love of a Hunter

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"She raped me." I heard Hunter defending Himself. His declaration was like a mockery and my neighbours started laughing at him. Everybody believes only females are the subject of sexual exploitation. Is it true? "I knew, nobody would believe me. Men get raped too." Hunter sounded frustrated. "I knew no one would believe me that's why I did what I felt right. Stay away from me, Ms Rogers." I heard him rushing around the floor. "I will get a restraining order against her." Savannah Rogers is not a spoiled princess, anymore. She's a baker working in her step-mother's restaurant. Ideal sister, perfect daughter and a princess, drunk one night when she witnesses her love getting engaged to someone else. Drunk Savannah did something that will either give everything or will take something. Hunter Maxwell has always been a good lad to Mr Rogers. Born with mysteries, lived with miseries, when Hunter hunts, he haunts. So, when Savannah comes back in his life not alone, giving him a reason, either to finish everything or forget something.

Romance / Erotica
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Before you start ✅

Hey silent readers,

Thanks for giving this story a chance. This is my third story (I am still in the learning phase), and I hope it doesn't disappoint you, since English is my second language. So the feedback matters a lot.

* This story deals with triggering elements such as rape, abuse, alcohol and other sensitive topics so if you are uncomfortable then don't read it. I don't support any of these, it's a part of the plot (I couldn't come up with any other idea)
* You have been warned.

* All the picture used in the story including cover picture belongs to the owner.

*This is a fictional story, any similarity among the events or dialogue or whatever is completely coincidence.

*There will difference in the opinion of characters and moral opinion. So don't judge the characters. Must read the complete story to know their opinion, they all are just immature as normal people.

* This story is part of Mafioso Affairs but It can be read as a standalone.
But, My suggestion...... If read beth and Eliza-beth, then this story would turn out to surprise, because it clears a lot of missing piece of that story.

* Can read dazzled PRINCESS

* All constructive criticism are welcome. Don't forget to Vote.

* Timeline is non-linear, so italics is for dreams and past.

*Last and not least, Enjoy.

Please comment to let me know what you think about the story. And, if you like then please vote.

Edited: 26th February 2021

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