His Beauty Queen (Book One of The Kings Series)

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The Dreamboat


Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!

How could this happen? He had grown more and more restless over the years. Volatile. Lost. Unpredictable.

How can he continue ruling and lead his people when every day he felt like he was losing his sanity.

Ever since he returned from Italy, he was stuck in his own dark world. Consumed with doubts. Cursing fate. Almost at the edge of insanity.

Why? Was he not worthy of happiness? He had never failed his people and had served them sincerely and honestly. He had devoted his life to his kind. His people. His kingdom.

All he wanted in return was his mate. The one to complete his soul.

Where was she? Did she die before he even met her? His wolf growled savagely at the thought. He winced in pain. No! He would have felt it. She was out there. He needed to find her.

Moon Goddess, please help me!

Holding his temper in check, he glanced around his gloomy lair.

Buried with pack duties for days --had requested not to be disturbed by anyone, wallowing in self-pity-- and haven’t had a good run with his wolf for quite some time.

Hoping his royal beta will be back early, he glanced at the grandfather clock. The competition had always been a nice distraction. He knew Alexie would kill him if something happened to her mate but his beta was tough. The man can take it.

Alexander James Northam smirked at his own thoughts.

Whatever fleeting amusement he felt vanished just as it came hearing his Lycan whine. They were both hurt. Barely living.

Find mate!

It’s not that easy, wolf.

Need to find mate, human!

I will. I promise.

His wolf retracted to the back of his mind, huffing, ignoring him completely. He took a deep breath to calm himself.

Ever since he was a boy, his father and mother, fated mates, had constantly lectured him about the importance of finding his mate. The one person that he needed to cherish and love about all others. Her scent forever engraved in his memory, an early gift from the goddess herself.

Each wolf will be bestowed upon such a gift when the goddess knew it was the right time. He had received the scent of his mate when he was 18 --the time he started to think of sex and dating.

Unluckily for him, he was not able to explore sex because his cock will only get hard for his mate. On the first and only date he had, his wolf almost chomped the head off of the woman. The beast hated the smell and touch of his date. A fucking disaster! Never to be repeated.

And the tongue lashing he received from his mother was even worse.

What!? He was just a teenager with raging hormones. He thought he could explore. This was not the case. In time, he finally accepted it. He will wait for his mate. He had to.

Truly agitated now, he got up and began to pace to the large window, watching the peaceful scenery.

His ten thousand acres of protected land was located outside of New York. With thousands of royal pack members in his compound. He reigned over North and South America, Canada, and Antarctica, and the rest of the Lycan World. With loyal alphas on each city, state, and country.

The youngest King Alpha ever crowned. He may look young at 28, the age he stopped aging, however, he had been ruling for more than 100 hundred years.

Without his queen.

He exhaled heavily through his teeth. Where is my Luna, Moon Goddess?


Anything else, sire?” he could clearly smell the hidden invitation in her words. How he wished he could fuck his frustration away. But he couldn’t. He wouldn’t. And it was not even possible.

“Nothing else. Leave me in peace.” He murmured.

He gave a heavy sigh when the she-wolf left the room taking his empty dinner plate. He didn’t have the energy for this, his temper simmering beneath the surface, he do not want to snap at his people, yet, he was almost there. It was only a matter of time before he would wring anyone’s neck.

Pinching the bridge of his nose and exhaled a heavy sigh. Goddess, please give me patience. Because...

“I told you to fucking leave me alone!” He growled without turning his head in the direction of the sound.

The door in his study opened. Revealing...

“My, my, still in a foul mood, my king?” He scowled darkly hearing his beta’s deep drawl.

Pinning the guy with his dark gray eyes when he smelt his sister on him. Lucky bastard! Perks of having a mate.

“Easy for you to say when you are happy with my sister.” Alexander spat through clenched teeth.

“Look, Xander. You will find your mate soon. Alexie and I are positive about that. Come on. Let’s go for a run.” His beta held out his hand to him. Without any warning, Alexander’s wolf immediately made his presence known, coming out unexpectedly. He could feel his canines and his nails elongate. His eyes turned pitch black. He tried to control his wolf. Impossible. He could see himself, through his wolf’s eyes, lifting his beta by his neck. Not an easy feat. The fucker was built and tall. His beta, Michael averted his head, showing submission.

Where is mate?

My king, I don’t have any idea...

Why is mate’s scent in your hand?

He saw Michael’s eyes grew round. Perplexed, the man tried to gulp in breaths. The lycan king struggled to control his powerful wolf, who was oozing extreme dominance at the moment.

What do you smell my king? His beta continued to communicate through their mind link since he could barely speak.

My mate. She smells like milk chocolate, blueberries, and vanilla. I remember. Moon Goddess told me.

My king, if you let me go. I will tell you everything about your precious mate.

Apparently, that was the incentive his wolf wanted. He immediately let go of Michael and let his human form have control once more. His brother-in-law was whizzing and gasping for air. Shit! Alexie will kill him.

“Fuck! Michael...” He stopped --saw his beta grinning at him stupidly. All teeth. Still feeling like an ass, he poured them both a drink. He really needed fortification to calm down. “Explain, beta.” He sought calm and sat on his comfortable leather chair behind his desk.

“Sire, are you sure the scent you found in my hand was my Luna’s?” Michael asked cautiously.

Alexander knew Michael was just being sure --he can’t help the instinctive reaction --he growled. His beta realized his king was on edge, immediately showed his neck to his leader.

“My wolf...you know how it is, Michael.” The powerful lycan clenched his hands. “I am sure. That was my mate’s scent on you. The question is why?” He narrowed his eyes on the man before him. Michael, his beta was loyal to the bone. That was the only reason why his wolf has not killed him yet for having his mate’s scent on his beta’s hand. To say that he was possessive was an understatement.

“Xander, I came from the headquarters. You didn’t tell us you’ve been coop in your office for days now or Alexie and I would have come home sooner. We really thought you would be home by next week.”

Headquarters. Did that mean...?

“Anyway, I was in the office to welcome our new employee. She shook my hand today.” Michael continued and he left it at that. Waiting for Alexander to add things up. And fuck that made him hopeful!

“You mean to say she is within my grasp?” Damn! He couldn’t hide the excitement in his voice. Mate! Need to fuck mate! He smirked. Horny bastard.

“Ummm...my king...there is just one problem.” That got his attention right away. Motherfucker! Is she married? I will kill the bastard.

“What?” He growled. His wolf tried to get out and take control. Anxious. And excited. They both were.

“She is human, your Majesty.” Oh, shit! Doesn’t matter. I want my mate, human.

“Shit!” He groaned feelingly. That meant he had to control his wolf when in his love’s company.

“Exactly. You have to woo her, court her and win her. Only then you can reveal everything to her. About you. About our world.” Michael elaborated dryly, eyes glinting.

“Anything for my queen. Tell me everything about her.” His whole body coiled at attention.

“Right on, sire!” Michael rubbed his hands. Blue eyes amused.

Alexander got the feeling his beta was really enjoying this.

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