Losing hope

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Chapter 14 - Burning Desire

(Her - Hope) 5 years and 9 months ago...

Warning: explicit content in this chapter.

Lilly was fast to create her sanctuary in America and I’ve decided to pay her a visit. It also might be an excuse to visit America, as I’ve never been there. I left just after Duncan’s first birthday, he’s growing so fast! Too fast. We all traveled together to America, as Maria and Francisco are getting along really well with Lilly and want to be involved in the building of this sanctuary too. They will be the one doing the connection between here and there.

Phoebe can open a portal between both places as much as she wants and we need. This is so cool! No long flight, no losing time in the airport, no passport needed, no connecting flight, you forgot something in 5 minutes you can have it. You still have jet lag though and you need to be careful to not arrive in the middle of the night. Phoebe is staying behind to check on Imladris and also because she doesn’t want to see her sister. It’s saddening to me about their relationship. The parents always put them in competition and it pushed them to take 2 opposite directions while in reality they’re so similar.

Melinda doesn’t like me a lot but I have to say that I like to tease her and she’s easy to tease. Team Phoebe! Also Tigers are playing beings, teasing animals. Still… If only they could make peace, but instead they are losing their time. I know I was not close to my brother and it’s my fault but we always had each other back...

Anyway after 4 days with them, I’ve decided to do a week of road trip in America. Lilly gave me a lot of addresses and places to see. Really good one. If one day she wants to retire from Team L, she can always become a tour guide. The first 2 days went as planned but everything changed on the third day, when I came face to face with a wolf I didn’t expect to see here.

I know he’s not far, I can feel it and my tiger is screaming ”Mate" non stop in my head. I can smell him but yet I can’t see. I know he can feel me too. The air is full of electricity and tension. I’m looking at the wood in front of me. Good thing I shifted back an hour ago. Is he hunting be or will he be running away from me? I have my answer a few seconds later when a big wolf comes out of the wood. Majestic, stunning, powerful like he always is. My Alpha! The only one who could tan my tiger. Well if he knew I was a Tiger...

*****Mature content******

He shifts back into his human skin in all his glory and I’m eyes fucking him shamelessly. That makes him hard and I smirk knowing I’m the one who has this effect on him.

“Hello baby girl! You like what you're seeing.” He says in a hoarse voice. That sounds so sexy.

“I'm loving it, Ryder. Even more the power I have on you.” I reply, closing the distance between us and taking his hard member in my hand and starting to stroke it. He moans.

“You’re so hard for me!” I whisper before licking his torso.

“All the things I want to do to you. Are you wet for me, baby girl?” He asks.

“Drench! Don’t you want to check yourself?” I say provocatively. He growls.

“Is it my hard cock that’s making you wet and the fact that soon I will be thrusting it deep in your thigh pussy?”

“Or maybe it’s a idea of you fucking my mouth.” I say, kneeling.

I look right in his eyes when I take him in my mouth. I moan in pleasure before putting his hands on my head. I want him to be in control and he knows that. After a moment he comes in my mouth and I swallow it moaning. It’s not the best thing I’ve taste but all this situation is so erotic.

“My turn to play with you, baby girl. On your hands and knees now.” He orders me and I eagerly obey.

“Look at you! So needy for me! You’re mine, Hope and I’m going to claim all your holes today.” He warns me, moving his finger between my pussy lips and my anus.

He growls and starts to lick my pussy up until my anus. Hmmm, this is so good! After a few minutes, He’s finger fucking me in both holes. It’s foreign and new but gosh I love it.

“Please!” I beg.

“I love it when you beg for me, baby girl. Who has power over who now?! I’m the one who decides when you will cum baby girl and believe I’m only starting!”

After having sex into the woods, he brought me back to his hotel where I kept his promise of fully claiming my holes. The last 5 days were perfect! We’re making love roughly and when we don’t we are sharing our dreams and opinions. Everything is so easy with him, we’re really made for each other. If only we could stay in that bubble always. But unfortunately everything ended sooner than I wanted.


“How long will the meeting last?” I ask him, already putting at the idea of being away from him. He’s meeting with an ally’s Alpha as he wanted to meet again when he learned that Ryder extended in stay for holidays.

“2 hours, maybe 3. I will be back before you can realize I’ve left.” He says kissing my hair.

“I doubt that.” I mutter while he’s putting a ring in his middle finger. Not any ring!

“How can you still wear that?” I say getting up.

“It’s our symbol. I’m not really liking it but we always wear it during official meetings.”

“Take it out! It’s a part of a human being!” I almost scream. How can he find it normal?!

“Relax Hope. He’s dead so he doesn’t need it anymore.”

“What about respect? What about his right to rest in peace!”

“What do you care, it was just a filthy tiger. He’s not worth it.” Ryder asks, clearly annoyed.

“A filthy tiger,hm? All bad aren’t they?” I say sarcastic.

“Not to be trusted.” He replies.

“I want it. Name your price and I will pay it.” I tell him.

He drops the ring on the desk and says: ” It’s me or the ring.”

“What?” I say feeling sad because I know he’s not joking.

“I’m serious, Hope. Choose now!” He says impatiently.

“I’m sorry but I owe him this.” I say taking the ring. Moreover I’m like him, not trustworthy.

“Fine, it’s your choice! From now on, you’re dead to me, Hope. If we cross paths again you will just be a stranger and if you dare come close to my pack I will kill you, is that clear?” He asks, clenching his jaw.

“Cristal.” I mutter not looking at him because if I do I will cry.

“I don’t want to see you here when I’m back!” He says leaving the room, shutting the doors with force.

I left right away and Phoebe found me an hour later, crying in the middle of the woods. She hugs me and whispers sweet nothing in my ears. She only speaks when she sees what I have in my hand.

“I found the last piece.” She comments.

“At what cost? I know it was the right thing to do but it doesn’t make it easier.” I say.

“Who had it?”

“Ryder.” I sniff.

“Do you want to speak about it?”

I shake my head: “Not for now.”

“I’m so sorry, Hope. Let’s bury it with the rest.” She says, taking my hand.

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