Fugitive Love

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Delta Na Ra is a bubbly and cheerful ballet dancer with a painful past. After 5 days of putting up a poster for a new roommate, her roommate, Park Song Joon, a mysteriously handsome and intelligent buisness analyst(which he maybe is) arrives. As they start to stay together, they discover each others secrets and become closer in the process. But after a night, Song Joon not only loses his identity, but also his days spent with Delta, who ran away. What Song Joon remembers is the dream which he had during his surgery. After 15 months, Song Joon, Now Lee Sang Hae, meets Dakshayani, who has a sinister secret hidden. As in a week, they fall for each other, and Dakshayani becomes his wife. Sang Hae discovers her secrets slowly. Will Sang Hae's life and his family ever be the same again.

Romance / Action
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New roommate

"The heist of the Sancy Diamond has flared up confusion and surprise among the whole world", one reporter screamed. "Ah! Again the same story, heist of Sancy Diamond", Delta said, sipping her bubble tea.
"Today the roomie was supposed to come.......maybe the person will come in sometime. Damn! I haven't got a bath, even Mitsu hasn't gotten a bath.", Delta said to herself, as she got up from the sofa and picked up Mitsu and went for a bath.
"Will I do shampoo today, for my pixie hair, it won't take much time, let's do it", Delta thought, as she opened the hot steaming shower, which relived the pain in her bruised ankles from the ballet practice.
"Tomorrow again at 8am sharp, why so much pain! Why!?", Delta screamed as she gently massaged her ankles.

(After sometime)- "it's 9pm already and the roommate still hasn't come, maybe the person won't come today", Delta thought, sitting in front of the TV, dressed up in an oversized grey cat hoodie and 3 quarter black pants.
'Ding!', came the doorbell's sound, making Delta jump from her seat and running towards the door,"maybe it's Alexi again. Came to ask for my ballet shoes, I really do have to scold her now!", Delta thought, as she opened the door.
Standing there was a man of height probably 5'8, looking down to a 5'4 Delta, who looked back at him in surprise. He had a sharp jawline, short wavy black hair, beautifully sculpted upturned double lid sable brown eyes, long narrow-bridged nose, and wide lips.
"Are you Delta Na Ra?", He asked, making Delta come out of her trance, "ye...yeah! I am Delta", she said. "It's a pleasure to meet you Delta, I am your new roommate, Park Song Joon", Song Joon said.
"Ah! Welcome! Please come in!", Delta said, making way for him. Song Joon observed the apartment. It had one king-sized bed, with a window facing to the left side, a two closets in the front of the bed. The kitchen had a small round dining table with 4 seats, a large sofa beside the table, facing the bed and another sofa facing the TV. the bathroom faced the main door. Though it was a small apartment, everything looked in place and it was clean.
"Clean and neat apartment, I really do have a good choice", Song Joon said, making Delta smile. "So, the neighbours around here said that, after your last roomie left, the king-sized bed was brought, what happened?", he asked.
"Firstly, you put your luggage wherever you want and take a seat, because what I am about to say, you will fall down from laughing", Delta said, smiling and trying to hold back her laughter. "Ok", Song Joon said and went to keep his luggage beside the bed.
While Song Joon was doing that, Delta observed him, he was wearing black jeans, a simple white shirt and denim jacket over it, pairing it with white sneakers.
"So, what happened?", Song Joon asked, after they settled on the sofa, with Hwan on Delta's lap, looking at Song Joon in curiosity.
"Well......it happened that. I was having my ballet classes from 4pm till 10pm that day. It was a really painful day, so after my classes, I went to an ice-cream shop to get my favourite vanilla and caramel ice-cream.
I came home by 10:45pm. I was about to put the keys in the lock and open the door, when I heard some really disgusting sounds. I thought maybe something really bad was going on inside and I thought maybe my roommate was in danger.
I opened the door in hurry and what I saw was........my roomie having a threesome with her female friend and her boyfriend.
They 3 stopped the moment the roomie looked at me in surprise and I just stood there like a pillar. Not only that, during their threesome, they not only broke my roomie's bed but after breaking her bed, they proceeded to have threesome on my bed.", Delta said, laughing.
"What happened after that!?", Song Joon asked, laughing uncontrollably too.
"Next day, the landlady came and kicked out my roomie and also called some cleaners to clean away the miscellaneous fluids left by them. After that, when we went to buy two more beds, the shopkeeper said that, there were no more two small beds, but he could give us a king-sized bed, if we wanted too. And there you go!", Delta said, laughing, making Song Joon laugh too.
"So.....we are gonna have to share the bed?", Song Joon asked, looking at the bed. "Yes, we have too, but don't worry, i already made the borderline, I will take the right side and you take the left side. Mitsu will sleep in the middle in his pillow", Delta said, patting Mitsu.
"Aww, it's such a cute cat!", Song Joon said. "Well then, at your word mam! I will take the left side and you take the right", he said, playing with Mitsu, who seemed to feel comfortable with him.
"Well then Song Joon, I have early ballet classes tomorrow, have to go to sleep now. Are you hungry? Shall I make you something?", Delta asked. "Oh no thanks, I am not hungry, I had some snacks while coming here. Are you hungry?", he asked. "No, I have a small appetite", Delta said.
"Goodnight Song Joon, please do lock the door before coming to bed", Delta said,"okay Delta and will Mitsu sleep with you now, or he will stay awake?", Song Joon asked
"Oh no no, he is a night cat, he can stay awake, if you want him too", Delta said, turning to look at him and taking off her blue-black catseye glasses.
"Well, actually i wanted to play with him, I never had a pet before.....so....", Song Joon said "aww its alright, now you are my roomie, what's mine is yours too!", Delta said,"except for some essential things, which cannot be shared", she said, making Song Joon laugh again.
"Well then Song Joon, goodnight", Delta wished, "goodnight Delta", Song Joon wished her back, as he played with Mitsu for a while. After after sometime he could hear her soft snores, signalling that she was deep asleep.

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