The German's Obsession

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Chapter 23

I blinked, once, twice and then thrice. There was so much of ringing. What happened, I groaned shutting my eyes at the pain from my head. I tried looking around but I found it quite hard to move anything right now. Everything then came rushing back to me. My chest constricted and I couldn't breath. I felt like I would lose consciousness again. I didn't even know how long I was out before.

The sharp pain on the side of my stomach brought me back. I wanted to scream, but bit my tongue as I held onto the side of my stomach, I felt wetness which caused me to be on alert I brought my band back to my view. Blood. My blood. I held onto the wound as I looked around. The car was on fire and I was a good distance far from it. I couldn't see Sylas anywhere.

The strong urge to cough overtook my senses. Everytime I coughed I felt like all my energy was being depleted on the simple act. Coughing hurt. I felt dizzy as I moved my head to the side and back. I tried calming my mind and heart. It wasn't racing, thinking about it my whole body seemed calm, everything aside from my brain. My heart should be racing because of how panicked my mind was.

My eyes felt heavy as I tried keeping them open. I couldn't. No matter how hard I tried. I didn't have the energy. I was fighting a lost battle. I was barely breathing, I could feel how hard it was for my lungs to function. The smoke from the burning car was affecting me. I closed my eyes not being able to keep them open anymore. A memory flooded my mind leaving a ghost of a smile on my face.

"Making you happy is what I will live for but if you fail to listen I will make you listen."

"So what I am hearing is that you would do anything to make me happy." he chuckled looking at me. I was focusing on the positive from now on. Right, the positive.

"If you put it like that." he said looking at me from his work from his table. Today I was spending the day with him in his office, he was working and I was very chatty and bored. Nonetheless he didn't kick me out.

"Can I paint our room pink? " I asked causing his smile to drop.


"But we were on such a good path, Sylas don't be mean." I didn't even like the colour pink but I figured it wouldn't hurt to mess with his space.

"The colour is too fucking bright. You can repaint the whole house if you want to but no bright colours." he said sternly looking at me and making me look at him. I bit my lip holding a smile from breaking out. But he probably wasn't serious I doubt he would allow me to do that to his house, his kitchen was already sufferinng because of me.

I laughed before freezing.

"W-wait really? "

"Yes." his eyes were now back to his papers that he was occupied with. He seemed to be juggling his work and I pretty easily.


"This is your house Mäuschen." that was the last thing I heard before I discreetly raced out his office. I didn't want him to see how excited I was but I failed at that hearing a chuckle behind me as I exited his door. I've had so many ideas and one of the rooms would definitely be pink.

I roughly coughed my eyes opening in pain. I hated the good memeries of Sylas that's why I kept them buried, I was afraid I would fall for him so I kept the pain full ones at the top of my head. I remember Kairo coming for a visit and finding one of the rooms pink immediately asking his brother what was going on. Sylas had just rubbed his eyes and looked at me before telling Kairo the house belonged to me. No-I refuse to think of that or that smile that was stuck on my face for the entire week. Think of when he shot that man at dinner. My eyes felt heavy as they closed on their accord. My mind drifting.

I remember when he taught me how to make a perfect omelette I'm not embarrassed to say that I've burnt countless of eggs trying to make Sylas and myself breakfast. It was a messy day but it was one of those days I would forever cherish. I think he still had a little scar on his hand when I burnt him trying to flip over the egg on the pan. Yet again he didn't seem to realise how much of a danger I was to anyone around me when I was in the kitchen. Even smiling seemed like too much of a job.

My brows furrowed as I felt hands on my cheeks before they quickly went for my vital organs the person probably checking if I was still alive and by their scent I knew exactly who they were. His scent was mixed with the heavy scent of blood, it made me nauseous, even though I was fading.

"Mäuschen I need you to open your eyes." the heavy emotion on his voice caught me of guard. Still void but with emotion, I couldn't exactly explain it but I knew Sylas enough to know. If I had the power right now over the opening and closing of my eyes I wouldn't have opened them just to let him lose his mind.

His arms wrapped around my body as he held me close to him. Was it bad that I wanted him to cry and regret his actions as I die in his arms. If I see some sort of light I was damn sure going to it. No, scratch that running towards it. I didn't even know if Sylas was capable of crying, in my mind it didn't sound possible but I do hope he would hurt.

"Haile. I need you to open your eyes for me. -Mäuschen." he paused his breathing becoming very slow as he tightened his hold on me. He paused for a second, I was conscious of everything but I couldn't seem to move my limbs my hand was now dangling from Sylas' arms. I didn't like this, if I was dying I just wanted darkness and if I was living than so be it.

This was actually surprising to me. Sylas was asking me to open my eyes like his life depended on it. It was the first time since meeting him that I've heard so much emotion from him. Surely I was dying. Where was my light. Oh my god was I going to hell. It's been a while now in this darkness in my head but no light. I started to pan-

"Haile open your fucking eyes." the man holding me commanded, the darkness in his voice sending shock waves to my body. My body on it's own accord obeyed. I didn't know how but suddenly my eyes were open as I looked at those pure blue eyes-pure. This is another first for me. I coughed trying to sit up but Sylas beat me to it. He quickly scooped me into his arms, his eyes now trained on my wound.

The kiss from him to my forehead seemed distant as I looked at his shirt covered in blood. I think he was still bleeding. The wound was on his shoulder. Was I being a baby because my body hurt and I just wanted to go into a coma and come back when I was fine. Sylas didn't look like he was in pain. Even his stance looked confident and ready to fight as he scanned the area.

"Mäuschen listen to me." he commanded as I snapped my eyes towards his.

"I need you to keep your eyes open for me. Don't close them no matter what. Do you understand?" he asked making me nod. I bit my lip when the pain from my wound became more unbareable now that my eyes were opened it seemed like all feeling in my body was coming back. I didn't like this. It hurt.

I don't know where we were headed as I was focused on the star filled sky and trying to bare the pain shooting through my body. I felt like there was something stuck inside the wound. When Sylas stopped I seemed to be pulled out of my thoughts as I looked at him but he wasn't looking at me. I turned to the direction of his now dark eyes and found another pair of blue eyes staring at us. - A replica in fact.

His mother. A gun in her hand and madness in her eyes. I should have known the craziness ran in the family.

"Your pistol or her head." she said, Sylas slowly put me down and hid me behind his body. He stood straight as if he wasn't bleeding or wounded. His stance terrifying.

"My pistol is in the burning car." he sated unbothered.

"Are you going to beg for your life son?" she asked loading it. Sylas looked unbothered for himself but as for me he seemed hesitant. He kept on making sure I was behind him and still had my eyes open.


"-This is between you and I, let her go." he said sternly. His mother chuckled before taking a pause the wheels in her head turning.

"On second thought, Haile let's go sweetheart. " Sylas looked at me one last time. His face emotionless. I started walking towards his mother as he stood a few feet behind me. I could tell he was forcingvl his body to stay still. My heart tugged as I took steps towards his mother.

"Now tell me son, Why should I care about your loved ones when you killed mine." she said before pulling the trigger, aimed at me. Time seemed to slow down as I closed my eyes. My body hit the ground as three shots were fired. The silence that followed it was suffocating. Sylas protectively wrapped his body against mine as we rolled on the grass that was now painted in his blood.

I couldn't breathe as his unmoving body covered my own. Neither could I stop the tears. What the hell just happened. My heart beat was beating in my ears as my eyes popped out at the sight.

I was literally questioning my after life not a minute ago and then all of a sudden... What was going on. This couldn't be real. If it was too good to be true then why did I feel like my insides were on fire. I felt like I was slowly dying. The pain from my stomach was nothing compared to the one I was feeling now.

"Sylas." I whispered a huge lump on my throat as I lay frozen on the ground. I was scared to move because then everything would have to be real. I wanted to touch him I wanted to shake him I wanted to - I - I wanted to do something anything but I couldn't move.

"Sylas. -" I breathed out slowly. My body shaking.

I felt someone pull me from him. I couldn't keep my eyes off him as I cried. His mother pulled me along whispering to me that everything would be okay as if she didn't just try and kill me. I let her lead me to the car that I only now realised was not so far from us. The same car that drove us off the road. I could feel my wound bleeding but I seemed to be now numb because this one pain inside my chest took over my entire body. The rest felt like little stings.

The car started and still I didn't seem to have grasped what had just happened. Sylas. He's gone. Just like that. The car was going at a incredibly slow pace which I didn't bother question. Shouldn't I be happy. Why wasn't I happy. Why would he use himself as a shield to protect me did he think he was fucking immune to fucking bullets. Stupid German psychopath. Whom I hated. Hated.

Then why did it hurt so much. I know I didn't love him anymore, I didn't know what I felt for him. But it was deeper than I thought it was. The click of a gun brought my attention back to me. His mothers gun was now directed at me, again. I held my breath looking at her, her image blurred because I couldn't stop crying.

"This isn't personal sweetheart but in my family we take the saying an eye for an eye pretty seriously."

"B-but - you already killed him." I said shifting from her, holding onto my bleeding numb wound. You had to fucking leave me you psychopath now I wad stuck with your crazy mother.

"I know. Now it's your turn." I was so tired of this family. I looked around trying to find anything to help me fend for myself but was disappointed. I quickly kicked the gun off her hand something she definitely didn't expect, neither did I. Let's just go with adrenaline. I quickly opened the door and rolled out.


Why did they make it seem so simple in movies. I couldn't move but I had to. I had to run. My muscles completely shut me out and refused my command. I picked myself up and ran after a long period breathing, our crash sight wasn't that far of. I just wanted to cry in that monsters arms and I somehow expected him to make everything okay. I fell tripping on a rock. I wrapped my hand around the rock wanting to take out my misery on it and hurt it but froze at her presence, I could feel her standing before me.

I turned around looking up at her the rock still in my hand as I hid it behind myself. What did I honestly do to deserve this. Now I was fighting for the life I didn't want a few minutes ago. She was definitely going to shoot me and taking her up in a fight would be stupid.

"For what it's worth I'm sorry." she said before she could move I threw the rock her way aiming at her face but it hit her boob. Sylas taught me better but it would have to do she slouched and I quickly got up taking the gun from her. I was so tired of people thinking I was this helpless girl who couldn't fend for herself. God was definitely on my side today I didn't want to count my chickens before they hatched, I just had no idea it would work.

I felt so angry, so hurt, so empty. And at the same time I felt angry at myself for all these emotions. This shouldn't be about him but it was and it has been and it will always be. I wished I was numb. I aimed my gun at his mother and I knew I had to be fast because if I gave her even a second this gun will be back in her hands and with a bullet in between my eyes.

"You wouldn't-" I shot her leg before she could finish her sentence, one thing Sylas taught me how to handle was a gun. I didn't want his lessons but they sure did help me. Sylas- I didn't turn back as I ran. I didn't know where I was going but it would be far from here. I needed to disappear.

I wouldn't even check on Sylas I might have discovered some traumatic feelings today but I would not set myself back. At this point I didn't care about my feelings I cared about my mind. My conclusion - I needed a psychologist. I was free, for now. Although he will forever be in my dreams and nightmares I will forever put myself and my mental health first.

Because as much as I didn't like admitting it but I am his wife I belonged to him that I knew even in my sleep he made sure but before I am his wife, I am my father's daughter.

I wiped the gun of my handprints and tossed it far from the side of the road as I ran in the opposite direction. I had no home, no friends, nothing as far as I knew. I wouldn't risk anyone's life so I was on my own. And on my own I would do my best to survive. After all I did learn a thing or two from my husband.


Okay so please don't come for the author because she told y'all this was a short story-which was extended - but sadly we have come to the end of this short story.


Tell me what y'all think.


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