Losing hope

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Chapter 15 - The Passenger

(Him -Ryder) Now...

We’re on our way back to the pack. We’re flying in a private jet, which is a first for me and Ethan. In other circumstances, we would really enjoy it but not right now. Enzo booked it as he doesn’t want Daniel to travel on regular flights. See how comfortable he’s, it’s not his first time.

Dan is still ignoring me and doesn’t leave Enzo’s side, which is annoying! This is so frustrating and Ethan is in the same position. Unfortunately, Alpha Vitali was right. I can’t separate Dan from Enzo. He’s my only chance to know my son and I hate that I hate him. He had accepted pretty easily to come with us and only had 2 conditions: first to be guaranteed his safety in our land as we’re known to hate werecats and to be able to shift freely; secondly to not let anyone know, except necessary, that Hope is Dan’s mother. He knew he had the upper hand, still his demands were reasonable. I respect that at least.

I don’t want to lie the pack so I will just tell them It was a one night stand and that she passed away a few months ago. It’s not the whole truth but it’s not a lie either. It was meaningless. She became meaningless the day she decided to hide my son from me. Like Alpha Vitali, Enzo told me she had good reasons to do that but I refused to listen to him. What kind of person hides her child from the father and then marries someone else’s mate! I’m furious with her. Whatever reasons she had to do all she did, she is unforgivable.

I missed such important steps in my son’s life! Steps that I can’t make up for. When did he start to walk? What was the first word? Does he have a favorite toy? Is he more a Playmobil player or a Lego one? What was the first thing he ate? All these moments that I will never live. Hope made that choice for me! I can feel my furry raise again.

"Calm down bro, you can’t shift here and you’re scaring Dan." Ethan mindlinks me.

I look at Dan to see that he is hiding his face in Enzo’s neck. Apparently, he has inherited his mother’s shyness...

"Fantastic!” My wolf growls in my mind. My skin is itching. Shifting could really help but that’s not possible now.

"I know but shifting here would put everyone in danger." I tell him.

"Sorry... It’s just I’ve never expected for Hope to betray me even more than she already did." I reply to Ethan through the mindlink.

I’m not sure if Ethan is 100% on my side. Hope is still his sister and he was always easy with her when we were younger. So I don’t see it would be different this time. But this is huge! At least, I know Sam is on my side. She was understanding when I explained everything to her on the phone and she repeated more than once that she was on my side. She is the one who is coming picking us up from the airport. She will stay with Dan and Enzo while I will explain the situation to my parents and Ethan’s parents. I have no idea how I’m going to do this.

Sam is already waiting for us outside the airport. When she sees us, she turns white before muttering: ” You gotta be kidding me!“. And I'm quite sure I heard Enzo mumble: "I should have known!"

"Sam?" I ask through the mindlink.

"Is he a tiger?" She asks me instead.

"No, a leopard. Why?"

"He’s my mate..."

Great! As if it was not complete enough yet!

"You’re okay?" I ask her.

"I don’t know... Can you keep it for you, please?"

"Of course. Your mate, so your way to manage it."

“Thank you!” She whispers hugging me.

She composes herself, takes a deep breath, forces a smile and looks at Dan and Enzo.

“Hey, I’m Sam. I’m so happy to finally meet you both.” She says in a warm voice.

The way back to the pack is quiet, we’re all in our thoughts. I’m now walking toward my office, followed by Ethan. My parents and his parents are already waiting for us. Before I can open the door, Ethan puts his hand on my shoulder.

"I’m with you Alpha!" He mindlinks me. I nod before opening my door.

“Hey, Thank you for all coming.” I tell them. Fuck, I’m nervous.

“Hey son, I hope everything is fine.” My Father says. He’s worried that I’m doing a meeting without taking the time to refresh. He knows it has to be big.

How are we going to tell them? ”Smooth it." My wolf replies.

My mother sighs: ” Before starting, I owe you an apology for what I told you last week. To have a mate or not and your own child to be your heir, it’s your choice. For now on, I will respect that.”

“Well, I’ve a heir now so the problem is solved!” I comment. As nobody is speaking, I keep going: “I have a son, Daniel, he is 5. He’s birthday was 10 days ago and Hope was his mother.” I blur out.

"Did you listen when I told you to smooth it?" My wolf asks sarcastically.

"There were no easy way to tell them the truth. At least now, they know." I shrug.

"Not sure it was the best way."

"Do you want to deal with that? Be my guest. The place is free, you can take over our body."

"Nope, I’m good." He replies, retreating in my mind. Yeah, that’s what I thought.

I clear my throat: “Do you have any questions?”

“How is it possible?” Ivy asks.

“They bumped into each other around 5 years and 9months ago. One thing led to another and they made up for the lost time.” Ethan says. He’s anxious I will give them too many details.

“Where is he, now?” Mom asks.

“Here. He’s with Sam… and his adoptive father aka Hope’s widow, Enzo.”

“He knows what we’re? What is he?” Dad asks.

“Yes, he knows. He’s a werecat, Leopard.” I reply.

“Why did you accept him here?” Dad says.

“Because I had no choice. Daniel doesn’t trust us and separating them is not possible yet. Moreover legally he’s in tutor for now.” I sigh.

After a few minutes of silence mom jokes, trying to reduce the tension:” At least now, Sam’s kitten will have a companion.”

You have no idea!

She’s a real cat person in the end.” My wolf comments. Indeed, no wonder why she always loved cats so much.

We spend the next hour speaking about the strategy to adopt with the pack. It was hard to convince Ivy and Roman to not let the pack know that Hope is the mother. In the end they accepted because it was imposed by Enzo and they don’t want to see him and Daniel leave. Unlike my parents and I, they want to meet him too as he was married to their daughter. Once the meeting is over they are all eager to meet their grandson.

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