The German's Obsession

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Chapter 8



I panted, my hands fisting the sheets as beads of sweat rolled down my face. I could feel my stomach tighten. This reminded me of exactly why Sylas had my head in a frenzy. My hand tighten around the soft sheets beneath me as I arched my back giving him more access to my core. I felt him tighten his hands that he had hooked around my thighs holding me in place leaving no room for escape.

I shut my eyes feeling an intense release sneak up on me. I almost cried when I felt him stop just as I was about to orgasm for the... I really didn't know when he started sucking and licking my mind went blank. His mouth went back to the inside of my thighs as he continued leaving hickies everywhere his mouth touched. I lay there naked with my legs wide open for him, my pussy in his face as he decided to not give me attention.

"Sylas." I whispered. Trying to move up but he wouldn't let me.

"Sy-" the words disappeared at the tip of my tongue, my mouth opened on its own accord, my eyes shooting straight to my forehead as I felt him slowly sucking on my clit. His tongue traced from the bottom of my clit to the top under the hood as he added a pulse. My legs started shaking as my hand tightened it's grip on the sheets, I felt as if if I gripped the sheets any tighter they would vanish into thin air.

My eyes glazed over as my body shook. He tightened his hold around me as I climaxed..... hard, moaning out his name. I panted trying to catch my breath as my mind was still dazed, my eyes felt heavy as they closed for a second, I felt as if all the energy left my body. When I heard shuffling I slowly opened my heavy eyes peeking at him. I could feel my brain switching off as he stood up taking off his pants.

I couldn't help but stare with heavy eyes at his long thick dick that was rock hard. I hadn't been touched or had sex in almost three months, I mean Sylas has been eating me out for the past.... I don't know but it felt like more than half an hour. And now he was about to fuck my brains out. I felt a shiver run down my spine just thinking about it.

Knowing I wouldn't win anything against Sylas I had made my mind up before we started to hold in my moans knowing how much he loved it when he made me scream. I had quickly failed at that when his tougue connected with my clit. I wasn't even going to beat myself up about it because Sylas' tongue was heaven sent.

"Sylas."I panted looking up at the ceiling as I felt his hungry hot kisses trail up my trembling body. He was taking his time leaving his mark all over me. I didn't care at this point. He took one of my hard nipples into his mouth making me close my eyes. His other hand played with the other one. I whimpered my pussy clenching when I felt him gently bite down at my nipple with his teeth while squeezing the other one.

His mouth moved to my neck nibbling on the side that was untouched, his hands gripped my thighs pulling me closer, our naked bodies clashing together. He harshly sucked on my neck making me whimper holding me in place. I suddenly felt fear wash all over me. One of hands quickly wrapped around my neck making me gasp. I could feel the anger radiating of him.

I gasped feeling his large dick slowly enter me as he cursed in his native tongue. I felt tears burn the back of my eyes at the size of him, it's been a while and the fact that he was cutting off my air supply made the tears fall as I tried clawing at his hands. His rough powerful thrusts made me dig my nails into his hand around my neck.

"You dare give another man a taste of what's mine." he growled from my ear, his unforgiving thrusts not missing a beat. The sight of his eyes alone made me tremble, they were dark. I quickly shook my head as tears rushed down my face I couldn't breath. Even though I couldn't breathe the pleasure of his deep thrusts still shook my body as he pulled out and plunged back into me. I could slowly feel my orgasm building up even though I was pathetically fighting for air, I had no energy neither did I have enough strength to remove his hands.

"Sy-sylas - I - I -" he cut me off connecting our lips together. I wanted to scream and cry for help but I couldn't get a single word out anymore. He pulled out just as I was about to reach my peak, my legs had started trembling at the pleasure he was inflicting on my body. He finally released me causing me gasp for air my hands immediately finding their way to my neck trying to soothe the pain away even though only one good hand was helping as countless tears rushed down my cheeks.

I gazed up at him as he held both my legs over his shoulders. I whimpered feeling him rub his length against my core, my back was still against the bed as I looked up at him still shaken up from him choking me. I hated how ignited my body felt at this moment. I could feel the wetness between my legs grow. He came closer to my face making me hold my breath, my legs now beside him. I closed my eyes as I felt him lick the fresh new tear that was rushing down my cheek. He chuckled into my neck making me shiver as he lightly kissed me where he had latched on not long ago.

"Why do you provoke me?"he slowly questioned. I wanted to reply but I was too scared to, scared that he would choke me again. My neck was still sore. I hated that I was still growing wet even though I was terrified right now. It made my head spin with a lot of questions rushing through it, was I just as fucked up as he was.

"Be this quiet when I deal with your little boyfriend." he growled.

"Sylas -"

"Don't fucking annoy me. This can turn bloody very quickly and it won't be my blood." he said seriously looking into my eyes causing me to nod looking up at him as my eyes blurred with tears. I could feel the anger coming back to him.

"Don't waste your tears. I didn't tell you to let another man sample what's mine." he said lightly wrapping his hands around my neck making me whimper. He didn't give me a second to breathe as he quickly roughly turned me around, arched my back and plunged back into me.

I gasped at the pleasure running from the tip of my toes to the tip of my head. I tried adjusting my back when I felt a harsh painful slap on my ass that made me cry out.

"Don't move." he commanded making me still. His deep unforgiving thrusts made me shut my eyes in bliss I felt my stomach tighten as I arched my back further more. I couldn't help the moans leaving my lips.

"Hold it." he simply said making me whimper knowing exactly what he was talking about. I tried thinking of anything else when the need to release grew stronger, his deep rough thrusts didn't slow down. I wanted to cry because I was scared of disobeying him.

"Please." I panted counting in my head the seconds passing by trying to get my mind of it. I buried my head into the bed biting down on my bottom lip, I knew I couldn't risk making him more angry but I was failing, I couldn't hold it any longer.

I internally sighed when he pulled out of me because I almost let go, I know things would have quickly turned sour. I didn't move even though I wanted to soothe the soreness between my legs. I felt his hand on my swollen dripping lips as he lightly traced his fingers over them. I shivered still on my knees. He knew I wouldn't win. Not after so long, before I quickly learned how to, survival instincts but it's been so long.

"Mäuschen." the sound of his voice boomed into the room. My senses were really heightened at this moment. His fingers were heating up my body. I couldn't think straight with his fingers now in me. The sound of his fingers moving in and out of me filled the room.

"If you come without my permission I will make you bleed." he said my eyes popped out at this, as fresh tears filled my eyes at the reality of his words. He knew I would never win, before I could even protest he thrusted back inside me making my tongue numb as moans spewed out of my mouth.



I lightly ran my hand over his soft silky thick blonde hair as I watched him laying on my chest in between my legs with his arms wrapped around me. I could tell that he was relaxed. I carefully looked around the room, what if I just slit his throat right now, he wouldn't expect it. I would slit his throat then slit mine because then his sister wouldn't torture me. I closed my eyes at how stupid I sounded.

First of all he would easily win in the fight of me trying to kill him and secondly I don't have it in me to take my own life. But his I wasn't sure yet because I couldn't lie and say I don't think I have it in me. I think I would if given the chance. He wouldn't let me go home and I hadn't said anything still shook over everything. Plus I didn't want to argue with Sylas, everytime I thought of cussing him out, my head went back to the case files a friend of mine had shown me.

"What are you thinking about?"he asked I could feel his chest vibrate as he spoke.

"About how in 24 hours I found out my ex boyfriend is a crazy blood thirsty original. Not only that he runs the whole fucki-" I gulped sinking into the bed when he quickly rose up from his position and caged me in looking down at me.

"Ex boyfriend?"he asked chuckling, darkness dancing in his eyes.

"Mäuschen, I'm giving you a chance to correct yourself." he said dangerously. I mean I could be stupid from time to time but I wasn't that stupid to poke a sleeping bear.

"My boyfriend." I said gazing at him. He genuinely smiled at the sound of that.

"Maybe the love of your life. Your future husband. The man whoose babies you will carry, the man you will grow old with. The only man you will be fucking for the rest of your life." he said lightly, his mood completely changing back to relaxed. He must be fucking joking.

"Too much. - And Forgive me Mäuschen I have a terrible temper." he said as he placed his head back on my chest probably seeing the fear in my eyes. Temper. He thinks this is about his temper. This man might be more fucked up than I thought he was.

"Love of my life? What do you possibly know about love Sylas. People who do what you do, people who-"

"I wouldn't relate neither am I interested in it but I do know what it is. Yes I tend to work with a lot of detachment of the human limbs while they are still breathing but at the end of the day I'm a human being. Just because I do what I do doesn't mean I don't know what love is. My mother and father are in love it is an intriguing emotion, but I don't think love is enough to describe what I feel for you. I'm obsessed with you."

"If you were a human being you should be feeling some type of way when killing people." I said softly he once again rose up his head looking at me.

"Of course I do. It's the feeling of satisfaction but I do get bored easily." he said furrowing his brows together looking into my eyes.

"Remember when I met you?" I slowly nodded my head.

"That was the first time in my life where I thought about postponing a kill. I wanted to spend more time with you. I couldn't get my eyes of you. Everything just drew me in from your skin to your plumb distracting thick lips practically begging to be sucked. I was instantly hooked." he bluntly said before pecking my lips. He then kissed me deepening the kiss, sucking on my lips before breaking the kiss.

"I can't get enough."

"With such a - a occ- job what do you think the future holds for you. You can't possibly be killing other families and expect to have your own one day. Killing people and expecting to have someone who will be with you and understand your evilness." I ranted which he chuckled at.

"From the time I saw you I could see my whole future with you. And what I do is not a job it's who I am, it is my future. What's wrong with killing people and coming back to my wife to bury my face in her addicting juices, to fuck her brains out and make her scream my name all night long. " the question was rhetorical, it didn't need an answer. We both knew what he was thinking.

"You can't say that Sylas." I whispered. I didn't like how much he has mentioned me in his future. It was oddly disturbing. I definitely wouldn't be the one to stand his psychotic tendencies.

"Why not? Am I being too honest? Am I scaring you now?" we were beyond the scaring part.

"Mäuschen I'm going to be honest with you, I am a very selfish man and I don't share. I don't give a fuck if you are scared of me, Haile I will hurt you if you try and leave me or do stupid shit that I don't agree with. Your future is with me alone. I hope I'm making sense because I don't like repeating myself. " my breath hitched at the seriousness in his eyes. Everything that just came out of his mouth scared me. I knew there was only one answer he was expecting so I gave it to him.

I slowly nodded my head as he kissed my lips as if sealing the deal. He then went back placing his head on my chest.

"Don't be scared, I haven't given you a reason to be scared of me yet." he said lowly, darkly chuckling at the speed of my heart. How was I suppose to not be scared.

At this moment I honestly didn't know what to do. I didn't want to be the helpless, weak but smart girl that would listen to him and wouldn't even try and fight him but neither did I want to be the brave, naive but utterly stupid girl who would fight him and dare to even go against him. I didn't know at this moment which way I would choose.

What I did know was that I had to get my mouth under control, it's what used to get me in trouble with my mother majority of the time. It spoke before I could stop myself. I could tell it would bring only trouble. I didn't want to change a thing about myself but at this point it was about surviving.

"Have you finally asked your people for my file?"he chuckled at the question sending vibrations up through my body.

"No." he simply said. I didn't get this man and I had a feeling if I kept on trying to figure him out I would bring myself nothing but a headache. So I didn't try.

"Sylas please let me go, I want to make us some food." I said wanting some sort of space between us. He looked at me raising a brow.

"I know you haven't eaten the whole day, you didn't eat in the morning so you are probably hungry." I needed to convince him. I needed space. I needed to think. I just realized how quickly the man who was brutally killed in front of me quickly got buried into my mind. Shouldn't I still be traumatized or should I at least be crying. The crying part was completely out of question I hated crying.

But I should at least be troubled at Sylas' touch because of the blood he spilt in front of me but I wasn't, I just simply didn't want him near me because I knew he was a serial psychotic killer but the feeling I had against him for killing that man had quickly faded. There was something definitely wrong with me.

"You want to feed me?" I softly nodded my head.

I looked at his eyes, there was always this indescribable look he had in his eyes whenever I wanted to do something for him although this time around it was darker. At first I questioned it but now I didn't care, who knew what it was he was just a crazy man who I don't think I would ever be able to figure out.

He looked down at me, looking at my hard nipples that were covered by the thin material of his t-shirt that he had immediately made me change into when we entered his house. He didn't allow me to wear panties. I hadn't liked the sound of that so when I got smart with him he ripped them off. It wasn't the fact that he ripped them off that made me shut up it was the look in his eyes.

The hunger in his eyes made my pussy clench. I squeaked when I felt his hand on my bare pussy.

"Sylas. -" I felt his thick finger slowly glide up and down between my lips before he slipped two of his fingers inside me making me gasp. He quickly pushed the shirt I had on over my head before looking at my naked body.

"How generous of you." he said his eyes still stuck on my body. I quickly tried to hide my nakedness from him making him grab my hands.

"Don't hide from me Mäuschen, it's nothing I haven't seen, licked or sucked before." he said his voice dropping a few octives lower in return triggering the gushing between my legs. I tried to think of anything else beside him but I couldn't, my mind was fighting against my body.

I felt as if the words were stuck at the back of my throat because I couldn't speak. I shivered at the small cold breeze that brushed against my core when he parted my legs. Yet again I was at his mercy as I watched him look at pussy with pure hunger, ready to dive in.


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