The German's Obsession

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Chapter 9



I looked at myself in the mirror my eyes slowly trailing over the black sleek dress I had on before trailing up to my face that was touched with light make up giving me a natural look. My black full locks cascaded down my back. I closed my eyes telling myself that I would just fein interest for only the next 30 minutes and then make up an excuse and leave, what's 30 more minutes.

The feeling at the bottom of my stomach was unsettling as I strolled up and down the women's bathroom in long black stilettos. My hand clenching against the small black purse I held. I didn't want to be here in the first place but my mother insisted. Although I hated this whole concept of stupid blind dates right now it gave me false hope that maybe my life can return back to the way it was. Before Sylas.

Plus I didn't put up much of a fight when my mother brought this whole thing up, I would have done anything for her stop questioning me about my recent where abouts. I clearly didn't think this through. I was trying to fool myself into believing that everything would go back to the way it was but the small voice at the back of my head begged to differ. I was afraid of pissing off Sylas. Even though I had distanced myself I felt as if somehow this would be worse.

Eversince he drove me home after finally allowing me to go home, I hadn't given him my address but he knew exactly where he was going. I didn't ask but he assured me it was for safety measures. I haven't picked up a single call from him. It's been almost a week and yet just like before he always calls two times a day every single day. I just let it go to voicemail. What gave me false hope was the fact that he hasn't shown up at my door, maybe he finally lost interest.

When I got to my apartment that afternoon, I didn't cry neither did I have a mental breakdown I surprisingly took it better than I had originally expected. But after a few days of ignoring his calls and trying to erase him out of my life I couldn't help the feeling of the thought that this wasn't going to end well. I was scared. That never changed.

I had been conflicted I knew ignoring Sylas could lead to terrible things but I also didn't want to just accept this situation. I didn't want him to think that I was okay with everything and that I accepted his blood thirsty prayer-in-need-of self because I didn't and I wouldn't. In all this what worried me was how he would react, he didn't hide the fact that he had some loose screws in his head from me.

From finding out what he was I had already assumed but spending more time with him confirmed it. Before he drove me home he spoke to me about things that he wanted me to think about, like moving in with him, quiting my job he doesn't see the point of me working and some other bullshit, I had zoned out. I was honestly afraid I would call bullshit before he finished.

Even though he said he wanted me to think about it I knew he wasn't asking and it was just a matter of time before he changed his phrasing. That fell into the big box of things in my mind that worried me daily. But seeing as he hasn't shown himself around helped me sleep better at night. Another thing eating me up was my friend who is a detective. Kutcher. He was obsessed with the Harman family.

He was the reason I knew things I shouldn't know because he could never resist my pleas. I didn't want him finding out that I knew Sylas. Currently he wasn't in the country but he called every now, he was working on a dense case outside the country. He really loved what he did, I hated it. I didn't like how he easily gambled with his life as if there aren't people who would be devastated if anything was to happen to him.

My phone buzzed catching my attention. I could have bet that it was my mother before even checking., but for the first time I was wrong. The text brought a smile to my face.

'Are we still set for tomorrow? Just want to make sure that everything is going accordingly.'

The text was from Alic, A friend of mine. He was a perfectionist. Him and Kellita balanced each other out perfectly. Kellita was also a friend of mine, she was one of the female friends I had made and I was close to since I first moved here.

Kellita and Alic have been together since high school and they were still going strong till this day. Alic planned a romantic day for the both of them tomorrow. I gushed at the message. I freaking loved babys, especially their baby she was beyond cute, and I would babysit for them anytime they needed me too.

Babies were mysterious little humans to me. The fascination I had for them was deeply worrying.

'That shouldn't even be a question. You know I would never say no to watching Ivanna.' I quickly texted back already getting excited just thinking about tomorrow. Just as quickly as the smile came it dissappeared as my phone buzzed seeing a text from my mom. I clearly spoke too soon.

'How's it going so far.' just as I read the text my mind went back to the date I left unattended at our table. Shoot, I almost forgot about him. I quickly shot my mom a text telling her it was fine before putting my phone away. My mother didn't understand that I wanted no man around me, I was ignoring Sylas but I was still very much aware of who he was and what he was capable of.

I wasn't interested in the blue eyed man waiting for me, the hue of his eyes reminded me of Sylas even though Sylas' were much more... intriguing. My disinterested in the man had nothing to do with him. My decision wasn't personal at all I just wasn't interested I wanted to go home and sleep. I don't think that was too much to ask.

And there was also the fact that I didn't want him to meet Sylas by any chance. I would just have to weez through everything again because I've heard it all and seen it all. I was starting to question how many friends my mother had, I've seen all their sons and they came in different shades, different personalities but similar bank accounts. I still wasn't interested.

The man should have got the memo seeing how unparticipating I was, I tried to hide it but I couldn't, there was simply too much on my mind. I would also look around every now and then checking the coast. I was very nervous, I shouldn't feel like this but I felt like I was doing something I shouldn't be doing. I took in a deep breath I have been in the women's room long enough and I think I entertained my mother's date for the week enough it was time to end this shit show before someone lost a limb.

I looked at myself one last time in the mirror before I walked out of the bathroom. My legs started to slow done at the sight of the man sitting on the table. No longer was there a brown haired, blue eyed man that I came here for but now sat the same man I've been avoiding like a plague. I could only see the side of him as he sat elegantly on the chair. I could feel the power and dominance radiating of him from a mile away as he slowly took a sip of his drink.

I thought about running but decided against it. What difference would it make. The feeling at the bottom of my stomach seemed to multiply as I got closer. The surrounding sounds of the restaurant seemed to disappear as he slightly tuned his head and looked at me. His hot gaze slowly trailed up from my stilettos, taking it's time on my body before slowly reaching my hair then came back to my eyes. Holding my gaze. I could feel my heart start to race. I could feel it from a mile away that he wasn't happy.

This was the first time seeing him like this and I didn't like it. It deeply troubled me. When I got to the table, my mind seemed to turn off as I stood there watching him with a racing heart. He wasn't looking at me anymore he was looking at the brown liquor filling half of his glass with a few ice cubes inside.

"Sit." my body followed his command before my mind could even process it.

"You look ravishing Mäuschen." he said finally looking at me, his voice deep and coated with his accent.

"Thank you." I whispered, burning in his gaze.

"All this for a man you met today." he said.


"-Do you feel like drowning in someone's blood today Mäuschen? "

"N-no." I could help the shaking of my voice, the tone he was using with me was new and deeply terrifying. I cluthed my hands together to keep them from trembling. Everything thing seemed to come crashing down.

"Mäuschen don't be scared. I'm still asking aren't I? I'm being a gentlemen." he said.

"Would you like to see why I run the so called Originals that you think you know?" I blinked away the tears. Everything about him right now scared me. At this moment I felt as if I've been taking this thing way too lightly.

"Sylas -"

"It's either yes or no, my name that I do love hearing from your delicious lips isn't the answer."

"No." I barely got out looking away, failing to hold his gaze.

"Haile." I slowly looked back at him again, but that didn't seem to satisfy him.

"It is in your best interest right now to use your words when speaking to me."

"Let's try this again." he suddenly said smirking. Everything about him right now was blood thirsty.


"Yes Sylas." his smirk suddenly dropped.

"I don't give a fuck about your mother or anyone else in your life. Their lives mean nothing to me, I think it's very important that you know this if we are agreeing to go down this path that you have chosen." he said seriously. I looked down at my trembling hands as I nodded my head. I didn't know how to reply. Did he expect a yes or simply nothing, what I did know was that I was scared of giving him the wrong answer

"Yes Sylas."I rasped out. This side of him was indescribably scary, I couldn't describe how terrifying he was at this moment. I preferred his normal scary side because I couldn't deal with this.

"My driver is waiting for you outside to take you home, we will talk later." he said after some silence that consisted of his heated gaze on me. I didn't waste any time standing up but not before saying thank you. I was ready to leave this place.

"I've been out of the country for almost a week and haven't seen you in a week, I think I deserve a goodnight kiss, don't you think so too?No goodnight kiss." he said making me freeze in place. It wasn't a question. The darkness that danced in his eyes said everything. I walked over to him but quickly froze when he stood up to his full intimidating height just as I was about to get to him. My legs seemed to slightly shake at the change.

His hands seemed to know the way around my body as he wrapped them around my waist. One of his hands moved to my jaw making me look up at him. I'm ashamed to say that the rough dominant kiss ignited every cells in my body, he was clearly showing me who was in charge here. At this point I didn't care all I knew was that this wasn't the time to be stupid. I couldn't afford to be stupid right now.

I just wanted to go home and cry because the fear he has installed in me was scratching at my surface I just wanted to let everything out. I kissed him back letting him completely take over my body. It felt like my life kind of depended on it right now. He kissed me one last time before letting me go and while releasing me he seemed as if he was in a battle with himself so when he finally did I couldn't help but inwardly sigh. I walked to the car and never turned back.


Yesterday was one of the longest nights I've ever had. I couldn't sleep half of the night, I finally got some sleep around 5 a.m. Today I honestly just wanted to stay in bed and mourn the death of my back bone and life. Which Sylas officially killed last night. I didn't want to think of last night. Everything was still fresh in my mind and I could still feel every single emotion I felt.

I finally cried when I slipped in bed after taking a long blank shower, at first I couldn't produce a single tear but then everything came all at once. It was the overwheming fear that made me cry. I thought maybe if I stopped holding everything back and let it out I wouldn't be so scared anymore but I was wrong. I was still scared but I was glad I let some of it out. The only reason why I got out of bed today was because of the little angel that was upstairs.

Alic came this morning to drop her off of course he still asked if I was sure about taking her for the whole day as if this was my first time babysitting. After I assured him and the worry on his face dissappeared, I could see the excitement in his eyes about the things he had planned for Kellita today. They were so adorable they made love look so... desirable.

I finished making Ivanna's next to bottles before I headed upstairs to check if she was still asleep. Even with everything going on in my life right now I couldn't help but gush at the little human being sound asleep. She looked so cute with her closed eyes and fisted little hands, it honestly melted my heart. Suddenly I couldn't wait for Monday to come so I could go to work.

My stomach growled reminding me hadn't really eaten anything since yesterday. I didn't really eat during the so called date I just ended up playing with my food. Yesterday I couldn't help but wonder what happened to the brown haired man who's name I had already forgotten. I didn't want to ask Sylas yesterday because it seemed like a terrible idea.

I just hoped that he was safe, I'm sure if he dissappeared my mom would have let me know by now because I would be the last person he was seen with. My eyes looked around the room looking for my phone which I haven't seen all morning. My brows furrowed when I couldn't spot it, I made my way to the bathroom because thinking back that was the last time I saw it.

Alic didn't have to call this morning he used Kellita's key and I was already awake. After five minutes of looking for it I found it in my toiletry bag. Things were really that bad last night because I don't even remember putting it in here. When I came back home everything had felt like a blurr. I didn't want to think about last night anymore. The way Sylas looked at me, the tone he used with me still deeply troubled me.

I walked out of the bathroom with my phone in hand, my legs slowed down seeing the two missed calls I had from Sylas. One from last night and one from today in the morning. I've never been so stressed over a missed call. Not even my mother's missed calls had me so stressed. I quietly sat down feeling all the energy leave my body, my heart was pounding. I wanted to call back but I physically couldn't. I needed to go over what I would say first because I felt like if I did right now I would say all the stupid things.

The growl of my stomach brought me back from my mini panic attack. I closed my eyes slowly taking in a deep breath. I gently placed the phone on the bed deciding on making some food needing to get my mind off this. I gently pecked Ivanna's slightly opened mouth making her slightly move before going back to her peaceful sleep. Just seeing her little movement made me feel less heavier. I made my way downstairs with a cooked meal partially on my mind.

I usually played some music whether it be the T.V or my phone while cooking but seeing as the baby was sleeping upstairs I would have to manage with all the scary thoughts rushing through my head at once. Plus I wasn't really in the mood for music right now. I couldn't help but think of how Sylas reacted to the missed calls, I was afraid to even go there. I felt like I was already in hot water because of yesterday.

When I finally made it downstairs I was greeted with the sight of Sylas in the middle of my kitchen with his hands in his pockets, he was in his signature suits looking at nothing in particular. His intimidating presence in my kitchen made the kitchen look smaller. The body's natural response to such situations was the fight or flight response. I chose neither because I would win in neither.

"Is there a reason why you still aren't answering my calls because from what I'm seeing you still have functioning hands." he said his eyes trailing around my kitchen as if it was the first time seeing it.

"-I'm sorry, I mistakenly left my phone in my toiletry bag all night - and I didn't hear it when it rang. I- only found it a few minutes ago. And I was going to call you back I just didn't know what to say-" I rushed out in one breath.

"Mäuschen breath, I don't want you passing out." he said looking at me. I noted that he was back to his normal less Psycho self. That made me feel a little less scared. He didn't seem as angry as I thought he would be about the missed calls. I couldn't figure him out.

"I would prefer if you answered all my calls from now on."

"The past week is excusable as I thought you might need some space."

"You mean space to process that- my boyfriend is a psychotic blood thirsty killer who is the head of the whole German Mafia." I asked dryly chuckling wiping the stray tears. I actually found humor in this.

"Yes." he said smiling. It was genuine. I couldn't for the life of me figure this man out. His smiled dropped as his eyes quickly changed.

"I'm done giving you space. I haven't seen you in almost week, what I really want right now is to be buried in your little tight addictive cunt." he bluntly said taking his hands out of his pockets. My pussy involuntarily clenched. I couldn't control how he made my body feel.

It was the way that his eyes slowly trailed up and down my body before stopping at my eyes that made me feel hot. He looked like he was about to fuck me on my kitchen counter, the wetness between my folds was no secret to both of us. I think Sylas knew my body more than I did.

I was brought out of my trance by my distant ring tone coming from my room. Shit, I forgot I had took my phone off silent. The baby. Before I could even move I heard loud wailing sounds coming from my room. Sylas' hungry gaze at me completely changed as he looked at my facial expression of a deer caught in headlights. I didn't even get time to blink before I saw him take out his gun, heading towards the direction of the wails.

The sight of this made me freeze. The last time I saw that gun, someone lost their life. Why would he possibly need it now. He carried it like it was something he was so familiar with. My feet moved before I could command them to move following after his powerful strides as he made his way upstairs towards my room.

"Sylas." I called out seeing him dissappear into my room. Tears were rushing down my face as I tried to quicken my steps causing me to trip and fall at the top of the stairs. I didn't care though my mind was on the crazy man with a gun in a room with a small baby.

I froze at my door at the sight in front of me, finally reaching my room. He had an impatient look in his eyes as he placed the gun on the crying baby's head. I don't know what was going on in my head, I couldn't think straight with all the noise in my head.

"What the fuck is this?" he questioned his voice deep and serious.

Ivanna's little wails didn't help the situation. Because she was crying and I was also crying. Sylas was the only one dangerously calm in the room. I felt my whole body tremble at his eyes. He looked like he would pull the trigger any second now without second thought.

"It's - it's a baby Sylas. Please don't do t-"

"Who does it belong to Haile? Onetta better be wrong or I will blow it's brains out. " his tone got very low, every word emphasized and dripping in his accent.

"Onetta?! - I - please -" my mind felt jumbled up, I didn't know what was going on.

"It's not mine. It's not mine. I swear it's not mine. I'm just babysitting I promise." I rushed out feeling all the air rushing out of my lungs. My knees almost gave out on me as I leaned against the door for support. The whole situation right now scared me beyond measure. I knew if he decided he wanted to kill the baby he would without any hesitation. That's what scared me the most the fact that he actually would, and I wouldn't be able to do anything but just watch.

"Are you sure Mäuschen?" he asked trailing the front of the gun on the baby's cheek. His eyes darker than usual, the emptiness in them was suffocating. Fuck, I felt like I would pass out at any minute now. My tongue felt heavy as I looked at him. I couldn't speak. When his eyes trailed back to me, my tongue seemed to come back to life.

"I promise you Sylas. Before you I've only had sex once and - and we used protection and that was years ago. I promise you Sylas, please believe me."I pleaded thinking of what next to tell him to try and plea my case. I was ready to spill anything.

He retracted the gun causing me sigh clutching onto my heart with my trembling hand. Even though the gun wasn't pointed at her anymore I couldn't stop crying. He put his gun away but he didn't look satisfied yet.

"Who was he?"

"W-what?" I stuttered trying to overcome the need to go over to Ivanna and calm her down. Her little wails were slowly killing me inside but Sylas didn't seem to give a fuck right now.

"The man you thought it was okay to give him what's mine." I couldn't believe him. I was just partially glad that his dark gaze was directed at me and not at Ivanna.

"Sy-Sylas It was a long time ago and I didn't even know you yet-" I could see that he was getting impatient, the look he was giving me told me he didn't care about the shit coming out of my mouth.

"M-mason." he chuckled but it wasn't anywhere near genuine. I watched him get out his phone, calling someone. I hesitantly moved towards the baby that he was so close to. When I got to her I could smell his intoxicating scent that was addictive. I gently picked up Ivanna from the bed into my arms before placing her against my chest and gently calming her down.

As her wails started to die down I still couldn't really catch what Sylas was saying to the other person on the phone, he had moved away from us heading for the bathroom. He was speaking in his native tongue and he didn't seem happy. I looked down at the baby rocking her in my arms. I also had a lot of questions on my mind, but the one above them all was, what was his sister's hand in this.

When Ivanna finally calmed down and when I looked up at him he was staring at me. And now I could hear him clearly.

"Onetta get me her file." he said not taking his eyes off me before listening to the person on the other end.

"-No, kill him." he finally said ending the call, and putting his phone away.

"Are you hungry?" he suddenly asked as if he didn't just make that call or almost kill a baby. I slowly nodded my head clutching onto the small baby in my arms. I wanted him away from us.

"Come on, I will make you some food. And bring your - company." he said passing me on his way downstairs. What the fuck was wrong with this man. I took a few seconds to close my eyes bringing the baby to my chest, I couldn't help but release a sob. My lips were trembling at the thought of what almost happened here today. I looked at the baby in my hands one last time before making my way downstairs because I knew it was only a matter of time before he came to get me.

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