The German's Obsession

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Chapter 3



I looked around the fancy restaurant trying to calm down. I was so glad that I was out of the house I could only take so much before I lose it. I sighed agreeing with myself in terms of really needing to get my life straight. I looked at the empty bottle of wine in front of me sighing in annoyance before asking the waiter to come over, asking for another glass of wine.

"Leave the bottle please." I said politely looking at the him. He nodded before going his way. What a waste of a good dress, I thought looking at the golden dress I had on before gulping down another glass of wine. If I continue like this I might actually end up with a drinking problem and honestly at this point that doesn't sound all bad.

I paused hearing the movement of someone taking a seat in front of me. I slowly looked up wanting to know who the intruder was, disturbing me of my me time. The man before me had me taking a minute break from my angry thoughts and honestly looking at him. Damn. He looked way too good to be true. I thought of the possibility of maybe being too drunk and hallucinating but I doubted it because I could handle my alcohol very well majority of the time.

"Uhm-Sir I think you have the wrong seat." I said not being able to hold his gaze for a long time as his beautiful deep blue eyes peered at me, the darkness in them made it hard to hold his stare and the dominance floating around him would make anyone uncomfortable in his presence. The word handsome did the man sitting before me no justice but there was also something about him that I couldn't place. Okay so maybe I was a little drunk but even though I was a little drunk I could tell that there was something terrifying about this man.

My mind couldn't physically let me stop discreetly stealing glances of the man every once in a while even though I couldn't hold his stare. My eyes slowly moved from my wine glass in front of me to his broad chest, I was jealous of the somewhat tight shirt on him showing of his built lean figure. I took my time analysing him. Okay maybe I wasn't completely myself. I tend to be very chatty and vulnerable when I'm drunk so I knew I needed to head home now.

His sharp jawline made my eye movement slow down not wanting to miss anything, his pink plumb lips immediately infiltrating my mind with thoughts that would surely keep me up at night. I avoided his eyes once again looking at his sandy blonde hair that made his eyes stand out. His hair was cut at the sides and it was longer at the top. At a point I thought of poking my index finger at his face to see if I truly wasn't hallucinating but thought against it because his presence alone made it clear.

Then suddenly a light bulb lit up in my mind. Mother. She probably had something to do with this. I could feel my inside start to boil. Couldn't I honestly have a few minutes to myself before she invades my space yet again with one of her friends sons.

"- She didn't - I know she didn't." I started looking around incredulously, I have concluded that this was obviously the work of my darling mother wow won't she just let me catch a break. The man's stare didn't seem to change as I quietly chuckled at myself in anger.

"Oh - can't she just leave me alone. How did she even find out where I was." I picked up my glass of wine gulping it down. This was my second glass and second bottle.

I've never liked lying but at times I had to otherwise I would go mad. I lied to my mother about having a date because I was tired of the blind dates she insists I go on every Saturday. Today I told her I already had a date.

"You know I'm trying here. I'm trying to be able to rebuild whatever so called relationship that she wants but nothing is going to help by trying to marry me off to some man every week."my heart felt heavy and my mouth wouldn't stop talking. I now knew for sure that I was drunk.

"I mean we had a good relationship once upon a time but that was before she decided to leave my dad and I, claiming she just needed space. Space! How can you possibly need space from your family. Your only child. I was devasted and I was only nine years old. My dad and I finally got used to the wound she left us with. We never really healed but as the days went by the pain became bearable."I continued sipping my wine looking elsewhere not liking having to go down memory lane, completely in my own world. The alcohol somehow made the pain lessen.

"When I lost my dad, I lost everything. That's when she decided to show up. I moved here to Germany with her needing a fresh start, the states reminded me of my dad and I just wanted to forget. Selfish I know but I don't deal well with pain. We were fine, we could never have that old relationship but we were fine but now every single chance she gets she pesters me about a man. "the look the man gave me made me stop my rambling. I paused looking at him yet again.

"Oh - I just basically told you my whole life story. I'm sorry for rambling. It's the alcohol." I said nervously chuckling and looking anywhere but him. I could feel my face warming up. I needed to head home.

"Mäuschen." The sound of his accent coated deep voice had me clutching my thighs, my breathing slowing down for a second. I quickly cleared my throat trying to stop the dirty thoughts about the man before me running through my mind, he owes me a new pair of panties. I definitely needed to stop drinking I thought as I took another sip.

"If alcohol makes you so vulnerable you shouldn't drink it out in public mäuschen. There are a lot of bad people lurking around who could take advantage of you." he seriously said still staring at me sending shivers down my spine. The way he said that made me uneasy. I dismissed the thought taking a sip yet again from my glass with my eyes glued to the table.

"I've basically told you my whole life story, your turn. Mystery man." I said desperately trying to change the topic when I felt the air around him change.

"What's your name Mäuschen?" his deep voice said demanding attention.

"-Haile. Haile Abrahams." I said holding out my hand, indicating I wanted to shake his hand. He took my small hand into his lightly shaking it, the contact of our bodies sending shivers down my spine as I looked at the contrast of my dark smooth skin in his.

"And Before you ask why Haile when my mom was pregnant with me she was obsessed with the hail after a hailstorm."

"Sylas." he only said, not giving me his surname causing me to frown.

"What is a little thing like you doing in this restaurant at this hour alone?"

"I'm not a little thing Sylas. I'm a grown woman just having her well deserved me time." I said watching how his eyes darkened when I said his name.

"It's your turn to tell me about yourself since I've practically told you about my whole life story. Lord I just hope you are not a crazy person who will end up killing me." I said sighing before widely smiling when I heard his gruff laughter. It made fireworks go off at the bottom of my stomach although I was still conscious of him.

"There isn't much to tell Mäuschen." he said. He looked at his watch before his whole face changed making me create more space between us. He looked menacing, scaerer than before.

"Hail." I immediately stopped all the thoughts running through my head looking at him. His voice was commanding and deep. His tone alone made shivers run down my spine.

"Go home. It's late Mäuschen I don't want you here for what is about to happen." he said looking at me taking away the glass in my hand. I pouted looking at my glass in his hand.

"But I -"

"I wasn't asking." he said making me shut up and take his hand, as he stood towering over me. I kept quiet as we walked out of the restaurant his scent making me dazed. I watched him call a cab for me. He looked so serious just talking on the phone and it was so damn attractive.

"Straight home Mäuschen." he said making me nod. I watched him as he lightly brushed my cheek, I let him while promising me that we would meet again soon. I got in the taxi with the thoughts of the mysterious man filling my mind. I told the man driving my address and thought about the man all the way to my apartment. As soon as I got home I went to sleep and just as I thought he would, the man took over my dreams.


I looked at the shot in front me. Okay maybe I might have a drinking problem. Today has been a long day just like every Sunday, I just came back from my mother's mandatory Sunday 'family' dinner. Today I woke up and we went to church after church I had a few hours to myself to brace myself before I go to the 'family' dinner. It was a long day indeed.

I gulped down another one thinking about the news this morning. The restaurant that I went to and met the mysterious handsome man, The restaurant was all over the news, it was truly a terrifying scene. Six men were believed to be gutted alive and their heads were placed on each table further apart. It was clearly a message.

It was honestly horrifying to think about and I felt so bad for the people that were so horrifyingly butchered and their families. I just thank the heavens that I wasn't there. I kept on asking myself if this whole thing was connected to Sylas telling me to go home. I was also really worried about him even though I had just met him. All these thoughts were pushed to the back of my mind when I had entered my mother's house. I can just feel a headache coming on just thinking about everything.

Of course it didn't go well it never does. I gulped another shot and tightly shut my eyes as the shot burned the back of my throat.

"Mäuschen you don't listen, what did I say about drinking this late and bad people?" a rough deep gruff accent coated voice said beside me sending shivers down my spine.

I quickly opened my eyes and looked at him. Even though I only met him once I could never forget his voice. No one could. I was glad to see him because I thought something bad had happened to him last night even though he looked like he could handle his own very well, I couldn't help but shiver at his presence, now that I wasn't drunk I could just see how intimidating he actually is. I thought the worry I had for him in my eyes would creep him out as I looked at him but strong emotions swirled in his deep eyes, emotions I couldn't put my finger on. I cleared my throat trying to get comfortable, feeling so small in his presence.

"What's wrong Mäuschen?" he asked taking a seat and taking all my lined up shots from me.

"Let this be the last time I see you drinking alcohol." he simply said telling the bartender to take them away and settling the bill that I was about to settle. The bartender took all the seven shots that were in front of him. I had only had two. He wasn't saying this in a friendly way, his tone was clear and it scared me.

"I - I'm just glad to see you, I was worried you got hurt yesterday. I saw the news." I wanted to argue about my shots but my mouth wouldn't let me. He chuckled at me.

He looked amused for a second, he then he easily brought the heavy bar chair I was on closer to him before pushing my long black straightened hair at the back of my ear. His intense stare still on me. I leaned into his embrace feeling a sense of safety which was weird because I didn't know this man that well.

"How is it that I'm so comfortable with you touching me yet I barely know you?" I sighed thinking out loud. He still intimidated me but I pushed the fear away thinking of yesterday convincing myself that he is still the same mysterious man from yesterday.

"Your body knows who it belongs to." he simply said causing my eyes to snap from his chest to his eyes. The amusement in his eyes calmed the red flags going off in my head but the way he said it still kept me on the edge. I think it was the lack of alcohol in my body because I don't remember being this scared of him yesterday.

"T- tell me more about yourself Sylas." I said thinking about calling the bartender over but quickly deciding against it as I peeked at him.

"There is nothing to tell Mäuschen." he simply said one of my hands still in his, I had tried retracting it but he only tightened his hold. I didn't mind, the skin contact gave me butterflies even though I was afraid to retract it again.

"There is always something to tell. You could start by why you are here, what your surname is, what you do for a living, what your favourite colour is, what you do for fun. Etcetera." I said looking at my hand in his again. He didn't say anything, he only stared at me.

"Okay let's start with the basics. What brings you here?" I asked wanting to hear him speak and trying not to squirm under his powerful stare. It did something to me.

"Personal affairs.” he simply said. The man was honestly naturally intimidating because even though he was calm, there was still that something about him.

"Okay... What do you do for a living?" I asked thinking maybe he would use full sentences to tell me about his job because people usually went on and on about their jobs. I had quickly decided that I didn't like it when he was quiet. His powerful dark aura was suffocating. Even the simple action of making eye contact with him was hard.

"I'm a business man." he said still being vague. I didn't like his short answers I basically told him everything yesterday, I blame the alcohol. I really needed to dial it down I thought to myself. Ironic because I was literally in a bar right now.

"What do you do for fun?" I finally asked feeling hope spark up in me when he smirked for the second time tonight.

"I kill people for fun." he simply said. I froze for a second looking at him before laughing out loud. At least he had some sort of sense of humor. He looked beyond amused as he chuckled at my small laughs.

If only I had known.



I watched the rain heavily falling from the sky, it represented a part of my emotions. The other huge part of them was the fear I felt rushing through me. I was deeply scared. If I could take it back I would but if I was put in the same position to leave Sylas just like the last time I would still choose to leave because if I hadn't left I don't think I would be breathing neither do I think I would have seen this day.

I spent the night at a hotel room and left after bathing and brushing my teeth, I couldn't eat. And I couldn't bring myself to sleep in my apartment because I know he has been there before. Sometimes I thought I was dreaming seeing him sit at the corner watching me, and sometimes I thought I was hallucinating again. I tried bringing myself to run away again but I couldn't. I couldn't risk anything. I remember him calling me through the phone his mother had given me before I tossed it away telling me to come home. I didn't listen. Why didn't I listen.

I felt my body tremble and tears furiously rush down my cheeks I couldn't tear my gaze from the table, as a figure sat in front of me. I was in the café Jane was not working and I was sitting at the back where no one could easily spot me. I wasn't facing the door. I slowly raised my eyes up to his, looking at the man sitting before.

"I-I just wanted a few more hours of freedom before he-I before I see him." I quietly said. Kairo didn't talk much neither did Sylas. I could already tell that he found this whole ordeal amusing. He was the amusingly sick one.

I discreetly turned my back when I heard a soft laughter in the half empty cafè. I felt the need to hide as I saw Mia talking to Mr Andrew's. Her beautiful creamy white skin was now red hue due to her laughing.

She was one of the people that I had sort of successfully kept away and I was glad I did. She was honestly just too kind. I really liked her and I was glad she wasn't as persistent as Aaliyah because there was no winning with Aaliyah. We usually marked papers together. Her dark brown hair was in a usually tight bun, her soft hazel eyes were wandering around. I quickly turned around.

"This is no longer exciting, the next visit will be from him in person. Your ride is awaiting you outside." he said seriously before staring at Mia a hard expression on his face. I slowly got up but Kairo never took his eyes of Mia which made me a little concerned. I knew that I would rather I go to him than he comes to me.

I clutched onto the jacket I had around myself. It was Jane's. I let myself into the back lockers in the cafè needing something to warm me up. I didn't change because I could barely grasp onto anything. I had woken up to a nightmare. But right now I knew I had no choice but to change into something else because Sylas would probably skin me alive for showing everyone what belonged to him.

I quickly and quietly made my way to the back quickly changing into a simple dress that was a little tight around me because nothing else of Jane's would fit me. We had different body types and she was slightly smaller than me. I made my way outside but not before saying a quick prayer and walking into the car that was awaiting me. My legs had stopped for a second before climbing into the black SUV. I was so scared, but the image of Sylas immediately got my body moving.

I could feel my stomach turn and myself start to sweat. The tears wouldn't stop running down my face and I haven't even seen him yet. I feared being in his presence. I wish I was able to go back in time and drag my ass out of that restaurant and bar. I didn't know how truly psychotic that man was until I messed with his possessive side.


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