Losing hope

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Chapter 10 - Prisonier

(Her - Hope) - 7 years ago, two days after she left...

Warning: explicit content in this chapter. It's the first time I'm writing mature content, so I hope it's good and that you will not dislike it.

I’m still at the hotel close to the pack territory. I will be leaving tomorrow. I’ve decided I will go looking for my family. My grandmother Dariya. Maybe she can help me and teach me about my origins and how to be a proper Tiger. I can’t believe, I’m not part of the pack anymore, that I’m free to be who I really am. I did dare shift yet,I’m too close for my former pack and it still seems foreign and forbidden.

"We’re not alone!" My Tiger warns me.

I decide to check outside but I can’t see anything through the window, so I’m going out of my room. Nothing either, which is weird because my tiger is never mistaken. Once the door is closed, I feel a presence behind me.

“Hello baby girl.” Ryder’s deep voice says in my back. He’s breathing in my neck, making me shiver.

“Ry-Ryder!” I stutter.

He’s taking a deep breath of my smell. I move to keep a safe distance between us.

“What are you doing here?” I ask.

His eyes are so black, so dark.

“How could you do this! Did you enjoy hurting the pack?” He questions me.

“ I didn’t do it to hurt them. It was a human being! I didn’t do anything to deserve to die like this and to be used like a trophy!” I reply.

“Tigers killed our former Luna, my great grandmother! An eye for an eye!”

“Obviously it was not that Tiger!”

“How can you be so sure? What told you he didn’t come back to attack my mother this time?”

I puff, shaking my head: “This is ridiculous! And if you come expecting an apology, you can leave already!”

I open the door for him but he closes the distance between us and shuts the door violently.

“I was not only talking about the pack, I was speaking about us!”

I don’t reply right away.

“So you’re here for the rejection then. You want me to accept it.”

He doesn’t reply, just still looks at me with his dark look. It’s as if he could see through my soul. That makes me shiver again. But I shut myself for so long so I will not chicken out now.

“Fine then. Let’s get over it!”

I take a deep breath: ” I, Hope Santiago, acc-”

Before I go farther, he shuts me with his left hand over my mouth, while his right hand grabs my throat then pushes me against the door.

“Did you know how long I waited for you to stand for yourself, to prove them how strong you’re? To show them the great Luna you will be one day, my Luna. To show them, that fire burning inside you. ” He asks me.

I’m stunned by his actions and his words. So even if he didn't have his hand over my mouth, I would not dare to speak back. I think he realizes that too because he lets his left hand fall but keeps his right hand on my throat.

******Mature content******

“Did you even care about me? At least 1/10 of what I care for you! I’m your mate. I’m made for you! To see all your darkness and accept you all over. To love you despite your dirtiest secrets. How could you do that to me!?” He says furious and that’s exciting me.

“Ex-mate.” I deny him and he pushes me again violently on the wall.

“You’re MINE, Hope! Your soul, your heart and your body is mine.”

“You don’t own me!” I say and I feel his grab around my throat getting stronger.

“Keep talking like that baby girl and I will find a better use for that mouth of your.” He warns me, making me drench my panties.

He smells my arousal and has a dark smile.

“You like it, don’t you!”

“No!” I protest while we both know I’m lying.

He lets go of my throat and takes out his bell. Before I can understand he ties my hands on my back. To be honest, it’s turning me on so I wouldn’t have stopped him if I could.He turns me around and now my front is against the wall. He presses himself against me and I can feel his hard one between my cheeks. If it’s possible I’m even wetter.

“Go one now, baby girl. Tell me you’re not mine!” He whispers in my ear before biting it. I close my mouth to restrain myself and to not moan.

“I’m not your!” I dare to say.

“Your body is saying otherwise. You belong to me!” He replies kissing my neck.

“ I belong to no one!” I whisper.

“Oh, But you do. Keep speaking like that and I will show you how much I own you!” He says biting my neck.

Oh Goddess yes! That’s exactly what I want! I whine in need.

“I’m not your!” I defy him.

He growls and his hands move the length of my body. One goes up to grab my tit and pinch my nipple through my clothes, while the other goes down in my shorts and my panty. I can't hold it anymore and I'm moaning loudly. His hand stops on the top of my panty. I groan in frustration. He knows how to play my body.

“Are you wet for me, Hope? Did you already touch yourself thinking about my cock?” He asks, pinching my nipple harder.

His hand goes down in my panty and he’s finally touching me.

“My, My... You’re soaked for me, baby girl.” He groans, fingering me.

Oh my goodness, it’s even better than my wild fantasies. His finger is going so deeper than mine. Thinking about what it would feel like if it was is cock instead almost makes me cum. I whine in protestation when he takes out his finger. I need more, so much more. He brings his finger to his mouth and sucks it.

“Yum! So good...” He comments before opening my short and let it him drop at my feet. My panty follows next. He start to finger me again, adding another finger. And another one. Then, he takes them out and pushes it in my mouth.

“Taste yourself for me baby girl. Suck my fingers as if it’s my cock.” He orders me and I comply eagerly. Frustrated because I want more and I can’t touch him.

“Please!” I beg

“What do you want?” He asks, smirking and I whine.

“Beg for me to fuck yoi, baby girl. Tell me how much you want it! How you want it?” He orders.

“Fuck me, please! I want you to be hard and rough, you dick deep balls in my pussy.” I beg in need.

He growls in satisfaction while I hear him open his fly.

“You asked for it!” He warns me before he penetrates me in one stroke. I scream in surprise and in pain but it’s so good. It’s exactly what I was begging for!

“You’re so tight and drenched for me!” I groan in pleasure before trusting in me with force.

“Ryder!” I moan when I feel my orgasm is close.

“Say it again!” He orders slapping my ass.

“Oh God! Ryder!” I scream, coming.

“That’s it baby girl, milk my cock!”

We spent the whole night fucking! Thank Goddess for the werewolf’s stamina!

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