Losing hope

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Chapter 28 - Somewhere I Belong

(Him - Ryder) Now...

I called Louis right after Roman left. If that Anatoli is behind the attacks in Imladris, I need to understand why and what he’s looking for. Around 11:00, Stan came to give me Hope’s diary. He came instead of Roman because he wanted to speak to me, to explain what happened with his mate and her brother. How they were running outside the pack land when Nikkita (Daryia’s twin brother) entered by error and was caught by my grandfather and Beta Sin.

I don’t know what to think about it. I’m pissed with both of them… Their lies cost me so much, but they did what they thought was the best. Learning when you’ve a 5years daughter that she’s a Tiger as your mother, shouldn’t have been easy. The pack wouldn’t have banished her!

Well, half an hour after, I’ve changed my mind. Reading the first few pages of Hope’s diary. She was around 10 when she started it and reading her doubts about herself because off what she learned at school about werecats was just heartbreaking. The more I read the more I’m feeling sad. I’ve never thought about how hurtful what we’re teaching our kids about Tigers shifters, and at the same time understanding how wrong it is, through the words of a little innocent tiger.

My reading is interrupted by my mother who comes to check on me, as I didn’t come to eat lunch. I don’t know what she saw in my face, or my eyes but my father is in my office in a few seconds,looking worried.

“What’s happened?” Mom asks.

“We can feel how troubled you are. Why are you looking so sad?” Dad had.

“I know why Hope stole our emblems and why she was acting like that all her life.” I reply.

“You need to give you more details if you want us to understand.” Mom requests.

“We had another secret in our pack. Another huge one. Are you sure you want to hear about it?” I warn them.

They nod so I give them a picture I’ve found in Hope’s diary.

“Why are you showing a picture of a werecat?” Mom frowns.

“Turn around the picture.” I tell her. Behind it written Hope, 10 years old.

“Impossible!” She mutters. Dad takes the pictures in mom’s hands and looks at it closely.

“She’s really Hope?” Dad asks in awe.

I nod:” She’s beautiful, isn’t she?”

“How is it even possible?” Dad inquires.

“Roman’s mother was a tiger shifter. And the tiger that Grandpa and Sin killed was her twin brother. Did you know that for werecats family is more important than for us as they don’t have a pack. They’re able to feel the link with distant members, even more than us.”

“Oh my Goddess! Did you see all of this in others’ memories?” Dad asks.

“Yes, I can show you if you want.” Dad nods, I look at Mom and add.” Do you want to see them too?” She nods.

After I showed them all I’ve seen and all a part of my personal memories link to this, we asked Sam and Enzo to join us. As we spoke about Roman and about his Uncle. Sam already knew as Enzo told her right after I left their room this morning.

“I can’t believe Roman kept the secret. I thought you were close enough.” Sam comments.

“He didn’t tell Ivy, his mate, so why he would’ve told us.” Mom retorts.

“He tried to, I think. He spoke often about stopping this not healthy grudge. Actually, I had to order him to wear his ring if not he wouldn’t have. I’m quite sure every time he spoke about making peace, he was testing us to see if we could be open-minded but to be honest we were not. Once he even fought with my father and Sin. He ended the fight and apologized only for Ivy’s sake. I don’t know who is to blame the most?” Dad explains.

“Is that Hope’s diary?” Mom asks, pointing to the book on my table.

“Yes, and it’s heartbreaking to read it.” I confirm.

I agree, even if it’s nice to be in our mate’s head.” My wolf whines.

“I think Ivy would like to read it once you will have finished.” She informs me.

Enzo has a small smile that disappears as fast as it appeared.

“I think I should meet my parents to explain the situation. They don’t plan to come for the next 3 months and I think they should be informed beforehand.” Dad tells us.

It’s weird to discuss these things without Ethan, Ivy and Roman.

“You’re right, Love, but we should wait until Ethan, Ivy and her parents know the truth. This is going to be bad and they might need us.” Mom says.

“Yes, I would prefer it if you stay a few days more.” I request.

“You’re both right. Hopefully there is no more secret.” father whines.

Sam makes her face that she does when she has bad news. Dad, mom and I groan.

“What else can we discover?” I complain.

“It’s just tiny secret this time. Just a part of Roman’s family that they don’t know exists.” Sam reassures us.

“Okay in this case this can wait a few days!” I comment. One bomb at the time.

“Enzo, we will also plan you introduction ceremony, once Ethan will be ready. It’s better to let things cool down before doing it. I hope that’s okay with you.” I inform him.

“I’m honored that you’re accepting me as your Gamma.” He replies bowing his head in respect.

“You’re part of my family.”

“Ooh! Imagine our grandkids might be baby Leopards!” Mom says exciting instantly. Poor Sam, poor Enzo!

“If you don’t mind, I’m going to spend some time with my son.” I tell them to get up.

“Wait! Can I come with you, please? I need a word with you.” Enzo says and I nod. He kisses Sam and follows me.

“You might not want to give Hope’s diary to her mother.” He whispers.

“Why?” I frown.

“Because you didn’t read the interesting part of it.”

“What does that mean?”

“I’m speaking about when Hope was around 15 and starts to write about her hot fantasy about you.” He smirks.

“What?! How do you know that?” I whisper yell.

“Because she almost convinced her to break into your pack to subtract it. She was not scare about someone might discovering what she was but about she could be exposed for her duty little mind.” He smirks ear to ear seeing my reaction.

"Nope, we are not there yet!" My wolf says, smugly. I can feel how eager he is to come to this part and I’m too.

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