The German's Obsession

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Chapter 7


I woke up with my head spinning. It felt really heavy. I slowly got off the bathroom floor because my head felt like it was coming off. When everything came back to me I quickly scrambled to the mirror looking at myself. This was no time for tears, I had to think. I basically flew downstairs to the kitchen. I took a spoon from the draw and placed it in the freezer.

That should probably do the trick. Concealer was the first thing that came to mind but I realized that would be way to suspicious, I rarely wore make-up but right now it's not like I had a choice. I quickly made sugar water for my racing heart. My mind couldn't help but wander to my dad as I stirred the water.

It was one of the things that just made him come to mind. He used to make it for me when I would lose my witts. It worked every time. I shivered my mind going back to the hickey on my neck. I was mad at myself. I didn't understand why on earth I would be so careless. I definitely knew better. After finishing my sugar water I went upstairs to take a shower.

I was tempted to scrub until my skin peeled off because I preferred that over Sylas seeing it but I knew the spoon would do the trick. It always did in my teenage years. I tried thinking of anything else aside from how fucked I was. Everything seemed to move fast as I finished my shower and lotioned my body, settling on a dress.

I waited five minutes with the spoon against the spot before placing it in the freezer again and doing the same thing again. I wanted to be sure. I didn't want to take any chances. I couldn't afford to fuck up even though I already did. I slowly made my way upstairs praying to God that it was gone.

I took a deep breath in before looking at myself in the mirror. I felt relieved seeing as I might actually get away with it. It was gone but I wasn't going to celebrate because there was a 98% chance that Sylas already knew. I was scared of what he would do but I wasn't going to cry right now. I knew I would the minute I enter that godforsaken room. I couldn't help myself. No matter how much I tried I couldn't control my tears near Sylas.

I didn't know what I would say or how I would explain myself. I didn't remember what happened but I was afraid to tell him that. I quickly texted Jane asking her who brought me home. When she replied letting me know that it was her and assuring me that not a lot happened between Blake and I, I felt lighter, a whole lot lighter. That was the only thing that brought me some sort of sanity. She claims Blake called her after things took a turn and he saw that I wasn't in my right mind.

I quickly headed downstairs deciding on placing the cold spoon the spot on my neck one last time, no matter how much I knew it wasn't there anymore my mind couldn't stop overthinkubg everything. Every part of my body knew of Sylas' punishments they were gruesome. Mentally and physically scarring. I slightly winced when I accidentally used my hurt hand to open the freezer having forgotten for a second.

At this moment I wished I could go back to my job. It made me happy and made me feel as if I was someone else. It made me feel as if I was living another life in another life time and I really loved kids. Being around them has always made me happy. I decided to quit my job because I knew Sylas. It wouldn't take him a second to kill any of them. Brutal but true.

I jumped at the knock coming from the door, closing the freezer that I had been staring into for a while now. I knew who it was, my heart started racing on it's own accord. I rubbed my sweaty palm against my dress as I made my way to the door. The man that drove me to him was here. He didn't say anything bcause I already knew that the car was waiting for me downstairs. I meekly followed behind him to the car dreading the journey.


I looked at the door in front of me, well a few feet from me. My feet wouldn't let me walk at a normal pace to the door. I felt as if the nurses that passed me could hear my heart beating from a mile away. I constantly had to reassure myself in my head that everything would be okay even though I knew it wouldn't. The heavy rain outside made everything feel worse.

I finally made it to the door. Tempted to ask the guard at the door yet again to please not close the door but I stopped myself knowing it wouldn't help in any way. He wouldn't listen anyway just like the last time. As I entered the room the temperature seemed to drop. It didn't help that I already knew that I was in trouble.

There he was a good distance from me with both his hands on the counter a glass of scotch in front of him, in between his arms. I knew it was scotch, it was after all one of his favorites. No matter how much I used to drunk I could never handle scotch. I respected it enough to stay away from it. Looking at him from his side view gave me chills. He was in his head and the blood thirsty look on his face and was clear as day.

His hunched over figure moved making me gulp. I watched him as he casually took the glass half filled with scotch and ice bringing it to his plumb lips. He moved from his original position to standing up to his full intimidating height with his glass still in his hand. In all my 22 years of breathing on this earth I've never been so terrified so much of something let alone a human being. I was terrified.

Of course he wore one of his signature suits that accentuated his lean physic, even in a mental hospital he still wore his suits something his father drilled into them. I watched him closely watching his every move as if, if things quickly took a turn for the worst I could actually save myself.

This silence in the room was suffocating. I wanted to tell him everything, one of the things I came to learn about Sylas was that he appreciated the truth and he preferred when I was honest with him. Everything was at the tip of my tongue but it seemed to get stuck. I couldn't do it. Instead I felt the back of my eyes burn.

The moment I wanted to say something at the back of my head all the torture he has put me through, the punishments and games seemed to flood my mind. My mouth seemed to have a mind of it's own. I already knew I was in trouble but I couldn't seem to fully accept it. I was terrified of what he would do. Sylas could be creative as hell when it came to touturing me when he wanted to be.

"Have you been giving other people what belongs to me?" he asked gently pacing down his glass, his full attention on the glass not a single glance at me.

A minute slowly passed by as I kept my lips sealed. The words were unformatable. The sound of the heavy rain outside was starting to sooth me when it slowly died down making the silence in the room unbearable. This exact scene reminded me of one of his bloody episode that still gave me nightmares, I couldn't speak so he helped me get the words out of my throat with his knife.

I trembled gently unconsciously running my fingers on the once scarred tissue on my throat. He then suddenly looked at me making me shudder. I knew he wouldn't ask again.

"No-no." My gaze was stuck on the floor as memories of my bloody body, covered in my blood and someone else's filled my head. It made me more determined to convince him as I tried to bury all the heartbreaking memories flooding my mind.

"No Sylas. No. No-no. No. -" I felt as If I couldn't say no enough. I didn't want him to think there was some else. I didn't want his mind wondering else where. I don't think I could handle losing anymore blood.

I quickly glanced at the table where I had almost bled out and the floor where my blood had started staining. There was no trace of blood anywhere, even the table where there was suppose to be a hole where he drove the knife into with my hand, was spotless no hole in sight. If the memory didn't scar me I would have thought I dreamt everything but my broken fingers and stabbed hand said otherwise.

I had to assure him or else he would bring me immense pain. I watched him take a step forward making me whimper and involuntarily take a step back. He paused placing both his hands in his pants pockets no trace of amusement in his eyes as he looked at me raising a brow challenging me. Making me instinctively move back, closer to him.

"Do you want to run?" he asks. I shook my head immediately coming closer but making sure to keep some distance between us. I didn't look him in the eye, I was afraid that if I did I would pass out. My chest was slowly raising and falling I was trying to calm myself down but I was failing.

"Mäuschen the last time you needed help speaking a blade went through your throat, you never learn do you?" he said still standing in the same position having not moved. Even though his hands were still in his pockets, he was still terrifying.

"Pl-" before I could finish the word, sentence he was in front of me. He quickly wrapped his hand around my throat making me immediately try and pry his firm hand off my neck.

"Don't fucking beg. You knew what you were doing." he gritted out.

"I-I will talk." I quickly rushed out but regretted it as he tightened the hold around my neck. I looked into his eyes trying to plead with him because I couldn't even speak because of the amount pressure he applied around my throat.

His void eyes looked at me, no emotion in sight as he tightened his hand around me. He was going to break my neck, tears rushed down my face. The pressure he applied was slowly increasing by the second. I felt my world start to spin as I lost feeling in my hands. I dropped them no longer scratching his hands for release as my body went limp. I could feel my body get heavy and my lungs continue to burn.

Just when I thought I would die he let me go, I fell on the floor having no strength to hold myself up. I coughed as I greedily took in the air around me, my hands roughly pressing against the floor. I couldn't control the rough coughs coming from my chest, I felt as if I would cough my eyes out at any second. I heard him take a seat not far from me at the same table he had bashed my fingers in. I couldn't look at him. I was terrified but I knew better.

I tried soothing the pain around my neck but it didn't help. I slowly got up and took a seat across from him. I couldn't help the tears. He looked at me expectantly. I tried speaking before pausing waiting on my throat to get some sort of better because speaking hurt for a minute. When I looked at him I knew he didn't have the patience for any of my shit.

"I-I" I whispered out hoarsely before clearing my throat.

"I don't remember." I started with my shaky voice, my eyes focused on the table.

"Do I need to remind you?" he asked immediately making my eyes snap to his.

"No-no please. - I -" I paused knowing none of it would help.

"I don't remember anything. B-But nothing happened an acquaintance of mine assured me."

"Sylas I promise. I'm sorry I would never do that. I-please." I stopped myself knowing how much he hated begging. The thickened atmosphere in the room was slowly suffocating me. I felt as if he was getting more mad by the second.

"You let another man place his mark on what belongs to me." he said his thick German accent coating his words as he sat back looking at me. I didn't know how to reply to this. I didn't want to tell him that I was drunk because that would put me into more trouble. I knew I had to assure him. My mind seemed to be everywhere and nowhere at once. At this point no idea was a bad idea.

I didn't like the way he put it, he made it sound so bad, which means that's exactly what was going in his head. I didn't want him thinking like that because he will end up seriously hurting me again.

I slowly stood up gulping and closing my eyes for a second before looking at him. I hesisitantly walked over to him before straddling him. My heart was going at a 150. I was scared but I didn't want to bleed out in this mental institute. He didn't move he looked down at me a smirk overtaking his terrifying handsome features. I felt like I had made everything worse because of the smirk but I wasn't about to back out now.

I looked up at him under my thick wet lashes and placed a trembling hand on his cheek. For a second I admired his god-like features. Sylas was way too handsome to be human. The Greek gods had nothing on the German brute. A few weeks into meeting him I had convinced myself that he wasn't human. I didn't exactly find a word terrifying or evil enough to describe. I didn't even consider the devil because the devil was once an angel and I felt like Sylas was always whatever he was. He was always evil. He was probably born this evil.

"I need you to believe me when I tell you that I only belong to you. Sylas I know that and I know that that will never change." my voice wavered for a second but it was still strong even though it came out low.

"There is no one else, I only want you." I whispered. I slowly leaned up and kissed him. Of all the things that Sylas could overcome or stop. I wasn't part of it. I was playing with fire but I had no choice. I felt his lips rougly move against mine claiming every part of my mouth as he wrapped his hands around me. I could feel my body heat start to rise at his touch. The power he had over my body was frightening, when it came to Sylas my mind and my body seemed to obey his touch at all costs. My body more than my mind.

I hated that I couldn't help or stop the tingling he brought between my legs and at the bottom of my stomach. I hated how my body would completely submit to him. I hated how the simple contact of our skin or lips made my entire body and soul yearn for him and him alone. Just the feeling of his lean built body against my mine made my insides stir, the feeling of his wide awake memeber awoke something in me. Our heated session was quickly cut short by his hand once again around my neck.

His eyes peered into mine as I struggled to breath. He smirked down at me chucking his hand still tightly wrapped around my neck. Just as quick as the smirk came it was gone no trace of it left, as I tasted the saltiness of my tears in my mouth.

"I will make you wish you were dead Mäuschen." he seriously said triggering more tears, I had come to learn that his word came to pass. No matter what.

"Sylas -" I croaked out. He released me before kissing me again, I felt his hands move to my thighs as he stood up quickly and easily standing with me, my legs around him. I stiffened when I felt his soft kisses on the neck that he had recentely bruised. It didn't hurt, his kissing ignited the fire already growing inside me of need as I sealed my lips not wanting to give him the satisfaction of hearing my moans.

My body was so acquainted with his hands and body, the moment his lips connected to mine, I couldn't help the mental sigh that took over my mind. I could feel my juices thickening on my pantys as he continued laying kisses on my neck. I wanted to cry at how much my body yearned for his.

My body wanted Sylas but I knew if we had sex right now he could hurt me. One of the things I wish I could have without being with him and without him being in my life was our sex life. The sex was always rough, hot, steamy and beyond satisfying. I loved how rough he was but right now I was scared he would hurt me.

There was a very thin line between pain and pleasure. Sylas knew me like the back of his hand. I could take the pain but I was also human I could only take so much before collapsing. I needed to stop this before things went sideways. I felt my body make contact with a soft surface when I opened my eyes Sylas was right in front of me. I instinctively moved back closing my legs with my back still against the bed my knees in the air.

"Three months is a very long time Mäuschen. I know what you are doing and I don't mind it but I will make you regret it. Later, because right now I'm very hungry. You have deprived me of my pussy for almost three months. Now open up I want to feast." he finally said now only in his shirt and suit pants, undoing the his shirt.

No matter the amount of excitement that was currently coursing through my body due to the sensation his hands brought me whenever he would touch me, I couldn't help the fear that lingered with it. The serious expression on his face told me there was no changing his mind. I trembled at the thought alone. I knew this was going to be a very long night.


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