The German's Obsession

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Chapter 4

I tried as hard as I could to blur out everything around me as I walked down the halls of the mental institute. I had a lot of questions but I knew I wouldn't get any answers neither would I ever utter the questions. Right now I just had to focus on trying not to die. I've been with Sylas for a while now but he still manages to surprise me. I wouldn't have ever thought I would ever see him in this place, even though he truly did belong here because this place was made just for him.

I knew there was more than to what met the eye. He was up to something and I had no interest in his business neither did I have the stomach for it. Plus I had my own problems to worry about. I had a lot of questions running through my mind. Would he kill me on sight, probably not he loved torturing people. One of the things I had painfully learned about my fiancé.

I looked at the guard escorting me. No questions were asked as soon as we entered this establishment no one said anything. In fact a lot of people looked the other way. I couldn't stop crying even though I knew crying wasn't going to stop the inevitable. I knew Sylas was here for a reason he probably admitted himself in here. But what I didn't know was why he didn't get one of his men to just do the job for him. It must be personal.

We finally came to a huge steel door on the second floor at the end of the suddenly dark hallway. I couldn't stop the images of Sylas' punishments flashing through my mind as I looked at the door. I have scars to show for. There was another guard at the door just looking straight ahead. I zoned out thinking of ways I could possibly get out of this deadly situation I knew that whether I liked it or not, I would feel his wrath.

I was pulled out of my thoughts when the heavy thick steel door was opened by the guard. I noted that the other guard that drove me here was nowhere to be seen. The feeling of hopelessness sunk its fangs into me. From where I was standing the room I was about to go into looked spacious and beyond decent. Too descent for a normal patient. I wasn't surprised. I looked at the emotionless guard before me.

"Please don't close the - door." I pleaded with him begging him with my eyes but no sign of emotion flashed through his. He didn't even look at me. I wanted to stay and beg further for the door to be kept open but I knew the kind of patience that Sylas had.

I cautiously stepped into the room silently breathing out loud to stop my self from having a heart attack from the speed of my racing heart. I could feel his powerful intimidating presence before I could even spot him. I jumped and quickly turned around when I heard the door shut close. I wanted to scream and shout begging the man to open the door and not leave me in here alone with him but I couldn't. I was scared. I didn't want to use my voice because I was scared he would hear me. I silently cried looking at the door my hands planted against it.

"Want to leave me so soon Mäuschen." it didn't sound like a question more like a statement. Even with everything he has put me through I couldn't control myself around him. His voice was still the same deep alluring voice that once made me clench my thighs. For a second I couldn't move, I had leaned onto the door for support because my legs betrayed me. The fear running through me, slowly drowning me.

I turned around for the first time letting my eyes properly roam the room while inside. I could now see it more clearly and the non blurriness of my eyes also helped as I kept on wiping the tears away. Afraid that if by any chance my eyes get blurry I wouldn't see him coming and he would pounce the second I was blinded.

There he sat, in one of his suits. His father was very big on formal, you would never catch any of them otherwise. Today he chose Armani. A blue Armani suit that only inhanced his intimidating, powerful and dark demeanor. He was playing the simple game of chess. Alone. Majority of men that I've met with natural blond hair and piercing blue eyes had a boyish charm to them, aside from Sylas. He radiated off dominance, power and darkness. I've never met anyone like Sylas. The darkness surrounding him should have been warning enough for me.

Besides all of that he was the most handsome man I've ever seen. The simple act of just sitting could look so good and powerful if done by him. Everything about him was beautiful. I hated it. I didn't want him to have any effect on me because he was also the most evil, sinister and sadistic man I've ever met. I still regret the day that I met him. I looked at his long full lashes as he blinked reminding me of the situation.

"Come sit." he commanded strategically moving the pieces of the chessboard with great eaze and thought. The steps towards him felt like the shortest steps I've ever taken in my entire life. I watched the table he was sitting on as I got closer, slowing down. Next to his chess boards lay three different weapons. A gun, a hammer and a big knife. I almost tripped over air but managed to stop myself from doing so. My eyes quickly roamed the room looking for any exits. There were none.

One of my trembling hands reached out about to grab the chair when he paused before standing up making me completely freeze and close my eyes shut. I fisted my trembling hands trying not to pass out. Bitting my bottom lip as tears ran down my cheeks. I was so scared.

"I'm sorry." I whispered my voice quivering.

His intoxicating scent filled my nostrils making me quiver. I knew he was close. I slowly opened my eyes at the sound of a chair being pulled out. Now that my eyes were opened I couldn't take them off him. My breath shortened at his gaze. I didn't move away or turn away from him as he took a step closer to me his body flushing against mine. I whimpered in utter fear when he caressed my cheek causing him to chuckle. No amusement lacing his eyes only darkness.

He slowly trailed his finger over my neck making me hold my breath. It was the anger in his dark eyes that made my heart pound, the anger in his eyes was clear but his calm demeanor scared me more. I was afraid that at any given second he would choke the shit out of me. He gave me one last look before going back to his seat.

A minute of silence passed us as he evaluated his game before moving a piece as if nothing happened. My eyes were stuck on the items laid out neatly on the table next to the chess board. I was slowly dying inside. I whimpered at the smirk on his face when he looked at me looking at the items. I didn't want to stay any longer.

"I thought after 3months of dealing with my anger, when I finally saw you the desire to skin you alive and add your pretty skin to my collection would have died down." he said camly looking at me. His game on pause for a second. My heart dropped to my feet. My eyes were wondering between him and the items close to him as I blinked the tears away.

"Sylas- please. You have to understand-" I felt more scared seeing as his attention was back on the board and not on me. Dying was an exceptional thing for me but death by Sylas I couldn't even begin to imagine.

"Sprich nicht."(Don't speak.) His native tongue did something to me. I gulped being unable to look at his eyes even though they were on the chess board.

"What did you think was going to happen Mäuschen?" he asked giving me his full attention. Every Fibre in my body wanted to run, my mind was screaming for me to run but I knew that wouldn't get me anywhere, it would just make him more excited.

"Lay your hands on the table." he commanded moving the chess board further from him. I now wished he continued with his game. I didn't want all of his attention. I complied to his instruction with trembling hands knowing I had no choice.

"Which finger did you use?" he asked casually grabbing the hammer and standing up causing a sob to rack through me. I harshly bit into my bottom lip to stop the begging that was at the tip of my tongue, I knew he wouldn't listen, he only just wanted his answer. I had no control over my tears.

I knew exactly what he was talking about. Sylas was evil. He made sure that the finger security system had all my fingers of my left hand registered in case I wanted to try and escape. He loved a good chase. Stupidily I took the fall. I couldn't take it anymore. At the point I would have rather died than to take his last name. The way that he made me say yes still gave me nightmares.

I had his full undivided attention. I could tell that his non-existent patience was running out. I didn't want to find out what he was planning to do with that hammer. I discreetly moved my chair back with my hands still on the table hoping he wouldn't notice. I froze at his voice.

"Don't make me mad." he grunted out, his accent thicker and anger clear in his eyes. He was now only in his suit pants and white shirt which was unbuttoned at the top by the first three buttons and rolled up sleeves I tried making my body move back to it's original position but I couldn't I was so scared, him standing up and towering over me made everything come crashing down. The big hammer in his hands looked so dangerous right now. I looked up at him pleading him with my eyes he was still the most handsome man I've ever seen but he was the devil himself.

"Sylas I'm sorry, I wasn't th-" A scream ripped through my lungs followed by heavy sobs. One of my hands were pinned to the table by the big knife that was once on the table. Pain. I should be used to it by now but no one can get used to pain dealing with Sylas. I was confident that the knife went through my hand and the table. I couldn't stop crying and trembling in my seat. I didn't even see him pick up the knife, everything happened so quickly.

"I won't ask again." he simply said staring at me as if he didn't just ram a big knife into my hand. My blood was slowly oozing out and I felt nauseous, I hated the sight of blood.

"T-this one." I barely whispered my voice hoarse coated with fear and pain. I slowly moved the finger to show him, wincing in the process. I was afraid of what he would do next. He didn't waste time, he started smashing my finger that was pinned on the table by a knife, with the hammer. I couldn't stop screaming neither could I move, he warned me not to, promising to do the same thing to my other fingers.

I wished I was restrained instead because I couldn't help but try and move my hand but the knife in my hand made matters worse so I had to sit still and take it. The pain I was experiencing ran from the tip of my hair to the top of my toes. Everything hurt. The knife was deep into my hand and slight movements made it worse.

It was hard not to move, I was in so much of pain. I could feel the bones in my fingers shattering at the powerful impact of the hammer. I couldn't even try and zone out, pray that it would end soon because of the amount of pain I felt. I felt my voice crack as another scream ripped through me. I could taste the blood in my mouth at the amount of pressure I used to bite down on my lower lip.

I felt dizzy after he finally stopped and I couldn't scream anymore because of the uncontrollable sobs of pain ripping through me. I only took one glance at him before shutting my eyes, he was emotionless even though he was smashing and breaking the bones in my finger but the darkness in his eyes told me this was only the beginning. I shut my eyes after that and didn't open them, I was scared. I couldn't bring myself to look at him again.

I slightly turned when I heard another voice in the room, it felt to close. I slowly opened my eyes, my body trembling, turning towards the voice. A man stood by the door that I couldn't recognize neither did I hear the few sentences they just exchanged.

"Should I get the lady some medical help? " the man looked nervous. Sylas didn't take his eyes of me and I couldn't stop sobbing.

"No. We are not done here." he said simply dismissing the man who I tried screaming at for help with my broken voice but nothing came out. He didn't turn back as he shut the door after him. I felt hopeless and scared yet again. I panicked when he picked up the hammer again, blood thirst clear in his eyes.

"I'm - sorry Sylas." my cracked voice barely got out after trying for the second time. And I truly meant it, I was so sorry even though I knew he didn't care for my apologies.

"Right now I don't want to hear anything from you, you will have your chance when we get home." he said darkly, his eyes holding promises that I knew he would keep.

I vehemently nodded head trying to suppress my sobs of pain afraid of angering him. The fast movement of my head made me feel dizzy and the blood surrounding my hand on the table made my head start spinning. I wished I could just disappear. Even as my eyes involuntarily shut along with my body and everything went black around me, I knew that he was far from done.


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