Billionaire And His Bodyguard

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Alexander had her pinned to the bed, she couldn't help but feel panicked at his touch. "I can make you come Natalie, I can make you feel good," Alexander whispered in her ear in his seductive voice. "Alexander please," Natalie flinched from his breath fanning her neck. "I own you Natalie, you are mine," he bit the sensitive spot on her neck and she moaned. "Look, how your body reacts to my touch. It's high time you stop fighting and give me what's mine," he was leaving open mouth kisses on her neck and she was whimpering beneath him. She couldn't understand if it was from panic or delight, but Alexander's hold on her was strong and he was trailing kisses down her naked body making her panic even more. What's causing Natalie to panic? Will his actions push her back in Abyss?

Romance / Drama
Aliza Jabri
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Chapter 1


I was woken from sleep by the ringing of my cell phone. I searched for it around me, with my mind still trying to take up fully. I found the cell on the nightstand beside the bed.

Lifting it in my hand I checked the name of the caller opening my eyes to slit with great difficulty. The moment I saw the name, I sat up on the bed with a jolt. All the haze had cleared up from my mind and I was as alert as I could be.

I swiped the receive button on the screen, " Alexander, what in the hell were you doing? This is the fourth time I am calling you," Dad's voice echoed in the speaker.

"Chill, Dad, I was sleeping, " I tried to make my voice as casual as possible.

"Cut the crap, will you?" He fumed, " Open the damn door, I have been standing here for the last ten minutes. I am going to tear down the soundproof walls of your bedroom, " he growled.


Was he at my penthouse? Damn, he will kill me if he finds out that I had spent the night elsewhere.

"Alexander, " his voice echoed again, this time it had a hint of impatience in it.

If I would have known earlier he was standing on my door, I would have lied to him that I was out on a jog. Now I didn't have an option but to tell him the truth.

"Dad I spent the night elsewhere, " I replied honestly.

"Alexander, " Dad sounded like he was on the verge of bursting in flames.

One thing that David White was known for was his temper. The whole corporate world was terrified of his temper.

"Get your ass to my home in half an hour, I don't care if you are in Los Angeles, " he ordered in fury.

"Dad, how am I supposed to fly back from LA in half-hour, " I tried to lighten the air but it backfired.

"Don't test my fucking patience Alexander, " he said through gritted teeth.

I knew better than to shut the fuck up and reach my parent's house or face my father's wrath. There was no doubt I will still have to face his soaring temper even if I reached in half an hour but delaying it will only worsen the situation.

I jumped out of bed, looked around for my clothes, which were lying all over the floor. I picked up my trousers and slipped into them over the boxers that I was wearing. Damn, my father. I would have gotten a morning quickie if he would not have interrupted me.

My Dad and I had always shared a friendly relationship not until a month ago when an attempt to end my life was made in Rio. It was a miracle that I had bent at the exact moment and the bullet hit the wall behind me. After that incident, my parents and grandparents were driving me crazy.

I was the only child of my parents as my father was of my grandparents. It was a given that they all had spoilt me rotten with their love. I don't remember there was something that I had asked for in life and had not gotten. Perks of being born into a wealthy family.

My family had always given me the freedom to do as I wished since my childhood. All of sudden after the shooting incident they had started putting restrictions on me. I agree they were worried about my safety, but I was not a child anymore. I would be thirty years old in a few months.

If it was up to them, they would hire someone to babysit me. I was getting more and more annoyed by their unwanted vigilance.

I slipped into my shirt and buttoned it, looking at the sleeping figure on the bed. She was beautiful and equally feisty. Too bad, I can't see her again. I never let a one night stand turn into anything more than it should be.

I picked up my cell, wallet, and waist watch from the nightstand. I stuffed my wallet into my pocket and was wearing the wristwatch when the girl woke up. I suppose her name was Jenny or was it, Gianna?

Gosh, I need to remember their names, nothing offends the girls more than the guy forgetting their names. I smiled at her and she beamed back at me, " I thought you’d stay," the girl said with a pout.

"Sorry hon, Dad alert. Need to go," I gave her a quick peck.

" Can we meet again," She asked hopefully.

"I will give you a call hon," I replied with impatience needing to get out of here as soon as possible.

" I don’t remember giving you my number," she called back from behind.

I had reached the door of her studio apartment and was in no mood to delay my departure, "Don't worry, I know where you live," I replied, turning my face to her as I unlocked the door and opened it. The girl looked satisfied with my answer, good for her.

My bodyguard, Phil, who was standing outside leaning against the wall straightened after seeing me in the door. I gave Phil a nod and he started walking in front of me. Until a few months ago I had been free to go anywhere I wanted, anytime I wanted. Now, I had to carry this troll with me wherever I went.

Philip was nearly seven feet tall. I don't know where my father had found him, but the guy always gave me a complex for my height. I was six-three, it was supposed to be a good height but this man was way taller and broader. Phil was in his early forties, he was divorced and had two kids with his ex-wife. His kids lived with his wife and Phil was free to make my life a living hell.

I tossed the keys of my car to Phil and slumped on the front seat. Phil slid into the driver's seat and pushed the seat a little back. This man didn't let go of any chance to make me realize that he was seven inches taller than me.

We reached my parent's home in about thirty-five minutes. It was a beautiful four-story townhouse in New York. I never understood why my parents needed such a large house. I was their only son and I had my living place, still, they chose to live in such an enormous house. Fucking, waste of money.

My Dad was waiting for me at the head of the dining table. He had a scowl on his face and the moment his eyes landed on me it only multiplied.

"Where the hell were you?" Dad asked enraged.

"Out," I muttered.

"Listen Alexander I am tired of your fucking carelessness regarding your safety. This is the fucking mafia we are talking about," Dad growled.

I wish I had something to close my ears with. This was the hundredth time that we were going through this conversation in a month. That the mafia had sworn to kill me because I have denied them access to my fleet to carry out their operations.

Two months back a mafia boss had approached me asking for my favor. He wanted me to let them use my fleet to transport drugs to and fro around the world. I had declined them and from that day they held a vendetta against me.

"Alex, you should realize your Dad is worried about you," Mom spoke looking at the annoyed look on my face.

"I am getting sick of this discussion. You ordered me to come here on a Sunday morning, for this discussion which we had gone through with a hundred times," I lashed out.

"What is this supposed to mean?" Dad looked unaffected by my outburst.

" I mean I am not a child anymore. I will be nearly thirty in a few months," I tried to calm my temper.

Dad was looking at me with a poker face regarding me with his green eyes like I was a petulant child. I might be behaving like one right now, but they can't blame me. They had forced me to this extent that I didn't have any choice but to lash out.

" I have contacted Gregory. He has opened a security service agency in Brooklyn. I have asked him to provide suitable candidates for the position of your bodyguards," Dad said.

Gregory Sanders was Dad's classmate in school. He was a war veteran, having fought in the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. He had come back to the US and had left the army to open a security company.

" Is Phil not enough?" I rolled my eyes.

My Dad ignored my question and spoke," I have asked Ralph to look into the possible candidates and pick the best out of them. He might ask you for your preferences, cooperate with him."

Ralph was the security head of our company. I knew that he wouldn't stop until he made my life a living hell along with my father. Ralph has been in the company since my father's time.

"Will you guys stop nagging me if I hire the bodyguards?" I asked looking at my parents with suspicion.

"We will, " Dad replied.

I knew Mom would agree to whatever Dad says because his word was the law in our house.

What more did I need? I will have my parents off my back after hiring a few bodyguards. I think I can live with that but not their constant surveillance.
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