Losing hope

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Chapter 22 - Spirits

(Another Her - Sam) Now...

“So... You’re her protector?” I ask.

“Yes, I was and as you can see I failed her!” He sighs defeated.

“Maybe but don’t be too hard on yourself, I’m sure you did your best.” I comfort him.

“Well it was not enough!”

“Still you’re here where she would’ve wanted you to be. With her son, protecting and caring for him.” I comfort him.

“You got married to protect them, don’t you?” I state more than I ask.

“Yes and to protect what she built. Her heritage. To make sure one day it will be Dan’s legacy. Hope was rich. She won a huge amount in the lottery a few months after she left the pack.”

“Did you get married to protect Dan for her family?” I frown.

“Yes but not the one you have in mind.”

“Can you develop it because as far as I know all her family is here.”

“No, it’s not. I’m speaking about her paternal grandmother.”

“The human’s mate who left?”

“The not so human mate that left when her father was a toddler.”

“She was not human? What was she then?” I demand. My grandpa and dad always told me she was human and that was why she was able to leave without suffering for not being with her mate.

“This revelation will be a bomb for your pack. Are you sure you want to know. I will be like opening Pandora’s box. There is not turning back to oblivion.” He warns me.

“You’re scaring me but I need to know.” I reply honestly.

“As you wish... First did you know Dariya had a twin brother and he’s the reason why she left?” He asks me.

“No, I didn’t know but she’s not part of my family and I never took the time to know more about her.” I explain.

Before he can speak again we hear Dan screaming. In a second, we are both up and in his room already. Ryder is sitting on the floor beside Dan’s bed. How dare he be here after what he did yesterday! He’s going to have a piece of my mind!

“I’m sorry. I-I didn’t mean to, little man. I just wanted to check on you and I must have fallen asleep. I know I mess up but I would like a new start with you,please?” Ryder begs Dan. And with that my anger deflates. He’s looking so sad...

Enzo and I exchange a look and I nod. He wants me to take care of Ryder while He will calm down Dan.

“Let’s go Ryder. You wanted to speak to me yesterday, now I’m ready.” I tell Ryder. He nods defeated, seeing Dan’s face. He knows there is nothing that he can say now to make him change his mind.

Once we are in his room, he sighs and starts: ” I’m so sorry. You have no idea how stupid I’m feeling right now. I know it’s not an excuse but the past 3 months are not been easy for me. And I’m so confused that I don’t even know how to think properly anymore. You know I don’t think a word of what I said yesterday.I’m ready to hold Enzo introduction’s ceremony tonight. He will need one as he’s going to be my second Gamma by your side.”

“Third in command you mean.” I correct him.

“It’s the same.” He shrugs.

“Not when there is no Luna to protect.”

“Enzo was by Hope’s side for years. When I see how protective he’s over Daniel, I can only imagine he was the same with Hope. So he deserves to be called our Gamma. Moreover We don’t have a Luna but I have a son that needs to be protected and who’s the best than my sister and the man Hope chose for that job.”

“Wow, thank you, that means a lot to me! We both will be honored. But can I ask you what changed your mind?”

“Apart from the fact I really fucked up yesterday and I need to win your and Enzo’s forgiveness. Daniel shared a memory of his mother yesterday night… You were right: I need to be respectful about Hope in front of him. I still feel betrayed but I also know before condemning her I need to find out why she did it. But every time I see how big Daniel is already, at how many important mile stones in his life that I've missed... I'm just furious… Livid. I know now that if I don’t want to lose another minute of his life I need to change my behavior. I can keep going and blame Hope but the fact we are not building our relationship for the past 3 months is on me.”

“You’re forgiven because I know it’s not an easy time for you and for choosing us to protect your son.” He nods.

“And also because I know how hard it is for you Oh great Alpha Ryder to recognize that you were wrong and I was right!” I tease him trying to light up the mood.

When I see it’s not working I frown: “Do you want to speak about what Dan showed you?”

“No, I still need to process everything before sharing it with anyone.”

“Whenever you’re ready. You know I’m here for you. I can see you’re not doing well Ryder. I’m worried for you and I’m not the only one. You’re not alone.” I tell him.

I join Enzo and Dan in the playground and while Dan is playing, I relate what happened in Ryder’s office. He’s surprised when I told him about Dan sharing a memory with him and asked me if this kind of thing had happened since Hope’s death before concluding that it was Dan’s way to connect with his father.

As for the position of Gamma, even if he’s honored, he wants to come clean with everything about Hope before accepting the position. But to be honest, I’m not sure my brother is ready for all the truth. This brings me to the next question: Am I ready to know everything and to keep it for myself??? I think so… I hope so because the need to know is too strong!

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