Losing hope

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Chapter 24 - Without You

(Another Him - Enzo) Now...

I need to tell them all the truth soon, really soon. I know now that my place is here, by my mate’s side and my little man... But how can I pledge myself to this pack if I’m not honest, if they don’t know all the truth. At the same time, I can feel that Sam is not ready yet and Ryder even less.

At least, the fight yesterday changed it. I can’t believe how many times he drew Hope. There are at least 50 of her portraits. I can believe he even drew her tiger form and he doesn’t even know it’s her.

Dan doesn’t want to leave the drawing book. He keeps it in his arms, like it’s the most precious he has. That makes me realize even more how much he’s missing his mother.

“Hey buddy, you know I miss her too.” I tell him.

“When will I see her again?” He asks me.

“I don’t know... What I can tell you is she’s with us all time, in every breeze, every cloud... In the rain. Everywhere!”

“She will come back!” He affirms. I wish he was right...

“What about your daddy? He’s here, maybe it’s time for you to give him a chance.” I ask him to change the subject.

“Did you see how beautiful her tiger is!”

“I know munchkin! Your mother really wanted you to know your father, so you should.”

He groans: ” Fine! I will try.”

“That’s all we’re asking for. For you to try.”

“Do you want to go check on him, now?” I ask him and he just nods.

He used to speak all the time which was cute and annoying at the same time but since his mother died… It’s crazy how I miss that now!

The first place we checked is Ryder’s office and we did right as he’s in his office.

“Hey Alpha Ryder, Dan wanted to know if you’re free now.” I say, Dan hiding behind me to change. I can see happiness pass through Ryder’s face. He gets up and kneels in front of Dan.

“For you, I will always be free. There is nothing more important than you little man.” He says with a big smile.

I stayed a bit with them before excusing myself to let them together. They need to spend time alone, to create their own links.

I follow Sam’s scent and find her in the training ground.

“Bella, you’re so sexy dress like that!” I tell her, making her blush.

“Shut up! Someone could hear you!”

Good! They all need to know who she belongs to!” My leopard comment. Agreed!

“Where is Dan?” She asks.

“With your brother. So I’m free!” I smirk, thinking at All the things we could do during this free time.

“Not happening honey. I still have 2 hours of training.”

“Fuck!” I mumble.

“Do you want to train with me?” She proposes.

“Do you think you can handle me?” I challenge her with a raised eyebrow.

“ Honey, I can handle you in bed! So of course I can!” She teases me.

“Challenge accepted! Show me what you got!”

We trained for two hours and I have to say she’s not bad, for a werewolf. Werecats don’t have a pack so we’re naturally stronger. We can stuck in small groups but it’s rarely more than 5 people. Even though Hope and I used to stay in a bigger group.

Sybil appears suddenly in front of us while we’re leaving the training ground. Some wolves growl at her intrusion but Sam orders them to step down.

“Enzo, we need your help!” She begs me.

“I’m coming with you.” Sam states, leaving no place for negotiation.

“Don’t leave my side!” I order her. Her eyes become glassy as she’s mindlinking someone.

“Let’s go!” She says once she’s done.

“What’s happening?” I ask Sybil.

“Someone forced the house and went into Hope’s room.” She explains.

“Who?” I asked, walking towards Hope’s room.

“A vampire. That’s the only thing we know. He killed himself before we are able to interrogate him.”

Hope’s room is totally ravaged. Everything is upside down. Thank god Dan is not here to see that.

“So he didn’t took anything then?” Sam asks.

Sybil shakes her head:” No but it’s the 4th time it’s happening in the past two weeks.

“What didn’t you let me know earlier?” I roar.

Sam puts her hands on my back to calm me down.

“Because we always stopped them and we didn’t want to disturb you.” She stammers.

“But they keep coming. Obviously they are looking for something.” Sam finishes for her.

“But why? Hope is dead now.” Sybil whispers.

“Good question…” I say.

“We need to investigate it. Meanwhile, have someone to fix Hope’s room. Dan can’t see that.” I order.

“I might have to stay.” I tell Sam.

“Then I’m staying too.” She states again not letting room for negotiation. Fucking Alpha blood! So hot and sexy!

“We need to speak with my brother first.” She adds. So he can say No but I can’t!

“He only can say no because he’s my Alpha but he’s also aware that if does, I will make him pay.” She smirks, knowing at my face what I’m thinking. Goddess, I love that girl!

“Actually, I don’t think it’s a good idea to bring Dan here. Who tell us the people we’re trying to find something on Hope will not try to take Dan?” Sybil says.

Damn, I didn’t think about it. She’s right I can’t bring him here, moreover Ryder will refuse to be separated from him. Ryder found the solution, proposing from part of his warriors to patrol around Imladris. Sybil will keep a portal open between the pack and there. Once we’re back in the pack land, I ask Ryder to speak with him alone.

“Thank you for helping us to protect Imladris. You don’t know how this place meant for Hope!” I thank him.

“I know, this is why I’m doing it. This place is part of Hope and if one day I want to understand her. Moreover, I like the idea of offering a sanctuary for the ones in need.” He replies.

“I can help you to understand her. I want to come clean before I become your Gamma.” I tell him.

“And I will be proud to have you as my Gamma!“He says, tending his hand.

I take it and while I shake his hand, the memory of my wedding with Hope pops in my head.

“Are your vows ready?” Phoebe asks us, making Hope rolling her eyes.

“Hope, sweety. No offense but if someone had told me that I would end up getting married to a crazy bitch I would have probably killed myself.But thank goodness nobody warned me and I’m still here to do this crazy thing. ”

That makes her laugh.

“Anyway, we’re not mates, nor lovers but since you came into my life, you have enlightened it. I never felt so alive and proud of what we’re doing. I can’t promised you to be the best husband and I will forget all about you when I will meet my mate.”

She smiles and shakes her head.

" What I can promise is to be here as your friends until this end, to protect you and to love you - a friendly love, like brother love - until my last breath. Marrying you is making my reach but not about the money - that I will still spend. You make me reach for your kindness and golden heart. I’m proud to be your husband in this non real wedding.” I finish.

“Hope, it’s your turn.” Phoebe says, looking at her.

“Enzo, I know I’m not the girl you’re wanted to married as you’re not the one I dreamed I will get married. But I know how it could cost you. Still, I’m grateful to know you’re here for me and your support means the world for me. One day you will meet your mate and she will be the luckiest girl in the world. And be aware I will help your mate to kick your ass for getting married before to met her. I used to judge the one who gets married with someone other than her mate and here I am. Thank you for helping me, again, to protect what I built against that bitch. it makes me feel safe to know you’re here to protect what’s mine. Thank you for doing it. I love you buddy.”

“You can exchange your rings.” Phoebe says.

I put a plastic ring on her finger while she put osn a golden one.

“You bought me a plastic ring!” She mutters, smiling.

“You’re not my mate and you’re not even wearing white!” I defend myself.

“We both know, I’m not pure. I already consumed it and it was not with you.” She replies and I sigh, faking to be shocked.

“I declare you husband and wife! You may not kiss your bride.”

“Thank Goddess!” We both speak at the same time.

“Now it can rain again!” Hope comments and instantly it starts to rain again.

"You could've wait for us to be inside!" Pheobe comments.

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