself surrounded by alcohol isn't a very pleasant one. The smell of alcohol around me didn't sit well with me. I pushed the shots away from me.

I remember how much of a wreck I was. One of my friends had held me as I cried. I knew he was a psychopath but I didn't think he would take it that far. He was just being there for me It wasn't sexual in any way. I had tried drinking my psychopath problems away whilst trying to cry the pain away. I was an absolute mess and he had held me in his arms as I sobbed. That was the last time I was around alcohol. I wasn't even drunk but I had quickly sobered up when he gutted him alive in front of me and his intestines winded up around my neck.

I suddenly felt hot and I felt as If I could smell the scent of blood. And the feint screams in my head were clawing at my mind. I gulped placing the glass of water down and once again looked around fear washing over me. I looked up at the ceiling refusing to cry. Not now. Not in front of them. They will never let it go and they would end up dead if I told them anything because they would try to help.

"-aile. Haile." I blinked as the voice pulled me out of my thoughts. I turned to the source looking at a concerned Aliyah.

"You don't have to drink with us." she said softly looking at me. I smiled at her relieved.

"You okay?" she softly asked holding my hand. I nodded smiling at her. Aliyah was such a nice person. Sometimes I failed to understand how a person could be so kind. I loved being around her. She had a positive aura around her but when it came to court she was completely different. She's one of the best young lawyers in the country.

"You are definitely dancing with us and you can't say no." Jane said already standing up and gulping down her last number of shots. She then held out a hand for me waiting for me to take her hand so we could go to the dance floor. I sighed before placing my hand in hers as she smiled pulling me up. It was better than drinking.

I was actually having fun with them. I felt light, happy and loose as I danced with them. For a moment I let go and let my mind be blank as we danced together on the dance floor surrounded by flashing lights. Even though it was for a moment it felt amazing. After a lot of dancing, we decided to take a little break.

I decided I needed some water and air so we went separate ways as I headed to the bar. Everything around me made me a little anxious. I needed water. I didn't pay any attention to any one who tried to stop me on my way asking for a dance. I didn't want anyone to die. I never did, but I've never had control when it came to him. He had all of it. He was the most ruthless person I've ever met and by far the craziest. I felt like crazy was sugarcoating it.

I finally made it to the bar and ordered some water quickly taking a sip calming the storm in my head. I then made my way towards our table, I paused from afar looking at the new people sitting at our table. I didn't want anyone to see me yet. Blake was one of them and beside him sat Cam. Jane had her boyfriend sitting beside her and Aliyah was walking away into the crowd. This was definitely a set up. I wish I could say I was surprised but I wasn't. This was Aliyah and Jane after all.

I wasn't mad at them because they didn't know anything so they wouldn't understand why I preferred keeping away from the opposite gender. I wish we were in another life. My vision moved from them to the figure behind them sitting alone at the last table. I blinked not believing my eyes. It couldn't be. Kairo. His brother. I shut my eyes, the ringing of my ears was getting to loud. I needed everything to stop. It was too much.

When I opened them again no one was there. Maybe I was just having another hallucination. I quickly made my way to the bathroom. Needing to calm down. There was no way that that was him. If Kairo was here than Sylas was definitely here. But there was no way that that was possible. I've seen him here before when I had just moved here. It was my imagination playing tricks on me just like how it was now. I trusted her, she would never let him find me.

I looked at my reflection. Closing my eyes, trying to flush all the scary thoughts out of my head. The habit of closing my eyes calmed me, in the darkness of my eyes I could imagine anything that I wanted to. I could get away from reality and just live in my mind. It made me calm down and think. When I felt a whole lot better I opened them. I froze looking at the person behind me. Onetta.



"It's nice to see you." she said her thick German accent lacing her words as she smiled looking at me. I smiled back a lump forming in my throat. I felt tears sting the back of my eyes as my vision started to get blurry.

"Please don't." I whispered.

"He wants to see you, tomorrow there will be a car waiting for you outside your apartment that will take you to him."she said her eyes never leaving me.

"I-I no. Please." I felt my chest tighten in pain, fear taking over my body. This couldn't be happening. How was this happening. At the back of my mind I've always feared that he would find me but I didn't actually think he would. I wrapped my hands around myself taking a step back.

"We both know you don't have a choice. Don't make the same stupid mistake again." she warned seriousness lacing her tone.

"He-he will hurt me. You know he will hurt me, I - I can't please." I pleaded looking at her. Tears already blinding my vision. The room was buzzing and my breathing was getting heavier.

"Halle. Listen I like you so listen to me."

"Please don't let him take me again." I begged. Images of Sylas ran through my mind making me shiver.

"How - how is this even possible. Your mother promised me. She said he wouldn't be able to find me."I tightened my arms around myself as I started to tremble.

"Your first mistake was believing that that there was someone more powerful than my brother, your second mistake was thinking that someone could help you. You are smart, don't make this worse."

"How could I possibly make it worse. I disappeared one week before our wedding. Onetta please help me. He will kill me." I sniffed feeling dizzy and nauseous. He was going to kill me. I've known Onetta for a while, what I had learnt about her is that she was the type of person to mind her own business and she was very close to her brothers. I wasn't sure if she was going to help me but I had to try.

"This is Sylas we are talking about, he can always make things worse." she said chuckling.

"You knew sooner or later he was going to find you. Don't do any thing stupid. No one can help you." she said before walking past me. She paused at the door turning her head one more time and looking at me in the eye.

"Don't be late." she finally said disappearing out the door. Leaving me with my racing thoughts. My head was back to pounding, my heart was racing and my sight was foggy. What was I going to do. Sylas was not the forgiving type, what was I going to do. If he doesn't kill me I was sure that he would make me wish he would.

I ended up shooting Aliyah a text letting her know that I wasn't feeling well. I quickly made my way out of the club. As soon as the fresh air outside hit me. Every thing came falling down. I couldn't stop crying. I couldn't stop the trembling of my body. I was so scared. I almost fell down. I had no energy left. I cried the whole way to my apartment, I didn't care what the driver was probably thinking. I had bigger problems to worry about.


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