Losing hope

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Chapter 17 - Mess Is Mine

(Him - Ryder) 2 months later...

It has been almost 2 months since Dan came to live in the pack and nothing has changed. He still refuses to acknowledge me. I don’t know what his mother told him about me for him to act like that. I’m still furious with her. I will never forgive her! How could I? I thought she loved me or at least she cared a minimum for me... Guess I was wrong.

Avery took it really badly and she even threatened to hunt Hope’s body to kill her all over again. She came last month to meet my little man but when she saw how he had reacted to us and her, she left, even more, angrier than she was when she arrived here. She is expecting a girl. Hopefully, she will have her father’s personality if not they will have their hands full with that one... I wish I would’ve my hands full with my son. If only I could find a way to connect with him... I’m so fucking jealous of Enzo! They are so close. It’s driving me crazy.

My wolf puffs:” His wolf is even blocking me! He’s my pup and he shut me out!”

“I know and he’s only 5. Imagine when he will be a teenager!” I complain too.

At his age, I didn’t even know that I could block my parents out. And when I discovered I could I was too scared of them to shut them out. Well, his mother was shutting everybody out. So this explains that. Still, to be able to block our wolves’ connections so young means he’s a strong wolf. So even if I’m beyond annoyed, I’m also amazed and proud of him.

"Alpha we have a witch in our land. She’s speaking with Enzo." Ethan mindlinks me.

I growl.

"We’re in the playground, the closest one from the pack." He retorts before I have to ask.

In less than 2 minutes I’m joining them. Enzo and Ethan are yelling at each other while Mom and Sam are trying to calm them.

“What’s going on here?” I boom with my Alpha’s voice.

“I need Enzo’s help, we are under attack in Imladris.” A girl stammers in Enzo’s back.

She’s so small that I didn’t see her. She looks so young, how is she?

“Who are you?” I ask her.

“No time for that, I need to go!” Enzo commands.

“But another help will be welcome.” The girl adds, still stammering.

“I will come!” Sam says.

“No!” Enzo and I shoot at the same time.

“You’re one of my pack members, Sam. I can’t let you go.” I explain.

“Moreover it’s too dangerous. I’m not part of your pack so Sybile, let’s go!” Enzo comments.

“Wait. What is Imaris? Maybe I can send some warriors.” I propose. Let’s hope I will not regret this.

“Imladris is the sanctuary that Hope built. I’m not sure you want to be involved in that.” Enzo remarks.

“If it implies innocent people in danger, I do!” I state.

“I will come and if you dare to forbid me I will make your life a living hell!” Sam warns me and Enzo.

"He’s my mate. I need to make sure he’s ok. I don’t even know how his fighting skills are." She pleads through the mindlink.

Enzo groans and orders: “Fine let’s go! Dan, buddy, you’re staying here.”

In a second a portal is open and we are in the middle of the mountain. Before I pass the portal, I order 10 warriors to join us. The fight lasted a bit less than an hour. All the people living here have hide fighting skills, even the younger one. But they were, we were outnumbered.

“Thank you Alpha Ryder, it was much easier with your help.” Enzo tells me.

“It’s normal.” I reply.

“Sybil will open the portal again, you can go back to your pack, the time I’m checking if everything is fine.”


“Don’t you mind sending Dan back. I’m sure he’s missing some of his toys that he would like to bring back to your pack.” He requests.

I’m going to say no before changing my mind: ” I would like to stay and see if everything is fine before sending him here.”

“Fair enough.” He agrees.

It took us 45 minutes to check on every one and to make sure there was no enemy left or hidden somewhere.

“Can I see his room before Dan comes?” I inquire.

“I just need to find a way to connect with him.” I add, feeling the need to justify myself.

“Sure, follow me.” He says.

I follow him until the second floor before opening a door on the left.

“Welcome to Dan’s kingdom. Suit yourself.” He says.

“Show respect to his mother.” He says at the door.

“What?” I ask, not sure to understand.

“Look man, I got you. You’re upset with Hope for not telling you but he loves her and seen you disrespecting her all the time is not what he needs.”

“She’s unforgivable!” I snap. I’m the bad guy of the story! How is it fair?!

“No, she’s... If only you would want to know why. I don't blame you, I know it’s too soon. Anyway, you can be upset with her all you want but until you learn to hide it in front of him, he will not let you in.” He explains.

"I can't! And I don't know if one day I will." I hiss.

"Your loss." He shrugs and that anger me even more.

“You have 5 minutes before he comes because if he finds you in his room he will be pissed.” He states leaving me alone.

His room is awesome. There are posters and toys everywhere, too much in my opinion... But I love his bed. It’s a little cabin. He also has a spaceship bed. On the top it had written Duncan. Who is Duncan? Just made realize even more how I don't know anything about Daniel's life. On the wall to my right there is a small door, kid size. I open it and find myself in another room. Hope’s room. As furious as I’m, I can’t help but to take a deep breath. It’s fainted but still here. Oh Goddess, how I missed her smell! It smells like home...

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