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Losing hope

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Alpha Ryder rejected Hope 7 years ago. Still he can't stop thinking about what she became and can't find another mate. To be able to move on, he decided to sent someone looking after her. But he's really ready to know everything? And knowing the truth will really help me to move on? This the Tome 4 of Another Love but it can be ready as a stand alone.

Romance / Fantasy
Lilly Leopard
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First thing, thank you for choosing my story. English is not my first language and I’m still learning it. I’m sorry in advance for my mistakes and misspelling.

She was looking at her son, playing with bubbles outside with his grandfather. It’s always surprised her how her father has changed since he has recovered. The former Beta used to be so serious and he was known for never joking… And here he was, crying out of laughter with his grandson’s jokes. She still can’t believe it was the same man! She was so scared of him when she was a little girl and she was grateful that her mate, the actual Beta, was not that cold and serious. A good Beta too but not the same style at all. Her father wouldn’t have ever shared his responsibilities with his mate but it was another time and others customs. She liked the fact she was fully involved in the Beta’s job and they shared everything.

As the only child of the former Beta, she grew up with Brett, the future Alpha and they were close friends and she was involved in the Alpha and Beta training from a young age. Her mother had a serious car crash two months after her birth, she spent 7 months in a coma and one of the consequences of this accident was she became barren. She knew it was one of her parents’ biggest regrets, not to be able to have other kids. And she was totally understanding them as the doctor told her 2 years ago that she will not be able to have another child after she had been hurt in a rogue attack. She found herself in her parents’ position and she knew how heartbreaking the news was. Suddenly she felt a hip, bringing her back to reality and how lucky she was.

Still contrary to what they said, she discovered 6 months ago that life was growing again in her wounded belly. It was a big beautiful surprise even if the pregnancy was stressful because it was risky. Fortunately now she could relax. She was at 37 weeks and 4 days and her daughter was healthy and could arrive at any time now. She was so hopeless when the doctor told her she would never have another child and every time she looked at her round belly she felt incredible. Soon she will meet her little miracle and she can’t wait. She smiled, caressing her belly and waiting for another kick.

“She is kicking again?” Her mother asked her, posing her hand on her belly.

“Yes, she is!” She replies smiling.

“I’m sorry you didn’t get the chance to have another kid, mama.” She added.

“It was heartbreaking news but you were more than enough to make us happy.” Her mother replied.

“Like Ethan would have been enough for us too but discovering I was pregnant again was so amazing. I’m so grateful and I wish you could have that too.”

“I know... And I’m the one who is grateful. I was thinking we were cursed when we learned that you would be barren like me. I really asked myself what we did wrong to deserve that. And here she is to prove that I shouldn’t have thought like that. I can wait to hold her in my arms!”

She sighed: ” I know! Me too!”

Suddenly she felt liquid running along her legs.

“Well we will not have to wait so much more. My water just broke!”

“Really?” Her mother asks excitedly.


“I’m going to let your father and Roman knows-“

“Don’t! They will join us at the maternity ward. Knowing Roman is going to panic!” She cut her mother.

Her mother smiles, shaking her head: “Men! You should have seen your father when you were born. I’ve never seen him so pale!”

“It’s difficult to imagine the cold and collected Beta losing it for once!” She laughed. She then felt her first contraction making her hissed in pain.

“Go in the card, I’m going to take your maternity bag.” Her mother orders.


Finally, she is here! The delivery was hard but fast. She was tired but seeing her daughter sleeping peacefully in her arms was worth every pain and the hard moments she has lived. Little Hope was just perfect, she thought, smiling. A nurse came to take Hope to do some exams, so she took advantage of this moment to rest a little.

She was surprised when she woke up to see a woman that she had never seen before looking at her daughter on her cradle.

“What an amazing daughter you have here.” She whispered sweetly to not wake up the baby.

“Who are you? What are you doing here?”

“Sorry! I’m Savannah and I’m a seer. Your daughter is precious and she is destined to do great things. Things nobody has done before her.”

“What? What are you talking about? What things?”

Savannah looked at her directly before adding: ” Be open-minded, don’t let your stupid belief ruined your relationship. And don’t let her shut you out!”

“What are you talking about? I don’t get it?” She frowned.

“You need to accept her for what she’s, not for what you think she is.”

“She’s my daughter! I love her as she is!” She replied, annoyed.

“I’m here to help you! Both of you. Hope has 2 paths, one great and another bigger but more dangerous and painful. Like you, I want the best for her and you’re that.”

She sighed and added: ” I have a daughter too, you know. She’s my world and I wished she didn’t inherit my curse. Believe me, knowing the future is not a gift... Anyway, fight for her, always. Even when it’s against her.”

And without waiting for a reply, she just disappeared and was never seen again.

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