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It's funny how I literally ran into the hottest guy at this week long wedding. It all happned so fast. My sister got married, we started partying and next thing you know there is a snowstorm outside. We are stuck there for a week and I take that week to get to know Mr. Tall Dark and Handsome. The only thing is...I didn't get his damn name. When I had to leave the Wedding early I didn't even think about his name. So what happens when I meet him at my sisters baby shower a month later? She's the most beautiful girl I've ever laid eyes on. I want her and I'm going to get her. I'm stuck at this wedding all week so what's more perfect than being stuck with her. When I see her smile for the first time I know she's the one I want. After all that bonding why did she leave without my name and number. Was everything we had not real. I see her at the baby shower a month later, but I'm furious with how we ended things. Cover made by: rayraybites

Romance / Drama
Thekay X8
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I cry as my sister says I do to the man of her dreams. It's such a magical sight. If only I could find a love like that. Once I hit thirty last year my fiancee proposed. I thought he was the man of my dreams but that wasn't true.

He told me he stopped loving me a year into our 3-year relationship. I was devastated and gave him his ring back then moved to Cali to be closer to my family.

I'm done with relationships but I still have a little hope in finding the one. I mean I am getting older.

Once the bride kisses the broom everyone cheers. My sister Carly gets picked up by her husband Ricky and he walks her down the stairs. They disappear out the doors and everyone laughs.

After a few minutes everyone gets up to enjoy the food. I scroll through the videos on the phone. My sister is so happy and I'm happy for her too. I remember when these two first met a couple years ago. Now they are married with a baby on the way. I hold back the tears threatening to come out again.

I finally decide to get up and enjoy some food. I don't look up from my camera and someone runs into me. I drop my camera in the process. "Dammit." I groan then look up at the person who's bumped into me.

The most handsome man I've ever seen is standing before me nervously rubbing the back of his neck. "Sorry, I wasn't looking where I was going." his husky voice says. He bends down to pick it up.

When he hands it to me I smile. It was my fault anyway I can't get mad at him. "It was my fault, I shouldn't have had my nose In the camera." he smirks at me. "It isn't broken is it?" he asks

"No. I think it was saved by your shoe." I giggle. "Yeah, gonna have to thank my shoe later."

"Hey we need to go get some cake before it's gone." another guy taps his shoulder. "Nice meeting you." he winks and I wave.

Once he's gone I make my way to the seafood in the back. "Hey, girl." Stella waves as I get closer. "Hey Stella." I give her a warm hug. Stella is a friend of mine from collage and close friends with my sister.

"Its so cold this year. Honestly I thought I wasn't going to make it to the wedding." she smiles. "I told my sister to have a summer wedding, but she insisted it be around the time Rickey and her met." I shrug my shoulders.

"They are so romantic." she gushes and I giggle. I start to make my plate when she snickers. "I saw you talking to Mr. Hottie." she winks. "Mr. Hottie?" I furrow my brows.

"Yes. I don't know his name but I do know he's the grooms best friend." she smirks "And he's hot."

I clear my throat. "He may be hot but I'm not looking for anything." I start to dig into my food without staining my dress. "Well if you won't then I will." I watch her walk towards the guy who I've just realized is looking at me.

Even when Stella goes to talk to him he has his eyes on me. Feeling embarrassed I turn back towards the table.

"Lilith sweetie." my mother calls walking over to me with my father in tow. "Mom." I force a smile. Now that she's here she's going to be nagging me to get married. "Isn't all of this just wonderful?" she looks around. "Yeah mom." I roll my eyes when she isn't looking.

"One day your wedding is going to look like this. Hopefully soon." she raises an eyebrow. "I'm not getting married!" I say for the millionth time.

"Sure you aren't." she winks. I sigh and put my plate down. "How have you two been? I haven't seen you in two months." I ask "Oh very great sweetheart. I just wish you would visit us more." she pouts. "I told you mother. I won't visit you until you get the idea of me being married out of your head."

"Not until you settle down. You're 31 and you don't even have children yet. I just don't want you to be alone forever." She frowns while my father eats his food not engaging into the conversation.

I need a drink. "I don't need a reminder of how old I am mother. I need to go." I pick up my camera and walk to the bar.

I sit down with a sigh because I know my mothers eyes are still on me. Carly is married so she should be satisfied. Obviously it's not enough.

"Can I have a cocktail?" I tell the bartender and he nods.

"Well, we meet again beautiful." I look up to the seat that 2 seats away from mine. I shiver as my eyes meet that handsome man who had his eye on me.

"Well it is my sister's wedding, we were bound to run into each other again." I smile.

"Oh Carly is your sister," he asks studying me. "I know we look nothing alike." I flip my hair. "The mature-looking one." especially since I'm older. He chuckles and it does something to my insides.

"So I'm assuming you're related to the broom?" I ask moving my seat so there's only one between us. "Something like that, I'm his best friend." he runs his hand through his hair and takes a sip of his drink.

"I take it that drink means you're stressed." I raise an eyebrow.

"I'm not good with weddings." he looks into his icy drink. I want to ask him why but I can see that he doesn't want to talk about it. He tips his head and looks at me. Could he get any sexier?

"What about you?" he asks motioning to the drink the bartender just set in front of me. "My mothers nagging me about getting married." I roll my eyes and gulp down my drink.

"Whoa slow down there babe." he moves closer and puts his hand on mine to grab my drink. I blush and look away from him. "Sorry. You don't want to get to drunk at your sister's wedding." I smile at him. He's right that would be a disaster.

I let him take the drink out of my hand and set it in front of me. "Why aren't you married. I mean I'm sure a lot of guys have asked seeing how beautiful you are."

I smile at him "I was engaged. He wasn't the one though." I frown. "Well he's missing out." he winks before taking another sip from his drink. "Why aren't you married. Or maybe you have a girlfriend." I raise an eyebrow.

"No I don't have a girlfriend just in case you're wondering." he chuckles. "I-I wasn't asking for myself." I blush. "I'm teasing." he calms his laugh. "I haven't found the one yet." he stares up at the ceiling.

"I'm sure the right one is there for you somewhere." I pick up my cup and drink it slowly.

"Everyone look outside." the guy and I turn to see people looking out the windows while making a commotion.

"Oh c'mon this is bullshit." an old guy sighs.

I get up leaving the guy at the bar to look out the window. I'm shocked to see that there is a snowstorm outside. The wind is heavy and so much snow is coming down.

I really wanted to go home tonight and sleep in my cozy bed.

The guy walks up next to me. "Fuck. I have work tomorrow." He sighs. I turn around and bite my lip. "Guess we can get drunk all we want." I talk a gulp finishing my drink.

He smirks at me. "Being here with you isn't going to be bad." He winks.

"Wanna go dance." He points over to the dance floor everyone is slow dancing on. "I'm bad at dancing but I could try." I hold my hand out and he takes it. "Don't worry. I got you."

He glides me over to the dance floor then puts his hand on my side and takes my hand in his other. I rest my palm on his shoulder. We start dancing and I laugh when he twirls me around.

"See you're good at this." he twirls me again before pulling me close to his chest. I smile up at him and he smirks. "You're just saying that." I giggle.

I spot my parents smiling and I blush.

He pulls me away from him and we both bow as the music changes. "Wanna go back to the bar." I point my head over to the bar and he nods.

For the rest of the night, we drink and exchange embarrassing high school moments.

"Everyone has gone up to their rooms." I giggle taking one last sip of my drink. "Want me to walk you to yours or can you make it?" he slurs

"You're just about as drunk as me sir." I poke his handsome face with my finger. "Well you can fall on me if you slip." he points to the many stairs I have to walk up.

I take his hand as he stands up and stumbles to the stairs. He has more balance than me so I lean on him.

Once we make it to my room I attempt to jump up. "We made it." I take my keys out of my pocket.

I look up at the handsome man in front of me. My eyes trail from his eyes to his lips and I lick mine. "Wanna come in," I whisper. "I don't think I should," he says in a loving voice.

We move closer to each other. "You sure." I feel his breath on my lips "I'm sure."

He takes my lips into him and I instantly feel a spark through my body. My keys drop to the floor and my hands instantly go through his hair. We stay like that for a while before my sister clears her throat.

"Sheesh, I didn't invite you here to hookup." Carly has her arms crossed as we pull away from each other. "Sorry sisss." I slur and pick my keys off the floor. I get my door open then wink at him.

"Night handsome." I bite my lip then shut my door....

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