Mistake Not (Season One)

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One drunk pleasurable night leads Genevieve Santos waking up in bed next to a sexy Russian stranger. But not just any Russian. -•- Genevieve had just recovered from a recent broken heart from an estranged ex. Now, she's ready to let loose, have fun, and live the single life. She expected a lot to happen when she went out with her friends but she never expected to be in bed with a Russian Blood Killer.

Romance / Action
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1|1 Nice Way To Meet A Person

I sigh in frustration while taking my fingers from the lace material that kept my lower regions hidden from all. My panties.

I just couldn't. I couldn't get to that point of satisfaction.


I blame myself for allowing myself to stress over many things. My ex being at the top of the list. Have you ever heard that familiar saying, 'I am single and ready to mingle?'. As much as I've been trying to move on with that saying, I have trouble doing so. I was beginning to think that saying was just words. Truth be told, I was currently single but far from ready to mingle.

My heart was still battered after finding out that the man I gave my entire attention and heart to for almost two years, has been cheating on me the entire time with multiple nameless women. I was just another keychain to his ringlet. Long story short, things between us ended in an ugly fight and me having the last word followed by me kicking his no good self out of my house.

A typical situation with bastards like him.
A firm, but familiar knock to my front door caught my ears. Exhaling a long breath, I reached over my bed and grabbed my shorts, slipping them on quickly. I walked out of my room to my bathroom to wash my hands quickly and went to answer the door.

"Isn't this a surprise," I murmured at who I saw on the other side through the peephole. I unlocked the door and pulled it open. "What are you doing on this side of town, PI?" My tone filled with pure irritation.

"A nice way to greet your sister," Georgiana, my oldest and only sister, said sarcastically while making her way inside of my apartment. "We need to talk."

I closed my door and made my way into the kitchen with her behind me. Opening the fridge, I pulled out a bottle of water for her and my Ciroc peach flavored vodka. I passed it to her over the small table; she, in one of the stool chairs.

"What do you want?" I questioned, taking a seat in one of the stools.

Ignoring my tone, she made it known that whatever she was going to tell me was of importance. "I am working on a case and I am to wear a different identity."

I sighed. "And I have to play along with your new identity once more. What's your code name this time?" I twisted the cap of the bottle open.

She stares at me pointedly. "This is serious, Gen. It's not only for my protection but yours too."

"And I heard you the first time. Just give me the name you are supposed to play." I took a sip and without further or due, she continues.

"Casey Loving"

I lifted a questionable brow. "Casey?"

"Yes," She nods. "This is my secret name and though it is false, be careful of your surroundings." Her tone warning.
"What exactly are they having you do in this case?"

She stood to her feet. "You know that is confidential." She grabs her water. "Mom and dad are still on their marriage retreat in Hawaii so I don't have to worry about them at the moment."

"How dangerous?" I asked, my tough barrier slipping a tiny bit.

My sister and I may not get along all the time but I love her and I do want to make sure she will be okay doing whatever she is doing. Especially her being a private investigator and involving herself in dangerous situations and by the look on her face, I could tell this was serious and probably more dangerous than any other case.

"I'll call you when I've finished with the case and perhaps, you could manage to sit and talk to me without being sarcastic and annoyed."

I looked down at my vodka. Of course I was a stubborn person. I will happily admit that I hated the fact that she became a private investigator. That's when we drifted apart. We saw two different views of living a successful life. Once I chose to be an artist, do art for people with any rage of money and sometimes for the joy of it, she didn't see me as being realistic. To sum up the meaning of her words, 'you'll be nothing without a degree'.

Do you know how heartbroken I felt to hear those words from my own sister? The one that was supposed to stay by my side and protect me no matter what. It hurt and I cried over it. I was close to her at some point of time but after that fight, here we are now.

Her being serious and working a unhappy, yet, successful life and I, the artistic sister who enjoys what she does. No matter how minimum the succession could be in others eyes.

"Perhaps..." I looked up, meeting her gaze. A brief softness crossed in her eyes before fading.

She nods firmly before walking in the direction of the door. "Thanks for the water,"

"Georgiana," I called, resulting in her to stop in her tracks. She turns, waiting for me to continue. "Be careful."
She grabbed the door handle, her eyes still on me. "Love you too." Then she was gone, closing the door behind her.

A long pent of breath pushed through my lungs while the feeling of my apartment began to erase the tension. This was my sister and I. The hard relationship between siblings.

I looked down at my vodka in my hands and frowned. This was not going to help me no better than sitting in my home and trying to give myself much needed relief. I needed to go out.

Hopefully, find a handsome man to take my mind away from what I've been going through these past months. I walked back into my bedroom and grabbed my phone, dialing my best friend's number.

It took a minute but she eventually answered. "Hey, Gen. What's up?"

"Hey, Jackie. I called to see if you have to work tonight?"

"Nope," She responds, the 'p' in the word popping. "Trying to go out? I don't blame you girl. What that bastard did to you was foul."

"Don't remind me." I rubbed my temple. I couldn't even think nor say his name without feeling angry and a bit lucky that I didn't listen to him about stopping using protection. Who knows if he had something from the many chains on his ringlet.

"Say no more. We can go to that one club. I can never remember the name, let alone say it." She chuckles. "Anyways, I heard it has a casino now."

"Sounds great," I agreed. "How's nine tonight?"

"Works for me," She agreed.

We exchanged a few more words before ending the call. I had hours to plan on what I was wearing but first, I was going to promise myself to not let anything bad get to me nor allow any negativity in my atmosphere tonight.
Tonight, I was going to let loose and hopefully be relieved.

"Ah oof!" The repeating sounds of painful grunts do nothing but make me continue to throw punches.

Nick Parks. Inside man was his position, that was until he broke the code. Conversing with those who wear badges just to stay from behind bars cause he was caught slipping. Fucking American.

I handled the department not too long ago. A threat from me was to be taken seriously and for as long as I've been here, I have yet to have a serious issue with the police. The head of each department was all given a welcome once I arrived and they haven't fucked with me since. That was until Nick Parks thought he could succeed in whatever he thought he was going to accomplish.

"I-I-I-oof." More blood trialed down his bruised face.

"Ты нарушил код. Невозможно предотвратить неизбежное." (You broke the code. There's no preventing the inevitable.)

He could barely breathe. His pain would soon be lifted. Besides, I was ready to move on to the next torturing session.

"Босс." (Boss.) The sound of my second hand, Ronan, interrupted any further plans.

Irritated at the interruption, I sent another hard punch to the snake's face. "Что это?" (What is it?)

"Тэвин разговаривает по телефону." (Tavin is on the phone.) He held the phone up.

I grabbed the white towel and wiped my hands of blood before grabbing the phone from his hand. "Убей его." (Kill him.) I ordered him before holding the phone up to my ear.

"Тэвин." (Tavin.) I greeted just as the sound of snapping hit my ears.

"Мерсер, я в городе и надеялся увидеть тебя в твоем клубе. У меня есть товары, которые я хотел бы обменять, которые могли бы принести пользу нам обоим." (Mercer, I am in town and I hoped to see you at your club. I have goods I would like to exchange that could benefit both of us.)

Tavin Tuscan was a leader of his own crew in some sorta way. Taking on his father's role has been a tough decision and he has yet to take over the name just yet though it's his birthright like everyone that is the firstborn son of a mafia.

"Позже." (Later.) I agreed before ending the call.

I nodded randomly over to a soldier to bring the car around and looked to Ronan. "Есть слухи о моей сестре?" (Any word on my sister?)

"I think it's safe to say Nick Parker is dead sir. English is alright to speak." He mused. "I haven't heard anything from her. Still avoiding you, sir?"

I huffed. "Like the plague."

"I'm afraid the meaning of commitment in the mafia is not to her liking."

"She's to get over it. She'll realize that once I find her a suitable man for her to marry."

"Sounding very hypocritical."

I ignored his amused tone of voice as we walked to the car. "I've made a decision. I am merely waiting for Adrian to mature before handing over the title to him."

It would be difficult but possible. I had this conversation with my father once and that's all it took. I will never marry nor have children. I didn't want that and a man like me is incapable of such things. Besides, I didn't see any of it in my future.

"I fear Adrian won't mature for the title."

I didn't believe that. My little brother was a wild card. There's one thing he loves to do more in this world other than shoot was fuck.

One day, if I'm lucky, he'd get one of those whores pregnant. It would be easier on my part to pass down the title I have.

I pulled the door open and slipped inside the back. The driver looked in the mirror and I gave him the signal to take me home to change. Ronan continued to blabber on the way to the house but with firm nods, I acted to care for what he was saying.

The men that stayed behind were cleaning up the mess while I actually thought of what more can my life be once I pass down my title.

What I know for sure was that it won't be easy.

It's so loud and partylife. The term for it was lit!

This club must have been super popular here in Atlanta. Jackie couldn't pronounce the name of it and nor could I. If I had to guess, hopefully correctly, this club was owned by a Russian man.

Probably old and looking for young girls to entertain.

I snicker at the thought and shook my head.

Jackie and I were fooling around on the dance floor. Dancing around in the crowd. Dima, Jackie's tag along friend, was here visiting a few family members before going back to Jersey. She was a cool girl and we kicked off quickly.

Now we were three girls acting a silly mess. Tipsy would be more the word. We've been here no longer than a few hours. I volunteered to take us home if anything gets out of control. I would not drink anything else after my last ordered drink.

"I feel like doing something bad!" Jackie yelled over the loud music.

"What?!" Dima yelled, laughing afterwards.

"I'm going to strip!" Jackie yelled before walking in the direction of the metal poles that were on stage and islands all around the club.

"No, Jackie! I think you need to sit down!" I yelled over the music, following behind them closely so I wouldn't get lost in the large crowd.

The closer we got to the staircase, the less blasting the music sound. "Oh, come on, Gen. It will be fun."

"And after, we can fill up those sexy body guards." Dima chuckles.

I looked up to the pole and looked around the club. Most eyes were on the dancers on the poles while people continued to bump and grind rhythmically to the base music. A wave of anxiety washed over me.

"Come on, Gen. Don't tell me you never tried it?"

"You guys go. I'm going to get me another drink."

Dima didn't waste her time going up the stairs. Jackie looked at me unsure and I forced a smile and waved for her to go ahead.

"This will take no more than five minutes." She promised before heading up the stairs.

I made my way to the bar and ordered a straight vodka. I downed it quickly, the familiar burning sensation easing down my throat simply. I took a couple of minutes to breathe and calm down my anxiety. Pole dancing was like, well, is another form of dancing and it seems so easy when truthfully it's not.

Plus, I didn't want to be a laughing stock if I made a wrong move and fell on my ass.

I made my way back to the girls just to find them sitting in an unoccupied booth with two guards, smiling and laughing. I hummed, shaking my head amused.

Looks like someone's getting fired today.

My gaze strayed to the hall that the two guards were supposed to guard and now distracted. My curiosity got the best of me and my feet moved before I could think twice about it. My brain filled with thoughts and curiosity. The lights above changed into different neon colors. The color sticks to a red at one point of time.
I heard many people back here talking russian and women giggling while money was being thrown in the air. I assume this was the VIP section. I stopped in my tracks when I saw a door with a code pad. Heh! Something in my line.

Another thing about me was the love hacking into people's personal lives. No, I don't make people's lives a mess. I just do this when I get bored after finishing a masterpiece. I looked over the craftsmanship and looked at the number pad. I pulled out my phone and opened my trusty app. Didn't take long to go through the billion numbers before the click of the door. I smiled and slipped my phone into my pocket and pulled the door open and a red light coloered the room. I instantly took note of the stage and the single pole connected to the stage and the ceiling.

I walked inside the room, carefully cracking the door before walking further into the room.

"Sounds like a good deal. What other information do you-"

"Sir," A voice interrupts me resulting in me to glare at the door with narrowed eyes. One thing I hated most was when my meetings were being interrupted. Especially if they are more capable of handling the problem or the matter could wait until after his meeting. The uncomfortable guard cleared his throat before speaking up once more. "We, uh, have a situation."

"And it can't wait?"

The guard shifted uncomfortably. "No, sir."

I glared hard, irritatedly at the guard before transfixing my gaze to Tavin.

"Perhaps, you should handle it. We could meet again to go over the exchange." Tavin stood to his feet as well as I. "You don't mind that I steal one of your girls for the night, do you?"

I looked over to the blonde-haired woman with blue eyes. She looked interested in Tavin's request and I answered him when I saw that she was willing. "I don't mind." I replied, shaking hands with him before he took the blondy away with him out the other exit.

"What is the problem?" I questioned, my irritation not fading.

"Someone has breached the main private room. We don't know how but-"

"It shouldn't be any 'buts'. Fuck, what do I pay you for?" My glare turned lethal. My hand rested on my favorite gun, ready to use it at any second.

Fucking trainees.

"What else?" I asked, my grip tightening on the gun.

The guard swallowed nervously as he went to finish. "The guards in the outer hall have been, uh, been seduced and I think drugged but everything will be taken care of, Boss. I swear."

"How can it be taken care of when you fuckers don't have the password. You know what," I walked in the direction of the door; the guard backs away with caution. I stopped in front of him. "You're fired. Get your boys and have them out of my club in five minutes or you'll find this as your last day."

I cursed, walking out to handle the problem before I change my mind and kill this idiot on sight.

Whoever was in that private room better pray they haven't touched a thing. I had certain valuables hidden and if touched, I won't hesitate to kill.

I walked around the pole, determined to get this pole dancing thing right. I grabbed the pole with one hand and swung my leg to wrap around the cool pole before lifting off again. It was lazy but that wouldn't stop me from trying to get this right. Jackie said I could possibly do it and I knew she had little doubts and she was right of course. But, I was going to try and prove her and myself wrong.

I can do anything when I put my mind to it and that's exactly where it is. On this pole.

I was so caught in my thoughts and movements that I was unaware of a pair of blue-grayish speckle eyes watching me. It was until I turned, my feet crossing awkwardly, causing me to stumble forward in his direction.

Embarrassment. The feeling was big within me when I fell off the stage and collided with his body, sending us both to the floor with a hard thud.

Jesus, help me overcome this embarrassing moment that is now a memory.

"Oh my god," I gasped, lifting my face to find his. I paused, my movement halting altogether when I looked over his facial features. Piercings, tats, and hair hidden under the cap he wore. I never in person met a man with tats on his face and the one beneath me was handsome to be the first.

His piercing eyes glazed over me, no doubt scanning over my facial features. Clearing my throat, I took my gaze away; I lifted off of him quickly but hesitated when I felt his hands on the exposed bare skin on my waist. I cursed myself for wearing the laced crop top. HIs touch was foriegn and it burned her skin but far from being in a bad way.

"I-I'm sorry." I forced my words out, lifting off of him completely and stood to my feet. The heels I wore made me unstable for a few seconds before I just stood there. Still as a statue. To ease my embarrassment, I offered to help him up but he was already beginning to stand.

"How did you get in here?" I heard his accent loud and clear through the hostility.

Is it weird that it made me hot all over?
He was a tall man with visible facial piercings and tattoos. I looked at his suit and couldn't help but wonder if he had tattoos beneath the material. His hair was covered by an odd-looking hat but by his sideburns, I could see the blond.

"I-I...uh, I-" Stop stuttering. I thought. A habit I did when I was caught and couldn't find a way to get out of. It was a problem I was currently working on and hopefully could make a better liar when need be.

"Do you have a speech disorder?"

My brows furrowed in confusion at his sudden question. "W-What?"

He sighed. "Stuttering disorder. You're stuttering after I asked you a simple question. DO you have a speech disorder?"

I took a deep breath, my heart rate calmed, and I balled up the nervousness. "No, I don't. It's a habit that I am working on."

"So you have it." He said as if it was final. I opened my mouth to object but he was quick to continue. "I ask again, how did you get in here?"

"The door was opened." I shrugged, hoping I convinced him.

I didn't.

"I hate liars." He mutters deeply.

"Perhaps you should tell your Boss to up his game on the security."

A dark look crossed his face and I looked back to the pole, my interest now gone. I will just have to figure out another way to pole dance in private. I turned back to the attractive man and offered a peaceful smile.

"Sorry, I got in. Now, I can just be on my way and-"
I didn't get as far as two steps when he blocked my path. I tilted my head back to meet his gaze and I could feel a dark, dangerous vibe he was giving off. Instantly, I could tell that this man in front of me was not one to take any crap from anyone. He proved it with a simple action. When his hands shot out grabbing hold of my upper arms, I couldn't help the gasp of surprise escape past my lips.

"What the hell, man. I said I was sorry!"

"You're not sorry yet, baby." He grunts out, lifting me over his shoulder; ignoring all the hits I gave to him on his back followed by my shouts of protests.


Authors Note:

I hope everyone enjoyed the first episode of my new series. Trust me, it will get better. Like most start up series, the couple of episodes are slow and what not.

I am currently in the process of changing the description a bit differently along with many other things. Season One won't be Ten episodes. It will be Sixteen.

I have put this book on a schedule and it will be updated every Friday (except on holidays if so). Next week, Mistake not will not be updated for personal reasons but the week after, expect some good (hot) things happening.

Thanks for the support guys. Much love❤️.


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