Losing hope

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Chapter 27 - Breath Me

(Him - Ryder) Now...

I woke up at 2:31 am and after that it was impossible to go back to sleep. She’s a werecat, a tiger. But how? Then I think about the way she was behaving here, always restricting herself and afraid. She was actually afraid for her life. I can’t believe I’ve never see that before. Everything is looking different with this new light. if only I knew... But someone should have known about her family. I still don’t understand how it’s possible. I can believe I drew her in her tiger form, I need to check but I’m sure it was her in my dream. My wolf and I imagine what it would like to run with her.

The first thing I do, when the morning finally comes, is to knock at Sam and Enzo’s door. It’s Sam who opens the door with her sleepy head. At least, they were not busy doing other things... But Sam, like dad, is not a morning person.

“What’s wrong?” She asks, still half sleeping.

“I know what she is?” I declare looking at Enzo.

“What?” He mutters. It looks like he’s not a morning person either...

“Hope! I know what she is! But how is it possible, all her family are wolves?”

“How did you find out?” Enzo frowns, getting up. Thank Goddess, he’s not sleeping naked. He kisses my sister before going into the dressing room. A minute later, he comes back dressed.

“I remember when she rescued me. You were a total ass, by way!”

Out of the corner of my eye, I can see Sam moving her hands, trying to catch our attention.

He scoffs: “You can talk! You’re a fine one to talk to! You were mean to her!”

“I know, this is the third time you almost spoke about a few days ago. But I didn’t know and at this time she didn’t make sense. I was just so hurt and betrayed.” I justify myself.

“Wait a minute! I don’t follow what is she?” Sam asked annoyed to be kept apart.

“Hold on, you don’t know yet?” I ask her, surpised.

“I wanted to but let’s be honest, I will’ve spill the beans to you in less then a minute.I can’t keep secret from you when it’s too big.” She replies.

Absolutely right! For that she’s the opposite of Avery.

“She’s a werecat, a tiger shifter.” I explain.

“Wow!” She mumbles with big eyes. Yep, big shock for me too, sis!

“But how? Was she switched at birth?” She asks.

Come on Sam, she was born at the pack hospital, she can’t have been swift. Moreover her parents would I smelt the difference. But How it’s possible is a good question...

“Daryia, her paternal grandmother was one too, wasn’t she?” She asks Enzo.

“Yes she was.” Enzo confirms.

“So Stan and Roman knew!” I state and Enzo nods in agreement.

“There is more about their family.”

“Really? Show me!” Sam commands.

“Wait, I don’t want to know yet, I don’t want to hide anything from Ethan. So I want to speak with Roman first.” I say.

“I’m going now!” I add if I stay I will not be able to resist asking.

After breakfast, I summoned Roman to my office. Let me tell you it was the longest breakfast in my life.

“Alpha Ryder, you wanted to see me?” He says, once he closed my office’s door.

I nod and indicate to him to have a seat.

“I know Hope was a tiger shifter. I know your mother was one too...” I start. I want to gauge his reactions. He’s trying to stay composed and shakes his head to deny it.

“Don’t lie!” I warn him.

“Let me explain...” He stammers.

“How could you hide something like that?! Who knew?” I hiss.

“Only my father and I discovered it when Hope was 5 and didn’t receive her wolf. My father came to see me the day after her birthday. He was panicking and this is how I discover the truth about my mother and the reason why she left. Before I didn’t know that I have tiger blood running in me. Werecats receive their animal and shift around their 6th birthday, so I spend the next year learning as much as I could about them and to get Hope ready. I loved her more than anything, I just wanted to protect her.” He whines.

“Do you really think we would arm a little girl if we knew? Moreover the Beta daughter.” I ask sarcastically.

“They would’ve banished her. I didn’t see the hate in their eyes every time we were speaking about werecats and tigers. Their pride on that kill. I could’ve let that happen to her. I did what was the best for her.” He defends himself.

What you think was the best.

“You have to tell your mate and your son. There are too many secrets in this pack. It’s time to end it!” I state.

“I will but please let me for a few days please?” He begs.

“You have 2 days.” I agree.

“Did Hope have a diary while she was here?” I ask, trying my luck.

“Yes, he’s at my father’s house.” He replies, surprised that I know about it.

“Bring it to me before lunch!” I order.

"There is more. He’s not telling all the truth" My wolf tells me.

"I know! I can feel it too!" I reply.

"Then, touch him. I want to see more than to hear." He demands, annoyed with Roman.

I bend my hand for him to shake it, hopefully it will work. Yes, he takes it. Show me what else you’re hiding, please!

“Hope, what’s wrong?” I ask, worried when I see how white she’s.

“How could you, see it and do nothing!” She bawls. It’s the first time I’ve seen her like that. What happened?

“I was summoned by the Alpha. I went to his office for the first time. Now I know why you forbade me to go there. As soon as I saw it, I knew! That broke my heart! And can you even go into that office and be okay when I feel so sick!”

“I do what’s the best for the pack. It’s my job as the Beta. The pack has to come first before your own grief.”

“As I will when I become the Luna.” she snarls.

“Princess, you need to understand as the future Luna the pack and its sanity is your priority.”

“At what costs? How many more lies? Are you expecting me to always pretend to be human! To shut me Tiger out all my life, to please a pack.”

“Exactly, you have to, it’s your duty. Day by day, it will become easier to pretend this tiger skin and the claws’ jewels mean nothing to you.”

“Because there are jewels too!”

The way she looks at me is breaking my heart but she needs to understand there is no other way.

“What about the fact I don’t want to lie to my mate?” She asks me.

“He will never accept you as his mate and Luna if he knows. You know that!”

“Your mate is the one who is made to love you as you’re. I don’t know how you do, to lie to mom like that?”

“She’ll never forgive me if she knows the truth! I do it for both of us.”

“No, you do it because you’re scared. And I don’t want to live like that. I don’t want to feel ashamed of what I’m.” She retorts.

“Go head, go tell Ryder what you really are!” I dare her. And her shoulders fall, yeah it’s not a risk she’s ready to take either.

“Do you know it’s the tiger blood in you that makes your wolf stronger. Stronger enough to be the Beta. Without it, you will be as weak as Grandpa is. How can you be ashamed of your heritage!?”

“My mother left us when I was not 3 yet. I discovered “my heritage” late in my life! Heritage I received from a mother who didn’t care about me.” I snap.

I don’t need her judgement. She has no idea how difficult and confused it was to be sad for that tiger. How it was making no sense for me and my wolf to have a connection with him. To finally understand the reason why years later.

“It’s her brother in that office! If she didn’t run for her life, she would have run from grief. I felt the connection as soon as I laid my eyes on his skin, don’t tell you didn’t feel it! How could you let your own uncle be used like that! I can’t tolerate that!” She rants.

“Don’t do anything, Hope!” I forbid her, using my Beta’s voice.

She roars: ” I’m a tiger, you can’t command me!”

I let go of his hand, while he looks at me in shock.

“Two days.” I remind him.

He nods, speechless.

“Afterwards, I will tell them everything!” I warn him.

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