The German's Obsession

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Haile moved effortlessly around the kitchen as she cleaned up the mess on the floor. The paint was starting to get to her but not fully because she still found it cute. She yawned, today was her day off but she didn't seem to be getting any rest not that she was complaining. Okay maybe she was complaining a little bit.

Since early in the morning she has been dragged around and had to keep up with stories that didn't make much sense at all. She sighed at least now she was being given a little break but she could be called to duty any second so she wouldn't hold her breath. The little paint footsteps on the floor made her smile. The little artist of hers was really just living in her own world.

The rascal was taking a little nap after a lot of playing and running around. Andrea. Her daughter. Her entire world.
She remembers when she found out that she was pregnant. She was surprised confused but also calm because she had once thought about the possibility. She had stopped thinking that she could predict Sylas. When she asked the doctor about her implant, the doctor had told her that there was no trace of the implant.

She was shocked. Even six feet under the man still had a part in her life. She didn't remember the implant being removed. She didn't want to think back. She didn't want to think about what Sylas did. She was so scared and confused but Andrea was the best thing that has ever happened to her. She didn't even question herself if she would keep the baby she already knew she would.

Haile was in a very bad place before her daughter. Her daughter made a lot of things clear in her life, even though her life seemed meaningless she would never take her own life that she knew. She would think about it here and there every now and then but she would never no matter. She survived Sylas so she could survive anything, that was her mantra after successfully escaping that crazy family.

Her daughter brought light and life in her life. She encouraged her to work harder for her daughters sake. Before leaving Germany she gathered some cash she had stashed away when Sylas had let her have a mini three month vacation without him, left Germany and disappeared. She made a new life and name for herself. Everything she does was for her daughter with a little help from Bella she was untraceable.

It was rough at first, after a month into her new life all she had were dreams of Sylas, not nightmares but dreams. She would wake up and find tears in her eyes. Her brain seemed to be focused on his death more than his devil of a self. In a way she doesn't believe that she truly escaped him because every time she looked at her daughter she saw him.

She remembers her heart stopping after she gave birth and had held Andrea in her arms for the first time when she opened her eyes, she was her father's daughter. Her then smáll blond hair which has now grown into a mane that she didn't want touched. They had to fight every time when it was time to braiding, or combing her hair. Andrea also didn't like sitting still for more than five minutes which made it even more difficult.

Because of this one would think she would also hate Andrea because of her resemble to her father but Haile didn't. Something that she would never admit to anyone not even herself was that she missed a part of Sylas but she was truly happy that they were all gone. She knew couldn't just have a part of him without his other demon parts which she hated so she honestly thought it was for the best. She didn't spend a lot of time in the kitchen it made her miss Sylas and she felt low for thinking that. No more experiments, even the thought broke her heart but she was learning to live with it.

She currently resided in Egypt but she still didn't feel safe enough especially when out with her daughter, she was afraid someone would recognise them because anyone with eyes who knew Sylas could tell Andrea was Sylas' daughter, she had tried dying her daughters hair after the doctor approved but to no avail, it's not long before her blond mane turns back.

She eventually just left it like that. Plus Andrea didn't like when her mother would change her hair colour, she liked her natural hair colour because she claimed she looked like Mr Blue her imaginary friend whom she loved. Haile at first didn't understand this whole idea
with imaginary friends because she never had one but after Bella, the sweet woman who helped her with everything when she first came here and now was helping her with Andrea when she was off to work spoke to her, she eased into the idea.

She was better now than before plus Haile was in love with Mr blue because her daughter seemed to do anything she needed her to do if Mr Blue was involved, even eating veggies just because Mr Blue said they were good for her. She was grateful for her imagination. It was kind of hard restarting her life and getting used to being alone, the hardest part was severing ties with her mom.

They basically had no one in this world. Her baby had no family, just her because she would be damned if she even for a second considered Sylas' crazy part of the family as family.

She sighed looking at her now clean floor she was finally done. She gave Bella the weekend of because she would be here. As she washed her hands and put everything away she heard little footstep rushing down into the kitchen.

"No running in the house." she said not turning around. She smiled as the footsteps stopped before walking at a fast pace.

"Mom! Mom! -" she turned around to her baby girl jumping around with a new toy she didn't recognize in her arms.

"Look what Mr Blue gave me!" she said excitingly. She smiled crouching down to her daughter. The way that her daughters eyes alone lit up made her instantly smile. She completely disregarded the fact that she didn't know of this new toy as she looked at her daughter as her mind registered everything she assumed Bella left her another toy yet again. Haile was truly grateful for Bella who had now became like family to her.

She looked at the beautiful stuffed lion. It was cute. Andrea was obsessed with lions. She couldn't stop babbling on about them ever since she watched the movie Simba. Haile was sure she didn't understand the whole thing properly yet she was young but she seemed so engrossed and pulled in whenever she would put the movie on, so she wasn't so sure. That was the only time Andrea would sit still for more than 30 minutes. Haile has lost count of how many times they have watched that movie.


He looked at his family with a sense of longing in his heart as he smiled at the scene. His eyes wouldn't leave the screen even as the sound of his phone filled the air. At first he didn't understand the emotion that took over him when ever he looked at his baby. His Andrea. She was his copy and he couldn't help the pride that seemed to overtake his being every time he looked at her. He seemed to be entranced by the little thing that was always jumpy and very curious.

Sylas still didn't understand how he could love someone so much. He was willing to do anything for his daughter and Haile, his Mäuschen. He wanted to make her happy regardless of everything. Even if it meant making sacrifices and doing things he wouldn't be happy about he chose to silence and reason with his inner demons. They were always right but when it came to Haile and Andrea they all seemed to agree to put them first. Although it was in ways Haile wouldn't agree with but it was something.

His family was still a bit off about Haile but they wouldn't do anything. They knew he would kill them if they tried anything and as for his mother, his father got involved and he respected his father. His father came to him personally after he woke up from his coma and told him personally if the feud between him and his mother continued and if they try and hurt each other again he would kill them.

Sylas knew his father was serious. When he woke up his mother was nowhere to be found, his father claimed he needed sometime to remind her who he is. Sylas knew if he had took the gun from his mother and put a bullet through her his father would never rest until he killed Haile, just like he wouldn't have let his mother live if anything would have happened to his wife. Yes he was his son but at the end of the day, it was his mother that they were talking about.

They were alike like that and for the sake of Haile and his unborn baby he chose Haile. For the first time in his life he chose her and he was happy with his decision.

He couldn't have risked anything happening to his wife. His father didn't understand his strategy neither was he happy about it even though he was obsessed with his grandchild. Sylas shook his head, Haile was very inattentitive. Andrea already met her grandpa many times. He has never seen his father laugh so much. She called him 'pow pow' and for now he was okay with her calling him Mr Blue he didn't want to freak out his wife.

Sylas was glad his daughter loved his gift. He couldn't wait for Haile to go to work so he could go and spend time with his daughter. Jolene known to Halle as Bella one of his body guards and one of the best, She was sent by Sylas to look after his family so it wouldn't be a problem. Before Sylas came back to German with Haile after his mother helped her flee the country he had set a plan out for her disappearance because he knew his mother.

Jolene was in charge of that plan, the only person aside himself that has known and helped Haile with her every move was Jolene, not a single member of his family had that information. While in a coma the only thing that had gone though Sylas' mind was his wife. When he woke up, he had to remind himself everyday that he swore to himself to do better and make her happy.

His father wanted him to take her, that was also what Sylas wanted, he thought about it every single day but he couldn't. He wanted to be human enough for Haile so as she calls it. Sylas tried psychologists but they didn't seem to understand that Haile was his very breath. They annoyed him insinuating he was crazy of course he knew that that wasn't the problem. He wasn't paying them to tell him what he already knew he was paying them to fix him for his wife so she could be happy with him.

They failed. For the first time in his life he had chose to wait even though he had the power to take Haile. It was very hard and his patience was running out but looking at them had motivated him and made him close to snapping at the same time. His child was now 2 years and six months, Sylas himself sometimes couldn't understand how he was still not with them. At first he thought he was fighting a losing battle but now he knew for sure. It wasn't until yesterday that everything was finally clear to him.

Yesterday marked the 24th psychologist he has been to that failed. His mind was spiraling and he almost set his course to home and home was where Haile and his daughter was. He had needed motivation. That's why he was in this room staring at his family through the screen, just like yesterday but the difference about today was that he now had some clarity. He really wanted to get better for Haile and by better he needed to be sure of himself that he wouldn't kill her one day and he didn't want to be the course of her tears.

In fact he wanted to plant her a garden of corpses of anyone who would dare make her sad. Not just anyone would understand but he understood, but he didn't think she would like that. The fact that he now thought deeply about it meant progress, but that's not from the psychologists that's from the time he had with himself in that coma his mother had put him in, Eight months is a very long time, when he woke up the gym became his only therapy session. The psychologists have failed and he himself has lost reason. He needed his family here.

He watched her pick up their baby walking around the house with her little pyjamas mocking him. He clenched his jaw controlling his breath. It was like Haile was deliberately making things hard for him. Sylas has missed her, he was even considering overlooking the fact that she threw his ring away at the first chance she got. Sylas was still Sylas at the end of the day the difference now was that he was willing to be more for her but for now she would have to deal with him.

Sylas swore to himself that he would deal with everything differently and he would try to be more understanding but one thing he would not and would never understand, was Hailes insinuation of any form of leaving him. He knew he would never accept that. He wanted to do better for her because she belonged to him and him alone.

Sylas thought surely Haile would see he has changed, he won't address the fact that she left even though he knew she needed to, it still evoked something in him. To himself that was progress. He was originally going to put her in a wheelchair for choosing his mother and letting her hide her but not anymore. He decided to let bygones be bygones, even with all that flowing through his mind he still didn't understand why she threw away his ring.

A smile made it's way to his face as his pilot announced their arrival in Egypt. Sylas softly shut his laptop and stood up ready to leave his jet. He had questions for his Mäuschen that needed answers. Aside everything, the conclusion he came up with last night was the only thing that made him see reason. Of course he should have known. No one would make him better for Haile, only Haile had the power to do that.

His only mission now was to let his wife guide him to being the man she wants him to be. He knew it would take time and she wouldn't leave without a fight but time was up and he wouldn't exactly be asking. He could only wait so long. He tried but everything failed him. As he got closer to her he could feel himself spiraling, it would take time but he was willing to take that time but only with Haile. It was time to get his family back.


The end.

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