The German's Obsession

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Chapter 20


I looked at the long stairway taking in a deep breath. I could feeling the shaking of my fingers. It wasn't the long stairway that made me so nervous and ignited so much fear inside me. It was what was down the stairway. I had to keep my smile on my face, not only for the man waiting for me down the stairway but also for our esteemed guests now all watching me.

I slowly walked down the steps taking my time and keeping my eyes on him and him alone. I was so nervous. All of my friends and family - which only consisted of my mother - were here. Sylas has been in a crazy good mood today, I think I might have seen him smile at someone who wasn't me once today but maybe I was seeing things. I was uneasy.

I didn't like this change of mood from him, he was a very fucked up person and him suddenly changing like this was bad for everyone in this room, myself included. I didn't want to do anything to provoke him, I wasn't willing to take any chances. I don't think I could take anymore psychotic behaviour from Sylas. I was tired, both physically and mentally.

Above all I was relieved Kutcher wasn't here. I didn't want to lose anyone close to me to this psychopath. I had to make sure nothing went wrong there was too much at stake.

He has been awfully quiet the past few days. I was hesitate on going with his mother to search for a dress for my engagement party. I thought maybe I would catch a small sign of nervousness from him seeing as I would be spending so much of time alone with his mother. We could plan everything perfectly behind his back. But there was nothing not even a single shred of nervousness in him. Instead I was the nervous one between us.

While shopping with his mother she didn't once bring it up. She had promised me she would not bring up or speak about anything that would make me uncomfortable and I was grateful for that. Aside from everything his mother was just like her son. I could see so much of resemblance between them in character. Except she wasn't as batshit crazy like her son. I still kept some kind of distance because at this point I trusted no one at that kind of level but my views on her seemed to change for the better.

I didn't quite understand her but from Anita, who after doing a double check on me and decided I was no threat, had no problem with me anymore. Her mother was just crazy as her father if not more. Apparently Sylas' father killed her then boyfriend and she ended up killing his supposedly fiance that he wasn't even going to marry because of her. I, myself, don't even know how that turned into love. That was part of the reason why I stayed wary of her too. Because just because I haven't seen her crazy side doesn't mean she doesn't have one.

I didn't even wish to have a two minute talk with her husband his aura was just like his sons only Sylas was not really a peoples person. His father seemed to know how to socialise but he also never smiled. Ha, it must be a family thing. His brother seemed normal out of the family, he was clearly the most outgoing but he gave me chills because I felt like he was the type to kill people while smiling. Smiling was something he wasn't afraid to do but there was just something about his smile.

The family I was about to marry into willingly was clearly something out of a nightmare. I must have been a serial killer in my previous life. I tried convincing Sylas marriage was a sham but he seriously believes in it and I felt things would definitely change after we got married. He took marriage seriously.
I didn't understand why because he didn't know the first thing about sanity and love.

The white lavish silky dress I had on now seemed heavier than before. It was really beautiful but I wasn't fully on board with it because I felt like it gave me a preview on what was about to happen. Sylas' mother has already started addressing the wedding facade. I honestly wasn't there. My steps seemed to falter and my heart beat picked up. I was close to getting to Sylas. Too close. I watched his blue eyes trained on me, a shiver running down my spine. The way he was looking at me I was a hundred percent sure that not even in my wildest dreams would he let me go.

I could feel the many eyes on me as I took my slow and conscious steps downstairs my eyes solely on the man waiting for me. I was scared my anxiety would make me trip and fall so I had to be careful and slow. The gaze from the audience didn't hold a candle to Sylas' strong gaze. I took his hand into mine as he met me on the last step. Immediately his hand wrapped around my waist as he possessivily pulled me closer to him. I complied his scent sending bells in my head.

My mother seemed very happy and pleased about Sylas. Surprised at first but very much pleased. At this point I didn't care as long as she was happy and as long as she thought I was in good hands I was more than content. I didn't want her involved. I would rather die than to get her involved. Yes we had our disagreements but for the life of me I couldn't even bare the thought of anything bad happening to her.

She seemed so happy, she was socialising with Sylas' family. At this point I felt like a little girl again I wanted to cry in her arms and tell her all my problems so she could easily wipe my tears and problems away. Weirdly I wished my dad was here. I wish he could also see me at my engagement party even though he wouldn't be happy of the circumstances neither was I but I just wanted him to see the woman he raised. I missed him so much.

I took in a deep breath closing my eyes for a second telling myself my friends and family just need to make it out of that big door. I needed to compose myself. I needed to be on my game. I innocently smiled as I looked up as Sylas feeling his gaze on me. His eyes were terrifying. The hue of his eyes seemed to intensify the darkness in his eyes.

I ignored my racing heart and faced audience. Everyone was coming to us with congratulations, of course with no idea what happens behind the curtains. I was sure that even if they did know they wouldn't be able to help, they would be forced to turn the other way. It was pretty clear how powerful the Harmans were even if one didn't know about their empire in the dark world. They had the kind of power that was well known without doubt.


I was proud of myself. Actually more than proud I was able to make everyone happy all at once including my psychopath of a fiance, which never seemed to possible these days. Even though I never really understood why Onetta would have insinuated that I have a child, I never really held anything against her, although I had decided to stay clear of everyone. Watching from afar she wasn't one to dabble in anyone's business but her family's safety was her priority.

When I say she minds her own business I mean Sylas could litearrly drag me across the kitchen with my hair while Onetta sat on one of the chairs eating her food and going through her phone. I was obviously mad at first but I realised I shouldn't expect any sort of help or anything from people I don't know. At times I liked that she minded her own business.

I lifted the slender glass filled with spiked juice to my lips, oh how I had missed my alcohol. As I was sitting down on one of the tables with the cold wind brushing against my exposed skin, the party continued outside, I froze adjusting my eyes. It couldn't be. Maybe I was seeing things. I choked quickly holding my breath and tried to control my coughing.

I had asked Sylas to take a minute to myself I was tired of standing and socialising. I was glad he understood and let me sit because I felt like I would faint. I looked around trying to see if anyone else saw me choking. When I caught no one staring my eyes moved back to the man in a black suit in the house. I could see him through the glass sliding door. There were people around him and he was far but I knew exactly who he was. Kutcher.

I looked at Sylas, and then looked back at the man looking at me. My legs couldn't move. If I decided not to move and go to him than Sylas would not be able to make up a reason to put me back in hospital. But I had to warn him. I had to warn him about everything and tell him face to face that he had to let everything go including myself. I watched him subtly motion for me to follow. I quivered in fear my eyes slowly trailing to Sylas. I couldn't.

I couldn't move. My mind went to Sylas actually seeing him here. I knew I would somehow be blamed and harmed I had to get him out of here as soon as possible. But what if Sylas caught me while I was with him and got the wrong idea. My head was buzzing. Maybe Kutcher would stay in the shadows and leave if I ignored him. My head buzzed a little. I had secretly drunk tonight, there was too much pressure I wouldn't have been able to get through it sober.

I wish. I knew Kutcher and I knew he would never do that. There was a greater chance of him coming to me and exposing himself if I ignored him. I could feel my leg start to shake in frustration. There was no peaceful outcome in any scenario involving Sylas and Kutcher in my mind. I was screwed. I had to act now and I had to act fast.

Without thinking I slowly got up and descretly moved towards him. I followed him without question; the way not even clear anymore because I just needed to speak to him. I can't believe I had to think about warning him. He has always been there for me and I was a hundred percent sure that if he was in my shoes he would do the same. I felt tears rush down my face as I thought about us. We have been through so much I wanted to still see him settle down and have kids and everything. I couldn't believe my life.

I walked into the room with no sense of direction as I wiped the tears. I jumped turning around when the bang of the door sounded across the room. I watched him look at me. Emotions rushing through his eyes. I couldn't keep away anymore as I jumped into his arms. I thought he would push me away but he embraced me with so much warmth I started sobbing in his arms. They felt warm and safe.

When I took a whiff of his cologne my body immediately relaxed. His arms felt so familiar and warm I couldn't help but tighten my arms around him. A minute passed the silence between us comforting as I lay my head on his chest. I wanted to savour this moment. I wanted it to last forever. I don't remember the last time I felt this safe or at peace.

"We need to go." his voice filled the room making me gulp still hooked to him. I slowly released myself from his embrace.

"Kutcher. It was nice seeing you and we don't have time but you need to leave and forget about me. You need to leave and never look back." I said my eyes solely focused on his.

"I'm not leaving this place without you. I can't for the life of me understhand why you are here, I have my suspicions but we will talk once we get out of here. Haile what you need to understand is that I will not leave without you." I felt like I was getting stabbed in the chest countless of times. I could feel my chest tightening up.


"Why are you here?" he asked slowly. Didn't he just-. He wouldn't understand, he would never understand he would rather die fighting. Sylas would kill him.

I didn't want to lie I didn't want to put his life at risk but I also knew the truth would do him no good. He's a Detective he knows how powerful Sylas is he was just stubborn but so was Sylas and Sylas killed people. Sylas is a monster that I wanted nowhere close to anyone I cared about.

I stood for a minute contemplating what to do. Should I tell him the truth or lie. I didn't like lying to him it felt suffocating but I also didn't want to lose him. Would he believe me if I said I'm in love. Would he believe me if I said I was here on my own accord. I highly doubted it and I didn't want him to view me as a different person but his life was more important to me than what he thought of me.

For a second being mean to him and shutting him out occured to me but I knew that wouldn't work. It didn't work before why would it work now. I remember needing peace and just wanting to be alone. I was hurting, it was after a huge fight with my mom and I decided to go to my dad's cabin. I felt like I couldn't do whatever I was doing with her anymore.

Kutcher followed me all the way there. He didn't seem to understand that I wanted to be alone even though at the time It wasn't good for my mental health, alcohol was my only companion. I just wanted to drown my sorrows and forget. Kutcher seemed persisitant and annoying at the time. I tried being mean and distant but he didn't leave in fact I think that encouraged him even more to get to me.

So much was running through my head but I concluded that lying to him seemed as the best option right now but I still didn't think he would believe me. I blinked a few times looking into his eyes, I needed to get this right. I needed to do this for him. It doesn't matter how much I despised doing it. It was for him and at this point I would do anything to get him out of here alive.

"I-" it was harder than I thought. I was disappointed in myself. I realised I was just taking myself in circles we didn't have time. I thought at this point I would have mastered the art of deceit but clearly not. The words were stuck in my throat. I felt so much pressure, my head was pounding. I had to hurry up and get him out of here plus my inner self was having a battle with myself. The thought of lying to him seemed harder than I anticipated.

"I don't have an explanation but you have to trust me." My tongue seemed to have a mind of it's own. He didn't seem touched by my words. I took a deep breath and took a step towards him taking his hands into mine. That seemed to grab his attention.

"Kutcher. I can't tell you why I am here but I need you to leave. I have my reasons as to why I'm here and I need you to trust me. I need you to leave and never look back." I said making sure to look him in the eye he needed to understand how serious I was.

"No. We both know how dangerous it is to be here. Let's go and you know I will not be leaving without you." my head seemed to be spinning. What part of - I didn't understand why he wouldn't listen and leave. Couldn't he see the desperation and fear in my eyes. I moved from him pouring myself a drink and pushing it back. I closed my eyes for a second enjoying the slight burn at the back of my neck. The noise in my head seemed to quieten down a bit.

"Months Haile. Months. I have so many questions but I would prefer asking you them once we are out of this house." his voice seemed heavy and sad. I understood why he would feel this way but I was more aggravated that he wouldn't see how desperately I needed him to comply with me right now.

The alcohol in my system seemed to give me the push I needed. I was ready to bend over lying, I didn't feel so heavy inside anymore thinking about it. I just needed to make him believe that I would leave with him, that was easier than pushing him away. I was tempted to pour another one but I stopped I didn't need Sylas finding out I had alcohol. Sylas!

I tried controlling the panic that flooded my body at the thought of his name. When I looked up I realised Kutcher had been speaking and he was now closer than I would prefer. I felt like Sylas was always watching me. I moved back. We have spent more than enough borrowed time in here. I was sure Sylas would start looking for me any second now we had to leave. Maybe I could slip him out. Everyone was outside. I looked at Kutcher I didn't have time for this.

"Okay Let's go." I said looking at him straight in the eye. A bad feeling from the pits of my stomach spread throughout my body like wild fire I had to take a deep breath in to compose myself. The care and love in his eyes was also overwhelming. I felt like shit. But I would rather I feel like shit than to see him slaughtered in front of me.

"I'm sorry. Kutcher. I'm sorry for everything. I promise to explain everything when we get home. Let's go." he didn't seem relived as I thought he would be.

"Haile. Whatever is going on I promise to help you. You know I would never let you down. Talk to me." he said. I'm sure he could see the brim of tears in my eyes. Not now. I had to compose myself. I thought everything was going according to plan. I didn't want him throwing questions at me right now. I don't understand why he decided to ask now because he said he would wait until we were out of here. Which wasn't going to happen.

"I know. I trust you. Somethings are just hard getting out. I missed you." I genuinely said looking at him. I saw him let down his guard vulnerability filling his eyes.

"I missed you too." he said pulling me into an emotional hug. I didn't want to let go. I felt like this would be the last time I will ever hug him. I felt like sobbing but I held my sobs back letting a few tears flow down my cheeks.

"After we leave we will go to my brothers Island where we will be untraceable because I know you wouldn't be in this house willingly. If it's money they want I will gladly give it to them but we will never set foot on their land ever again." he said his hands on my cheeks as he looked at me while speaking. Every word he spoke felt so promising. I couldn't help the little faith and hope I felt at the moment. I knew better but I couldn't help but dream.

I slwoly nodded my head as he smiled at me before kissing my forehead. I lead him out making sure to release his hand once we were out of the room. I looked around for any sign of trouble as we went down the hallway. I had a bad feeling in my stomach. I could still hear the soft music coming from outside.

When we reached the top of the stairway I realised there wasn't a soul downstairs where a few people had liggered earlier on. I stood still feeling my soul leave my body, I had spoken too soon. Sylas stood alone with this big sharp sword in his hand. The way he held it made it look like it belonged in his hand. He wasn't smirking nor smiling. At this instant I wished I wasn't living. I couldn't even turn around to look at Kutcher. I was so petrified I forgot how to breathe.

After that everything seemed to be a blur I somehow blacked out when I came back the sight of Sylas slicing Kutcher open paralysed me. I seemed to be going in and out of consciousness. Everything was buzzing. I couldn't move. I was somehow on the floor. I assumed it was sobs that came out of mouth as my hearing seemed to be broken I couldn't hear a sound but I was sure of the sound that I was producing as I watched Sylas wrap Kutcher's intestines around my neck as he dragged me somewhere. I couldn't do anything. I was paralysed in fear. I couldn't even speak. The way Sylas was looking at me convinced me he would kill me.

He wasn't making a sound, my hearing was back and there was dead silence around us. The only sound I could hear was coming from my mouth. My eye sight was dark. The image of him slicing Kutcher open replaying in my head. I could feel his blood all over me. Adnd just like that everything became dark. When my sight came back. His mom was taking me somewhere. When we walked into the room Kellita was there and she immediately embraced me and held me as I cried. I didn't know what was going on. I felt so alone, scared and confused.

I felt like I was dreaming I couldn't believe what I just saw. My heart rate spiked up as everything kept on replaying itself in my mind. I seemed to pass out because when I woke up again it was just me and Sylas. I couldn't speak. I think I forgot how to speak I couldn't remember what to do if I wanted to beg for my life. I couldn't move. All I could do was cry. I couldn't recognize where I was and that scared me even more. There was a dead look in Sylas' eyes. The only thing heavily running through my mind was how much I wished I was dead.


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