Losing hope

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Chapter 12 - Take Me To The Top

(Her - Hope) 5 years and 7 months ago...

I’ve mastered my gift and I can control every element which is pretty cool! Daniel told me that I’m very powerful and he’s impressed with what I’m able to do. Imladris is fostering a lot of people now. Right now we’re 25 people and it’s super nice! Maria and Francisco are our liaison people. They’re growing closer to Lilly too. Speaking about Lilly, Ezequiel and her are already divorced. Ezequiel met his mate, Johanna. She took all the wedding things pretty well. I admire her because if Ryder dares to marry someone I will kill that bitch. After I’m not she can really kill Lilly so it might help to take it well... There were married for less than 2 months still she's saying everybody that she was married for almost 6 months. Apparently it has to do something with a bet...

We already did 3 missions for Team L. Our team is Phoebe, Enzo and Alistair when he’s here. Lilly still has to meet him. It’s the only member of the team she didn’t meet. He’s using a surname as he doesn’t want his parents and pack to learn what’s going on. We’re training a lot and my body is looking hotter now.

When we’re not training, we have a lot of fun. I can imagine what a witch and an elemental can do together. The games are illimitable! Snowing where nobody did before, surfing on a rogue wave, trekking on an active volcano, done! My bucket list is full of crazy ideas! We just need to convince Alistair to join us! It would be funnier if he was in! We have a team building in 2 days with Lilly’s team. Hopefully it will go well between Phoebe and Melinda. Crossed fingers!

I can’t believe it! Alistair knows Lilly, whose real name is Anna-Lynn. They grew together! And that little bastard went with sharks with her yesterday! No way, he can say no to one of our expedition now!

“Still thinking of your revenge plan against Al, I see.” Phoebe says sitting by my side. She’s super relaxed as Melinda cancelled at the last moment.

“He has to pay for saying no to us and yes to her!” I reply.

“In this case, you need to plot with me. He can’t say no to me.” Lilly says joining us.

“Good thing is not a morning person, we have time to plot while he’s still sleeping.” Enzo says, bringing us coffee.

Alec, who is a Gamma in training and working with Lilly, is sitting quietly. He seems nice even though he didn’t speak a lot so it’s difficult to judge. Ezquiel didn’t come, he’s on holidays with his mate. Great Team building... In the end it was just an excuse for Lilly to meet our team.

"What about running in an active volcano? It’s the idea he found the craziest idea we had." My Tiger proposes. Sometimes I really love her.

“Let’s have a run in the volcan!” I say, already convinced by that Idea.

“I’m in!” Enzo and Phoebe say in the same voice.

“Why not?” Lilly shrugs.

“I’m out. You’re too crazy for me.” Alec replies.

It took a bit of time to convince Alistair but 1 against 4, he didn’t stand a chance. So here we are, on top of a volcano.

“My shoes are already melting.” Alistair complains.

“I don’t feel anything and I’m barefoot.” I say.

“it’s because you’re an elemental.” Phoebe tells me in a duh tone.

“That’s not funny!” I complain.

“Who starts the race? Lilly against Alistair? After Me against Phoebe. Hope, obviously you’re out. You have a too high advantage.” Enzo proposes. They all nod while I groan. So unfair.

“Fine! I will film!” I say.

“Let’s start now because it’s fucking hot!” Alistair says starting to run without waiting for Lilly.

“Hey, you’re cheating.” She grumbles while she starts running.

We all finished staying in Imladris. We had a lot of fun all together but I don’t know what’s wrong with me but I’m not feeling well. I’ve been nauseous for a few days now… The thing is, werecats are rarely sick so I’m worried. What’s not helping my tiger has been really quiet the last few days. I mean she only speaks when needed but she retreated in the back of my mind. Is it possible that I’m losing her because I’m developing my elementals skills? I need to see Daniel. I knew Henri, maybe he can help me with that, maybe he will know. When I come out of my room, Phoebe is waiting for me.

“I can feel through our sisterhood bond that something is bothering you.” She explains before I can ask.

I nod: “My tiger is silent and I don’t feel well. I need to check with Daniel if it’s normal.”

“Okay, I’m coming with you.”

“You will not lose your tiger. Henri was a vampire and an elemental. If there is something wrong with her, it’s something else.” Daniel says

“Like what?” Phoebe asks.

“Like a bug it’s rare but still happens, hormonal changes, stress, pregnancy…”

Oh gosh!

Phoebe scoffs: “Obviously not the last one, as you need to be sexually active!”

I sit feeling dizzy and lightheaded.

It’s that, isn’t it? We’re expecting.” I ask my Tiger and she agrees. Apparently being pregnant made her speechless.

“Hope?” Phoebe asks worriedly.

“I’m pregnant.” I say putting my head in my hands.

“Are you sure?” She asks and I nod. It’s so obvious now. I close my eyes and focus on the sound inside me. I hear it… A little heart beating wildly.

“How did this happen?” I mutter.

“Did you ever had the talk with your parents? Do you know how babies are made?” Daniel asks and I don’t know if he’s serious or not. In another situation I would have laughed.

“How am I going to tell the father?” I ask, looking at Phoebe.

“So you know who the father is?” Enzo inquires at the door.

“What are you doing here? What did you hear exactly?” Phoebe asks him.

“Everything! My leopard told me something was off with you, so I followed you.” He justifies himself.

“I thought you only slept with your mate? And if I remember well, it was like 1 years and half ago.” He adds.

“Well I met him a few weeks ago… When I went to America to check on the new sanctuary.”

“Let me guess, seeing your face. It didn’t end well.” He guesses.

“No, but he has the right to know. I need to tell him somehow.”

“Well, it’s not the kind of news you give on the phone.” Phoebe says.

“Indeed.” I mutter.

“Then, let’s go meet him.” Enzo proposes.

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