Losing hope

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Chapter 30 - Another wave

(Another Him - Enzo) Now...

This is so annoying! They are all depressed with Hope’s diary and this is so not her. I need to change that but I need to find a solution to show them all at one time. I can’t do it alone and I know who to call for that. Hopefully she will accept and she didn’t change her number... I know I said I would keep her as a last resort. But I need her and meeting my mate is a valable excuse for her to come here.

“Hey Enzo, It has been a while! How is everything going?” She asks right away when she replies.

“Hey Phoebe, a lot has happened since the last time we spoke. How are you?”

“We’re fine, thanks. So tell me why are you calling? Is Dan okay?” She asks.

“He’s fine, growing too fast... I met my mate.”

“Really! Tell me more! Oh, I’m so happy for you!”

“She’s perfect! I can’t wait for you to meet her.”

“I can’t wait, too! How does she handle your Leopard?”

“She’s a feisty shewolf, he’s behaving like a little kitten with her.” I joke, hearing him roar in my head.

She laughs: ” I would like to see that! She has all my respect.”

“How is working with her pack? Or is she a lone wolf?” She adds, curious.

I scratch my head, here comes the truth: ” Actually, I’m part of her pack now...”

“Oh... Which pack is it?”

“Night Walker Pack...”

“Hope’s former pack!” She exclaims.

“So does that mean Dan met his father?” She asks.

“Stupid question! Of course he does. And Alpha Ryder shouldn’t have taken it so bad as he has accepted you, a werecat! How did you do that?” She adds before I can reply.

“It was hard at the beginning but we’re working on it. Actually we are kind of a family now.”

“Kind of?” She asks, puzzled.

“Sam, his sister, is my mate.”

“You should have started with that!” She scoffs.

“Look, can you come? I need your help. I need you to prove my mate that Hope and I were only friends. Moreover it’s a good occasion to see your godson. Dan needs you!”

“Of course. I will be here tomorrow. Let your Alpha know that I’m coming.” She replies right away.

“You’re my savior!”

“Why are we all here?” Ivy asks.

She’s avoiding to look at her mate. Only Sam knows why we’re here. Ryder only knows that Phoebe is coming to see us. All Hope’s family is here: her brother, her parents and her 3 grandparents. The former Alpha and Luna are here too. Dan is at school with his cousin Seth.

“This is Luna Phoebe. She was a close friend of Hope and she wants to talk to us.” Ryder explains.

“Actually, I asked her to come. I want to share with you all who Hope really was: kind hearted, frank, hard worker, fighting for others, a protector, funny and totally crazy! I’m going to share with you some memories of Hope.” I state.

“We’re! I will too. And I will use my magic to share them with all of you at the same time.” Phoebe adds.

“Okay...” Most of them mutter.

“Perfect! Let’s sit in a circle and hold each other’s hands.” Phoebe says. I sit aside her and take her hand and Sam’s -who is sitting at my other side - hand. Let the show begin!

We start by sharing with them what she built in Imladris and the people we helped there, how hard she trained, how hard she was with herself, a few of our missions for Team L and our meeting and team building, what kind of mother she was (a rock one!)... Now it’s time to explain the hammers’ obsession but better start by the beginning....

*****Enzo’s memory*****

“So it didn’t hurt your feet at all?” Maria asks.

“Not at all, I didn’t even feel it was hot. In the end, nobody wanted to race with me!” Hope replies, pouting.

“Come on, you had an unfair advantage!” Al comments.

“Still... For one time where you’re doing somethong funny!” She replies, scrolling even more, making us all laugh.

“Wait, that means you are immune to fire?” Francisco asks.

“Absolutely.” Phoebe replies for Hope.

Francisco jumps: ” Like Daenerys, in Game of Thrones. That’s so cool!”

“Oooh yeah!” Hope jumps in the fire between us.

She reappears on this other side naked and 3 big fire balls, kind of, flying over her head. Phoebe recites a spell and in a second Hope has clothes again.

“Thanks Phoebe!” She says before adding her arms opened: ” I’m your Khaleesi, mother of the dragons!”

“Wait, that’s supposed to be dragons?” Al asks sarcastically, pointing to fire balls above our head.

“Fuck off! I need to practice!” Hope says, giving him a finger and we all laugh.

“Imagine what we can do!” Phoebe tells her, exciting.

“I know the possibilities are infinite!!!” Hope replies.


******Phoebe’s memory******

“Let it go, let it go, Can’t hold it back anymore, Let it go, let it go, Turn away and slam the door -” I hear Hope singing but she stops in the middle.

“Ooh, you’re Elsa!” I exclaim.

“Well, this is bullshit, I can’t walk anymore. The ice dress is way too heavy and if I move too much it will break!” She explains, disappointed.

Enzo clears his throw: ” You know what is the other problem with the ice? You can see through...”

“Hmmm, you’re right.” Hope agrees.

“I love your underwear!” I comment.

“I know! It’s Aubade, I love it too! Expensive but so sexy.” She replies smiling

“Can you please keep this discussion away from my innocent ears!” Enzo complains.

“Little Enzo is blushing. Do we make you feel uncomfortable?” Hope teases him.

“That’s it, I’m out!” He says leaving the room.

“Maybe I can fake an ice dress.” I propose.

“You can try on you, I have another idea: Moana!”

“Let’s go outside. I will be Elsa and you will be Moana!”

“Good idea!” She says jumping in excitement.

“This is so cool! You look so hot! I like being Moana but something is missing...” She comments.

“You can speak! Look how you control water. You’re the perfect Moana.” I reply.

“Don’t you think physically it’s not matching. I mean Hope you’re blond with blue eyes and Phoebe you have green eyes with dark skin you will be a better Moana. And you a better Elsa” Enzo comments.

“This is pure discrimination! You’re so narrow-minded!” Hope state, faking to be shocked.

“I know what is missing. Someone without who, Moana can’t be Moana!” I say, tapping my finger on my lips.

“Who?” Hope asks, frowning.

“Heihei!” I reply and her face lights up. We both look at Enzo.

“Go to hell, I’m a Leopard not a fucking chicken.” He says stepping back.

“Dan will be so disappointed!” Hope says to convince him.

“The hell he will. He’s a boy. He doesn’t care about princesses, what he wants is superheroes!” He replies before running away.

“Not wrong...” Hope mutters.

“Not a chicken, not a chicken...Well you’re running away like one!” I scream, teasing him and making Hope snort.


*****Enzo’s memory*****

Hope is outside playing with the thunderbolt, or training but it’s not look like that. I decide to go check because I’m curious. When I’m a few meters from her, the head of a hammer flies towards me and avoids it at the last moment. She mutters something like this is such bullshit.

“Hope!” I scoff.

“Oops!” She shrugs.

“You almost killed me! You could at least feel sorry.”

“Sorry!” She says, rolling her eyes.

“Less sarcasm and a bit more of guilt would be more convincing!” I state

“Don’t be such a drama queen!” She replies.

“What are you doing anyway?”

“Trying to be a superhero as you advise me.”

Before I can ask more, she takes a hammer and says: ” I’m Thor! God of Thunder-” A thunderbolt touches the hammer while I step back and it just breaks under the power of a thunderbolt.

“It’s the 14th hammer I tried and they all broke! This Marvel Heroes is such a bullshit!” She complains.

I laugh, she’s just crazy and I love her like that. At the end after trying every hammer she could find. The only one who didn’t break was a small ridiculous one, which was even more funnier.


As I watch Hope’s family and mate laugh and cries I know it was what they needed. Goddess I miss her so much!

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