Losing hope

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Chapter 20 - Something Just Like This

(Him - Ryder) Now...

Apologizing is not something easy for Alpha. In general supernatural beings are proud but leaders are the worst. And the first person I tried to apologize to, refused to even open the door. And it was Sam. Aka my little sister, who seems to have no choice than to forgive me as we’re family… I’m now 2 doors away from her room waiting outside Daniel’s room. And I’m scared… The big bad Alpha is afraid of the reaction of his 5 years old son.

Enzo is putting him to bed. He read him the story called Lion vs Rabbit which is quite funny. And now it’s time for discussion. It’s their ritual. They both lay in the bed and speak about how the day went. What he liked and disliked. When was he good and what he should try better tomorrow. Thank

“Why did mommy lie to me? My daddy is not nice!” Daniel complains.

You kind of deserve it...” my wolf comments.

We!” I correct him.

“She didn’t, munchkin. Daddy is just not in his happy place right now and not be in their happy place push people to do stupid things.” Enzo explains.

“Can I call you Daddy instead of him?” Daniel requests.

“Dan!” Enzo warns him.

“But he’s so meanie!” Dan whines.

Enzo sighs: ” You’re just like your mother! So stubborn.”

“Good. I don’t want to be like him. Mama was nice, not him. He’s so mean to her. He said a very bad word to call her! I miss her!” Dan sobs.

“I know munchkins, me too. And she will be proud of you for defending her today... But she would also like for you to give a chance to your daddy. You would be surprised at how nice he can be.” Enzo comforts him.

" I don’t know. Are you sure?”

“I’m sure. It will make him happy and you will discover another side of him.”

“How?” Daniel asks, not convinced.

“Because like for your mother, you will become his happy place. Think about it. Night munchkin. I love you!” Enzo says kissing Daniel’s forehead.

“Night Unclezo. I love you.” Daniel replies hugging him,

Shit, he’s coming out! If he realizes that I was spying on them he will be angrier and no way he will accept my apologies. I run to the end of the corridor to make him believe I just came in. Keep your cool, Ryder. Don’t show anything!

“Hey Enzo, can I speak to you for a minute, please?” I request not demand.

“I’m not sure it’s the right time, Alpha. I just finished to calm down a little boy that you hurt and now I have to console my mate too.” He states coldly.

“Look man, I know I fucked up. I just want to apologize for going too far. I know that.” I explain.

“I know but I need more time to cool down. Can we do that tomorrow, I just want to be with Sam now.” He replies.

“Okay...” I sigh. I can give them some time.

“Good. Wait for Dan to sleep before going to see him. It was hard to calm him down.” He orders me.

Alpha doesn’t like to be ordered but I know he’s just protective above him. So I clench my jaw, I calm my wolf and I nod. 15 minutes later, Daniel is finally sleeping but I decide to wait 10 minutes more to be sure to not wake him up when I come in. He’s so beautiful, so angelic, sleeping like that. I caressed his face, needed to touch him, seeking his comfort.

“I’m so sorry little man. I wish I didn’t let my anger have the best of me. I know it’s not an excuse but I just want for us to have a relationship, to connect. I love you so much!” I whisper.

“If only you could let me in. Tell me what I have to do.” I beg.

I’m still caressing his face when suddenly I don’t know how he’s sharing a memory with me...

“Why don’t I have a daddy?” I ask mommy.

“Why are you asking that? Did something happen at school today?” Mommy asks back.

" Mia told me he left us because he doesn’t love us.”

“Well Mia is lying. Your daddy loves you more than anything.”

“How can you be so sure?”

“Because If he knew you existed he would move the mountains to find you. Don’t blame him. It’s all my fault he’s missing. It’s my choice to keep you hidden. I wish it could be different but right now it’s impossible.” She explains.

“Then how do you know that if he doesn’t know I’m here?” I demand.

She smiles: “Except the fact you’re an amazing little boy that it’s impossible to not love, you mean? Because you were made in pure love. We couldn’t spend a lot of time together with your daddy. Still in this short time, we’ve created you. I love him so much and every time I’m looking at you, you’re reminding me this is real. You’re the proof of our love. And I’m sorry your daddy can’t be part of our lives.” Now she’s a bit sad, I need to change that.

“Tell me more about him.” I command.

She beams: “Your father is the best. Smart, awesome, strong, powerful, fair, carrying, kind hearted and confident. He’s also very bossy which is annoyingly hot and sexy.”

She’s blushing: “Forget that!”

Why is she so red?!

She shakes her head and keeps going: “Anyway, like I was saying he’s bossy like you baby which comes with his position. He’s the only one who makes us feel special. Every time we see him, we have those butterflies in our belly, like fireworks!” Small fireballs appear between us and explode. That makes me laugh.

“With one look he was able to make me shiver. In a good way!” She adds while I feel a freeze running along my arms making me shivering.

“I wish for everyone to have the chance to know this kind of love. One day, you will meet him and I can guarantee you he will be a great father.” She adds while I’m yawning.

“All right baby, time to sleep!” She comments, kissing my cheek and adjusting the blanket over me.

“One last hug!” I order.

“Please.” She corrects me.

“One last hug, please.” I beg and she hugs me.

Once she left the room as I’m not really tired, I get up and start to play with my dinosaurs but I stop right away when I heard mommy and Unclezo speaking in the corridor.

“I’m just saying you’re to hard with yourself!” Unclezo states.

“I just told him the truth. I’m the one to blame if he’s father is not here.” Mommy replies.

“You did it because it was the best solution. You didn’t do anything wrong!”

“I know but it doesn’t make it right or easier.”

“Well, better an out of picture dad than a dead one!” Unclezo snap.

Suddenly one of my toys falls. Crap!

“I know a little boy who is playing instead of sleeping!” Mommy exclaims.

I run jumping in my bed and hiding under my blanket.

No! I want to see more! I touch his face again desperately but nothing happens.

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