His Beauty Queen (Book One of The Kings Series)

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Family History

Anna May

“Oh, Rie! I am doing fine. You worry too much.” Anna answered reassuringly, grinning at sisters’ cross-eyed expression.

Anna Marie, the middle sibling was the worrier among the three sisters. As the eldest, she maybe the financial supporter in the family, however, Rie --her sister’s nickname-- was the official self-proclaimed mum.

At only 18, Rie possessed the strength to manage their small household and took care of their youngest sibling, Anna Michelle, like her own. Odd thing was, they were only two years apart.

“Earth to Anna! Hello...” Anna smiled broadly at Rie’s antics. Who huffed, clearly annoyed. “You were not listening!”

“Tell me again, Rie.” She encouraged. The former beauty queen was so happy with the company’s new laptop and a new iPad. She can vividly video chat with her sisters.

“I asked you how was work. No need to answer, sis. You are clearly happy with what I can see.”

“Yes, I am. My first day was just so amazing. I have my own office, Rie. My own team. I love it! And you should see where I stay right now. This is a very expensive and luxurious hotel. They spared me no expense. And by Saturday, I will receive my first paycheck, I’ll make sure to transfer funds to your bank account. You and Mish enjoy the weekend, ok? Buy anything you like.” She halted from her ramblings, seeing her sister on the verge of tears. “Rie, what’s wrong?”

“You always take care of us, Anna! Even when you were only 15, you were accepting odd jobs to keep us afloat. I feel like a burden.” Rie replied. Her voice was grainy from her tears.

Damn! She felt like crying too. She sniffed.

“Don’t you dare say that, Rie! I love you and Mish. I’d do anything for you both. You know that. I am doing this because of you two. Just finish college. I would love to have a sister who is a renowned chef. Who knows, maybe one day we get to dine at Gordon Ramsay’s restaurant? Like you’ve always dreamed, Rie.” Her mood changed and Anna grinned noticing Rie perked up at her words.

“Really, Anna?” She asked, wide-eyed.

“Yes, baby. Now, where is Mish? It’s only 9 pm.”

“I let her sleep early. She had another asthma attack. I told her not to do the laundry. When I got home, she was busy ironing our clothes!”

Rie gripped her long hair in exasperation. Anna knew the feeling. Mish had always been a delicate flower and stubborn as hell.

“Rie, tell her I called. And tell her I love her? Hold on tight, ok? I will be saving money to get you both here. Maybe you could hire a maid to help you both?” Please let her agree.

“You know I hate strangers, sis,” Rie replied. Her chin was set stubbornly.

Ugh! Of course, she’d refused. Did I tell you that stubbornness run in the family?

“Ok. Think about it. Got to go. I have an early start tomorrow. Love you, sis!” Anna waited until her sister disconnected the call. Sighing heavily, she laid at her comfy queen size bed. She missed them so much.

How their lives had changed when their mum died. She was 13 at that time. Rie was nine and Mish seven. They did not have a father growing up, apparently, he got tired of his daughters and disappeared. The asshole never looked back. Well and good.

They were left in the care of her mum’s crack of a sister and her equally crack of a husband. Every day and every night Anna had to stay vigilant to protect herself and her sisters from his lecherous advances. Then enough was enough. They left in the middle of the night after another attack from the bastard. She and Rie took turns bashing his head in, leaving him unconscious. Luckily, with her odd jobs, she had enough money to travel to the capital. There, they met mum’s friend, Delia. She took them in without question.

At the age of 15, she was working as a server on several fast-food chains, at the same time she attended a public school. She never wanted to stop. Her life consisted of three things. Taking care of her siblings, working, and studying. She never had time for friends.

Then she met George. A talent scout. Well, George was short for Georgina, --a transgender who scouted fresh faces for the modeling industry, kind and sweet. And absolutely street smart. George said Anna’s beauty blew her mind away and declared her fresh, exotic, and gifted. Ultimately, the talent scout encouraged her to audition, even though she was really ignorant at that time and out of her depth.

God! She couldn’t even see what her friend saw in her. In Anna’s opinion, she was just an ordinary provincial girl who was trying to make ends meet. But then, surprisingly she got the job. It was only a shampoo commercial that paid well. She left her odd jobs, gave time to her new career, and boom. That was when it all started. Her heaven, then her hell.



Alexie will be so ecstatic! He couldn’t wait to tell his mate. Michael left his king in his study, still engrossed in everything he could find about his queen.

The royal beta grinned at the thought. Our Queen. Finally.

At last. After more than 148 years, they finally found their queen luna. It was damn time! The kingdom was growing restless, their king unstable. They couldn’t have that. Enemies were everywhere. Constantly watching. Waiting to pounce.

He shook the gloomy thoughts away. Prowling on the south wing towards the royal beta’s suites, he took a deep breath savoring his mate’s intoxicating scent. He left her sprawled on their bed, deliciously naked after a quickie. Now, he was ready to start where they left off.

His eyes quickly adjusted upon entering their bedroom and scanned the king-size bed to find his mate watching him hungrily. Arousal permeated the air. He smirked -- closed and locked the heavy oak doors.

He licked his lips and he started to undress. Alexie’s creamy thighs were open in invitation, her feminine folds glistening from his seed and her juices. Fuck! He couldn’t get enough.

“Ready for me again, my love?” He growled, his wolf close to the surface. Ready to fuck his mate.

“You know me, Michael. My pussy is always ready for you.” Goddess! He loved this woman. The only one for him. His cock was throbbing, the head wet with precum. He will just share the good news later, much later, maybe after the second round.


“Jesus, baby! You smell so good with my seed inside you.” Michael groaned, his balls drained with his mate on top of him.

“Hmmm...you smell so good as well, my love.” Alexie giggled. Nuzzling his neck. Close to sleeping. He smiled when his mate hummed at the feel of his fingers combing her hair delicately.

“I have wonderful news, baby. ” He murmured. “Your brother, our king, has found his mate.” Michael’s mate was really sleepy. He clearly exhausted her. He smiled faintly, kissed her forehead, ready to fall asleep.

“WHAT!?? Michael!” She slapped his chest, making him grunt. He was immediately brought out of his sleepy state. She was glaring at him. Eyes narrowed into slits. Shit!

“Shhhh...baby. Get some rest now. Tomorrow your brother will need our help. Please, my love.” He was close to begging. He didn’t want to upset his mate, especially now they were trying for pups.

“Ok, but tomorrow you will tell me everything.” He tightened his arms around her and they fell into blissful slumber.


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