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Xavier and Amelia were college lovers until. He revealed his ugly truth. Leaving Amelia with no choice, but to escape. 🚫Warning🚫 This does not glorify rape or any type of abuse. 🛠🚧 Under construction🚧🛠 New chapters will be released. Edits and Many Changes Are Being Made

Romance / Drama
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Chapter 1: I-I can't marry you

Turned with my back facing Xavier I contemplated my history with the person I thought I knew. Looking out the window I notice small rain droplets appear staining the window. My heart ached as this man revealed his true colors. I couldn't help but feel a sense of betrayal.

"Amelia, this is my life. Please accept it." Xavier expressed over and over. My thumping heart just drowned it out. He begin running his hands through his black hair pushing it out of his face in the process. I couldn't help, but show my disinterest in this stranger. The man standing in front of me was not the Xavier I grew to love.

"Xavier, I don't even know you. Your going to inherit a crime business and your okay with that!" I yell as my thoughts fought with all of our past memories. Xavier felt like a stranger to me. He's been living a whole double life behind my back. Everything was a lie.

"Who says I'm okay with it? Stop assuming that I am. Do you really think that I wanted this life? I was born into this. And now it's my turn to step up. If you can't handle that. Then I understand!"

" Xavier!" I shouts watching him walk towards the bathroom. He soon came out holding a towel and a box. My eyes followed him as he walked about.

"Why? I mean I'm conflicted. I-I can't marry you. Here take it. I don't want it!" I shouted back. Pulling the ring that he had given me not even two months ago off. I launched it on the bed.

"Amelia, I thought you loved me." Walking back he picked up the ring throwing it at my feet. Looking at me his face was no longer calm. His brows furrowed as his lips flattened as if my rejection was harsh and hurt him in a way.

"I do, but I can't handle this. I don't want this. Why can't you leave all this behind? Come stay in the states with me? Do you remember how we planned on having a big family with a big house. In a nice neighborhood. We can still have that." I pleaded backing into a corner as Xavier walked towards me. "Xavier your scaring me. Just let me go home. We can talk about this another time. WE can go home."

"Then accept me and all my flaws like you did when you accepted the ring. We can still have that big family. Once you accepted this ring. My family's heirloom. Your in this family whether you want to or not." Xavier placed the towel and box on the dresser next to me with a unreadable look on his face. I cowered back in fear like a coward. I knew I wasn't a coward , but Xavier affected my body and mind in so many ways.

As he opened the box. My eyes took a glimpse at the picture of he and I. I noticed multiple rings gold and silver lined in the box alongside the photos. Xavier grabbed my hand and one by one he tried each ring on my finger until he came across a basic ring with a diamond in the middle surrounded by small rhinestones on the outside. Trying to snatch my hand away made Xavier's grip tighten. I whimpered as he'd pull and tug on my arm.

"Ow, Xavier that hurts. Please let go." My dad taught me how to protect myself, but right now with all my strength for some reason I struggled to push back against Xavier. A little fear crept up inside of me as my reflexes to fight back were gone. A little part of me wanted this to be some sort of nightmare that I’ll wake up from, but deep down I knew this was real.

Letting go of my hand Xavier turned towards me grabbing my face. Xavier placed a sloppy kiss on my lips not even being gentle like he had during our first kiss. "Now, listen to me closely." He whispered in my ear.

As I listened and Xavier finished whispering in my ear. I couldn't believe what he had told me. Who is The Council? Who are they? And why I matter to them? I couldn't understand what I was hearing. What did they have to do with his treatment of me? As these thought flooded my mind with one swift hit in the back of my neck I found myself falling to the floor unconscious.


Waking up the next day. I could hear waves and birds calling to each other. Opening my eyes I saw myself laying in a bed covered in white sheets. I felt a cool breeze chill my body causing me to look down at a naked display of myself. In horror I look at the sheet to see that they haven't been stained . I began to reassure myself as the door to the room swung open. Xavier's muscular build filled the door frame causing his six foot body to bend down to enter the room. Making his way to the bed I began to sit up covering myself.

"Hey, your finally awake." Xavier utters caressing my cheek. Pulling away from him I threw my body off the side of the bed facing the opposite way. Xavier grabbed my face turning mine to face his.

"That hurts let go. Where am I? Why am I here? Where's my parents? I want to see them!" I shout pulling my face free from Xavier.

"Why are you asking for them? They sold you to me like an object. You are my legal wife. Your so called parents are horrible people they wanted to sell you to me . I paid 1.2 billion. And now your my beautiful wife. That's nothing compared to how much I make, I’m also paying for your sister's tuition so your family is now indebted to me." Xavier explained harshly.

Covering my body with the thin sheet Xavier looked over his shoulder before nodding his head. The door suddenly made a clicking noise. Xavier began to rub his hand along my chest squeezing my breast before sliding his hand under the cover pulling my finger.

"Don't touch me! My parents would never. They love me." I protest slapping him. Covering my body with my hands. I looked back at Xavier who was wiping blood from his lips. Looking at my hand I had forgot about the ring.

"Wow, Amelia I never took you as a person who likes it rough. But, its not time for that. I don't think you truely understand your parents. Are you sure you wanna see them?" Xavier asked staring in my eyes for a moment with regret. Xavier's body suddenly shifted as he pulled a paper from the draw next to the bed handing the paper to me.

Reading the paper my eyes began to swell with tears as the names and signatures on the paper were in fact my parents with a note that said ' I love you'. My heart sunk as the thought of my parent selling me for money broke my heart. The contract stated that I must have a child preferably a boy or else my family would experience trouble of some sort. Holding back my tears my body started to shake. I wasn't scare or angry. I felt betrayed. I began to blink the tears away holding them in. Xavier just stared at me with a glimpse of pity in his eyes.

Xavier snatched the paper from my hands placing it back in the draw. He leaned closely towards me and whispered, "Just pretend and put on a show. They're watching us."

"I don't know what you mean. Whose watching us? Where are my clothes?" I asked frustrated. Clenching my fist I reached for the contract. Xavier stopped me grabbing my arms quickly pinning me down on the bed. Xavier climbed on top of me and began gently kissing my neck. I push him away grabbing the sheet wrapping myself in it. Before running towards the door. Opening the door a tall bulky man stood in my way. He was about to push me down until Xavier appeared behind me. Xavier placed his hand on my shoulder tightly digging his fingers into my skin. Muscling up enough power in me, I push Xavier.

"Let me leave. I hate you. I want nothing to do with you! Your not the man I fell in love with. Just please let me go." I yell running towards the balcony.

"Listen, Amelia your family will suffer a lot if you die without giving me a son. Don't you love me. Don't do this." Xavier responds in a taunting manner winking at me. I couldn't understand what he thought he was doing. Is he taunting me? Is he tricking me? Is this all a fake prank show? Was there cameras around hiding? Will they run out and scream that this is all a prank? I didn't understand with Xavier pulling my finger to him telling me to pretend. I didn't understand. My brain wouldn't allow it.

"Don't step any closer! Xavier! I'm warning you!" I shout gripping the rails.

Xavier began to run towards me, instead of reacting I froze. Xavier grabbed me throwing me on the bed. Laying there in shock. I was angry I let this happen. Why couldn't I fight back against him? My mind wouldn't focus. Twenty million thoughts scanned through my head. I began to question 'how we had ended up here'. But for all the wrong reasons I was angry at him for lying to me.

I couldn't move now. My body wouldn't move. Feeling a pinch in my arm, I noticed a syringe being emptied in my arm. My body couldn't move I felt like a motionless doll. I could feel Xavier's warm hand caress my leg. In reluctant motions he began to rub his hand along various parts of my body.

Xavier stopped for a moment and began to whisper in my ears," Amelia, I'm sorry. But this is the only way that I can keep you alive. I'm so sorry. I don't want to do this. Please understand. I'm sorry."

Removing the sheet from around my body, Xavier began to kiss my neck. Every time he touch me I felt a sense of repulse. I couldn't move or push him away. His hands were warm as they brushed up against my legs slowly gliding over them. I can feel everything. His touch disgusted me. I wanted him away from me, but I couldn't move. Xavier didn't waste anytime. The sound and sight of him unbuckling his belt forced the unthinkable thought in my mind. Tears began to stain my face, but I quickly began to blink them away.

My mind wanted to find shelter and hide, but it was as if something was holding my head in place forcing me to watch. Xavier slowly pushed himself inside me. I felt my insides stretch in pain as he slide even further. I wanted to gasp at the agonizing pain. But I couldn't. Low moans escaped my mouth only describing the surface of my pain. Every thrust, every inch of pain that consumed my body. Each thrust he repeated 'sorry', but I didn't care. I wished I was somewhere else.


I could hear his breathy voice as he took my innocence from me. I could hear him growl as he enjoyed every bit of it. His mumbles of sorry continued the whole while. My heart choked and cursed 'love'. The man I loved, I now only wanted to harbor hate for, but I couldn't. I hate him, but my heart still loves him. In this very moment I felt as if my head and heart would rip each other apart. I felt blood and other fluids gush out of my woman hood as Xavier removed himself from me.

He caressed my cheek. I wanted to flinch, but I couldn't. He covered my body with the thin white sheet that was still stained with my blood. I watched him walk away from the bed. He knocked three times before someone opened the door letting him out. I wanted to cry, but everything felt numb.


Passing out at some point. I woke up in a different room. My body aching from pain and exhaustion. I tried to move, but couldn't. I could only turn my head and wiggle my fingers. As I heard the room door unlock I stop moving and stared at the room. The room was large and dark. There was two windows both covered by dark red curtains. The room looked old in comparison to modern times.

Xavier walked in accompanied by a women in a white doctor's coat. She was a women for the eyes. She looked like a model from a magazine. She wore a white coat with an open blouse leaving nothing to the imagination. She wore a tight mini skirt where you could see her underwear as she walked.

"Can you see if she's okay? She looked as if she was in pain all last night. And there was a lot more blood then I expected. Kate can you check her?" Xavier asked sounding like a squeamish teenage boy.

"Are you sure that she isn't just a virgin? It is normal to experience discomfort your first time. You should know." She replied winking at Xavier.

"..." I groan trying to speak.

"How much of the paralytic did you give her?" She asked in a serious tone.

"Half of the syringe you gave me." Xavier responds confused.

"She should be regaining full control of her body in a few hours. So I'll check what needs to be checked. While you go be boss, Boss." She giggled rubbing Xavier's back pushing him out the room.

Walking over towards me. Kate kicked the bed causing my body to shift over. "So, your the wife. Much prettier than I thought. However Xavier is mine. And has been since we were born. Destined to be married."

Kate stood over me spitting in my face. Reaching in her bag. She pulled out a bag full of pills and began crunching them under a glass placed on a table next to the bed.

Pouring the broken up pills into a glass of water Kate forced open my mouth causing me to swallow the unknown substance.

"Ack..ckk" Choking because of the strong substance a faint taste of blood spilled out appearing on the corners of my mouth. I bit my tongue. The faint taste of blood lingered in my mouth causing my leg to jerk.

Standing over me with an grin on her face. Kate punched me in my stomach. "There to make sure the deed is done. If your wondering, it shouldn't matter because I'll make sure you never have children. Even if he did have a chance to get you pregnant. Every time he touches you and calls me I'll just poison you and that little sperm cell. And that way he'll run to me kicking you out . Happily Ever After."

Looking at her as I laid motionless. A sharp pain stabs my stomach causing my finger to twitch, then my hand into a balled fist. I let out a painful growl as Kate stabs my stomach with a scalpel. Throwing myself to the floor slowly regaining full freedom to move I began to crawl towards the door. Tears filled my eyes as I inched closer to the door. I let out a wail. But it was faint.

"Heeeeellllllllllppppp!" I yelled banging on the door.

Managing to pull myself up on the table next to the door. Kate ran towards me with the scalpel in hand grazing my cheek. Reaching for a weapon I grab a picture frame smashing it against her head , pulling the door open. I began to limp out as Kate regained her balance. She grabbed onto my hair. Swiping at Kate I kick her in her knee managing to get to the second hallway running into a open living room with men in suits.

"Help me! Please!" I yell as my body begins to sway falling towards the ground.

Looking up at the ceiling Xavier dropped down to his knees picking my head up sitting it into his lap. He tucked my hair behind my ear. Calling my name.

"Amelia, please stay awake! Amelia, stay with me! Amelia, Amelia, Amelia..." His voice faded away. Along with everything fading to black.

Waking up to glimpse of a hospital room, I peep a nurse discussing an induced coma to Xavier and some middle age woman. Catching only those few words dark grey dots began to cloud my vision. I felt my head fall back as everything faded black.

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