Losing hope

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Chapter 11 - Kissed To Life

(Him - Ryder) Now...

I have decided to spend two day in the Howling Pack, with my mother and Sam. It has been a while since I’ve seen Avery and some family time is needed. We changed our plan, my father is coming with us and Ethan will join us at the end of the weekend to accompany me for the meeting with The Red Moon Pack and my father will go back to deal with the Pack while we’re away. It’s a win/win for everyone Ethan is spending the weekend with Leyla and Seth and we can have a family reunion.

We’re now in the plane. It’s not a long flight of less than 2 hours and if we could run our wolf form it would take us 6 or 7 hours to get there. But there are 2 problems in going there in our wolf forms: Europe is populaded and there are a lot of places where it’s difficult to be not seen in our wolf form and we have a sea to cross as we’re based in the United Kingdom.

Sam and I love to fly and it’s funny because both of our parents hate it. I can see mom gripping dad’s arm and as he doesn’t like either he’s not a great help to comfort her. I can see how relieved they both are when we finally touch down. Avery is waiting for us and runs toward us while Simon, her mate, is smiling at her reaction. We still have an hour and half to drive before we will reach their Pack. So we shortened the reunion, eager to leave.

We are welcomed by Alpha Renault who became one of our allies since Avery moved there. Their territory is between France and Swiss in the mountains, and it’s beautiful. My parents are coming often, they enjoyed skiing during winter and trekking during summer. They usually come by car but for 2 days it’s not worth it.

During the dinner, we updated her about what we discovered in Evelyn’s Diary and she’s as surprised as we were. We ended by speaking about Hope and what she did. And Avery said even this is explaining what she did, it’s not a reason to forgive her. It’s not an excuse. We also told her that Hope died a couple of months ago. She looked pretty upset and I don’t understand why...

"She is hiding something." My wolf says while I’m bringing the dirty plats in the kitchen. I might be an Alpha but I’m not at home and my mother taught me to help when you’re a guest somewhere.

"I know! At least her smell... But there is more." I reply.

"Don’t listen to what she says. You can forgive her if you want to. She was my mate." Sam tells me through the mindlink.

"Is! She is my mate!" My wolf corrects her.

"Thanks... She is hiding something." I reply

"I know and I’ve an idea but I want to let her tell us when she’s ready." Sam says.

As we’re eating the dessert, Avery keeps going about Hope and it’s starting to annoy me.

“Can we stop speaking about Hope like that, please?” I tell her to try to stay calm.

“Of course, you’re on her side! How can you be so blind! She ruined everything! She hurt the pack, broke your heart, and now she’s again ruining my happy moment and she’s dead! Good riddance if you want my opinion.” She puffs, rolling her eyes.

I growl: ” Watch you’re tone. You’re lucky to be my sister!”

Simon gets up and takes a protective posture in front of Avery: “Don’t you dare threaten my mate and my pup!”

My mother gasps: ” You’re pregnant!”

“Yes, Mama I’m. Look at the cake. I wanted to be perfect but Hope had to ruin that too.” Avery says before running outside the dining room.

“Are you happy now?” Mom asks me.

How is that my fault?!

“You’re going to apologize to her, now!” She orders me.

“I will not. She was disrespecting my mate.” I protest.

“Ex-mate. Mate that never cared about you.” She replies.

“Mom, you don’t know that.” Sam says to defend me.

“Find your Samantha and you can tell us about mates. Clearly you don’t want one as you’re not even looking for him.” Mom retorts.

“As for you, Avery might be bearing your heir as you’re in the inability to give us one!” She adds looking at me.

“Claire!” Father scolds at her but she just leaves the room running after Avery.

I try to calm myself or my wolf before we shift out of rage. Take a deep breath Ryder.

“Sam, you know she doesn’t believe a word she said.” My father says and I turn my intention toward her. She’s on the verge of crying.

“I just need sometime. Congratulations Simon.” She whispers before leaving too.

I look at Simon:” Congratulations bro. I’m really happy for both of you. I can’t wait to meet my nephew or niece but right now I need to go.”

And I run after Sam. She needs me and this is what is keeping me calm now. She’s in her room, packing her luggage. She’s crying. I can feel how upset she is. I hug her.

“Mom, can be a total bitch time to time.” I whisper in her ears.

“Yeah, I’m just not used to her turning into Grandmazilla on me.” She sniffs.

“You’re leaving?” I ask.

She nods: ” I’m going home. As much as I’m happy for Avery. I can’t face mom now and I might say words that I will regret later.”

I understand, I don’t want to face her either, nor Avery to be honest. I’m going to arrive earlier on the Red Moon Pack. Hopefully Alpha Vitali will not mind.

I laugh: ” It’s the first time I’ve seen you unpacked your luggage. Normally you don’t. You sure did choose the right moment.”

She laughs too: ” Yeah, I should have known it was not normal.”

“I will ship your luggage to the Red Moon Pack.” She says after a few minutes of silence. She knows me too well.

“Thank you! I leave you in charge of the pack while I’m away.” I tell her.

“What?” She asks, surprised.

“We both know, you’re my third in command and the female figure of the pack. It’s time to make it official. Moreover Dad can stay here, spend some time with Avery and knock some sense to Grandmazilla, hopefully.”

She shakes her head:” Good luck with that... And Thank you. I love you!”

“I love you too!”

I arrived in the Red Moon Pack, 5 days ago and I don’t know why today my wolf is restless. Is it because Alpha Vitali warned us that a werecat was coming today? He’s the leader of a sanctuary not far from the pack and every month they meet. I don’t know... He asks us if we could stay away as we have a grudge against his kind. Still it doesn’t make any sense! Why am I so tense?

My thoughts are cut short by a child laughing outside. That sound is calling me... I want to go check on him, no I need to go. My wolf is pushing me too. When I arrive outside, Ethan is here. He’s transfix by something and he mutters: “Impossible...”

I want to ask him what’s going on but my eyes catch a movement and in front of us is a small boy, around the same age as Seth.

"SON!" My wolf claimed.

What the fuck! He can’t be and at the same time, I have no doubts this child is mine.

My wolf tells me he’s my nephew. Do you think Hope could have a child on her own. I mean it’s the only option.” Ethan looks at me.

I don’t reply and walk toward the child, my son: ” Yeah, little man, I’m Ryder. What’s your name? Where are your parents?”

“Dan, where are you?” We hear a man calling and the little boy running in his direction. I run after him.

I growl when I see Dan jump on the man’s arms. He looks at me livid before roaring. Werecat! And somehow he knows who I am.

“Who are you?” Ethan asks the man.

“You’re Ethan, Hope’s brother.” He sighs defeat.

“How do you know me?” Ethan asks, astonished.

“And you’re Alpha Ryder.” He says not replying to Ethan’s question.

“You’re my mate’s husband. And in your arms is my son.” I confirm.

“What!?” Ethan screams.

“It’s impossible! He’s like 5! How can he be your son when you did see her for the last 7 years? Moreover you never touched her.” Ethan asks me.

“Well buddy, obviously he lied to you.” That asshole husband comments smirking.

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