Losing hope

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Chapter 21 - All About Us

(Another Her - Sam) Now...

Warning: explicit content in this chapter.

I’m waiting for Enzo in our room while he’s putting Dan to bed. Once I left the training ground and I had stopped crying I went to check on him. He was crying really hard and only Enzo succeeded to calm him. It was heartbreaking. That’s why I didn’t want to listen to Ryder when he came to knock at my door. I know he’s like mom when he’s angry he doesn’t think before speaking and just wants everyone to be hurt like he is. Still it’s not an excuse, even less when he hurt a 5 years old boy.

"I need mate!" My wolf complains, impatiently.

Finally Enzo is entering the round and I jump on him right away needing the comfort of my mate. I kiss him deeply before trying to go down but he hugs me stronger.

“Don’t you dare move Bella. You’re where you Belong.” He whispers in my ears, his hands on my ass.

“How do you feel, Bella?” He asks me, looking into my eyes.

“Upset and Sad. How could he say all these things!? Pushing Dan!” I explain.

“His anger took the best of him. He met him when I came out of Dan’s room... If it makes you feel better he was feeling like shit. You should have seen his puppy’s face.”

“Well, he deserved it! He tried to come to speak to me but I didn’t want to listen to what he had to say.”

“I know, he wanted to speak to me too but my Leopard is still too furious. He’s your brother and I need to be careful or I will wake up the feud your pack has against werecats.”

*****Mature content******

“I know, still... I need to let my wolf release some tension. Will you go for a run with me?” I say while he pushes me against him and his hard member, squeezing my ass.

“Unless, you have a better idea?” I smirk.

“I want you to ride me Bella. I love it when you’re riding me. I want to see come in my cock.” He states.

“I love it when you and your Leopard submit to me. But before that put me down and kneel. I want you to lick me before I ride you.” I command.

" You wish is my command Bella.” He smirks, dropping me down. As soon as my feet touch the floor I let my shorts and pantries drop while he kneels in front of me. His hands caress my legs before going up until my cheeks. I moan.

He takes a deep breath: ” You smell so good. I could eat you all day!”

“More actions, less speaking!” I order.

As soon as his tongue touches my pussy lips, it’s heaven! Tasting me makes him purr and it’s turning me even more. After I came in his mouth, I ordered him to sit on the sofa and I started to ride him and didn’t until we both came. There is nothing better than to know this deadly werecat... putty in my hands.


I wake up first which gives me the time to look at my mate. He’s so breathtaking, so peaceful right now. I love him so deeply already. My hands are itching to touch him but I don’t want to disturb his peaceful rest. After a few minutes, I’m hearing purring and suddenly his arms around my waist bring me closer to him.

“Hello Bella, I love waking up like that! I’m getting us to it.” He beams. This is a magic moment for me, the few seconds after he just woke up and we’re in our bubble before everything comes back in our mind. It’s just him and me!

“Buongiorno mio amore!” I reply happily. Enzo’s father is Italian while his mother is from Tanzania. So I’m learning Italian for him.

He purrs in my ears: ” You’re so hot when you speak Italian Bella!”

“Did Hope learn Italian?” I ask

He shakes his head smiling: “Only to swear and she knew how to swear in a lot of languages. She learned Russia thought.”

“I’m ready to know about her. What you told me until now is just about your friendship and how special it was. But nothing really about her, except she was an elemental which is cool but it’s not really exceptional.” I tell him.

“What do you want to know Bella? There are two big things about Hope: one which explained why she was hunting and hiding Dan and the second explained why she stole your tiger emblem but this part will be explosive for your pack.”

“Okay. Start by the first thing then and we will see for the second one.” I inquire.

“Hope was not a simple elemental. As I show you, we met an elemental vampire who chose her as his heir and passed her his gift. They said born elementals are stronger but… Hope being Hope... She became THE elemental. She was able to do things that nobody did before her.” He explains.

“Like what?”

“Like a full control of all the elements which is very rare... Be able to travel through thunder or the ground. Changing the weather. Feeling others feeling. Knowing if someone is good or bad in one look. You named it and she was able to do it, it was so impressive... A lot wanted her as their mate because of this, to breed her to have a powerful heir. They said the first heir will be the most powerful...”


“This is why she had hidden Dan because he’s her first heir and the same people who want to breed her would want to kill him if they knew about him.” I finish for him.

He nods.

“But you also told me having Dan here if someone discovers the truth could be dangerous for the pack. How?” I ask.

“Because others were hunting Hope down because they thought it was not normal to have such a control over the elements and if she felt in the wrong hands it could be the end of our world. Actually, one of our “friends” tried to kill her when he discovered she was pregnant.”

“Hash!” I mutter.

“Yeah, that’s when she had decided that only Me, Phoebe, Maria and Francisco would know.” He explains.

“So it’s not my brother’s stupidity?”

“No and to be honest I think it was a set up to convince Hope to not tell him.” He replies.

“How so?”

“Willow, a-”

“A seer, I know her. We went at the same University and shared some classes.” I cut him.

He nods and continues: ” She was there when Hope went to see your brother and she begged Hope to not tell him. I think it was her doing your brother with that girl. Knowing that I know his anger can have the best of him, I’m sure it was a setup. Let me show you.” He inquires.

“I’m not sure I want to see my brother acting like an asshole.” I groan.

“Then I will not show you that but I need to show you what happened just after.”

I nod, taking his hand.

I run out of the club. Phoebe already went after Hope. I’m so upset and sorry that I didn't know if I wanted to go after Hope or if I wanted to kick that asshole’s ass. Outside, Willow is waiting.

“Was that necessary?” I ask her.

“It was. Hope’s future is not bright and in all the possibilities I can see, he cannot know yet.” Willow replies, shaking her head.

“Why?” I demand. I need to understand.

“Because in the “best” scenario, if she had told him now, only Ryder is dying. I’m only trying to prevent that. And this is the best possibility. He will learn he has a kid in a few years but now it will only end in a blood bath. When Hope will think about leaving their son with him, you will dissuade her.”

“Why would I do that?”

“Because he will come after her as soon as he knows and the result will be the same.”

“Why are you telling me all of this?” I ask.

“Don’t you feel the pull towards her. The need to protect her. Do you know why you are bonded together but not mates, not even second chances mate?” She asks instead of replying.

I shake my head, so she adds:” You’re her guardian, her protector. Both of your lives are linked together. So I’m telling all of this because I know you will do what is best for her.”

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