The German's Obsession

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Chapter 5


I heavily sighed turning around making sure that the silky sheets don't expose my naked, sore tired body. That man can't be normal. I could feel the bottom of my stomach going into a frenzy just at the thought of Sylas and last night. I peeked around the dark room, I'm sure that Sylas didn't open the curtains because I was still sleeping. I needed the rest after last night and... this morning.

I blinked the sleep away in my eyes looking at the clock on the stand and sighing yet again. My plan was to quietly sneak out in the morning before he woke up, I knew I would probably have a hard time walking straight but I didn't mind, it was so damn worth it. I've never experienced such mind blowing orgasms, the pleasure he inflicted on my body made me dizzy at the thought of it.

I couldn't help but feel that there has to be something wrong with him. He can't be the full package. He couldn't possibly be this perfect. He wasn't lacking anywhere especially in bed. He must be god sent. I could honestly say I see us working out. I think I was already dick whipped. It didn't help that the owner of that amazing dick looked like a Greek God.

I had felt electricity flowing through my body in the most intense pleasurable way. I shuddered just thinking about it. I've experienced orgasms before... by my hand. But my hand is nothing compared to Sylas' abnormal scary dick. I clenched my legs just thinking about it. I was beyond tired. I regret nothing from last night but that man is crazy I don't know where he gets the stamina.

My plan of sneaking out in the morning failed because Sylas wouldn't let me out of bed or the room. Not that I even got to the door. I carefully wrapped the silky sheets around my body heading to the bathroom which I was well acquainted with. Even though I wasn't seeing it for the first time I still stared in awe.

It was a very large and spacious room and everything was black and white from the marble floor to the ceiling. The big spacious shower and the big fancy black bathtub would make anyone stare. I loved that Sylas was clean. I couldn't deal with messes. Sometimes I could swear that I had OCD for cleanliness. But besides the bathroom and his house I knew he was a clean person judging from the times we've spent together these past few weeks.

This man was really way too good to be true. Aside from the intimidating aura around him and his void eyes everything was amazing. The fact that he cooks was the icing on top. I needed to stop trying to find the wrong in him and enjoy this while it lasts.

I originally came here to have dinner with Sylas. He had offered to cook for me, I was amazed that he could actually cook. Our last date didn't go so well. He had to quickly leave after glaring at the carefree waiter that had been serving us. He had looked like he was ready to gut someone alive. He was beyond intimidating when he got like that and I was scared.

I wasn't very pleased and I had thought about it and decided to just distance myself, I needed a reason to listen to the alarms going off in my mind about Sylas anyways so I had found my perfect excuse. I quietly chuckled at myself seeing as now I was thoroughly fucked and taking a shower in his bathroom, in his house.

I couldn't resist his charm and it didn't help that every time I saw him the logic part of my brain would switch off for every now and then. I enjoyed our dinner together and then one thing lead to another. Maybe if I hadn't worn a dress we would be speaking a different story, no I probably doubt it seeing as my dress was ripped and somewhere on the floor.

I squeaked turning around when I felt hands around my waist. Coming face to face with a broad chest. I slowly looked up to meet his piercing gaze. The man literally took my breath away. He is the most beautiful man I've ever seen. I wanted to brush away the blond thick strands of hair on his forehead but I thought against it fearing that he would just ravish me yet again if I got too close.

"I'm offended that I wasn't invited to take a shower with my woman."I don't know why but the way he said my woman had me furiously blushing and feeling giddy. I liked it. I liked it a lot.

"You Mr. Harman have a problem." I whinned my voice wavering as he moved his hands slowly over my body.

"I need a break Sylas. You will end up breaking me." I squeaked when he quickly turned me around and pressed my body against the shower glass. I was already wet at his touch and he has barely done anything knowing him. I had no absolute control over my body when it came to Sylas. The way my body reacted to him as if it had a mind of its own, sometimes scared me. My body was planted against his and I could feel his awoke member making me gulp.

"Say it again." he gruffly said. He didn't need to go on any further I knew what he was talking about.

"Sylas please." I panted my body heating up in need as the wetness between my legs grew, he groaned pulling me closer.

"I will be gentle." he huskily said into my ear, chuckling at me making me shudder and whine.

"You are never gentle-" I didn't get to finish my sentence when I felt one of his hands on my core slowly rubbing it. My breath hitched when I felt him slip a finger into my wet core as he played my nippes with the other.

His hot hungry kisses on my neck made me wrap one of my hands around his neck from behind bringing him closer. I gasped when he quickly spun me around slipping two of his fingers inside me and his hot mouth covering one of my nipples. He stood between my legs hoisting me up with his body and the shower wall. My legs wide open for him. I was at his mercy yet again.

The soreness between my legs was quickly forgotten as I tried holding in my moans because from what I've quickly learned, my moans and the sound of his name from my lips made everything worse. I liked it when he was rough but I could only handle so much. His mouth moved to my other nipple, the rhythm of his fingers in me never losing a beat while his other hand kept me in place.

My feet were dangling a few inches from the floor. I had tried moving away and shutting them when I felt my orgasm sneaking up on me. He held me in place with my legs still parted and continued with his assaults. I squeezed my eyes shut feeling the tightening of my stomach as I creamed all over his hand hiding my face in his chest. Which I quickly short lived as he turned me around and took me from behind.

I couldn't help but release a moan when my mouth opened on its own accord. I roughly placed my hands on the wall trying to grab on to something as I could slowly feel crippling pleasure slowly rising from my feet it was getting more intense by the second.

"Du verlässt mich nie."(You are never leaving me.) he gruffly said into my ear causing me to shudder at the sound of his deep sexy voice. I quickly nodded my head not being able to pronounce anything but moans. Not soon after I came undone in his hands but he didn't just stop there.


I funnily walked out of the bathroom in only a towel seeing as I had nothing to wear otherwise, I would have came out dressed. The towel would be way too easy for Sylas to snatch off. I limped every now and then from our previous euphoric actions. I slowed down when I saw him quietly sitting on the bed only in his sweat pants. I had to kick him out of his own bathroom in order for me finish my shower.

I grabbed one of his shirts that I had chosen from the closet along with his boxers and put them on from under the towel which made him chuckle. I tightened the bun on my head thinking about how ready I was to go home and find peace in my bed. I needed to rest. All this time Syals' eyes never left me. I didn't find it creepy at all, I was kind of used to it now. He like staring.

"Are you leaving?"he asked looking at me I couldn't identify the emotion on his face.

"Yes. I need to go home and sleep." I stated sighing thinking about my bed. Even though it wasn't as soft as this one, I like the fact that I would actually sleep there.

"You can sleep here. I told you I want you to live with me." I looked at him chuckling. The first time he said that I thought he was joking but now I knew that Sylas rarely jokes.

I consciously walked over to him before pecking his lips. I couldn't help myself. He pulled me into his arms as I took in his scent which drove me crazy. I have already dug a deep hole for myself with this man, I hope he doesn't hurt me. I loved his random midnight calls which I usually get when he was on business trips asking me if I ate or about my day, the flowers he would randomly send me.

I loved his weird long glances that drove me crazy with his beautiful piercing blue eyes. He was rough around the edges but I liked it, he definitely wasn't normal. Normal is overrated anyways neither did I like normal. Couldn't I just sit in his arms forever. I felt safe and happy. I looked up at his piercing gaze before focusing my sight on his hair. It felt like we've known each other for more than three weeks.

"You should let me braid your hair." I said trying to change the topic as I touched his soft thick blond strands.

"Maüschen I'm speaking to you." I hesitantly looked into his eyes.

"That's moving way to fast we have only know each other for about more than three weeks and I like how things are. Things are going really well and I don't want anything to mess it up." I said moving away from him and buttoning the rest of the buttons of his shirt as he grunted his face turning emotionless.

"Nothing is moving fast and I'm still asking." he said. I could tell he didn't like things not going his way. One could just tell from meeting him that it was either his way or his way.

"Let's just take things slowly."I honestly liked where things were headed I didn't want to rush anything.

"I could just lock you in here and tell my men to not let you leave." he said seriously standing up to his intimidating height. I looked at him startled before chuckling dissming his comment even though he looked so serious at this moment. I knew he was joking around but sometimes I thought otherwise.

"Mäusechen frage ich normalerweise nicht zweimal, das dritte Mal werde ich nicht fragen."(Mäuschen I don't usually ask twice, the third time I won't be asking.) he seriously said. A shiver ran down my spine at the look he was giving me. I brushed it off not wanting to have an argument.

"I will see you when you get back from Switzerland." I said kissing him planning on making my escape plan. I couldn't help the direction of my eyes as they moved to the big print on his sweatpants. I needed to get out of here.

"I'm not going anymore, I want to take you out tonight." I nodded my head in response not wanting to say anything. I would prefer if it was tomorrow because I was worn out but I didn't want to say anything. I liked our dates and hopefully I'm rejuvenated by tonight.

"Get your sleep and refresh your body, you will need all the energy for tonight. "he said kissing my forehead making my heart skip a beat.

"Eat first then I will take you home." he finally said as he lead us out of the room.


I smiled at him before sipping the juice in my glass. At any point I would have been annoyed because Sylas wouldn't let me have more than three glasses of champagne but at this moment I didn't care because I didn't need it. I haven't seen the root of my drinking problem in over two weeks, life was good even though I did kind of miss her. Even through everything she was still my mother and I loved her.

I just told her I was busy with work so I couldn't make it to any 'family' dinner. She hasn't said anything, I knew it was only a matter of time before she did. I looked around the fancy restaurant yet again before focusing my gaze back on Sylas. I had such a wonderful view of him. Even though we were sitting at a secluded area by the balcony I still think the most amazing view I've ever seen was sitting before me.

He seemed amused at my staring as the left corner of his mouth slightly raised. I didn't actually know where we were neither could I pronounce the German name but what I did know was that we were still in Germany even though we took his private jet to come here. I liked the change of scenery. I couldn't believe how much I trusted this man in just a few weeks.

I looked at him intrigued as he explained how much his mother loved traveling the world. How she fell in love with foreign cultures and languages hence their foreign names.

Sylas didn't talk much and I on the other hand when I get comfortable with someone I speak freely. I paused before I could reply looking at the man who now stood before us, fear evident in his eyes. He looked beyond scared as he seemed to be trying to find the right words staring at Sylas. Sylas didn't stop staring at me which made me confused.

The sudden change of atmosphere around him made me gulp. I felt scared. It was like he turned into a completely different person. He was already intimidating as a person but now it was worse.

"Gabrion." he simply said.

"Boss I'm sorry for the intrusion but I knew you wouldn't give me a chance to explain if I met up with you alone. And I know you wouldn't kill me in front of your woman."

Sylas chuckled looking at his food and cutting into his steak before slipping a piece into his mouth. Even though I didn't know what was going on the silence was deafening

"Is that so? "he asked his accent heavy after he finished chewing still not looking at the man gracefully cutting into his food. I hated to admit it but he looked so good right now, even with his jaw clenched. The man whimpered in terror when he put down his utensils which pulled me out of my mini daydream. Within the blink of an eye, the man was on the floor with a hole in his head.

"Take care of this." he simply said to no one in particular, his eyes still on his food as he continued with his meal as if nothing happened. A man who was standing inside the restaurant just by our door walked in taking care of the mess. My voice was stuck in my throat, I wanted to scream but I couldn't. The image of the splattered blood on the wall paralysed me. My whole world had been turned completely upside down and it was only just the beginning.



I woke up heaving in sweat, the fresh smell of blood from that night filling my nostrils. The pain shooting from my fingers completely took my mind of it. An involuntary sob ripped from chest as I looked at my thoroughly bandaged hand. It hurt. It hurt so much. I didn't want my mind to wonder to Sylas because I knew that he wasn't done.

I quickly made my way to my kitchen looking for my heavy stash. I drank half of a bottle of Hennessey without flinching. I've been through a lot and alcohol has never left me, I didn't like drinking courtesy to Sylas but at this point I would die if I didn't. I needed to forget. I sat down on my kitchen floor not wanting to question how I got here. The alcohol in my system was more comforting than anyone I knew. I couldn't stand being in the apartment any longer I felt as if he was watching me.

I quietly got up placing the bottle back where I found it before heading for the bathroom to take care of my hygiene. I was too afraid to see the fingers that Sylas smashed. After brushing my teeth and taking a difficult shower, I slipped on the first thing I saw which was a above the knee white dress. I planned on drinking tonight. I knew Madison the bartender would look out for me and I could handle my alcohol.

I carried my tazer and knife with me. Sylas taught me how to handle my own but I could never beat him. That's another thing to drink to. When I got out of the cab I asked it to come back in about three hours. I didn't want to look or talk to anyone as I sat at one of the tables at the back alone. I asked Madison to keep it coming. When the alcohol started to kick in as I finally relaxed in my seat and let the tears fall. I didn't like crying sober.

I had no one to talk to and I wanted no one to talk to. I just wanted to disappear but I couldn't. I looked up just in time to see a happy Blake heading my way as I discreetly wiped my face. I couldn't help but look into his beautiful kind eyes, why couldn't Sylas' eyes be full of kindness just like Blake's. Sylas' eyes were the most beautiful eyes I've ever seen but Blake's eyes caught my deepest attention because of the kindness in them.

It was something new to me. And it kind of intrigued me. I watched him smile when he saw me staring. As he slowly approached my table. I knew that this night wouldn't end well, I knew that I would be just adding more fire to fire but the numbness of my insides begged to differ. I wanted to forget and maybe Blake would help. For a second I looked at the door thinking to myself it's not too late I could still get up and leave but I didn't want to.

Nothing is going to happen, I'm just going to listen to him talk, get my mind of my miserable life. Besides there are only fifteen minutes left before my cab gets here. I barely managed to smile when he finally got to me. No matter how much I convinced myself everything would be okay my mind seemed to say otherwise. I took one last shot sitting up, it's only fifteen minutes what could possibly happen in fifteen minutes.


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