Do Dreams Come True? [BxB] ✔️

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Do dreams come true? That's the question Brooklyn has asked himself all his life, but he never took the time to find the answer to it. *Short Story* First Book of the “Do...” Series ☁️☁️☁️ Completed: February 14, 2021

Romance / Other
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A/N: hey guys! So if you've read the description, this is the beginning of a series of short stories (I'm talking one chapter stories). No, you do not have to read these in a specific order as the characters are different in each story. There isn't really a major theme to these books aside from the matching titles. These are just random stories with random ideas that pop into my head. I'm going to write at least three of these, so go check the other two out when you're finished reading this! Enjoy!


My name is Brooklyn. I'm nineteen, turning twenty next week. I have an average life. Average parents. Average friends. Average looks. I'm a senior at Flueick Academy; an average private school.

"Don't stare, Brooklyn, that's rude!"

That's Skipper. He's been my best friend since forever and I'm in love with him. No, he is not aware of it because he's the most oblivious piece of shit in the world. You can't blame me for falling in love with him. He's attractive, standing at a good 6"3 with puffy brown locks and beautiful blue eyes. Most of the female population in our school has taken a liking to him at one point. Too bad for them, and for me, he's taken. We began walking towards class while we waited for the bell to ring, signaling our final class when pain erupted in my chest. I clenched my jaw and squeezed my eyes shut. The pain stopped after a couple minutes and I opened my eyes again. Must have been a dumb cramp. I got them a lot.

"Hellooo? Brooky?"

I blinked out of my thoughts and broke the hard stare I had on Skipper.

"Hm?" I answered, absentmindedly. His face brightened.

"Where is your head, Brooklyn? I've been tryna get your attention for, like, fifty years now!"

"Sorry, Skip."

"Nah, it's fine! Let's go, the bell already rang," he said, grabbing my wrist and pulling me to our class. I let him drag me along, too focused on his hand around my wrist. I wasn't the most attractive guy in the school, but definitely not the ugliest. I was almost 6" and sported wavy, two-toned brown hair that just covered my ears and spilled out of the sides of a black beanie. Skipper had painted nine of my nails black the other day, leaving one of them white so he could write an 's' on it in black polish. He always did silly things like that that made my heart flutter.

"Hey, Brooky. You good? You've been spacing out all day long!" Skip asked, nudging my shoulder. I nodded, my face flushing a faint pink.

"Yeah, I'm fine," I replied, not looking at him. I turned my attention on the teacher as she spewed about useless things. I rested my chin on my hand, well aware of Skipper's worried stare. When I couldn't handle his gaze any longer, I sighed and closed my eyes.

"I know you're staring at me. Stop worrying, Skip, I'm fine. I promise, okay?" I asked, looking back at him. His eyes were wide, completely surprised that I had caught him. It's not like he was being slick about it.

"Okay. Sorry Brooky."

I patted his head in a way of saying I didn't mind. The boring lesson went on for what seemed like hours before the bell rang, dismissing us for the rest of the day. The two of us quickly packed away our things and walked out of the classroom together, hand in hand. There were squeals as we came out.

"Oh my god, are you two finally dating?" a girl asked me excitedly. I released Skipper's hand.

"No," I said bluntly. Her smile faltered.

"But you were just holding hands!" she pointed out. I sighed.

"And? Are we not allowed to hold hands and not be dating?" I asked.

"Yeah, we hold hands all the time!" Skipper chimed in. There was another round of squeals.

"Great. Look what you did. I guess that's going in the fanfics," I whispered to a sheepish Skipper, before grabbing his hand and dragging him away from the fangirls.

"Sorry. I didn't mean to make it worse. Why do they always have to follow us around?" Skipper whined. I smiled at him.

"Because we're the couple of the year, remember?" I teased, remembering the award ceremony. A lot of people had misunderstood that Skipper and I were just friends and nominated us couple of the year a couple months back, even though Skipper had a girlfriend. The only time we were an actual couple, was in my dreams. Skipper snickered.

"Oh yeah, I remember that. Your face was so red!" he teased back and I blushed.

"Yours was too!" I snapped in defense. He laughed, dragging me to his car. We only lived a couple minutes from each other, so Skipper drove me to school and back. It was easier that way, he insisted.

"Wanna grab ice cream for when you come over?" he asked. I raised an eyebrow at him.

"I'm coming over?"

"I mean, only if ya want..." he mumbled. I smiled at him. An embarrassed and shy Skipper was an adorable Skipper.

"Of course I wanna! Cookie dough or caramel blast?" I asked.

"Cookie dough. Duh," he answered. It was the flavor we'd get every time I went to his place. We'd get caramel blast when he came over to mine. He parked his car and we both got out and walked into the grocery store. I picked out the familiar cookie dough ice cream we always got and met Skipper at the check out. That was our system. I'd grab the ice cream while he waited in line so we didn't have to wait fo so long. We split the money and raced to the car.

"You cheated!" I accused, standing up from the blacktop parking lot.

"Not my fault you're so easy to push down!" Skipper retorted, starting the car and beginning to drive away. I ran to the car and threw the passenger door open, getting in and buckling before he stranded me at the grocery store. Again.

"Don't do that! Gave me a heart attack the first time you actually abandoned me!" I scolded, panting.

"Hey! I didn't abandon you! I came back. After I remembered I left you here. The next day," he said, adding on more and more to the memory. I sent him a hard glare.

"Okay sorry! I won't leave you ever again! I'll always be by your side. Promise, Brooky."

Butterflies erupted in my stomach and my face heated up. I looked away to hide my reddening face from him and cleared me throat.

"Yeah, you better," I mumbled into my sleeve.

"What's got you so red? See a cute guy?" Skipper teased, poking my side. I swatted his hands away. Yeah, actually I do.

"No. Shut up and drive, moron. The ice cream is melting," I demanded and Skipper laughed, hitting the gas pedal and speeding off towards his house.

"Hey, stop at my house for a second," I said when he entered the neighborhood.

"What for?"

"I need to change my clothes and shower. I had gym today," I explained.

"No, I have clothes and a shower at my house."

"But your clothes are too big on me and-"

"No. Shut up."

"Fine, meanie," I grumbled. A couple minutes later, I was trudging up Skipper's stairs with him close behind me. I bust into his brother's room first and threw myself onto his sleeping body.

"HI BOGY!" I yelled, waking the twenty-one year old boy up.

"Get off, fat ass!" he laughed, grabbing my wrists and throwing me onto the ground. We wrestled until Skipper came into the room and threw a towel and a pile of clothes at me.

"Thanks, Skip! Bye Bogy," I said, grabbing the clothes and towel and kicking Skipper's brother one last time before bolting to the bathroom. I slipped on the floor towel when I ran inside and began to tumble into the shower. Reaching out and grabbing anything my hands could reach to save me from falling, I grabbed hold on the shower handle, turning it and making cold water spray out on me. I shrieked at the freezing cold temperature and tried to get out of the shower, but slipped and fell again.

"Are you okay? What happened?" Skipper asked, hurrying into the bathroom with his hand over his eyes.

"Cold... water... help.. cold..." I said, shivering. He peeked one eye open and rushed over to help me out when he realized I wasn't butt naked. I held up my arms and he shook his head, picking me up and shutting the water off. He put me on the carpeted floor and wrapped a towel around me.

"You know, I think you're supposed to shower without all of your clothes on," he said when my teeth had stopped chattering. I glared at him and pulled the towel tighter around me.

"How did that even happen?" he asked. I glared at him again, but he just looked at me with big, innocent eyes. I sighed.

"I ran into the shower, slipped on the dumb floor mat, tried grabbing onto something to soften the fall, grabbed the shower handle, turned on cold water, tried to get out, slipped again, twisted my ankle I think, and then screamed. Then you came to rescue me. Thanks for that, by the way," I said. I could tell Skipper was trying to hold in a laughed and I slapped his leg, the towel falling off one of my shoulders.

"Do you need help showering?" he asked. I looked up, thinking he was joking, but his face was dead serious. I blushed furiously.

"No! What- no!" I yelled in embarrassment.

"Are you sure?"

"Yes! Get out! I'm showering now!" I said, standing up and pushing him out of the bathroom. I successfully turned the warm water on and got in the shower properly.

"Are you okay? Did you did it right?" Skipper yelled from outside the bathroom door. I smiled to myself. It became a habit for us to sit out the bathroom door while the other one was showering ever since we became 'too old' to shower together.

"Yes, Skip, I've got it!"

"Okay. Just making sure..."

I cleaned myself with his body wash and shampoo before washing the soap off. In the process, I managed to knock over the bottle of conditioner which hit my foot, making a pretty loud thud and causing me to hiss in pain.

"Are you okay? I'm coming in."

"Wait! No, I'm fine!" I assured, but the door was already open.

"Are you okay? What happened?" Skipper asked worriedly.

"I'm fine," I said shakily and resisted the urge to fix the curtain that blocked me from his sight.

"Are you sure? Are you crying? Your voice is shaky," he said, his voice getting closer. I panicked.

"Yes! I'm fine! Completely fine! Mhm! Don't move! Actually, move out of the bathroom. Yep! Do that!" I rushed out. I heard him step closer and his shadow appeared on the curtain.

"What? Are you good, man?"

"Yes! I'm fine! You can leave, now," I said, more calmly this time so he could understand me. I heard the toilet seat close. Was he going to wait until I was done in the bathroom with me? Uh oh. I turned my back to the curtain, worrying that he could see my dick's shadow. I didn't need him seeing anything. I finished showering without another word and turned the water off.

"I'm done. Are you leaving now?" I asked aloud, breaking the silence. There was no answer and I took a deep breath before drawing the curtain back so I could peek my head out. He was sitting on the counter, facing the shower. His eyes were closed. Was he sleeping?

"Psst! Hey, are you sleeping?" I whispered. Getting no answer, I reached my arm out to touch his knee, but his hand shot out and grabbed it, making me stumble and lookup and shock. His blue eyes bore into my brown ones.

"Hi," he said, rubbing his eyes with the hand that wasn't around my forearm.

"Um... hi? Can you get out? I need to change."

"Oh, you're done? Are you okay? Did you fall again?" he asked. I resisted the urge to smile when he yawned.

"Yes, I'm fine. You can leave now, I'm cold."

He let out a whine.

"No! I wanna stay here!" he pouted. I rolled my eyes.

"You can't. Get out, you big baby. And let go of my arm!" I said and he shook his head.

"No," he said. He was always clingy and stubborn when he was woken up.

"I need to dry off and change! Let go!" I said, yanking my arm in his grip.

"Arm or leave. Pick one," he said.

"Leave," I replied. If he left, he couldn't hold my arm. He shook his head.

"Arm or arm."

"You can't change it after I pick!"

"Arm or arm!"

I sighed, "Arm, then."

He smiled and let go of my arm and I reached for my towel and disappeared behind the curtain. I started to dry off and Skipper began to hum.

"You are such a big baby, you know that?" I said, wrapping the towel tightly around my waist before getting out of the shower. I let Skipper stare at me while I pulled on his boxers and let the towel drop. Then he hopped off the counter and gave me a hug.

"Yes? Did you need something, Skipper?" I asked, waiting until he stopped hugging me.

He didn't stop. It's been ten minutes.

"Let's go, Skip I have to change!" I begged again, hitting his back. He had moved us to his room and now we were hugging in the middle of it.

"Yes, yes. I like hugs. Can you let go now?" I tried pleading again, trying to push him off me.

"No! I'm recharging!" he said for the third time. I rolled me eyes.

"That doesn't make sense! Go recharge somewhere else!"

"I can't!"

"You can! I have to change! Recharge in Bogy's room!"

"Okay," he said. Then he picked me up, managing to not release me from the hug, and walked us to Bogy's room before hugging me in there.

"I meant recharge in Bogy's room without me!" I snapped, glaring into his shirt.

"Uh... Brooklyn, you good? What the hell are you guys doing?" Bogy's voice asked.

"Help me. He won't let go and keeps saying that he's recharging, which doesn't make sense, every time I tell me to stop! He's like a damn leech!" I said, begging for help. Bogy sighed and walked behind me to face Skipper.

"Let go, you big moron!" I heard him yell.

"Ow! Don't flick me!" Skipper yelled after him. There was silence.

"Are you wearing Skip's boxers?" Bogy asked. My face flushed bright red.

"M-maybe! What's it to you, huh? And it's not like I can change either because this gigantic teddy bear won't let me go!"

"They're so loose on you- don't look, you idiot!" Bogy yelled again.

"What do you mean 'don't look' I can't!" I yelled back.

"Not you! This big idiot!"

"Ow! I said don't flick me! And I didn't mean to look, it's right in front of my face..." Skipper grumbled. My face heated up more. What did he mean? Was he talking about my ass? Wait was Skipper looking?!

"Let go! Stop looking!" Bogy yelled and I heard a smack before Skipper's arms loosened and I slipped out. He rubbed his face where Bogy had probably slapped him. Skipper's brother looked me up and down.

"You good? You look like you just had sex," he stated and I flushed even brighter.

"Wha- no I don't! Go away! I'm changing! And you!" I yelled, pointing at Skipper. He looked up with a innocent smile. "Get me boxers that actually fit me!"

"I don't have any! Those are my smallest pair!" he said in defense. I crossed my arms and growled at him.

"You suck!" I yelled, storming out of the room.

"Nice ass, Brook," Bogy yelled after me, laughing. I heard a smack and then an 'ow' before Skipper stormed out after me.

"Don't let him say that!" he demanded as I slipped on the sweatpants he gave me. The waist band hung low on my hips and the pant legs covered my feet.

"Say what?" I asked, grabbing the shirt.

"You know what!" he whined. I raised an eyebrow.

"No, I don't. That why I'm asking," I snorted.

"What he just said! How do you not remember!"

"Oh, that I have a nice ass? Why not? What's wrong with it? Do I not have a nice ass?" I asked, offended. Skipper blushed and turned around.

"No, you- well. Never mind, shut up."

I laughed softly and pulled the oversized t-shirt over my head. I had a pretty toned body. I wasn't super muscular, but I wasn't not muscular at all either. I had a softly defined six-pack and pretty muscular arms and legs. Skipper was the same, but a bit more built. In short, he was hot.

"I look like a midget in your clothes," I commented, glancing at my reflection in his mirror. He turned around and grinned at me.

"Nah, you look fine! I'll get the ice cream, you can pick a movie," he said, leaving the room. I opened Netflix and scrolled through the movies before settling on one I thought was interesting. Skipper wasn't back yet, so I wandered into Bogy's room again. I barged in without knocking and the older boy looked up.

"What are you wearing?" he asked, bursting out in laughter. "I mean, shit! You could have at least picked out some of his smaller clothes!"

"I didn't pick them, he did!"

"He must not know how to read sizes, because that, my friend is an extra large t-shirt. It used to be mine," he said. I frowned.

"He said it was one of his smallest shirts. Anyways, we're watching a movie if you wanted to join us," I offered.

"I'm good this time. Next time for sure though. Kyle wanted to hang out tonight, sorry," he explained and I nodded, leaving and going back to Skipper's room where he was waiting for me, two big bowls of ice cream in hand. His eyes lit up when he saw me.

"Hey, here you go," he said, handing me a bowl of ice cream. I jumped onto his bed next to him and he scooted closer, our shoulder's touching, and started the movie.

Halfway through, his phone dinged, indicating a new text. I glanced at his phone and saw it was from Becky, his girlfriend. My mood dropped a little, but he didn't answer or read it like he usually would, he just ignored it and silenced his phone. He always answered Becky.

"Aren't you going to answer her? You always do," I asked my best friend, elbowing him lightly.

"Nah, it's fine. She can wait a little until the movies over. You picked a good one," he answered, shooting me a smile. I smiled back. I saw Skipper yawn through the corner of my eye. A couple minutes later, his head rested on my shoulder and he was sleeping. He would usually fall asleep before the movie ended. Sometimes it was a pain in the ass to put the dishes and movie away, but other times, it was the best thing ever.

This was one of those pain in the ass times. I sighed and clicked the movie off before getting up to put the bowls and spoons in the sink, but he grabbed the big shirt I was wearing and pulled me down.

"Hey, are you awake? Let go, I'm putting your bowl in the sink," I whispered. There was no answer, just a tightened grip. I sighed. I guess the dishes could wait until tomorrow morning. I laid down properly next to him and for the first time ever, he wrapped him arms around me and pulled me in closer. It was dark so he couldn't see my red face if he was awake. I found myself smiling like an idiot and snuggling closer to the big teddy bear of a boy.

I closed my eyes and sighed in content. Maybe it was true that Skipper wasn't dating me, but I sure was the closest to him and that was enough for me. Maybe he'd never love me. Maybe I'd always be just a brother or just a best friend to him. But I loved him and that's all that mattered for the time being.


"Let go, Skip!" I ordered for the fifth time that morning. Skipper just grunted and pushed his face further into my back. I don't remember when I woke up, but it's probably been a good twenty minutes or so.

"I have to go home! My mom texted me thirty minutes ago saying I needed to be home in ten minutes! You've gotta let go!" I said, prying his arms off of me. He reluctantly let me go and I sprang out of bed, grabbing the ice cream bowls and running downstairs, putting them in the sink, before slipping my shoes on and bolting out the door. I sprinted all the way home and entered my house, panting.

"Home... I'm... home," I said in between breaths.

"Oh, hi, Brooklyn. You're home early. I thought you stayed at Skipper's?" my mom asked. I raised an eyebrow.

"I did."

"Oh. Sorry, it's just that you're usually later than this when you stay at Skipper's house," she said.

I glared at her playfully.

"Oh come on! Gimme a break, I ran all the way here!"

She reached out and ruffled my already disheveled hair.

"Yeah, yeah. Go get your homework done, 'cause I know you didn't do anything productive when you were with Skipper and Brody."

That was Bogy's given name. I wasn't able to pronounce it when I was little and just called him Bogy instead. The name grew on him and he only lets me and Skipper call him it.

"Alright," I grumbled, not looking forward to doing homework. I trudged up the stairs to my bedroom and plopped down in front of my desk, pulling a big binder out of my backpack. I started to work on the sheet when my phone vibrated.

Skipping Rope


Skipping Rope
Wanna come over?

Are you serious man? I was literally just over.

Skipping Rope
... so is that a no... or?

Nope, it's a yes. My birth giver is forcing me to finish my homework right now. I'll be over in an hour and a half.

Skipping Rope
Can I pick you up?

If you wanna.

Skipping Rope
Okay I will. See you later! <3

"He put a heart. He put a heart! Why is there a heart? Was it a misclick? Can you even misclick a perfect heart? Why is he being all mushy? Was he just teasing? Did he actually mean that he loves me? Well, loves me as not a brother or best friend? No, he has a girlfriend. Does this mean he's cheating on her with me? Oh no, I've gotta stop him!" I muttered under my breath like a crazy person. I reached for my phone quickly, knocking it off my desk and onto the hard wood floor. My eyes widened and I scrambled to the phone laying face down on the floor. Slowly, I picked it up and turned it around. It was cracked. I tried clicking the phone button, but nothing worked.

"Mom! My phone broke itself! Help!" I called, running down the stairs and into my mom's office.

"Lemme see it."

I handed her the phone and watched her inspect it.

"It's broken."

I stared at her in disappointment. Well, no shit Sherlock.

"Well, yeah, I know that, but can you power it on again?" I asked.

"Nope. You're gonna have to buy a new one. I'm not going to the store in a couple days, so have one of your friends take you or wait until I go," she answered, putting the dead phone on her desk. I nodded and sulked back to my room to finish my homework.


"My phone broke, sorry if you texted, Skip," I said to Skipper when he knocked on my front door. He just nodded in understanding.

"I thought you were ignoring me!" he whined.

"I would never do that!" I said, patting his back. "Okay let's go! I'm guessing we're walking because I don't see your car," I said.


We linked arms like we always did and began walking towards Skipper's house. I savored the touch. I had forgotten to change so I was still drowning in Skipper's big clothing. We entered Skipper's house again and raced up the stairs and into his bedroom. I leapt onto his bed and face planted into his pillow. He jumped on next to me.

"Hey, Brooky? There's something I wanna ask you," Skipper began nervously. I sat up cross-legged and nodded, urging him to continue.

"Well, I recently broke up with Becky and-"

"Skip, you what? Why? What happened? Should I beat that bitch up? I've been wanting to punch her in her stupidly pretty face and watc-"

"Do you wanna be my boyfriend?"

"-h her die in sufferin- what?" I paused my rant, not sure if I heard him correctly.

"I asked if you wanted to be my boyfriend. Like, go out with me and date me and stuff," Skipper muttered shyly. A shit eating grin spread across my face.

"Yes! Wait, I didn't know you liked boys," I said.

"Yeah, I'm bi. I've liked you for a while, but didn't know if you liked me back. I decided to shoot my shot though."

"Shit, man! I mean- hell yeah! I mean... yeah. I mean sure I guess," I coughed, trying to play it cool. He smiled and my act got thrown out the window when I sent a big smile back, throwing myself into Skipper's arms. He chuckled, hugging me tightly.

"Yes!" he cheered into my ear.

"Can I kiss you?" I asked timidly. He smiled warmly at me.

"Of course. We are dating, right?"

"Yeah. Sorry, it just seems way too good to be true, ya know?"

"Yeah," he said softly, leaning closer. I swear my heart stopped beating for a second there. Then, his lips were on mine. The kiss was soft and gentle, like he was afraid I'd shatter. His hands tangled in my hair as he pulled me closer. My hands rested in my lap and he deepened the kiss, licking my lips. I granted him entrance and he began to explore. I suppressed a moan, not wanting to embarrass myself in front of my new boyfriend. Aw geez. Boyfriend. The kiss lasted for a while, but like everything I do with him, it was interrupted soon enough.

"Mph!" I groaned as I hit the floor. Yes. I fell off the bed. I can't even blame the interruption on Skip this time.

"Are you okay?" Skipper asked, trying hard not to laugh. I glared at him.

"No... help me!" I whined making grabby hands at him. He grabbed them and pulled me back on the bed.

"You're so clumsy," he mumbled into my neck. I patted him on the head and smiled, glancing at the clock on his bedside table. It was just past noon.

"Brooky?" Skipper asked.


"I love you..."

My heart stopped. Did I hear that right?


"I really," he paused, "really love you."

It was so unbelievable that it sounded distant. Like an echo, or a voice coming out of nowhere like in a movie. My eyes welled up in tears.

"I- I really love you too," I answered finally, sniffling.

"Please. Can you please wake up? For me? I miss you so much..."

What? Wake up? Miss me?

"What are you talking about? I'm awake. I'm right here, silly!" I smiled at Skipper, lifting his head to look at me.

It was like everything was in slow motion. My eyes widened as they were met with cold darkness, not the warm eyes of my best friend. I looked around, but everything was dark. I couldn't even see myself. I couldn't move. My breathes came out in heavy pants and my heart rate sped up.

beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep

What is that? What's happening? The beeping sped up.

beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beeeeee...

I couldn't breathe. I couldn't move. I couldn't see anything.



"STOP! Lemme go!"

What's happening? Where are you? Another voice echoed around me in the darkness.

"Please, sir, we need you to leave the room. We need backup!"

More voices were heard. Rapidly paced footsteps echoed around me from every direction.

"Ready? Clear!"

"Help!" my mind screamed. What is going on? Who are these people? Where did Skipper go? What happened to me? Where am I?

"Ready? Clear!"

I inhaled sharply and light flooded into my eyes, sitting up abruptly. Cold sweat dripped down my face and my breathing was harsh and quick. I looked around. Doctors with masks and gloves filled the room with relieved and happy expressions.

"Where am I?" I rasped. "What happened? Where's Skipper?"

"Sir, I need you to calm down. Do you know who you are?" a doctor asked me. I shook my head.

"What? Yes, where's Skipper?" I asked again.

"What's your name?" the doctor asked. I blinked.

"Brooklyn Jones," I replied, realizing I wouldn't be let go of unless I complied.

"How old are you?"

"I-I'm turning twenty next week. I'm nineteen. My birthday is November 22."

"Okay... I'll have your friend, Skipper, fill you in on some details alright?"

I nodded, excited to finally understanding what is happening. I stood up and wobbly followed the doctor out to a private room where Skipper was pacing back and forth.

"Skip?" I asked to grab his attention. His head snapped up and his eyes connected with mine.

"Brooklyn!" he exclaimed, running to me and grabbing my shoulders, tears forming in his eyes.

"Why're you crying? What's going on?" I questioned, very confused.

"S-sit down, I'll tell you."

I obeyed and the two of us sat on the couch, the doctor leaving the room.

"Brooklyn, I'm so glad you're okay. It's been months. I-I missed you so much..." Skipper rambled. I furrowed my eyebrows and grabbed his shoulders.

"W-wait. Months? Months of what? What happened, Skip?"

He took a deep breath before beginning the story.

"A few months back, we were in school, just talking in the hallway on our way to class. You were spacing out all day long and I thought it was weird. You were also staring at me and other people a whole lot, but that's besides the point. While we were on our way to class, there was a... a school shooting and- and..." he tried to explain, but began crying. I pulled him into a hug. I don't remember any of this happening. What was all that other stuff that happened? Was it in the future? Or was it a memory I had forgotten? No. I definitely would've remembered dating Skipper. So what was it?

"Shh... it's okay, Skip," I whispered. He sniffled and sat up and out of my arms.

"S-sorry. I just- I really hate what happened. Anyways, there was a s-school shooting and the man was aiming for me, but he shot you instead. It's... it's all my fault! It's all my fucking fault!" he yelled, tears rolling down his cheeks, each one putting a crack in my heart. Skipper rarely cried. I'm talking once or twice in his nineteen years of living.

"Skipper. Stop. It's not your fault, okay? It's that dumb, bad aim, shooter's fault, alright? You hear me?" I asked, looking into his guilty eyes. He nodded sadly. The pain in my chest that one day... that must have been the day I was shot. So then what caused the after events? Was I just dreaming? Wait... it's been months?

"Am I... am I twenty now?" I asked. He smiled and nodded again.

"Yeah, happy birthday, I guess," he mumbled embarrassed that he had forgotten to say it earlier. "For the record, I said it to you on your birthday. You just couldn't respond or hear me."

"Yeah, sorry about that... Continue the story?"

"Mhm. Um. After... that... police arrived and caught the shooter and he's in jail now. I brought you to the nurse and she called an ambulance. After that, the ambulance people whisked you away from me so I had to drive to the hospital. A lot of our classmates visited you, you know," he said with a smile, "The doctors took the bullet out and told the school that you were in a coma. You've been in a coma since that day, up until now. I came to see you everyday. Everybody at school said you wouldn't make it, but I never gave up on you. I- I knew you would wake up for me."

"Wake up for me..." I murmured, "That voice must have been the real you."

"What?" Skipper asked. "What do you mean?"

"When I was in a coma, it was like I was living in a dream. It was so real, I didn't even know I was dreaming. I remember feeling pain in my chest, but then it went away and the two of us continued the day and the days after like normal. Like the shooting never even happened. Just before I... I woke up I guess, I heard you. You asked me to 'please wake up' for you. And... you said you loved me," I explained, blushing a little.

"Oh, that? Of course I love you! You're the bestest best friend anybody could ask for. I don't know what I'd do without you, man," Skipper said, smiling. It was like a slap to the face that reminded me that I was in reality now. I wasn't living a dream. Skipper and I were really just friends and nothing more. This wasn't some fantasy. This was real.

Skipper filled me in on all of the details and events I missed while I was in a coma. His girlfriend and him were still on good terms. I was happy for him, really. If she made him happy, she made me happy. That didn't mean I stopped loving Skipper. I'd always love him. He, quite literally, pulled me out of the darkest times of my life more than once.

I had to repeat and make up all the school I missed so I could graduate. Skipper even took a gap year so we could go to college at the same time. His girlfriend and I got along really well. Turns out, we're more alike than I realized. It might be stupid, but that fact made my heart flutter a little. Skipper never stopped being him. He still painted my nails in the way he always did.

I won't lie and say I'm over being in a coma. Since then, I've been scared that I was still in a coma; that I was still living in a dream. Maybe none of this is real. Maybe Skipper is just a figure in a dream I'm having. I don't know if a lot of things are real. I have anxiety about it, but there's one thing I do know for sure. If this is a dream, then I don't ever want to be woken up, because the reality I'm living in now is already a dream come true.


(6023 words)

Phew, okay. I really hope you enjoyed this short little story I wrote. Again, this is part of a series, but you don't have to read the books in a specific order. This is the first book. Comment and write a review! I love feedback! ❤️
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