Losing hope

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Chapter 13 - The Way You Are

(Him - Ryder) Now...

I still can’t believe it. How could she!? She hid my son! The worst is I can’t even ask her why. Not only do I have to deal with an angry Beta that feels betrayed but also with my son’s adoptive father. And once, it is done I will have to face my parents and my pack!

I have ordered Ethan to go for a run or whatever he needs to calm down. That we will speak once he has cooled down. I’m livid too. My son, who I just learned of his existence, refuses to acknowledge me! And don’t want to leave those asshole arms. He should seek comfort in my arms! MINE!

“Alpha Ryder, can you calm down, please? You’re scaring this poor child.” Luna Melania tells me quietly. She’s right Dan is looking terrified.

“Let’s go speak in my office.” Alpha Vitali proposes.

“I need an insurance that he will not leave your territory with my son.” I reply. He and his mate share a look shocked by the news. They have a silence conversation using their mindlink.

“I will stay with them. I swear they will not leave.” Luna Melania tells me, touching my arm.

“Fine!” I grunt.

Now that we know we have a son we will hunt them down until the end of the world if he dares run away.” My wolf warns me.

And we will kill that son of a bitch!” I agree.

“You know Hope?” I ask Alpha Vitali when we are in his office.

“Yes, I knew her. She is the one who created and built the sanctuary. You know she passed away, right?”

I nod and he continues:”Her death is a great loss. How did you know her? How is it possible that she adopted your son?”

“She didn’t only adopt him, she bore him. Hope was my mate.”

“Really! No wonder why you rejected her because of what she was.”

“What does that mean?” I bark. I rejected her because of she did!

Before he replies, someone is mindlinking him. He gets up to open the door slightly.

“I’m sorry, I don’t know what you know about her or not but Hope was very... Special. She had powerful allies and enemies. Until now, I didn’t even know Daniel was her biological son and I understand why she didn't tell me. If the people who killed her discover that secret, they will come after him. Are you sure you’re right, she is his biological mother. You can’t be mistaken?” He mumbles.

The door opens and closes while he’s speaking.

“No doubts possible! Hope was my sister and this is my nephew outside.” Ethan insists. He looks calmer but he’s still pissed.

Alpha Vitali nods:” I imagine you will want to go home with him.”

“Absolutely, I already lost too much time without him. Moreover he’s my heir.” I confirm.

“You need to understand you will not split him from Enzo. He has already lost his mother a few months ago, he can’t lose him too.”

“That’s not your business!” I reply annoyed by his interference. My voice is deeper as my wolf is at the surface.

He sighs: “You’re right and it’s just advice. Daniel is as wild as his mother was. You will not force him to be apart from Enzo. And if you want what’s the best for him, you will need him. Moreover for Daniel’s sake, you will bring Enzo with him. You’re going to turn his world upside down while he just lost his mother, he will need him.”

I growl: “Over my dead body! I will not bring with me that fucker who married my mate!” My wolf speaks for both of us.

“They never consumed the wedding. They got married to protect what Hope had built. As I told you before she had powerful allies that will hide him from you, if Enzo asks them to. And you will never see him again. You have no idea in what you’re going to put your feet in.”

“Noted, Alpha Vitali.” I hiss, clenching my jaw. I want to end the discussion and he knows that.

He gets up and says:” One last thing, Hope always had a reason behind everything she did. Even if you can’t see it, keep that on minds.I will now let you speak with your Beta. It’s needed. I just hope you will make the right decision.”

Once he closes the doors behind him, Ethan inquires me:”How could you not tell me that you saw her after she left! I’m your best friend and Beta! And Hope was my sister! Don’t you trust me?”

“And what you wanted me to say. That I can’t get over her nor forget her. That I still love her despite all she did! That we bumped into each other when I was in America to meet our allies. That I couldn’t resist her. That’s we fucked, not made love, because with all our resentments believe me it was wild. How it felt great to finally have her in my arms where she was supposed to belong. How those few days with her were perfect. Just to have her breaking my heart again. I felt so stupid and ashamed!” I rant, furious.

He’s taken aback and sighs:”I’m sorry. I didn’t expect that… How can I help you now?”

“Can you deal with Enzo and Dan, now? They need to leave with us tomorrow. As much as I want to see my son, I can’t deal with Enzo.”

“I will.”

“Thank you Ethan for your understanding.”

“Don’t mention, I know how you languished for her. Next time, just spare me the details about how wildly you fucked my baby sister. With Dan, it’s pretty obvious you did it.” He says slapping my back.

I stay in the office as I have 2 calls to pass. Without waiting I compose the first number.

“You already need my service again, Alpha Ryder?” Louis asks as soon as he hangs up

“Yes, I need to know everything about Hope. Find everything you can. And also about Enzo.” I request.

“Do you know his family name?”

“No but he’s Hope’s husband.”

“Okay. I will be back with all I’ve got as soon as possible.”

“Thank you Louis.” I state before hanging up.

It’s time for the second call… I take a deep breath and compose the number.

“Hey big bro! How are you? You will never guess. Mom bought me a kitten! She felt so bad for what she said and as she remembered I’ve always wanted a cat, She offered me one as an apology. He’s so cute! And it’s true that I’m more of a cat person than a dog person. Let see what she brought for you!” I hear Sam’s cheerful voice.

“Me too, I might bring soon a cat home!” I mutter thinking about Enzo.

“Ryder?” Sam asks, confused.

“Do you have my back?” I request her.

“Always! You’re worrying me. What’s going on?”

“I- I fucked up… Well I fuck… I have a son Sam and If my calculations are good, he should be 5 soon.”

She gasps:”Start from the beginning, please.”

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